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Planetary Charm Jars 🔮

Create one of these jars to represent whichever planet you choose! These jars can be used as offerings, spell components, or altar display. 

Basic Ingredients:

  • Glitter
  • Sea Salt
  • Essential oil
  • Gem chips
  • Small jar

Planetary Variants:

  • [☾] Moon
    • White glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Lemon essential oil
    • Clear or milky quartz
  • [⊙] Sun
    • Gold glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Orange essential oil
    • Citrine
  • [☿] Mercury
    • Yellow glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Eucalyptus essential oil
    • Aventurine
  • [♀] Venus
    • Pink glitter
    • Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt
    • Rose essential oil
    • Rose quartz
  • [♂] Mars
    • Red glitter
    • Sea salt or red salt
    • Cinnamon essential oil
    • Red agate
  • [♃] Jupiter
    • Blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Sage essential oil
    • Amethyst
  • [♄] Saturn
    • Purple glitter
    • Sea salt or black salt
    • Cypress essential oil
    • Garnet
  • [♅] Uranus
    • Light blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Lime essential oil
    • Clear quartz
  • [♆] Neptune
    • Dark blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Jasmine essential oil
    • Aquamarine
  • [♇] Pluto
    • Black glitter
    • Sea salt or black salt
    • Basil essential oil
    • Onyx

compiled from my personal grimoire

Corundum: A Theory on Ruby and Sapphire

Before “The Answer” aired, I had assumed the origin story of Ruby and Sapphire would reveal that the couple met doing similar work and fell in love. I figured they would have a similar purpose and a similar station in life. Why? Because historically, this show does take gemology into consideration when assigning attributes to their characters. Given that sapphires and rubies are made of the same substances and rubies are essentially red sapphires, I thought they’d have to be very similar on the show, too.

But they’re not.

Sapphire is “a rare aristocratic Homeworld Gem.” And Ruby is a “common soldier.” 

The show hasn’t identified (as of this writing, June 3, 2017) whether Sapphires or Rubies belong to a larger class the way Jaspers, Carnelians, Rose Quartzes, Amethysts, and Agates belong to the Quartz class. In Guide to the Crystal Gems, Jasper, Steven/Rose, and Amethyst are identified as “Gem Type: Quartz” but Ruby and Sapphire are not examined in factsheet format, and Garnet’s Gem type is simply listed as “Fusion.” We know Homeworld treats Sapphires and Rubies very differently, but we don’t know yet what they call their group (if it’s anything different from simply “Sapphires” and “Rubies”–it’s happened before, as in the case of how Peridots are their own class of Gem in Guide to the Crystal Gems as well).

My question is, how could the show make Sapphires and Rubies so different in Gem society but use real-world gemstones that are so similar to each other? Besides making a very cute case for how Garnet’s Gems are so predisposed to being compatible, it doesn’t make much sense story-wise if gemology is taken into account. So I’ve come up with a theory.

Now, this is not an outright theory theory, because I wouldn’t say I actually think this is likely to be the canon explanation. But I’ve got an idea of how everything canon up to this point could still point to Sapphires and Rubies coming from a Corundum group by in-show logic as well.

We currently have several pieces of evidence that Homeworld’s Gem production is frequently imperfect, right?

Exhibit A: Amethyst.

Amethyst stayed in the ground too long. This was not planned, but it happened. Homeworld can’t necessarily control when the Gems emerge.

Exhibit B: Jasper’s acknowledgment of rejected Gems.

Jasper claims that every Gem is made with a purpose: to serve the order of the Diamonds. If they don’t fit, they are not included in society.

Exhibit C: The Rutile Twins.

They claim they’re “Just a Rutile that came out wrong.” This can happen accidentally, naturally, and result in a Gem who doesn’t fit. Whether it’s an error of placement by Homeworld or gemetic defect, sometimes Gems don’t form perfectly.

We know from Peridot’s discussion of red sandstone and Amethyst’s explanation of squirting “goo” into the ground that Homeworld chooses both the site and the type of substance injected, though it’s unknown as to whether the type of Gem that emerges is determined more from one or the other. (Maybe if you squirt Quartz “goo” into the red sandstone, you get Carnelians and Jaspers, while if you squirt it into the Prime Kindergarten’s rock makeup, you get Amethysts?) I presume that typical Gem production results in significant variation–more so than Homeworld would like. What if, in some cases, the rare variation is unusually useful, and it becomes the one Homeworld is trying to make, while the more common result is treated like a by-product?

Conclusion: If Gems come out “wrong” frequently enough that there’s a policy for dealing with them, Homeworld must know some Gems will not come out how they’re intended or expected to. And maybe they even count on it.

