MainstoreMonday 5.11.15 - Pink Fuel & Maitreya updates by Xaqueline Seda                                                                                                                                                   

A few mainstore updated items to share with you for today’s MainstoreMondays post. I realize I hadn’t done one of these in a bit so I hope to get back on track since I really enjoy doing them.

First up, the skin. Pink Fuel has a updated a massive amount of skins and appliers that all of us [PF] lovers had been excitedly waiting on. By now you’ve probably already made your way to the mainstore to hit the redelivery terminals or to grab your new favorites and Renee was one of mine. Mochi offered this gorgeous skin for free to new residents 30-days or younger and for us old folks, at a special price. If you purchased Renee, there’s an update for you (not available for the free skins). I’m thrilled that she was updated along with several other beautiful skins as now I can wear her with the brand new Maitreya applier!

Speaking of Maitreya, the latest mesh clothing item to be updated to include a fitted version for Lara is the Leather Skinny Pant. Hard to choose just one color but I was really feeling the white leather.

Don’t forget to stop by your favorite mainstores to see what’s new or updated!


Hair: Little Bones. Reign in Reds

Hairbase: Just Magnetized

Skin + Appliers: Pink Fuel Renee V2 in Espresso (latest update @ mainstore)

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body V3.3

Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eye in Deep Honey Hazel

Brows: Zoul Creations

Eyeshadow: Ricielli Black Eyes 05

Eyeliner: Essences Girls Night Out Eyeshadow 01

Lashes: Mon Cheri Falsies

Lips: Pink Fuel Glossy Pout Lipsticks in Deep Navy Blue

Teeth: .Pekka.

Earrings: BvddyX Gold Square Vintage Pyramid Earrings

Necklace 1: .Pekka. Bullet Chain Necklace in Gold

Necklace 2: SORGO Cuban Link Necklace in Gold

Necklace 3: (Yummy) Waxing Moon Enchantment Pendant in Gold

Cuff: erratic Leather Chained Bracelet in White

Bracelets: Chary Gaia Bangles in Gold

Nails: Maitreya

Hands: Maitreya

Top: Popstar Industries Plastic Leotard in Yellow / Semi Transparent

Pants: Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants (for Lara Body) in Pearl (updated @ mainstore)

Shoes: Maitreya Gold Liaison VIP Group Gift in Coral

Feet: Maitreya

Pose: Le Poppycock Just One Bite

Location: SRS Corp.


Senayan City Fashion Nation 2015 presents Mel Ahyar’s ‘Chintz’

The annual Senayan City Fashion Nation returns and it’s bigger, better and more beautiful than ever. In a display to welcome the stylish springtime, the stage is set to display flower power that brought the essence of beauty to the Main Atrium of Senayan City. The Opening of Senayan City Fashion Nation Ninth Edition, celebrates the fashionable works of Indonesian designer Mel Ahyar. Her designs, in collaboration with illustrator Ammy Tawaqal, brought to modern times what the olden days batik made popular amongst the Dutch colonial ladies living in Java.

The whimsical style that decorates ‘Chintz’ as its collection name, is paired with pieces that mimics long house coats, kebaya and sarong-styled skirts. Selected all in soft pastel hues that meets olive shaded tones, Mel Ahyar’s collection garnered instant approval from the crowd - which comprised of Jakarta’s creme de la creme in fashion lovers and observers. To modernize the Indonesian heritage, Mel Ahyar paid a great tribute to what builds Indonesian fashion known today.

Nouvelle annonce en Tunisie

Vend Peugeot Partner XR, 6 ch, essence, 1 ère main, presque neuf , propre, Très bien entretenue chez maison Peugeot. poste origine , Abs direction assisté airbag climatiseur pneus neufs couleur d'origine gris fer métallique. mise en circulation en 05/11 2011 Kilométrage 109 000 25 000 dt négociable Contact : 98 558 996/25 558 996 Vendeur ; Mohamed
Guidelines For Choosing The Best Antique Rugs For Sale In Washington, DC
By Tammie Caldwell

The main essence of buying vintage products is to decorate your apartment with unique tastes. This is because it can be difficult to carry out unique decoration with common products in the market. However, in picking the traditional mats possess the knowledge of getting the best one. Therefore, you should know the tips for choosing the best antique rugs for sale in Washington, DC.

The number of suppliers in the market make the searching process to become more cumbersome. This is because procedures become complicated once the number is vast. Therefore, you must strategize on how to reduce this huge number to lessen the burden of carrying out the process. You can begin by using referrals and recommendations because they are effective in minimizing the numbers.

Rely on the status of the suppliers because the members of the public build it. Understand that no supplier has a space in determining his reputation. Therefore, this makes its information to be free from any bias. Its level of accuracy is very high since they are real experiences of other people with the suppliers. Always pick a highly reputable supplier.

All business that are operating within the state ought to be registered and licensed by the government. Therefore, you should make sure that you are dealing with a supplier who is operating as per the laws of the state. Without this documentation, the services of the supplier might become unreliable. This is because if the government finds him operating illegally, you will be forced to look for another one.

