essence psychological

“Many things are necessary for [self-]observing. The first is sincerity with oneself. And this is very difficult. It is much easier to be sincere with a friend. Man is afraid to see something bad, and if, by accident, looking deep down, he sees his own bad, he sees his nothingness. We have the habit of driving away thoughts about ourselves because we fear the gnawings of conscience. Sincerity may be the key which will open the door through which one part can see another part. With sincerity man may look and see something. Sincerity with oneself is very difficult, for a thick crust has grown over essence. Each year a man puts on new clothes, a new mask, again and again. All this should be gradually removed — one should free oneself, uncover oneself. Until man uncovers himself he cannot see.”


pluto in the signs

Aries: You are very out-front and candid, probably not known for your great sense of diplomacy or tact. Your intensity and passionate approach to life are obvious to all who meet you. You are driven to penetrate the superficial and get at the essential. Very daring. 

Taurus: You could be a terrific business person, as you have an ability to get past the surface of things and separate out that with real worth. In the area of possessions and material goods, you will go through a lot of changes and learn a lot.

Gemini: A good detective or research person, you can’t help but get past all that is superficial. A passion for inquiry, questioning, and searching finds you always in pursuit of some piece of information. Your communicating, writing and speaking ability very powerful and magnetic. 

Cancer: You may go through a lot of changes that affect your sense of security. Your home and family situation could be a focus for growth and real learning, an area of great sensitivity or vulnerability

Leo: You are very sensitive, even vulnerable when it comes to expressing yourself, getting it out. Periods of intense creativity enable you to go through changes and inner growth. This creative intensity is good for music, poetry and art. Great charisma, a powerful performer.

Virgo: You tend to be radical when it comes to self-analysis, which means health care, food, physical and emotional wellbeing. Serving and caring for yourself and others are primary sources of inner growth and changes. You are sensitive to criticism, may struggle with deep self-doubt or self-criticism.

Libra: Change and inner growth tend to come through relationships, with both friends and lovers. Marriage or partnership will be very intense and not at all superficial. You get to the heart of a relationship quite fast. Regeneration comes through learning compromise and balance.

Scorpio: You cut through appearances in an effort to get beneath, behind, and at the heart or essence. You may find psychology, initiation, mysticism, and the occult of great interest. Intense personal change and inner growth are lifelong habits. You passionately seek spirit power and absolutes.

Sagittarius: You are passionate in your search for truth and essence. Nothing superficial or ephemeral holds your attention. Your intense analytical approach to life cuts through to the heart of things. This directness may not always endear you to others.

Capricorn: Tremendous practical sense and drive for power and control cut through all obstructions and obstacles. You may have an ability to control and manage all that is vulnerable and sensitive in the human psyche, the public mind. 

Aquarius: Your burning zeal for the ideal world and your need to be part of a group of like-minded souls are major factors in your makeup. You learn and grow through your efforts to help others, to make into a reality what is seen by your inner vision.

Pisces: A born psychologist. You can’t help but dig beneath the surface of the human psyche and its vulnerabilities. You are passionate about your willingness to give and to sacrifice yourself for what you believe in. You understand and accept others. Very psychic, with great natural healing ability.