So what does this have to do with Ruby and Sapphire? So, maybe when they’re trying to make Sapphires, they plant the right “goo” in the right Kindergarten for Corundum, and once in a while the trace elements will balance out correctly to result in a Sapphire. But most of the time, Rubies will result. They’re common, and expendable, and they’re a necessary by-product for making Sapphires. Homeworld realizes Rubies are generally not incredibly bright, but they’re energetic and willing to take orders, and they can be powerful when they’re fused. They can use them, but maybe when they make Rubies, they’re really trying to make Sapphires.

And that’s my pseudo-theory: Rubies are the by-product of Homeworld trying to make Sapphires, and only a small, unpredictable alteration of gemetic material can result in success.

I would feel really cool if this turned out to be right.

Stydia Proposal

A series of headcanons about how Stiles would propose to Lydia, done with the amazing @rongasm

  • In the year of our lord 2019 or 2020, at a New Year’s Eve party, Stiles kisses Lydia as the ball drops. He smiles his little smile at her and she sighs in contentment, then suddenly “Oh by the way, I’m proposing this year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
  • Lydia’s reaction is essentially: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • Lydia is on red alert all the time, constantly on the watch for any sign of a proposal, a glint of a diamond in his pocket, ANYTHING.
  • Now Stiles knows there’s no way he’s actually going to be able to surprise her, she knows him too well
  • So instead, he decides to fucking torture her
  • He pulls shit like Jim Halpert did on The Office
  • Fake proposals
    • All. The. Time.
  • Several incidents of this:
    • One night they are walking back to their apartment after dinner and Stiles stops in front of a fountain in the park they are walking through. He goes down to one knee, and Lydia gasps so loud and she’s covering her mouth with her hands and he goes “…just wait a minute I need to tie my shoe”
    • One night, at a very nice dinner, Stiles just stops in the middle of dessert and looks at her. He goes full heart eyes, takes her hand and cups her cheek. Lydia’s internal monologue is: “oh shit oh man oh boy okay this is happening stay cool”. Stiles takes a deep breath, smiles like an angel and goes “You have lettuce in your teeth” before continuing to devour his chocolate cake
  • He constantly sets up things like this, and by September Lydia is so tired
  • So one night, he takes her out to dinner, and the waiter brings over two glasses of champagne.
    • He goes to one knee and opens his mouth to speak-
    • “Haha very funny Stiles now tie your shoe”
    • he smiles and goes on
    • “Lydia I-”
    • “Stiles I’m not in the mood for another-”
    • “Lydia Martin, love of my-”
    • “Stiles I swear to god-”
    • “LET ME TALK”
    • she stops and looks at him, carefully calculating the situation
    • He goes on to deliver the most romantic speech about his feelings for her you could have ever heard (I have not thought about it for a long enough amount of time to have that speech prepared for you I am sorry friends)
    • He stops talking and she just raises an eyebrow at him
    • “Okay…but this was fake right?”
    • He rolls his eyes so hard and shoves the ring in her face
    • “This is your own fault”
    • “Lydia”
    • “You did this to yourself”
    • “Lydia, kind of just asked a really huge question, probably need that answered, my whole life hanging in the balance-”
    • “Well yes, obviously, but-”
    • “Yes?”
    • “Yes”
    • “Thank god”
    • and then he slides the ring onto her finger and kisses the crap out of her
  • The end

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Hey! Could I request a Scenario for Shiro where his S/O helps bandage up some minor wounds and maybe it gets an little Smexy ( If ya catch my drift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

OK, I’m so so sorry this took so long! I was like halfway through with it when my computer decided to freeze up and crash on me before I saved. I was/still am pissed.

But here we are. Just a little NSFW.

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so i heard gemsonas…. heres n old one i guess. i call her red.

she’s essentially part of a crew of space pirate gems. technically rebels, but unaffiliated with the CGs and going solo for more personal and selfish reasons. she’s a red pearl who was created during the war and had little perspective of how a pearl was ‘supposed’ to act, being put to work by her owner as spare muscle. once she realised what her life was supposed to be she panicked and poofed her own owner, bubbling her and fleeing the planet.

the crew’s a gaggle of 5 gems, all pretty good friends. most of them respect her independance but in a kind of “youre not like other pearls!!” way that bothers her a little. she likes to remain impersonal and distant from other gems and constantly has her guard up, even if she seems friendly. absoutely despises the concept of fusing with anyone. likes humans and food quite a bit, especially now as they’re hiding out on earth (unaware that the CGs are also there)

hsmgk im rambling?? i have a lot of gem ideas honestly… sorry if this seems out of place on the blog

Luxury Baths, DIY-Style 🛀

Haha, yeah i’m not much of a DIYer. There’s a million different products out there designed to be added to a bath that will actually have an effect. My recommendations:

  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (i like the lavender scented ones)
  • Anything Lush (luxury bath oils run ~$3.50)
  • Aveeno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment
  • Fresh Sake Bath (will change your life)
  • Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Milk Bath Soak
  • Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Honey Bath

However, I don’t think bath DIYs are a bad idea! Unlike facial skin, the skin on the body tends to be thicker and less sensitive. I think if you’re going to do DIY, body care is well suited to that.

