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Habits of Highly Effective People

1. Cut out everything that’s unimportant and seek to focus on what matters in your life.

2. Make sure you include frequent breaks in your schedule as we’re more productive when we work in shorter blocks.

3. Get rid of all distractions when you sit down to work – so close down tumblr, twitter, email and facebook. Also, work somewhere quiet where you won’t be found as interruptions can break your concentration.

4. No matter what you do, it’s essential that you seek to keep on developing your creativity. When we feel inspired, working doesn’t take much effort as we’re in the flow and feeling good about ourselves.

5. Try and make the most of those pockets of time that are often wasted when we’re hanging around (for example, as we’re using public transport or we’re waiting for a friend).

6. Don’t let other people distract you from your course. At the end of the day, it is your life not theirs. You need to be committed and true to yourself.

Adult CPR

I just got certified in CPR yesterday with the American Heart Association. I wanted to share this information with you, because a lot of what we see on TV is not at all accurate as to what you’re supposed to do to actually help someone. I will also post child and infant CPR at sometime! 

Adult CPR

  • Before starting CPR on somebody, look around and make sure that the scene is safe. You’re no help to anybody if you’re also hurt.
  • Kneel down on the side of the the person and hit their shoulders hard with both your hands. Shout: “Are you okay?”
    • If they’re responsive, call 911. Responsive means blinking, moving, moaning, etc.
  • If they’re unresponsive, check to see if they’re breathing. Scan their chest for only 10 seconds to watch for breath.
    • If they’re breathing normally and unresponsive, call 911.
  • If they’re unresponsive and not breathing or breathing irregularly, you will need to start CPR. Every minute that passes without CPR, the chance of their survival goes down by 7-10%.
  • Shout: “Help! I need help!”
  •  If someone comes to help you, have them call 911 and get an AED device.
    • If no one comes to help you, call 911 yourself and put the phone on speaker.
  • The person will need to be lying on a flat surface for you to be able to perform CPR on them. If you need to move them do so quickly and don’t worry about hurting them. Time is of the essence. 
  • Begin performing CPR on the person. Press down in the middle of their chest at a depth of two inches. 
    • The number one mistake that people make when performing CPR is not pressing hard/deep enough. You’re not strong enough to break bones, and if you do hear a crack you’re breaking their sternum, not bones. It’s better to have broken sternum than to be dead.
  • You want to do 30 compression reps, going at the rhythm of the song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees. I’m not kidding you, this is what the trained EMS tech actually told me. This is a rate of 110 to 120 compression reps per minute. Count each rep out loud.
    • Your hands should not be leaving the person’s chest in between the reps. 
    • The chest should be rising back to its original form in between reps.
  • After 30 compression reps, deliver 2 short breaths to the person.
  • Tilt their head back until their neck is hyper extended and open their mouth.
    • You should be able to watch the person’s chest rise with your breath. If it isn’t, you’re not breathing hard enough.
  • After the 2 breaths, resume the 30 compression reps.
  • Continue alternating 30 compressions with 2 breaths until an AED device arrives, or emergency services arrives. 
    • If someone is there with you who also knows CPR, they can switch with you after the 2 breaths. Compressions are exhausting to do.
    • If an AED device (pictured below) does arrive, open the box and turn the power on. The device will literally give you instructions as to how to use it. It essentially is an automated shock device that tries to restart the person’s heart.
Attention littles/subs

I know our caregivers/doms are supposed to take care of us but who takes care of them? This is a list of things you can do to help take care of your dom/caregiver.

1. Ask them how their day was. It will mean a lot to them that you care about their every day life.

2. Thank them when they take care of you. As little’s we often forget to do this

3. Remind them how much you love them. Because it’s easy to forget especially if you have poor mental health and also it’s just nice to be reminded

4. Remind them it’s okay to use the safe word if they need too. Because sometimes they just need a break from sexy time or being a dom/caregiver.

