[Inspired by essentialasair’s AU gifset + plot description]

Centuries ago, Rumpelstiltskin had seen a flicker of images pertaining to a beautiful young woman that he’d one day share the Dark Castle with.  Certain he was confusing glimpses of his own future with the memories of the Dark One before him, he was surprised to discover the maiden  journeying through the Frontlands’ forest late one afternoon.

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The Vows re-edited with a complete focus of Rumple and Belle for my Tumblr Auntie! I hope everyone likes it. :)

“Spinner Love” - Digital Oil Painting

Painted from a manip, with permission from essentialasair. This reminds me so much of a fanfic called “The Cult of Beauty” by thestraggletag where Rumple’s village is famous for a magic pond that shows your true love in the reflection and his is a lady in a golden gown. (Thanks to everyone who helpfully told me who wrote the fic!)

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


prompted: FTL AU, what if Rumple and Belle met in their youth

His most shameful memory. She was five, he was fifteen.

Rudd and Derek had thrown him on the ground and kicked him. He was rolled up into a ball, trying to protect himself from their kicks as good as possible. He was whimpering and tears streamed down his face. He hated that he cried. They called him a coward.

“Stop it immediately!” The girl just suddenly appeared next to them, her tiny hands pressed onto her tiny waist. She stomped her little feed. “Stop it, I said!” The voice of a mouse, so squeaky.

Rudd and Derek stopped and stared at her.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” the girl yelled. “Two against one! You’re both cowards!”

Rumplestiltskin hated what would happen next.

“Don’t,” he whispered, “not worth it.”

The boys took steps toward her. The girl better ran.

“Belle!” a voice screamed from behind the trees and a big dog rushed towards them, bellowing. A man followed close after.

Rudd and Derek fled while the dog chased them. The girl kneeled next to him.

“You’re safe now.” she said and stroked his hair. “I’ll protect you.”

As promised, one Rushbelle drabble for tonight. The fourth of ten short fics based on each picture from this set. These are completely my interpretations of the art and may or may not be what the artist had in mind. I have permission from essentialasair to repost these photos. Five Rumbelle and five Rushbelle.

Beginning of Collection: No. 1 | No. 2 | No. 3

Rushbelle | 379 words

No. 4: Apology

With his back to her, Rush couldn’t see the rise and fall of her chest, but he could hear it. Each breath was deep, in and out, in and out. Her sleep was deep and peaceful. She was lost in dreams, far from her last waking moments. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her. There were still traces of tears streaked down from her lidded eyes. He had done that.

So he sat on the edge of their bed, leaning forward, hands clasped in front of him. Rush wasn’t the sort of man who cared what other people thought of him. He did what was necessary, he said what he thought. Except with Belle. She always seemed to be his exception.

The words had been in anger, on both sides. Arguments had turned to insults and then to bitter tears—from her, not him. Dr. Rush didn’t cry. Not where she could see. He couldn’t even remember what they’d been fighting about only the eruption of bitter fury it caused. He rubbed his hands roughly over his tired face. Funny, he was almost surprised to find a beard there. He never noticed that sort of thing if Belle didn’t point it out. Seemed that she didn’t mind.

The mattress behind him dipped and shifted as she sat up. Rush didn’t look back, instead he stared at his hands. The mattress dipped again. Belle crawled over to sit behind him, resting her cheek on his back. She was warm and gentle, her slender arms winding around his waist, locked together over his stomach.

“Look, Belle, I’m sorry.” He didn’t need to speak very loud for her to hear him.

“I know,” she said. “I forgive you.”

“I didn’t mean—”

“I know.”

So much for his apology. Explanations never seemed to impress Belle though. They didn’t impress him either, but she wasn’t like him. She wasn’t bitter or cynical or any of the things he’d become. So his embarrassed words remained unsaid in the darkness.

Belle’s warmth encompassed him. The feeling of lonely inadequacy that so often reigned over him dissipated a bit. She was draped over him. Her breaths slowed, her chest rising and falling in gentle waves against his back as she drifted off to sleep once more.

essentialasair-deactivated20150  asked:

If you could write a Rumbelle-centric episode - one that would be 100% canon - what would you write?

Oh, god.

This is genuinely a really difficult question. It’s like when someone asks you what your favorite movie is and you suddenly forget every movie you’ve ever seen.

I’ve read so much fanfic and written my own that deciding on what I’d want to be compressed into a 50 minute episode is really hard.

I’d want adventure and fluff and angst and kissing - lots of kissing - but I’d also want plot and character development and banter.

(I apologize for the High School Musical reference. It just seemed so fitting.)

I think I’d want something that delved deeper into there relationship in Fairytale Land. Set somewhere after the scene where Belle falls off the ladder. Just… Their daily lives and stuff. Little moments, little adventures. The things that make them fall in love with each other.

Just have the whole episode (or at least as much of the episode as could be devoted to Rumbelle rather than Emma being a badass or Snow and Charming fumbling about and trying to lead the town) be about the little things they do, and how their relationship happened.

And I’d definitely want the episode to end with the way I picture the “Tale as Old as Time” dance happening. Which, to clarify, goes something like this…

Just the two of them, alone one night, in Storybrooke not the Dark Castle. Belle’s been working late at the library, Rumpel goes to check on her, make sure she’s okay. He finds her listening to music while putting away books, and after a bit of talk, she asks him to dance. He agrees, a bit reluctant, and after a few moments of clumsiness, they both settle into a rhythm. Quiet ‘I love you’s are exchanged, before their lips meet in a kiss as the instrumental track of “Tale as Old as Time” plays in background, and the episode ends.

I know I want to see that. So, I think that’s what I’d want in an episode. Sweet little moments, a bit of touching sadness, and the perfect dance to end the night.

Thanks for asking.