  • Oatmeal has a long history of being used in baths to soothe skin.
  • Milk contains lactic acid, which provides a mild exfoliation to the skin.
  • Essential oils provide aromatherapy.
  • Red Wine or Sake provide antioxidant and fermented goodness. Extra relaxing. (save a glass for yourself 😉 )
  • Apple Cider Vinegar makes your bath water more acidic, which keeps your skin at a balanced pH. It’s also antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Honey is antimicrobial, antioxidant, and moisturizing.
  • Green Tea is antioxidant rich and soothing.

Enjoy, and try not to get bath water on your face!

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Helpful Guide to the Churches
Helpful Guide to the Churches

Based on this post.

Apéritif 1.4

Get ready you guys, this is a long one.
Next up is a scene in which we finally get to see everyone’s favorite cannibal hanging out with Jack.

Let me tell you what. Oh man, let me just tell you. This is probably one of the best/worst scenes in the entire series specifically because this glorious atrocity(1.) makes its debut:

The light pastel blue and the gentle cream tie on a white shirt couldn’t possibly paint Hannibal in a more innocent light. Not only is he juxtaposed dramatically against the dark backdrop of his own office, but by contrast he looks more open and approachable(2.) than Jack:

who’s wearing dark, stern colors. Black, burgundy, and whatever the hell color that tie is. I mean he basically blends right in to the setting here.

For visual, here’s them together

Which brings me to three points I want to talk about.

The first, of course, is that Jack and Hannibal’s clothing FAR from matches, and I hesitate to even say they compliment one another. Jack is in dark reds, and black, while Hannibal is in light blues and whites. Pretty opposite in colors and tones. Which is maybe a little odd at first, because if we’re following the theme of the clothing so far, these guys should match.
In this scene, they’re not friends, or even colleagues, yet… but they ARE potential allies. Jack has come to Hannibal asking for help with a “case”(3.) and obviously they’re going to work together soon. 
So why don’t they have anything in their wardrobe to tie them together?

The answer’s pretty obvious to everyone who’s seen the show, of course.
These men are not allies. Not because Jack has anything against Hannibal, or vice versa, even. But we already know where they stand in the series. Jack is a man of the law, and Hannibal is A FREAKIN’ CANNIBAL. There’s literally no reason to try and visually guide us into thinking he’s aligned in any way with Jack, because A: the viewers either already know this character is the antagonist, and/or B: they don’t WANT you to look at him as someone who falls easily into place with the other characters.
Which actually brings me to the next thing I wanted to point out:

I mentioned above that Jack’s dark, red tones essentially cause him to blend in with the setting in this scene, and also how Hannibal’s light pastels put him in stark relief against the backdrop. I feel like this decision in costuming can’t be anything but very meticulously decisive, on two levels.
For one, this shows us that Jack is not the guy we should be paying attention to right now. Not because he’s not interesting or important, but because he’s not the one we need to keep an eye on. Jack matches the scene, he fits in, he belongs to the world.
Hannibal, on the other hand…  He’s a man that’s wholly separate from the rest of the world this show puts us in. He doesn’t belong. He’s unnatural. The show wants our eye to be drawn to him throughout the whole scene, going “Look at this dude, he’s fucking weird, pay attention to him, this is what we’re here for.” Hannibal’s dumb wonderful suit is basically a huge neon arrow pointing right at his face

(I’m also gonna mention the lighting choice here because why not. There is direct light hitting Hannibal for almost the entire scene, but not Jack. They put this guy in a literal friggin spotlight, COME ON)

The last thing I want to touch on real quick is Hannibal’s wardrobe throughout the entire series. I don’t wanna go into a lot of detail right now because we’re just getting started, and he just showed up, buuuuuut. Everything he wears follows a definite theme. Whether it’s in direct reference to another character’s clothing, or just all on it’s own. There’s a very definite visual evolution of what Hannibal wears as the story progresses. I’m gonna be exploring that more as we go, but it might also be a thing that needs it’s very own post after I’ve gotten a bit further into the series. For now, just keep in mind how he’s presented here; in pale colors, the cream and pastels, the very faint check pattern on his suit, the way he’s literally being lit up within this dark setting, among characters wearing dark clothing.