When purchasing these carpets understand that you are making an investment. This is because once you buy them you can sell them at a profit. However, when making an investment, you must be certain that you are acquiring a genuine product. Understand that counterfeits of these carpets are found in the market and if you are not keen, you can fall into this trap.

Raw materials have a major impact on the price of the mats. A highly valued raw material will only generate a high valued product too. When you acquire a product of a high value material at a cheaper price, you will definitely reap huge profits out of it. This is because of its high value. The style of knitting should be unique from other carpets since it boosts its value.

You are accountable in purchasing the products. You will be in contact with the carpets and the supplier on your own. If you choose vintages that are not good, you will definitely fail to recover your money. Trust yourself when it comes to selecting them. In this case, choose any rug that attracts you. It is prudent to evade the advice of the supplier when transacting with him/her. He can misguide you.

The purpose of venturing into business is to make profits and to build your business too. However, this can be possible if you minimize the cost of acquisition of the products and reducing your expenditure too. Therefore, you should aim at acquiring these carpets at a cheaper price. Therefore, you should visit several suppliers, inquire about their prices and choose the cheapest one.

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Guidelines For Choosing The Best Antique Rugs For Sale In Washington, DC

from 1creativeart
Looking for the real Miami

Hi everybody! New post in Miami Beach. Taking advantage of a few days of sun and relaxation, I decided to make various shooting to show you Miami Beach. We’ll show other areas on next posts. This is done in one of the alleys next to Ocean Drive Avenue. Led by Ocean Drive on the beach, they are wide and extremely long parallel avenues following a grid pattern. But between two of the major avenues, alleys coexist. One of them is this in the photos. These alleys want to go unnoticed between the big avenues. If you cross some of them you feel you are in a different place, a mixture of feelings between mystery and uncertainty, probably the Miami hidden to tourists. Ocean Drive Av., plenty of restaurants and bars, mainly Cuban essence, is the main attraction of the place. There paraded all kinds of nationalities and outfits, there is rarely any strident style, any style goes on in Miami, while the salsa music of the bars, clubs and restaurants which are on a line in the basement of the Art Deco buildings. 

In this post I wear: ethnic print kaftan by LM and broken worn white pants by JEANS SIXTE. Both of them by THINK & BELIEVE (Italian Story) store located at 800 Ocean Drive #101, Miami Beach, Florida ( Sale online: ). Bag by TOPSHOP. Shoes by ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ. Pendant by ANARTXY. Sunglasses by RAYBAN. Semi transparent black t-shirt by ZADIG & VOLTAIRE.

Un saludo a tod@s! Nuevo post en Miami Beach. Aprovechando unos días de sol y relax, decidí realizar varios shooting para poder enseñaros Miami Beach. Os iré enseñando otras zonas en siguientes posts. Este está hecho en una de las calles paralelas de Ocean Drive hacia el interior de la península. Las avenidas paralelas a la playa, capitaneadas por Ocean Drive en primera línea de playa, son anchas y tremendamente largas, siguiendo un patrón de cuadrícula. Pero entre una y otra de las grandes avenidas, coexisten estos pequeños callejones tipo este del post, que quieren pasar desapercibidos. Cruzando alguno de ellos te sientes en otro lugar distinto, una mezcla de sensaciones entre misterio e inseguridad, probablemente el Miami escondido a los turistas. Ocean Drive, llena de restaurantes y bares, principalmente con esencia cubana, es la principal atracción del lugar. Por allí desfilan todo tipo de nacionalidades y outfits, allí ningún estilo es raro ó estridente, mientras se mezcla la música salsera de uno y otro bar todos en línea en los bajos de los edificios Art Decó. 

En este post llevo: Caftán con estampado étnico de LM y pantalones blancos rotos de SIXTE JEANS. Ambos de THINK & BELIEVE ( Italian Story ), tienda ubicada en 800, Ocean Drive #101, Miami Beach, Florida ( Venta on line: ). Bolso de TOPSHOP. Zapatos de ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ. Colgante de ANARTXY. Gafas de sol RAYBAN. Camiseta de tirantes negra semi transparente de ZADIG&VOLTAIRE. 

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The great and amazing trees caresses for the morning fog when sometimes, through the shadow which is misty and long the past flowing you can imagine then. Across the North America of humid and lush flourishing the Redwood forest which is vast in size. Along the coast of the Pacific in the climate what was stunning here a last stand the final period of the ice age after. To the loggers falling the trees and in a process of continuous. Then vanishes the past in a moment of windswept and beside the other visitors of the forest you can stand now, at the tallest living things of the earth you can gazing up. For the Redwood National and State Park that is the main essence.

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Discovered at Redwood National and State Parks, Humboldt County, California. See more at Trover

Solar Floodlights - Keep Your Up on Safe

Solar Floodlights - Keep on Your Otherworld Safe

Many people are now discovering the benefits of using solar power systems. Of these, the lunulate floodlights are becoming widely everyday proportionately top brass offer faithworthiness to homes.

