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So essentially, in Underfell, the meaning of black and white are swapped? Black you would wear to a wedding, and white you would wear to a funeral, instead of vice versa? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Let me correct you then!

In Underfell, usually everyone wears black, so I thought it would be a poor choice for a mourning color. Instead, I thought white would be a perfect color. It can be seen as the color of monster dust, and some countries [like japan, as far as I know?] use it as a funeral color too, so why not?

This doesn’t mean they use white to marry, since as I said, monster dust is what white represents in my universe, and using that on a wedding would be strange. Not like they actually have wedding ceremonies, because that’s a human thing to do… maybe some do. And in case someone does, they could use… I am not sure, but maybe red is a good wedding color.

Arctic Soulmate


Request:What about a Natasha x female reader soulmate imagine where the reader is a mutant who has ice powers and she meets Natasha while finding out that they’re soulmates?

Warnings: none?

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   Natasha had never been able to see the color white, ever. She had always felt like her life was lacking something but she didn’t know what until one fateful day in that god awful red room someone asked her to grab the white bag, the only problem was Nat couldn’t see the color white. When she tried to explain this (which was a huge mistake) she was told that she was one of the only people in this world to have a soulmate; they were rare and far and few between, making her special. But anything that made Nat stand out had to be extinguished so of course the red room essentially hard wired into her brain that soulmates were a terrible thing and that if she were to ever find her soulmate she was to kill them. 

   At the time it was simply an order, nothing more than that, but years later after having joined the Avengers she realized how wrong she was. Nearly everyone on the team had a soulmate, her and Steve the only ones lacking in that area. Nat thought that perhaps the two were soulmates and yet she didn’t feel whole when she was around Steve, it just didn’t fit. It was at a later date that Nat was informed by Steve himself that he actually had a soulmate but that he had died back in the 40’s, leaving Steve soulmate-less. 

   Nat couldn’t even begin to fathom Steve’s pain, having had that special connection with someone only to have it ripped away and never have it again. If there was one thing Nat resented the red room for it was the fact that they had denied her the luxuries of a soulmate. Now she could only hope that all these years late her soulmate was still out there, waiting for her to find them. Little did she know that across the world, sitting comfortably in a mansion was a mutant that just so happened had the strange condition where they couldn’t see the color red. 

    Nat had always wondered what these x-men were, she’d heard a great deal about them from Peter who heard a great deal about them from his friend Wade, who just so happened to be an x-men himself. In fact, all the avengers were so curious as to who these x-men were that they invited Wade over to give them a synopsis of the team. 

    “Well, we’re essentially a team of mutants-”

    “Mutants?” Bruce leans forward, his eyes twinkling with clear excitement. Wade nods, smirking through his mask. 

    “Yeah, it’s pretty badass,”

    “Well, who’s this team run by?” Steve asks, folding his arms over his chest. 

    “His names Charles Xavier but many people call him Professor X or I like to keep it simple with professor-”

    “Is there anyway we could meet these guys?” Tony asks, his own voice laced with excitement. 

    “Yeah,” wade nods, “I know the professor’s been dying to see New York, I could give ‘em a quick call, ask when they could be here by?” The team nods excitedly, bright smiles plastered on all of their faces; except Natasha’s. But she kept her comments in until Wade had left the room, sighing in relief when he had. 

    “I don’t like the sound of this team,” Nat murmurs, turning to look at the team with a serious face.

    “Why not?” Steve asks maturely, staring at Natasha with curious eyes. 

    “I don’t know- this whole thing seems off and-" 

    "The professor can be here by tomorrow, you wouldn’t mind if he brought some of his class A kids would ya?” Tony smiles, nodding his head ecstatically. 

   "We’d be glad to have them here,“ 

     "Great, I’ll be sure to tell him,” Wade smiles, giving the group a little wave before leaving the room to call the professor once again. Nat grumbled to herself, obviously very displeased with the way things were turning out. 

   Well, she may not have a say in what happened but she sure as hell wasn’t going to be happy about it. If the team wanted to bring in a bunch of strangers into their home then so be it but she wasn’t going to let them off easy. 

    The next day arrived quickly, which Nat wasn’t too thrilled about. The professor had stated he’d arrive at 12 and at 12 on the dot Friday’s voice rang through the tower, alerting all the team members of the the other teams presence.

    “Send 'em up,” Tony stated as he quickly rose from his seat on the couch, trying not to show his excitement. The rest of the team followed behind, Nat lagged behind in her movements. But just as she joined the group of everyone else the elevator doors opened and in walked the professor, an elderly man in a wheelchair, and a gaggle of students behind him. In that moment something clicked for Natasha, like an internal light had just been switched on for her. 

   The world around her slowly began to morph and that which had once been gray at one point was no turning white and it took Nat all but two seconds to figure out why. Straggling at the end of the group was a white haired mutant, their hair nearly as white as snow or so Nat predicted given the stories of the crisp white flakes everyone had ever given her. The mutant was looking around them in amazement, most likely seeing some color for the first time as well.