5. Offer them a massage after a hard/long day at school/work. Lotion or essential oils are a nice touch

6. Pay close attention when they are telling you about their day. It will feel good if they know you’re actually interested in what happened.

7. If their upset sit down with your favorite stuffie and offer to listen to why they’re upset.

8. Make them their favorite meal if you’re feeling big enough or order food from their favorite take out place.

9. Draw them a picture to show how much you appreciate them. Bonus points if you make it fun in their wallet/bag so they can look at it when ever they’re feeling down.

10. Offer them one of your stuffies if they’re feeling down. It might make them smile and cheer them up a bit.

11. Tell them what you need. They don’t know instinctively all the time and it just makes their job as your dom/caregiver so much easier.

12. Do things around the house you wouldn’t normally do and they usually do. Ex: laundry, dishes, clean, and so on.

13. I know it’s hard but sometimes our doms/caregivers need a little space to just take a breather. And if that’s the case, leave them with your stuffies for however long they need and let them clear their head.

14. If you can tell they’ve had a bad day, don’t pressure them into sexy time or play time. Just like we need breaks doms and caregivers do too.

15. After care is essential for doms and caregivers just as much as it is for subs. It isn’t talked about enough but doms/caregivers need aftercare too. They get a lot of the same feelings as us subs just in slightly different ways. Instead of them just taking care of you take care of each other together. Curl up under a blanket together, take a shower together, have a hot/cold beverage together, give each other body rubs. It will probably bring you both closer together.

That’s all I could think of for now. Feel free to add any you can think of and I’ll add more as I think of them.

Last year I cut one of my toes open by accidentally stepping on a tin can lid I had just dropped (I tripped over a mat). I called emergency services and they sent out an ambulance, I was brought into the ambulance they looked at my toe and told me that it wasn’t to the bone but it would need to be closed up and I could choose stitches or have it glued up. I chose stitches because it would be easier of my doctor to look at it and make sure my cut stays clean while its healing. I visited my doctor 3 times first for them to check it out and make sure I hadn’t gotten an infection and twice to get my bandage changed. I live in Wellington New Zealand and because of that the ambulance, the stitches and the 3 doctors visits only cost $35 NZ ($26 US) because we have free ambulances and subsidized health care. The $35 was from my initial visit to my doctor. Wellington is NZ second largest city, if i had lived in Americas second largest city Los Angeles I as a student who does not nor has ever had health insurance the ambulance alone could have cost upwards of $1200 US, then $100 US or more for each visit to the doctor. $26 vs $1500 for essentially 3 stitches and 4 sterile bandages. I know which one I’d pick.

I’ve been hearing a lot of Republicans using the argument that by using taxpayer money for public subsidized healthcare is like paying for someone else to get a hip replacement. 

1. It’s not, its paying for the inevitability that in some point in your life you will meed health care whether that be mental or physical.

2. This isn’t extra money you have to pay to the government like you have to pay insurance brokers to get health insurance. This is deciding what your government does with the money you already give them.

3. I don’t know about you but I would rather someones grandma get a hip replacement with taxpayer money then I don’t know Melania living in Trump Tower for 4 years 

Fun fact: It cost on average $39,299 US for a total hip replacement while it costs $300,000 US minimum per day to protected Melania and Barron in Trump Tower instead of them living in the White House. The government could pay for 7 full and one half hip replacements every day or 2786 full hip replacements in a year or 11153 hip replacements in trumps whole term.

anonymous asked:

why do you think niall's situation was always different than the rest of the band ? he barely had to stunt, and could be more himself than the others (sorry my english is bad)

your english is fine no worries! and i won’t pretend to know exactly why but i think there were a couple of important factors:

1) i think his personal life required the least ‘massaging’ to fit 1dhq’s desired narrative (particularly in regards to his sexuality)

2) by going easy on niall, ot give themselves a plausible ‘out’ against accusations of abusing their clients. niall is essentially ‘the exception that proves the rule’ - people can point to him and say ‘look how easy he’s had it there’s not way simon and syco would ever do the things those ~delusional larries~ accuse them of’

and lastly (and possibly most importantly) 3) niall’s knee. i think he was able to use ot’s negligence towards his health as leverage.

minnesotavegan  asked:

Have you heard about some officials in the Italian government proposing a bill to jail vegans who impose their diet on children under 16 years old? Any thoughts on this? Love watching your videos💘!

