Everywhere you look around, people are always hurrying somewhere and it seems like they have no time for anything. During the year, the school responsibilities literally take over your life and I don’t know if this happens to anyone else as well, but every time summer vacations starts, I swear to myself I will read more and in general focus on things that I like to do but usually have no time for. Let’s start with reading as an example. Ask yourself: do you actually start reading even when you have time? Half of the people would say ‘yes’ proudly but other half could firstly answer with little smile and then say ‘no’.

So I made things for you a little easier and made you a summer list of book to read below!

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It’s Time To Face The Music Festivals
The weather’s getting warm, and the tan is starting to color our skin. Nights are getting longer, and Coachella has begun. It’s time for festival’s, which, some of us are pros at attending, but some of us are going for the first time this year. Whether you go somewhere like Coachella, or are attending many of the other lovely festival’s coming up, you have to have essentials for your weekend of dancing and singing. Here are 5 key items to keep at hand throughout your weekend: have fun, and be safe!

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School Supplies & Dorm room must haves!

School supplies:

·         Daily Agenda and/or Desk Calendar

·         Mini Stapler/extra staples

·         5 subject notebook!

·         Pens (colorful to make your notes fun to look over, if you want)

·         White out!

·         Pencils (for tests or if you prefer them to pens)

·         HIGHLIGHTERS (various colors if you like to color code things)

·         Post-it notes (small and big, little ones as tabs and bigger ones for reminders)

·         INDEX CARDS (the smaller ones for flashcards or the possibility of your instructor letting you take on in for an exam, bigger ones for a final exam if you’re allowed to have them)

·         Folders!!! (to keep your papers organized, the 5 subject notebooks have them as well)

·         Scientific calculator (it doesn’t have to be a $100 graphing one, just a simple one)

·         Some other things: A backpack/tote/laptop bag, water bottle, little containers for lunch, etc.

·         Laptops/tablets are helpful, but can be distracting in class :)

·         Here is the site that I use to rent books, it’s super helpful… Or if you buy books, you can sell them for a good price as well! Chegg (feel free to add more sites if you know of them for textbooks!)

Dorm Room Must Haves:

·         GOOD MATTRESS PAD (I wish I had taken one my freshman year! Definitely invest in a good one, like a serta one! It’ll be worth it! Or foam ones if that’s more affordable! Make sure they are TXL if that’s the kind of beds provided at your school)

·         Shower caddy (any size that will fit all your toiletries)

·         SHOWER SHOES (cause you never know what people carry on their feet and you’ll most likely be sharing a shore with several people)

·         Lots of pillows and blankets (cause who doesn’t want to be comfy?!)

·         Pictures, decorations, etc. (just to make your room more homey)

·         Storage bins (to possibly keep dishes in case you have a common kitchen area, so you can cook or warm things up! RAMEN LIFE, jk)

·         Laundry products!! (Learn how to do your laundry on your own if you don’t lol :) )

·         Desk laps

·         MAYBE a mini-fridge and microwave (not an essential, but I wish I had taken them to my dorm)

·         Definitely check to see what your school allows or doesn’t allow in dorm rooms :) also see what they suggest to bring and take those as well!

I think that’s about it (from my perspective) but if you have more to add, feel free!! Good luck to incoming freshmen! :)

Stationary essentials

Hey! A blogpost about essential stationary was highly requested, so I figured it was about time to finally sit down and write about my stationary essentials in my studying process. I would like to disclaim that this is very personal, and it’s different for everyone, but here’s a list of stationary I need while studying. 

  1. My laptop. I don’t know if this is actually considered stationary, but I consider it essential because without my laptop, I basically can’t do anything for school. I’ve been using my MacBook Air since last summer and I recommend it to everyone. The battery life is excellent, it is easy to carry around, but most importantly: its productivity is so high and using my MacBook for anything school related is very efficient. 
  2. A notebook. Even though I work 100% digitally for school, meaning that I use my laptop for homework, during class, writing papers and studying, I like to have a notebook with me to write down anything I’m likely to forget or to create an overall overview of the subject material, for instance by making a mind map. You could use a plain one but there are also really cute notebooks with nice prints and efficient appliances.
  3. Pens, preferably fine liners. Fine liners write so easily and smoothly, and my handwriting looks ten times better when I’m writing with a fine liner. I use them in several colors, varying from black to pink to lime green, and I absolutely love them. I’d recommend the Stabilo point 88 fine liners to everyone: they go a long way, they are pretty and write easily and smoothly. 
  4. Markers, markers, markers. Studying a summary without any markers? That is a no go for me. I need to underline the important information when studying, otherwise I’m likely to forget this and lose overview of the important subject material. I use different colors for this, which gives me an overview of what belongs to which information. I like using both highlighters and felt-tip pens. Again, the Stabilo ones are my favorite: so effective, such pretty colors and they go such a long way. 
  5. Bookmarkers. When reading literature I know I’ll have to write an essay about later, I use bookmarkers on pages with important and relevant information, for instance examples of symbols, style and mood, or important information about for instance characters. When writing my essay, I can easily go back to these pages and process the relevant information in my essay, without having to search through the entire book. 
  6. Sticky notes. I use these for a number of purposes. For instance, when studying a summary. Sometimes, I like adding some extra information that will clear things up, and I’ll just write it down briefly on a sticky note and stick it next to the text. I also use these in my textbooks or literature which, again, I need to write essays about. A quick and efficient way for adding information you will need to know in your exams, essays or homework assignments. 
  7. Memos. Memos are utterly convenient for studying vocabulary and concepts. I’m sure most of you already use this method or are familiar with this, but for those who aren’t: write the word on one side of the memo and the meaning on the other. Study the vocabulary or concepts by taking a look at either the word or the meaning and in your head, giving the matching word or meaning. Check by turning the memo and revise a couple of times and voila, there’s the knowledge you need for vocabulary or concepts!

I really hope this was helpful. There is more stationary I use which I don’t consider essential, but which I really like using and make studying much nicer and motivating. If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll write a post about that as well. 

Fashion Friday: My 8 Wardrobe Essentials

For my first fashion article, I’ll start off by going back to basics: the wardrobe staples I think every woman should have in their closet, at all times. These are the classic basics, the timeless pieces that will be the foundation for a stylish wardrobe.

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SATurday Essentials: Aar’s Guide. 

Snacks [ I always carry sweet&savory snacks because I can’t predict my cravings ]
Yogurt, Dark chocolate, and Nuts bar X 2
• Nuts and Granola Kind bar X 1
• Mini Bruschetta baked snacks X 1
• Cheese and jalapeño pretzels X 1

 Water [Essential]
• Fiji X 1
• Peach flavored X 1

Digital just because I prefer it

Calculators [Fully charged]
• Scientific [ I like using this for fractions ]

Layers [in addition to my leggings and oversized shirt combination]
• Sweater
• Beanie
• Socks

Wallet + ID {school} + Passport
Hair ties X 2

Writing material:
• 2B pencils X 5 [i carry three different kinds because of my grip preference for writing and shading in]
• Erasers X 2
• Sharpener

Obviously this will differ from person to person but this is what I’m going to carry tomorrow, I know some people like eating fruits in break but personally things like dark chocolate keeps me more awake and energized so I take that instead. DO NOT FORGET YOUR ADMISSIONS TICKET AND PASSPORT. Goodluck Guys🍇🌸💕