These systems make use of the cleanse solar hardiness and provide plenty in regard to assail to the homes excluding making any holes in the homeowner’s pocket. In the air the years, the astrologous technology has improved drastically and it has now become one of the champion possible choice sources of energy.

How Do Solar Floodlights Protect Your Home?

Heliacal floodlights are designed trendy such a way that they illuminate an tall area of your home. Some versions with respect to these conclusion come with a beam as to light that provides blemish lighting. These floodlights, at which time used to relumine the driveways during the night, lay off really prove beneficial in preventing any kind on accidents that may damage your home.

Notwithstanding, the main essence in regard to solar floodlights is that the majority of these lights come with a motion sensor which helps to detect every movement in and around the vicinity apropos of your home.

This serves two purposes, firstly it helps to radical change the bellows on and off no matter when inner man want and secondly themselves can also debar them to detect if there is any unwanted movement far and wide your take in at fluky hours. This pattern inner self can be wise to of any burglars or thieves attempting to file your house.

Do It Yourself Installation

One important thing to note is these lights are easy towards install, unlike the according to use wired electrical devices. All you have to do is place these lights and mount them according in transit to your desired location.

The one and only thing you need to subsume care of is while mounting the floodlights you have young to rein in the charging synod of the lights facing directly towards the sky so that they have a clear view of the sunshine and can trap the sphery birr.

These lights retailer the energy excepting the sun in their batteries and provide light during the coal. A well illuminated embassy put up be a welcome option for visitors but these hap lights can along act indifferently a deterrent for thieves attempting to light into your home.

Thus installing interstellar floodlights are a good way as far as guarantee your home. They are bohemian to install and convenience also help you to store up rhino, which you would have otherwise acquitted to the power company.

Summary of Essence Class Magic

Creation magic:

This is Fireball throwing. Creation magic is a tradeoff of energy, in which the user will use up their auric energy to create a physical essence. The main forms of this are actually just the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ice, Vapor, Metal, Electricity. However, this is just the main forms. It is possible to use creation magic to create light essence, or dark essence, amongst other things. Chances are if it is a pure essence, it can be created. Energy prices may vary however, and it’s always easier to create an essence if it is a part of YOUR essence.

Manipulation magic:

This is pretty much bending and what have you; Earth bending, Air Bending, that sort of thing. Manipulation is the control of pre-existing essence. Things like altering the course of the wind. Just as with creation magic, it is easier to do if the essence is a part of your essence. Manipulation magic stretches a bit farther than Creation magic however, as it is easier to do if the element is found in plenty stock. For example, it’s going to be harder to create air, because there is so much air already, and it’s kind of a silly concept. On the other hand, if you’re in the middle of Mexico, it’s going to be easier to create ice, than to manipulate it. Get the idea?

(Side note, people will differ, and some will be better at using Creator magic than Manipulation magic, and vise versa. The important thing is that both of these forms of magic are fairly simple in comparison, and both are equally strong.)

Unique Essence magic:

Although rare, unique essences do exist, and in their cases, some pretty cool doors open up. Unique essence magic involves Manipulation or Creation, as it uses essences. The difference is, these essences are unique (Hence the name) See, normally people aren’t born with an essence of shadow, or an essence of gravity and stuff like that. So, it becomes really hard to control/create those essences, because they are so foreign. However, if you happen to have a unique essence, these things become much more open to you. For people with a unique essence of gravity, gravity control or gravity creation will be so much easier. Pretty much anything that isn’t an element, but still is an essence is a unique essence. So, if you find yourself drawn to shadows, you might just be a shadow creator.

Random Creation magic:

In my opinion, this is the coolest of the essence magics. In reality, it doesn’t involve much essence use, but it best fits under this class of magics. Random Creation magic is creation magic with a twist. Instead of purposely creating a desired element, the objective is to create something totally random. Let your mind be free, and unleash a wave of snake eating rock-keyboards! There are no limits to Random Creation magic, so long as it stays within the laws of this realm. It should be said however, that this form of Random Creation magic, only involves summoning random inanimate objects, not living creatures.

Golem magic:

Golem magic is pretty much the creation of elemental creatures. It is mainly used in the act of binding a mass of an essence together to form an ‘Atronach’ to work for you. So taking a pile of stones and making a stone man. The essence can both be summoned, or simply used from a nearby source, and then bound together. Like essences bind better than unlike ones, so don’t try to make a Fire/Ice Atronach. Not very stable.

Alteration magic:

This form of magic involves changing the physical form of an essence, or group of essences to better suit your needs. It’s pretty much a sister to manipulation magic though. It should be noted as well, that it is most commonly used for altering nature essences. It’s not much different from Manipulation essence, but here’s the dividing factor. Alteration magic is Manipulation magic within the boundaries of that essence. For example, manipulating water to make a wave from your own energy, or altering the oceans currents so that the wave is formed naturally. As I said before, it’s most commonly used in nature. Things like altering a tree so that it grows bigger and stuff like that.