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Miles Davis - Sorcerer [1967] 

Miles Davis - trumpet 

Wayne Shorter - tenor saxophone 

Herbie Hancock - piano 

Ron Carter - double bass 

Tony Williams - drums

[The third of five albums that this quintet recorded]

The album’s cover is a photo of actress Cicely Tyson, who at the time was Davis’s girlfriend [and many years later his wife]


The 11th studio album by Aretha Franklin was released on 10 March 1967.

In her label debut for Atlantic records, the 24-year-old Franklin delivered a blend of “rocking soul, dreamy pop and reflective testifying” (Robert Christgau wrote in the Village Voice a the time) that went to #2 on the Billboard charts but received bland critical reviews at the time. Rolling Stone was critical of the production and playing of seasoned studio musicians, including guitarists Chips Moman and Jimmy Johnson, keyboardist Spooner Oldham, and bassist Tommy Cogbill. In 2002, Rolling Stone placed the album at #1 on their "Women in Rock: 50 Essential Albums” list.

I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You was the 2nd of 4 albums released by Franklin in 1967.

Last Dance Analysis

can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote one of these. usual disclaimer that this is just my interpretation/i’m not claiming this is the DEFINITE ACTUAL MEANING behind last dance. apologies that i’m posting this without screencaps for visual reference, i’m a lil too tired for that rn but i’ll hopefully add them later ✌

also i make reference to some ideas i’ve previously discussed in my other bigbang analysis writing so if you’re not familiar with that you might wanna check out my posts on loser, sober and zutter (though they could do with an update at this point). 

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Wonder Girls

My absolute favs from them (and I’m a hugeeee Wonder Girls fan)

Me, In
I Feel You
This Fool
Why So Lonely
Baby Don’t Play
Beautiful Boy
One Black Night
Be My Baby
2 Different Tears
So Hot
Sweet Dreams

Honestly I just created the Wonder Girl’s ‘essentials’ album.

A Poem

January 22 2009

Here is a poem that reflects the composition of the story in The Empyrean. I don’t feel that reading any of these posts is essential to the album. They are just my way of offering something to people who are interested.

The following words vaguely express the lyrical and musical form:

From within confusion and darkness,

Reaching up to the source of light,

Giving up,



Going up,

Going down,

Being reborn,

Darkness becomes lighter,

Confusion becomes clearer,


I think most of you have noticed by now, but a lot of the work i’ve been doing has been classwork. Mostly, this is because it’s senior year for me and so I’m essentially swamped! (Next semester I’m hoping to post more personal stuff, also I have a ton of sketches that I haven’t had the change to put up here either)

And so here’s…..another class assignment. But also a tribute to one of my favorite bands, the Dear Hunter, in faux-poster form. This was really fun, and i’ve been listening to their latest album essentially non-stop this semester.

Thinking about essential antonia albums on the bus to school. Y pants self titled and strawberry switchblade self titled. Joanna newsom divers. All john maus albums but especially songs. The shaggs philosophy of the world, rudimentary peni death church. Ruth white flowers of evil. Laurel halo quarantine. Suburban lawns self titled. Half japanese music to strip by. Lana del rey ultraviolence.


1987. Killing Technology

is the third album by band Voivod. It was the first to add the progressive sound in their thrash metal reportire. According to interviews from the time, Voivod were more influenced by hardcore punk and crossover bands during the time they created Killing Technology, Kreator and Motörhead being the only metal bands everyone in Voivod were all still into by 1986.

‘Killing Technology’ is an essential album in the band’s development, really taking both them and the thrash metal sound to new heights that had not been yet heard before. Things still sound a bit raw and light on memorable songwriting to call 'Killing Technology’ one of the best Voivod albums, but it remains a great album for the band and genre.

   Michel Langevin   Denis Bélanger   Jean-Yves Thériault   Denis D'Amour

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people are acting like this is the first time taylor has been able to stay under the radar. she would have breaks from the 1989 world tour and be places with calvin and no one would get a picture for a few days but we knew she was with him. you know what i mean? when she's promoting and touring an album, she essentially for the better part of 2 years has zero privacy. i think its good she's staying off the radar and enjoying it bc when ts6 happens that goes out the window again and she needs it

i hear you but that was at most a week or so ish. not four months. so i think there is a difference. But yes she’s clearly capable and yeah everyone thinks it’s good for her ?


I honestly believe that Bjork deserves more credit for influencing music and artists. ‘Homogenic’ was an essential album in the electronic/electronica genre of music and she basically created and inspired that type of music for example, both Tori Amos and Madonna created electronic albums after ‘Homogenic’- Tori’s album being ‘To Venus And Back’ and Madonna’s being ‘Ray Of Light’. She’s also wrote a song for Madonna and created the first ever app album- something that other artists have then gone on to do as well. Just look how big of a genre electronic music became over the past 10- 15 years or so and I don’t believe it would’ve existed at all without Bjork which means half of the people who people confess about on here wouldn’t exist or if they did, their music would be different to how it is now. Oh, and as for her outfits- corset made out of her OWN skin? Swan dress? That spiky full head thing she wore on the ‘Biophilia’ tour?- Yeah, I think she’s the reason so many artists wear crazy outfits but in Bjork’s case- it links to the music and isn’t just a gimmick not that I’m complaining or slating artists who wear ‘kooky’ clothes just for the sake of it because I love people who do, I’m just making a case for Bjork’s influence here. =D

Inside Pics, Mochizuki-sensei’s Messages, and Translations of Volumes 23 & 24

Putting all of them under a Read More. It’s getting quite late here, so the omake on the under covers of Volumes 23 + 24 will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, please enjoy! ^-^

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