I think it’s absolutely ridiculous obviously!!!!! Tell me how feeding your kids fruits, veggies, grain and legumes is “forcing” something on kids and yet feeding them dead animals in the form of “fish fingers, nuggets and burgers” is not forcing anything on them?

When I was a kid I was NEVER told, “Bonny, this is a dead cow/chicken, do you want to eat it?” I was never given the choice, and once I was older enough to understand what my food actually was, I was so brainwashed into thinking…. “That’s just the way it is”

Not to the mention the health aspects!!! How is a vegan diet seen as “dangerous” for kids health? It actually just blows my fucking mind that meat and diary are promoted to young children as essential when they are the main causes of MOST health issues today!!!!! If any vegan kid is going to the hospital from lack of nutrients then that’s due to their parents being a)Crazy AF or b)Completely uneducated!!! Punishing all vegans because of the actions of a handful of people isn’t fair. Every vegan kid I have met is just the perfect vision of health, and I’ve met a LOT of vegan kids… The most hilarious part of this is that for the first year or 2 of life we are mean’t to get most if not ALL of our calories from break milk, which is vegan!! So are they going to put Mums in prison for breastfeeding?? 😂😂

In the headlines we hear about the 2 vegan kids that went to hospital over be last year BUT what about all the other kids that are in hospital that aren’t VEGAN?????????? why don’t we hear about them? When most of their health issues are caused by poor diet. If I kept eating the standard diet of meat and diary I would have ended up just like my dad, sick with an auto immune disease… It’s in my genes, it’s there ready to go, the only thing lying in the way of me become incredible sick is my diet. This is confirmed by the science!!

It’s just beyond frustrating that people (and doctors) still believe that the vegan diet is lacking in essential nutrition when everything you get in animal products you can get in PLANTS, expect all the bad stuff like cholesterol and animal protein.

Their main argument is B12🙄… okay so B12 is found in soils, the reason meat has B12 is because the animal eats from the soil, so originally we would eat from the soil as well, but now days everything is over washed and sterile so all B12 is lost in the process, PLUS our soil is so depleted that we just don’t get enough from it, therefore MOST cattle that is bred for meat are actually supplemented through injection. So what’s the difference in supplementing the cow, and supplement ourselves?? EVERYONE should be supplementing b12. Vegan or not.

The rest of it, iron, calcium, omegas, protein, fats…. All of that isn’t even worth an argument because it’s just so so so SO easy to find in plant foods. The only thing is, you need to eat MORE to reach proper caloric/nutrient sufficiency. So if people would stop promoting calorie restrictive diets and instead everyone ate an abundance of plant foods, no one would have an issue.

FML.. okay rant over

          oooookay so it’s that time of year again when kaycee does rare ‘ spring cleaning ’ during a season that definitely isn’t spring and cleans out follows either due to the number of reasons : 1) inactivity for months ( unless we’re mains ), 2) blog content that makes me uncomfortable and i honestly need to steer clear of that sort of content for my own mental / emotional health, and 3) if we haven’t interacted ???? i guess ????,  and i know the latter is essentially my own fault because my current responsibilities outside of here and the far and few between time i can permit myself to do threads are stretching me thin, but i think i really need to double-down and make this into a mutuals only blog because as accessible as i really want to be on here and i do because minor dash dramas aside, this fandom has been surprisingly wonderful and thoughtful, i have 30+ threads / messages i owe, drafts full of said threads, and a group i need to prioritise, and i work almost 50 hours a week in a timezone where everyone’s more or less asleep by the time i finally do have the time and the energy to write.  i get exhausted and i know i’m a painfully slow writer, and i thank everyone for always being patient with me because of that.  out of all of my blogs, terra is probably *the* blog i go on just to relax from stressful work weeks and appreciate a character that i love.  everything is in my drafts and when i do have the time, then i work on them.  i try not to place a deadline on myself because i would rather give a meaningful and cohesive response over one that is essentially halfhearted and half-assed.  i want to offer my one-hundred percent and i try to do that to the best of my ability.  i am here for terra and for exploring her character and for anyone who is reciprocally interested in roleplaying and wants to join me on that narrative.  but the last thing i honestly need is more stress on a blog that i specifically go to expecting the opposite.

