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Jin doesn’t need his camera anymore.

Jin didn’t have a camera in “Spring Day.” This is a big deal–big enough that bighit chose this image as the official thumbnail of the “Spring Day” music video. So it’s clearly important–but why?

Since I NEED U, the prologue, and RUN, Jin has been taking photos and videos of himself and his friends. 

He was recording it all–their times together, their recklessness and carelessness–because he knew it would end. Eventually, they would grow up. He would grow up. And then, he would lose everything–his innocence, his freedom, and his friends. He needed to capture it all before it was too late. 

Finally, in “Spring Day,” he raises his hands to take a picture, but he doesn’t have a camera. He still feels the urge to record, but…something is different. He has grown up, that much is clear (Jin was the first to become an adult, both literally and figuratively. He’s the eldest in the group, and in his short film “AWAKE” from the WINGS era, he is the only one who is “Awake,” who accepts his fate. You can read more about that short film’s meaning here.) But what of his friends? What has changed?

The reality is that Jin doesn’t need to take pictures anymore. His friends aren’t leaving him, as previously thought–on the contrary, they are joining him on this life journey, even into adulthood. Before, BTS ran the risk of destroying themselves. Just a look at the WINGS short films reveals this. They were angry, destructive, distraught–torn between childhood and adulthood. They didn’t want to grow up. They wanted to be “Young Forever,” as the song suggested– to “RUN” from their responsibilities, their fates, like the Lost Boys of Neverland. (The original Peter Pan story had 7 lost boys (like the 7 members of BTS), which BTS adopted as the theme for their HYYH albums. Bighit essentially confirmed this on their Instagram, dressing the boys up like the lost boys and tagging “NEVERLAND” in their promotional photos for “RUN.”) The previous MVs mark a time of carelessness for the boys, and until now, it seemed like this denial of their responsibilities would be their doom. 

But at the end of “Spring Day,” you see all 7 boys on the train. As a mentioned in my first analysis of “Spring Day (read here), trains are a vessel for travel–for moving from one place to another. Before, in RUN, BTS hangs out around trains, but they are never moving. And those that are moving only pass them by. The train is calling to them, but none of the boys have the courage to get on–to leave their old lives behind for a new one: adulthood.

But in “Spring Day,” the boys finally hop on board. By boarding the train, BTS officially left behind their youth by accepting their responsibilities as adults. And by going to a new place (a place seemingly on the verge of spring, a time of new beginnings) BTS are saying that they are ready for whatever lies ahead. In other words, they are leaving one station, one location, for another. Starting a new chapter in their lives, so to speak.

The rest of BTS finally chose to leave Neverland, just as Jin had–they have chosen to leave their childhood behind. And so, Jin doesn’t need a camera anymore. He doesn’t need to record their memories, because their time together will never end. They’re in this life journey together. From now on, Jin will never walk alone.

This is pt. 2 of my “Spring Day” analysis. Find pt. 1 here :)

Is music an escape from the world or the key to it? Over and over, when we began considering the best music of the first half of 2017, politics seemed to intrude, whether in moments that echoed headlines or ones that spoke individual truths too often drowned out by that other, noisier machine. Maybe that’s the case every time the calendar turns over. Probably not.

Rather than attempt to come to a consensus about the best albums or songs from the first six months of the year, we opted to select music that was meaningful to us as individuals, music that washed away all the background noise, songs and albums and performances that made sense to us, whether or not they made sense of the world. Moments like that are blessings, not to be taken for granted. Here are nearly four dozen blessings selected by NPR Music staff and our partners from around the public radio system. Let’s count them.

NPR Music’s Essential Songs, Albums, Performances And Videos Of 2017 (So Far)

Photo: Bob Boilen/NPR

wait okay hold up i am SO HERE for a time-themed album like just entertain me here for a minute (hehe). so like obviously everyone knows that taylor’s favorite number is 13 right, but recently she’s been especially extra about 13. why? well if the album does have a theme of like time (and assuming it’s the 12 hour time not 24 hour time) then 13 wouldn’t exist in time… so essentially the entire album could be themed in like the absence of time, or getting lost in a moment, etc. that would be so cool and then like everything big would happen at 13:00 aka 1pm. oh and also what if there’s something about like traveling through time zones, and how time isn’t actually a tangible thing and we all just kinda make it up


The 11th studio album by Aretha Franklin was released on 10 March 1967.