  1. I’m talking about the suit, not the cannibal wearing it, though the statement applies to him as well
  2. And silly
  3. Spoiler alert: It’s Will.
  4. Have another picture to break up my huge, insane-person wall of text
  5. Even Franklin fits naturally into the scene. Also have a bonus Franklin
  6. For posterity, check out our favorite boy; Dark red, light brown, warm tones. Yeah he fits into the setting just like Jack does, but also look at him. He’s so good. Franklin’s outfits always tell us this guy is maybe a little bit of a wreck, but not a bad dude. Lighter colors AND warm tones? If I had to hug one of these three dudes just based off inviting colors, who you think I’m gonna pick? Who would YOU pick? Yes it’s Frankiln. Jack is dark and imposing. Hannibal is cold and elevated. We gon’ hug that middle boy.

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hello! i have a question that i've always been curious about but have never actually found and answer for. do you happen to know where the kabbalah bracelet concept came from? i've seen some people argue it comes from ancient texts and others say teenagers appropriated it from hinduism in the sixties. is there any concrete answer or is it just one of those things we don't know for sure?

Great question! I’m assuming you’re referring to the ‘red thread’ bracelet often sold as a ‘Kabbalistic’ accessory, and famously worn by Madonna.

There’s actually an excellent English academic study on this topic! Essentially, both the colour red and the act of tying a string are long-established customs of folk magic around the world… Scarlet threads appear a number of places in the Torah (e.g. tied to the wrist of Tamar’s son Zerah, and hung from Rahav’s window), where Elly Teman argues that “it is connected to situations of birthright, bloodshed, sacrifice, atonement, redemption, and protection, and it appears in situations where boundaries must be asserted between sacred and profane, forsaken and redeemed, those destined to live and those destined to die, those who belong to the Israelite nation and those who do not.” But nowhere in the Hebrew Bible does wearing a red thread appear as a practice, either for protection or for blessing.

The earliest reference I can find to the specific tradition of wearing a red thread as a Jewish magical practice is in the Tosefta, a collection of midrashim from the time of the Talmud, which lists “tying a ribbon to one’s thigh, or a red thread to one’s finger” as practices considered as pagan idolatry, “darkhei Emori” (T. Shabbat 7.1). Several commentators over subsequent centuries reference this passage — the 16th-century Qabbalist Eliyahu de Vidas, for example, quotes it in his book Reshit Hokhma (and thus seemingly registers his agreement that this practice is forbidden). So while on the one hand, rabbinic prohibitions usually are indications of popular practices, it doesn’t seem to have gained much traction in Qabbalistic circles.

It occasionally appears in traditional 19th- and 20th-century descriptions of amulets for childbirth or to protect newborns (an amusing example is that the Hassidic rabbi Yehudah Yudl Rosenberg mentions it in his 1907 book of segulot and amulets, noting that the Tosefta forbids it, but this is in a list of recommended amulets for children, so it’s a wink-wink sort of situation)… In a Hebrew article on the red thread, R. Levi Freund records a few late 19th- and early 20th-century Hassidic rabbis who approved of or practiced the custom for children in their communities, and I found a few other examples from the early 20th century that reference the use of red thread specifically from Rachel’s Tomb (outside Bethlehem) for protection during childbirth or for a newborn (e.g. the testimony of Sister Selma Mayer here, and Teman’s article also cites a few from the 1930s).

But it seems that wearing a red thread generally was not a common practice, whether in or out of Qabbalistic circles. As Teman demonstrates, it seems to have taken off in post-1967 Israel for a variety of socio-political reasons — this is when it began appearing in Jerusalem (at the Western Wall specifically) and became a general symbol of protection, rather than associated with fertility. From there it spread to Jewish communities in North America and elsewhere, and got picked up by the faux-‘Kabbalah’-peddling folks of Madonna et al.

tl;dr: the red thread is a Jewish folk practice, shared with other world cultures, that began in late antiquity, and was traditionally associated in Jewish magic with fertility and protection of children, but became popular in Israel over the last 50 years as a symbol of blessing. It has no association with Qabbala in the classical sense, nor can it be claimed to have been appropriated from Hinduism.

Hope that helps!

My backpack is something that comes with me almost everywhere and, over the years, I have learned that there are certain things that are handy to keep in it at all times. Those things are:

  • Pens - You have no idea how many times I have been in a situation where I need a pen, but don’t have one on me. For this reason, I make a point of keeping at least one pen in my bag.
  • Tissues - Living in Scotland, you never know when a runny nose will strike due to the rain.
  • Sanitary Items - You don’t always know when the time of the month will strike but it’s best to be prepared.
  • Plasters - Being both a dancer and very accident prone, I always have a plaster ready just incase.
  • Umbrella - This isn’t always, just when the day doesn’t look too promising, but again, it’s better to be prepared than not.
  • Money - This is a kinda given but you never know when you might need to get a surprise bus home or decide that you want to get a coffee.
  • Kirbies/bobbles - My hair gets annoying sometimes and I like to have some kirbies or a bobble so I can shove my hair back if need be.
  • Earphones - There is no way I could survive without my earphones so they are always on my person or in my bag.

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