Fantasia Barrino has had her share of publicity fails. I won’t pretend that she is America’s sweetheart, because she isn’t. What she is however, is an incredible force of musical nature. When she emerged into the music scene, she was young, naive, and full of raw, unadulterated musical power. That voice, that passion, and that spirit are legendary. Whether the naysayers want to admit it or not, Fantasia is one of the greatest voices of our generation. She, like so few other artists, cannot be compared to anyone else currently in her genre. She is unique, fresh, and undeniable. With a voice as distinct and powerful as hers, it comes as no surprise that she gains the praise of, and is often compared to, the legendary women of soul; Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner; and Chaka Kahn.

   Some may say her personal life is “messy”. I won’t argue that. I’m saying she is one of the greatest singers of our generation, not the greatest celebrity. Some may not like her voice and that is their prerogative; But for those who love soul music, you cannot deny her talent, her growing skill, or the power in that voice. The girl can sing her ass off. 

              This video is a testament to how talented and powerful she is. Listen to the real and raw emotion she puts into this song. That is what R&B music is about. That is SOUL. This woman is incredible, even if she is a bit “Messy.”