In her label debut for Atlantic records, the 24-year-old Franklin delivered a blend of “rocking soul, dreamy pop and reflective testifying” (Robert Christgau wrote in the Village Voice a the time) that went to #2 on the Billboard charts but received bland critical reviews at the time. Rolling Stone was critical of the production and playing of seasoned studio musicians, including guitarists Chips Moman and Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, and bassist Tommy Cogbill. In 2002, Rolling Stone placed the album at #1 on their "Women in Rock: 50 Essential Albums” list.

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You was the 2nd of 4 albums released by Franklin in 1967.

Miles Davis - Sorcerer [1967] 

Miles Davis - trumpet 

Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone 

Herbie Hancock - piano 

Ron Carter - double bass 

Tony Williams - drums

[The third of five albums that this quintet recorded]

The album’s cover is a photo of actress Cicely Tyson, who at the time was Davis’s girlfriend [and many years later his wife]

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hi! i've been a casual kpop fan for years, so i've mostly downloaded a few albums and just listen to them. i'm trying to get more into the world of bts! and i was actually wondering what the difference is between You Never Walk Alone and Wings since most of the songs are the same, except YNWA has some extra songs... same thing with The Most Beautiful Moment In Life albums.... thanks!

Essentially, You Never Walk Alone is a repackaged album of WINGS. This means that all the songs from WINGS will be in YNWA with a few additional songs (Spring Day, Not Today, A Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone, and Outro: Wings). They decided to repackage because the concepts for the albums are linked to each other. The same goes for the three HYYH (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) albums. In this case, the pt.1 and pt.2 albums were repackaged into Young Forever, but for this repackage they did not put all the songs from pt.1 and pt.2. On top of these old songs, they added remixes of songs from pt.1 and pt.2 as well as a few new songs (Save ME, FIRE, and Epilogue: Young Forever). Hope this helped!
- Kylie
NPR Music's Essential Songs, Albums, Performances And Videos Of 2017 (So Far)
Nearly four dozen musical moments from the first half of 2017, selected by public radio staff and partners, that helped to make sense of the world, or offer relief from it.

Harry Styles, Harry Styles

I never intended to like this record. I don’t say that to assert my hipster bona fides; I rocked out in earnest to “What Makes You Beautiful” for a good semester and was immediately on board with “PILLOWTALK” when Styles’ former bandmate Zayn Malik struck out on his own last year. But that was just the problem: Zayn was supposed to be the Timberlake to 1D’s *NSYNC, and I wasn’t ready to entertain a challenge to the throne. Luckily, Styles’ solo debut makes no pass at moody pop-R&B, instead laying bare his classic-rock influences. Harry Styles is full of shining moments: Styles soaring over the glorious “Sign of the Times” coda, the clever poignancy of his best lyrics (“Even my phone misses your call”), the winking, self-aware la-la-la-la’s in “Woman.” Even the album’s rollout was delightful: At a time when surprise drops are pop’s new normal, Styles’ more traditional campaign included an amiably ridiculous turn as Mick Jagger on SNL and singing “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks. The trope of the teen pop star hoping to reinvent as Serious Artist is well known; Harry Styles strives for artistry without taking itself too seriously. —Rachel Horn

I think most of you have noticed by now, but a lot of the work i’ve been doing has been classwork. Mostly, this is because it’s senior year for me and so I’m essentially swamped! (Next semester I’m hoping to post more personal stuff, also I have a ton of sketches that I haven’t had the change to put up here either)

And so here’s…..another class assignment. But also a tribute to one of my favorite bands, the Dear Hunter, in faux-poster form. This was really fun, and i’ve been listening to their latest album essentially non-stop this semester.


On this day in music history: June 7, 1993 - “Elemental”, the fourth studio album by Tears For Fears is released. Produced by Roland Orzabal, Tim Palmer and Alan Griffiths, it is recorded at Neptune’s Kitchen in Bath, UK from Mid 1992 - Early 1993. Issued as the long awaited follow up to “The Seeds Of Love”, the project is essentially a solo album by Roland Orzabal released under the TFF moniker, as bassist/co-lead vocalist Curt Smith had left the band in 1991. Orzabal soldiers forward, recording the album mostly on his own at his home studio in Bath, writing the bulk of the material with Alan Griffiths, and is augmented in the studio with various musicians including co-producers Palmer and Griffiths and bassist Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd). One of the album’s singles titled “Cold”, is directed at former Tears For Fears manager Paul King (who is imprisoned for fraud in 2004), in which Orzabal accuses him of stealing money from the band, stated in the scathing lyric “King got caught with his fingers in the till. Where’s your calculator - did you leave it in your will?”. The album spins off four singles including “Break It Down Again” (#20 UK, #1 US Modern Rock, #25 US Pop). “Elemental” peaks at number five on the UK album chart, number forty five on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

pause it play it (valdangelo band au)