     "And this,“ Charles gesture behind him, ushering the white haired student forward. "Is (Y/N), one of my best students and greatest fighters,” (Y/N) smiled shyly as the looked at the team meekly, their gaze stopping and landing on Nat. Their eyes went wide and their lips parted in surprise. “(Y/N), why don’t you show them what you can do?” But (Y/N) wasn’t listening, not when they were suddenly seeing their soulmate for the first time. “(Y/N),” Charles coughed lightly, reaching out gingerly nudge (Y/N)’s arm. “Show them,” Charles words must have pulled them out of their momentary trance because one minutes they were transfixed on Nat and the other they were suddenly creating billions of snowflakes in the air, the room dropping a couple degrees in temperature as some of the furniture around the room began to freeze. 

    “(Y/N) control the element of water and all of it’s forms, her mutation’s been a great advantage to our team but-” Charles stops short when Nat surges forward, immediately enveloping (Y/N) In a tight and warm hug. Despite the fact the two had said anything to each other Nat knew she loved them with her entire heart and she could only hope (Y/N) felt the same. 

    “Woah,” Tony chuckles, raising his hands I surrender. “What’s going on here?” Charles merely smiles as the two part only to have their lips meet in a slow and loving kiss. 

     "They’re soulmates Mr. Stark, hence the fact that the two can now see color,“ Tony turns to look at the two with a huge and excited smile but they remain wrapped up around each other tightly, refusing to let their lips part for even a second. "It doesn’t take a telepath to figure out that we are intruding on their moment,” Charles whispers, his smiling steadfast upon his face. “Perhaps we should continue to discuss this elsewhere?” Tony nods, guiding his team out of the room, the x-men not far behind. Only Nat and (Y/N) remain, kissing until their lungs couldn’t handle it anymore. When they part Nat couldn’t help but smirk a bit, her heart swelling with love and pride for the mutant in her arms. 

    “I’m Natasha Romanoff,” she whispers, her lips already grazing against (Y/N)’s once again in a desperate attempt to keep (Y/N) as close as possible. 

   "I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N),“

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hello! i have a question that i've always been curious about but have never actually found and answer for. do you happen to know where the kabbalah bracelet concept came from? i've seen some people argue it comes from ancient texts and others say teenagers appropriated it from hinduism in the sixties. is there any concrete answer or is it just one of those things we don't know for sure?

Great question! I’m assuming you’re referring to the ‘red thread’ bracelet often sold as a ‘Kabbalistic’ accessory, and famously worn by Madonna.

There’s actually an excellent English academic study on this topic! Essentially, both the colour red and the act of tying a string are long-established customs of folk magic around the world… Scarlet threads appear a number of places in the Torah (e.g. tied to the wrist of Tamar’s son Zerah, and hung from Rahav’s window), where Elly Teman argues that “it is connected to situations of birthright, bloodshed, sacrifice, atonement, redemption, and protection, and it appears in situations where boundaries must be asserted between sacred and profane, forsaken and redeemed, those destined to live and those destined to die, those who belong to the Israelite nation and those who do not.” But nowhere in the Hebrew Bible does wearing a red thread appear as a practice, either for protection or for blessing.

The earliest reference I can find to the specific tradition of wearing a red thread as a Jewish magical practice is in the Tosefta, a collection of midrashim from the time of the Talmud, which lists “tying a ribbon to one’s thigh, or a red thread to one’s finger” as practices considered as pagan idolatry, “darkhei Emori” (T. Shabbat 7.1). Several commentators over subsequent centuries reference this passage — the 16th-century Qabbalist Eliyahu de Vidas, for example, quotes it in his book Reshit Hokhma (and thus seemingly registers his agreement that this practice is forbidden). So while on the one hand, rabbinic prohibitions usually are indications of popular practices, it doesn’t seem to have gained much traction in Qabbalistic circles.

It occasionally appears in traditional 19th- and 20th-century descriptions of amulets for childbirth or to protect newborns (an amusing example is that the Hassidic rabbi Yehudah Yudl Rosenberg mentions it in his 1907 book of segulot and amulets, noting that the Tosefta forbids it, but this is in a list of recommended amulets for children, so it’s a wink-wink sort of situation)… In a Hebrew article on the red thread, R. Levi Freund records a few late 19th- and early 20th-century Hassidic rabbis who approved of or practiced the custom for children in their communities, and I found a few other examples from the early 20th century that reference the use of red thread specifically from Rachel’s Tomb (outside Bethlehem) for protection during childbirth or for a newborn (e.g. the testimony of Sister Selma Mayer here, and Teman’s article also cites a few from the 1930s).

