Planner, kindle, pens, eyeglasses, shades. In my spare time, I like to write random things and thoughts, I like to read, doodle and draw. 

Powerbank and chargers (as well as my apple charger) are the most essential things I always bring. I always use GPS when I’m driving so if my phone dies, I’m always ready to charge! Di ko pa gaano kabisado yung mga daan sa Texas. GPS life support ko. Forgive me.

that mirror/hair brush saved me tons of space inside this little bag. Kung napansin niyo, wala akong make up dito except for lipstick. I love that shade forever. Yan lang ginagamit ko.

Cash, Bank Cards (not seen in the picture), pictures, my driver’s license, library card (so I can borrow books from the public library), Alumni ID, State ID, Professional IDs and House key! :) 

*Always bring your Driver’s license with you especially when you’re in America! (Even if you’re not driving that day) you can’t order an alcohol without it. They’re strict with that. Lol. for 21 years old and up only! :)*

That’s it! Just imagine how heavy my bag is! I am becoming like my mom. Jeez. Anyway, life is incomplete without these things. And oh, I always bring my water bottle with me everywhere I go especially at work. Hydrate, hydrate, Hydrate! :)

- What’s in my bag // 2016 edition