(authors note: this is for the @lgbtqpjo valdangelo week! day four is free day, so here ya go)

information: nico’s band is touring their second album, and they’re nervous. leo comforts them, and they go out on stage, and give a massive speech. featuring agender!nico, gay!leo, thalia, hazel, jason, percy, and rachel. mortal au.

warnings: nothing big, just a small panic attack in the beginning.

i had a lot of fun writing this bc wow agender nico is everything?? also i might make this a full length thing?? enjoy!!


nico was having something short of a panic attack.

this wasn’t a good time, well, it was never a good time to have a panic attack, but this was one of the worse times. they and their band were just about to go onstage, for the first event of the second album, and here they were, backstage, with their head in their hands as they tried to control their breathing.

usually nico would be fine before a show, they’d be drinking a can of pepsi and joking around with their boyfriend leo, but today they were nervous. mostly because the second album had been their ‘coming out’ album. they wrote all of the songs, that all spoke about their experiences with gender and sexuality, and shortly after the release, they and their boyfriend came out as a couple, and nico came out as agender. the fan base had reacted well, of course they did, but they were so shaken about singing these songs, these songs that came from their mind, from their life.

they couldn’t understand it; everything was prepared, they had calypso, drew, rachel and percy ready for the songs with them, and leo, hazel and thalia were just finishing setting up, while people were flocking in, thousands of fans from all around america. the show was in washington dc, a place leo had always wanted go visit. they had had a chance to look around, but nico was constantly worried about the tour.

the curtain to the room slid open, and nico looked up to see leo standing there, his eyes wide with worry. he was in his stage clothes, a grey tank top and ripped jeans, and his face was shocked to see his love like this.

“nicks? …you okay?” nico shook their head, and leo sat down next to them, placing an arm on their shoulder. “calm down love. breathe deeply. do you want a drink?”

nico nodded, and leo rummaged around in the cool box, taking out a pepsi, knowing nico’s backstage routine back to front and inside out. nico took it gratefully, and drummed his fingernails on the can, composing themselves before popping it open. leo rubbed their back gently, carefully making sure they were okay. after three years of being together, they knew everything about each other.

the band had originally formed in highschool, seven years ago, when all the members were fifteen. leo remembers walking in on nico playing guitar and singing in the empty church outside of school, and had told them that he played bass and guitar too. he also played the drums, but badly. they would play together, thalia joining in to watch, her being a good friend of nico’s, and she had said that she could play drums, and her friend hazel played bass. nico had had the great idea of starting a band, where they wrote the songs, and thalia recorded and edited the videos they made.

it started out as covers from bands like waterparks or my chemical romance, a lot of green day thanks to thalia, and even blink-182 and the beatles. the big break came when they released their first original, ‘rebellion of the youth’. thalia and nico wrote it, and it had been nico’s favourite from their ep, “scarlet mind and fevered rebellion”. they got noticed by olympian records at eighteen, shortly after the ep release (they had self produced that), and made their first album. the band went by ghost town, and the first album wasn’t self titled, like a lot were. leo was the one who titled it: “how did we end up here?”; it was a line from their song ‘teenage angst bullshit’, and it seemed fitting for the band’s situation.

the band had changed a lot since then; the new album was a concept album, essentially about nico’s life. it was titled “pride”, the name of the first song, and they had collaborated with other small artists signed to their record; the notorious gay rapper, rachel dare, the amazing indie bi singer percy blofis, and a cute couple from queens gardens (an all girls band), calypso and her girlfriend drew tanaka. nico was so happy with how the album came out, and they reminded themselves of these things to calm down.

they downed the can of coke, and looked leo in the eyes. “i can do this.” they said.

“yeah you can babe.” leo said. they exchanged a short kiss, before standing and walking to the side of the stage, nico tucking their shaking hands into their jean pockets

“you good?” thalia asked, slinging an arm around nico’s shoulder. they nodded, smiling.

“it’s wild out there,” hazel said, buttoning up her plaid shirt. “this is gonna be a good tour.”

nico nodded again. “let’s hope i can survive this.” they said, staring at their shoes.