But it seems that wearing a red thread generally was not a common practice, whether in or out of Qabbalistic circles. As Teman demonstrates, it seems to have taken off in post-1967 Israel for a variety of socio-political reasons — this is when it began appearing in Jerusalem (at the Western Wall specifically) and became a general symbol of protection, rather than associated with fertility. From there it spread to Jewish communities in North America and elsewhere, and got picked up by the faux-‘Kabbalah’-peddling folks of Madonna et al.

tl;dr: the red thread is a Jewish folk practice, shared with other world cultures, that began in late antiquity, and was traditionally associated in Jewish magic with fertility and protection of children, but became popular in Israel over the last 50 years as a symbol of blessing. It has no association with Qabbala in the classical sense, nor can it be claimed to have been appropriated from Hinduism.

Hope that helps!

My backpack is something that comes with me almost everywhere and, over the years, I have learned that there are certain things that are handy to keep in it at all times. Those things are:

  • Pens - You have no idea how many times I have been in a situation where I need a pen, but don’t have one on me. For this reason, I make a point of keeping at least one pen in my bag.
  • Tissues - Living in Scotland, you never know when a runny nose will strike due to the rain.
  • Sanitary Items - You don’t always know when the time of the month will strike but it’s best to be prepared.
  • Plasters - Being both a dancer and very accident prone, I always have a plaster ready just incase.
  • Umbrella - This isn’t always, just when the day doesn’t look too promising, but again, it’s better to be prepared than not.
  • Money - This is a kinda given but you never know when you might need to get a surprise bus home or decide that you want to get a coffee.
  • Kirbies/bobbles - My hair gets annoying sometimes and I like to have some kirbies or a bobble so I can shove my hair back if need be.
  • Earphones - There is no way I could survive without my earphones so they are always on my person or in my bag.

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so let’s assume that coran “following in alfor’s footsteps” meant that alfor was the red paladin. it would make sense then that the galra empire managed to get a hold of Red after destroying altea and killing him. but then why would altea have the black lion?

did zarkon not plan his rebellion well enough to do it after he got into the black lion? did alfor already not trust him to the point of keeping his away from the castle of lions before he could even begin? did Black already not trust zarkon enough to ignore whatever attemps he made to summon it long distance, and if so why did this change after 10,000 years? did alfor kick enough ass in red to cause zarkon to be forcibly ejected from Black, essentially swapping Red for Black and thus keeping the leader of the lions and the head of Voltron out of zarkon’s grasp even at the cost of his life? did someone else, another potential black paladin, force zarkon out of Black like zarkon did to shiro in s1? 


The Red Keep: A SimDoughnut History Challenge Build

Lot Size: 40x30 (click images for Hi Res version)
Venue: Residence
Location: Willow Creek
CC: (1 object)

I know there are a lot of History Challenge players hitting the Middle Ages and in need of Castles. I also know that brendantheesimmer8900 is looking for castles for a project he is working on, so I built this castle last night.  As I remodel Willow Creek in my “Strange Worlds” gameplay save, I will be adding a “Lord’s Castle” to four of the “neighborhoods in Willow Creek.  So the Red Keep (named that cuz it’s um, Red) is essentially the second of the four with Burkett Manor being the first (which I will release in a few days). That means there are still two more castles I will be building.

The Red Keep is an empty facade. I haven’t decorated the interior yet so as to keep the custom content number at near zero. As such, the only bit of custom content in this build is the Pretty Pediments by Tea N Moon which I used to detail the windows around the keep.  While I will be setting this castle up as a five bedroom residence for my gameplay, the lot could just as easily be used as a library, or a museum, or whatever your heart’s desire.  Because the interiors are empty except for stairs and fireplaces, you can  decorate it any way you like.  It’s literally an open coloring book.

You can find the Red Keep in my SimDoughnut gallery on Origin. You will have to enable the “include custom content” button in advanced options for it to appear.  Once you do that just use the hastags #castle #redkeep #medieval or #historychallenge. I hope you enjoy the build, and if you use it in your game, please be sure to let me know.

Have fun :)!

varric sending for hawke is great and adorable but here are some other fun ways hawke could have turned up at skyhold

  • anders gets captured by the inquisition. hawke kicks down the doors to skyhold and begins setting things on fire while yelling ‘GIVE. ME. BACK. MY. HUSBAND.’
  • was passed out drunk under a boat with isabela while the inquisition was meeting up with bull’s chargers and someone kicks over the boat and is like ‘wtf ur the champion of kirkwall’ and hawke and isabela are like ‘no….u must be mistaken……..’ and get arrested
  • fenris and hawke are hunting slavers and run into an inquisition patrol and fenris makes Several Unsavoury Remarks about Certain Fake Religious Authority Figures and they get arrested
  • cullen gets carver out of kirkwall (essentially saving him from Red Templar Hell) and carver throws a fit at hawke until they turn up
  • merrill and solas meet in the fade and get along really well and merrill wants to go on a road trip to meet her cool new friend and drags hawke along
  • aveline makes them go. she uses the Strict Mom voice. hawke sulks a lot.