          so please don’t confront or question me on my lack of activity or why i might have unfollowed your muse, etc.  maybe once my schedule becomes less of a suffocating trainwreck, then i’ll be able to follow / interact much more freely like before, but this is what i need right now in order to continue on as terra, and i am not here to walk on egg shells when real life already induces enough stress and anxiety as it is.  i hope if this can’t be accepted, then at the very least this can be understood.

Sample Starfleet Diversity and Accommodations Statement

So the other day I saw Star Trek Beyond, and began to wonder- what kind of diversity statement must Starfleet have? How the heck do you protect the rights of what is literally infinite diversity in infinite combinations? So I wrote a thing.

Disclaimer: I am a very casual fan of Star Trek and have no legal background whatsoever. This is what my idea of an organization’s diversity statement would have to look like in the wake of serving such a diverse community. There may be many canon mistakes within this. You agree to read that at your own risk.


Starfleet, as an organization within and serving the United Federation of Planets, does not discriminate on the basis of species, religion, species-typical or species-atypical ability, sexual orientation, gender or other population sub-grouping, self-identification of gender or other population sub-grouping, appearance, genetic strain, medical history, or physical composition.

In addition, all reasonable accommodations will be made to meet nutrition, health maintenance (including, but not limited to necessary hibernation, mating, and metamorphosis cycles) and atmospheric needs for all member species.

Starfleet is an equal-opportunity employer.


For your safety, if you are being deployed by Starfleet for the first time, Starfleet Medical Corps will ask that you undergo a medical screening. The screening includes, but is not limited to, a full-body scan, a detailed medical history, and a health needs assessment by both a medical officer and accommodations officer familiar with your species. If your species is not in our database, we may ask to perform additional non-invasive tests during your screening in order to get a better understanding of your physiology. You will have the option to refuse this screening or any part of it, but be aware that this may hinder medical professionals’ ability to help you in an emergency. In rare circumstances, refusing certain parts of the medical screening may bar you from participating in missions deemed “high medical risk.”  The outcome of this screening, however, will never impact your commission, employment or deployment schedule.

Starfleet-issue consoles, crafts and bases are constructed for physical operators and occupants between 1.2 and 2.5 meters in height, capable of moving forward at approximately 0.5 m/s or greater, with at least one narrow, electrically-neutral appendage for use with certain touch-based interfaces. Modifications or assistive devices are permitted to meet these requirements and are provided at no cost. Default data interfaces are based on use of vision, hearing, sound-based language, and touch. Should you require modifications to these interfaces to meet the demands of your job, they are fully customizable to be used with as few as one of fourteen (14) Starfleet-recognized senses. Electronic interpretation services are available for all languages known to the Federation, including those based on senses other than sound.

Please note that for the safety and atmospheric needs of your crewmates, not all atmospheric conditions and gas mixtures will be available in communal spaces on all ships or star bases. Should you be asked to serve on a craft or base that you feel cannot comfortably support your life, you will be given the option to choose deployment on a different craft, or to utilize appropriate atmospheric compensation devices, which will be provided at no cost.

In accordance with Federation law, all ships and bases built after Stardate: 2235 have individual life support controls, including gas mixture, in all private quarters. If you require atmosphere other than what is standard on your assigned ship or base and choose to use an atmospheric compensation device while working in communal portions of the vessel, you may request private quarters regardless of your Starfleet rank. Note that due to health concerns, only accommodations officers can change pressure and gas mixture settings in private quarters. Other settings, including temperature, humidity, and non-ionizing radiation spectrum, are modifiable through controls in-room.

