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Part 25  by PEG ESSERT

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È triste tonare da sola in un luogo in cui poco tempo prima non lo eri.
É triste perché la felicità rimane solo un ricordo che non puoi toccare o sentire.
Torni in posti in cui poco tempo prima non eri sola quasi sperando che stando li, il tempo possa tornare indietro con la persona che quella sera, proprio in quel posto, ti stava affianco.
Stai li e speri l’impossibile, restando ogni volta delusa,
Sentendo ogni volta il vuoto pesare sempre di più
E così di nuovo affondi e sprofondi giù, sola e triste rimpiangiendo piccoli momenti di felicità che avresti voluto assaporare più intensamente e invece ti sembra di esserteli fatti sfuggire troppo rapidamente.
Ed è sempre la stessa storia, non cambia mai
Stessa morale,
Stesso finale.
E tu da vera stupida ci caschi sempre,
Ma cosa non faresti per un po di felicità?
—  Alice coraline kingsleigh

Laguna Seca Invitational 2014.  

There was little extraordinary about this event by downhill skateboard racing standards.  Participation was low (they opened up the “invitational” to the public because of the low response), the track lacked technicality (which was made up in spades with it’s motor sport pedigree), and the organizers imposed a 30" restriction on boards in an effort to make the track a bit more daunting - usually a bad sign.  

This marks the second time this century that urethane wheels have graced the hallowed asphalt that you can watch hot laps of on youtube, or play on Forza.  However, elevation change on the course is relatively low compared to the abundance of the mountains in the area.  The race is held on the first day of the Sea Otter Classic, a legendary bike event and expo with the best road, downhill bmx and mountain bikers battling it out.  The problem being, of course, that they simply don’t want us.  Nowhere were we listed on the program, the schedule on the website, the event map.  We were an afterthought, an unwanted cousin whose rich parents dropped them off for the day and were to be tolerated, not befriended.  

NHS and Rayne and whoever else sponsored and organized this event would have better placed their thousands of dollars and weeks of working hours to create their own race on a real hill with no equipment limitations, had it sanctioned by the IDF, promoted it, all that noise.  Instead they ran an afterthought of a race with very few competitors, almost no spectators, and even less communication of brackets and heats.  

When the dust cleared and all 32 confused spectators gaped their heads toward the finish line, Byron Essert had already taken it home for Northern California, with Kyle Wester in second and Max Capps taking third with two very busted knees, and the consi’s were going by.  

anonymous asked:

Whenever your blog comes up on my dash I immediately read your URL as "I Loved Essert" and I cant help but think of what a great love story it would be and what happened between you two that yow now loved her past tense?? Do you still love Essert?? Will you ever go back to her I need answers

This is fantastic