My friend wanted to know how I made my quesadillas, so I made a little tutorial I guess,

First get the tortillas, butter, cheese, and whatever else you want to put in it (I used chicken too)

Second, butter one side of each tortilla

when the pan is hot, put one butter side down, and

layer the cheese and any other things you want in it,

Place the second tortilla, butter side up, on top of this,

once the bottom is golden brown, (darker, or however you want it, just make sure the cheese is melted…) flip it and cook the other side to a golden brown as well,

Then you got yourself a good thing to eat,

It should only take like 5-6 minutes to make :)

(I made this really quickly so it’s not even that great of a tutorial…)

essenceofthenoctifer replied to your post: Can you guys do me a huge fav…

Chin up dear, have no fear, no more sadness no more tears Sunshine in your pocket, Smile brightly lit, u still have many choices, The sky is the limit Show em you’re splendid, & if, God forbid, rainclouds interfere, give em’ hell kid.

thank you, Jazzy <333 I really appreciate that. A lot. I love you, Jazzyman ;u; <3 lostladycassandra replied to your postCan you guys do me a huge favor?

|| I do care about you, I also love seeing you on my Dash. I’m glad I started following you. I know you feel shitty, but believe me there are people that love you and think about you. I’m one of them ♥ cuz you’re awesome.

;____; omg you are so sweet <333 Thank you so much; you’re so great ;/////; 

;u; so much love omg you guys are the best I really love you all just gahhhhhh I feel all tingly inside and now I feel a bit better and a bit stronger

thank you so much <3333333

HAHAHA I’m showing my friend the Talk Dirty cover and her response to him licking his lips twice and smiling was “Jesus Christ is that necessary?” Then he licked the mic and she said “eww… Why is he so nasty…. I like him” HAHA then him during the Nerdy part was cute. I just…