“you’ll be able to, don’t worry. i always get nervous before shows.” percy said, placing a gentle hand on nico’s shoulder. he was wearing a blue shirt that slowly faded into white, black jeans and his signature chuck taylor’s, and he was wearing a little bit of eye makeup, not too much to notice. his boyfriend jason was a makeup artist, and worked backstage for the band.

and speaking of jason, he was running to nico, a makeup bag in his hands. “i forgot to do you! what do you want? quickly now.” he started fumbling with brushes, sitting nico down on an unused amp.

“black lipstick, green and silver eyeshadow, and eyeliner,” nico said, knowing that it would more or less match the agender flag, and the clothes they had on - a white and black striped crop top and black skinny jeans.

“dude, you should totally wear heels out there. it’d suit you.” thalia suggested. “i have a pair of black ones that i never wear in the dressing room.”

nico considered it, looking at leo. “should i babe?” they usually asked leo, as he probably had better judgement (but who are we kidding, nico was better at those things).

leo broke into a grin, his eyes lighting up. “yes, yes, yes definitely. i will never not say yes to you in high heels.”

nico smiled and pulled their boyfriend in for a kiss, before shitting up and letting jason do their makeup. it felt weird going out on stage with makeup and feminine clothes on, but they were sure the fans would accept him. thalia came back with the shoes, a grin on her face, helping nico out of their trainers while jason finished up, pecking nico on the cheek before pulling away. thalia took their hand and helped them up, wobbling slightly, and they began to hear the countdown for the band.

“and we present to you, ghost town!” drew announced, queens gardens being the opening act.

that was their queue, and they ran out on stage, nico managing it surprisingly well in heels. the applause was deafening, the crowd yelling loudly at them. there was signs with ‘pride’ written on them, ‘we love you valdangelo’, and a large group with a banner reading 'agenders represent!’. nico smiled proudly, taking hold of the mic.

“hello everyone!” they said, hearing their voice ripple through the arena. “how are you tonight?”

the crowd screamed in response, leo laughing into his microphone.

“good, good,” nico said. “well, i know you’ve all waited for this moment, so i’m not gonna drag on too much, but i just wanted to say thank you to you all. those of you who’ve supported us from the start, those of you who only just discovered us… thank you. as you know, i recently came out with my wonderful boyfriend leo valdez, and then as agender, and i’m so happy to see you all here, supporting me. agenders represent!” the crowd yelled back at them, and they smiled bigger than ever. “without further waiting, please welcome onstage percy blofis!”

percy bounded onstage, his face in a massive grin. he waved at the crowd, holding a mic to his mouth. “what’s up people?!”

nico grinned at him. “now, this is a song written about leo, truthfully enough…” they gazed over at leo, who put an arm around their shoulder. they kissed momentarily, leaving the crowd screaming “valdangelo!”. when it ended, nico resumed talking, their lipstick now on leo’s lips, and a grin on their face.

“and here it is. we are ghost town, and this is 'there’s this boy i like’! take it away people!”

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evidence?? (the anon that asked who hfk is about) idk, i just find it weird that he'd be such a big collaborator on an album that essentially entirely about him

she’s said in multiple interviews that the album is about the end of a longterm relationship, her and lido were together for like 2+ years and here she talks about how hard it was to write/record Lie with him and that they had just started trying to make music again after the breakup.


This album is essentially where it all started for me. I suggest you put on the best pair of headphones you own, sit back, relax, and let the sounds of this masterpiece wash over you. It’s amazing. Period.

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I'm relatively new to Ella Fitzgerald. What do you recommend I check out?

Ok listen up!!
Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! is her best straight jazz album and possibly her best album ever and I will fight anyone who disagrees

In the Songbook series, Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart are the best places to start. My personal favorite is R&H because I adore Lorenz Hart’s lyrics and I think Ella really gets to both the darkness and the romance in them

Ella in Rome: The Birthday Concert is a virtuosic live performance from start to finish and really shows off the range she possessed stylistically–Ella in Berlin is another essential live album

Ella and Louis & Ella and Louis Again feature some of the most joyful, free, laid back, beautiful music and the two of them are like a perfect pairing

Ella and Basie! Possibly her best improvising, scatting, fast jazz, and the most happy, fun set of songs. Also: Count Basie

Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas is the best uptempo holiday album ever recorded and that’s that on that

I could keep going but I’ve already listed a lot so please go and listen to the queen of singing!!! There are still so many Ella recordings that I don’t know because she put down so many things so there is always more to explore!