Should you require accommodations for essential hibernation or metamorphosis cycles lasting more than 2 months, Starfleet will require notification of your assigned commanding and medical officers at least 1 month in advance, or in advance of deployment to a long-term mission. For shorter cycles, one week’s notice will be sufficient. Non-essential hibernation leave will be granted on an as-available basis. Time away from duty to perform life-necessary mating or spiritual/religious ritual is held to the same standards.

Uniforms are required of all Starfleet employees during working hours. A wide variety of styles and materials are available to meet known cultural and biological needs, including those that allow for skin-based respiration and photosynthesis, full-body coverage, and increased insulation. All aesthetic styles are available to employees regardless of gender or subgroup.

Due to the wide diversity of Starfleet employees, public spaces including restroom, locker room, and dormitory facilities, are not segregated by any gender, species, or subgroup. Single-occupancy restrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping quarters are available if your culture, belief system or religious practice requires such segregation.

If you require accommodations not listed above, please contact your assigned medical or accommodations officer for information on other available accommodations.


Starfleet recognizes a diversity of cultures and proudly celebrates them at all levels. We welcome the celebration of holidays and observance of rituals and customs, with the understanding that observance of these will not harm other crewmembers, place them in harm’s way, or prevent them from observing their own cultural, spiritual and religious practices. Starfleet will defend your religious, spiritual and cultural requests in regard to food choice and medical care. Leave and other necessary accommodations will be made to the extent appropriate for your deployment.

Please note: If you participate in ritual or practice that places you in danger, your medical officer may request that medical personnel be in attendance.

Starfleet expects the following of its employees and commissioned officers, regardless of personal or cultural understanding of these concepts:

  • Time: Meetings and other Starfleet-sanctioned events are understood to begin at the time stated. Late arrival will be read as negative. Slight early arrival will be viewed as neutral.
  • Sound-Based Language: Sound-based language should be kept between 55 and 65 decibels indoors. Formal language will be expected at all Starfleet functions. Slang will be regarded as immature.
  • Written Language and Communications: Formal communication is expected in established formats. Written communication outside of published formats is read as negative.
  • Recognition and Corrective Action: Corrective action is provided privately; recognition may be provided publicly or privately. It is culturally and legally acceptable within Starfleet to appeal corrective action measures, even those originating with superior officers.
  • Personal Electronic Devices: Tricorders, communicators, and other personal electronic devices may only be used for job-related or emergency functions during Starfleet-sanctioned missions or events. Use of these devices for personal reasons may be viewed as insubordinate or otherwise negative.
  • Clothing and Covering: Approved uniforms must be worn at all times during duty, and use of them must follow published guidelines. Modification of uniforms without permission will be read as insubordination. Personal clothing may be worn outside of this time. While Starfleet recognizes the controversial nature of this request, display of organs used for mating purposes will continue to be read as inappropriate in all public spaces with the exception of communal showers and locker rooms.


This Hobby Lobby Tumblr talk is insane. I swear, all I think of is, “There are other ways to get birth control. Why don’t you just pay for it yourself or use a condom?” all I hear is “There are others way to treat that UTI. Why don’t you just pay for those antibiotics out of pocket or drink cranberry juice?”

Both can work. Sometimes condoms work great! Sometimes cranberry juice is all you need for a UTI! But last time I checked, healthcare is healthcare, no matter which part of the body it’s treating. To apply this Hobby Lobby ruling to *only* women and contraception shows that something about a woman’s reproductive organs make you squeamish and uncomfortable. To treat women as “exemptions” to the men’s health is not only just plain wrong, but it’s also part of the problem: You’re essentially taking women (and those who don’t identify as women) out of the equation, making women the “other” so they can fit into your “men and women have sex, women get pregnant, women are mothers” narrative. 

Real talk: 1) pregnancy is a medical condition.  2) Birth control is not just about sex.