essence of time

It’s the centre of a star that bursts from Leo
and they are pure magic, a splendid cosmic artwork mixed with dripping sun maple and  the manifestation of divine creative power.
the Leo can stare at themselves and see the universe in their reflection, a flickering light of God burning behind their eyes,
constellations made of broken capillaries, sweetness and softness.
And there is the roar of the Leo lion, a heart that beats a tattoo
in their chest because it is overflowing with love, passion, and desire. The Leo has painted every sparkling essence of time and space with their
enchanted paintbrush, that mind is a visual display of milky way fireworks, heaven is a place on earth with Leo.
But the Leo can also look in the mirror and see a black hole. It isn’t always so vein and conceited. every flaw echoes so loudly. The Leo just wants to be loved,
simply for who they are. Not their fortune, or photographs, or profound generosity. Only the bravest hearts are born under the sign of Leo. It’s sensitive and spirited,
ravishing and regal


artist: Qinni | Qing Han

Time is of the essence | @lionofglass

It was a dark time for the normally prosperous Kingdom of Spade. They had been hit with the worst drought they had faced in many years. The rolling hills of grass turned to dust, the once bountiful farms could only watch as their crops withered away. With no water the animals persisted from dehydration and disease. The people were weak, and all they could do is pray to the gods, and pray to the King and Queen of Spade. Unfortunately, the one who could fix the land with magic was too young to wield it. For the time being, the land would have to heal on its own.

Meanwhile another Kingdom had other plans of a devious nature…

The Kingdom of Clubs had sent one of their best agents into the weakened Kingdom of Spade on the eve of the young King Alfred’s birthday. Though it should have been a great celebration, the castle was muted considering. Most of the staff had to leave. The military was sparse and underfed. At the table where the young boy sat was a cake no bigger than a hand. It had been made by the Queen with what remained of the flour in the pantry. The little boy looked between the Queen Arthur and the Jack Yao, and smiled gratefully. He then took his fork and divided the cake three ways for each of them to share. When they tried to reject the offer Alfred only smiled.

“This is my cake, I will share it with whomever I want to.”

That little party was the last anyone had seen of the young King. He had been whisked away in the night.

…the basic law, the inherent tendency of each individual, is toward that total transformation of himself from the limited entity that he believes himself to be, to that which he really is in essence, i.e. a transcosmic, extra-terrestrial and - ultimately - ultra-dimensional /absence/.
—  Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time

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Value your time more by aligning yourself with those who respect and value your worth. Those who appreciate being around you and enjoy your presence, genuinely.

It takes a lot of courage to know your worth, but that’s a seed of a flower that’s waiting to bloom. Water the seed often to flourish and find yourself.

—  Nima Ibrahim ‘Worth’
The Circle Game
  • The Circle Game
  • Joni Mitchell and James Taylor
  • BBC Live Concert

The best version of this song I have ever heard. 

Top 5 favorite TV series openings


Some time ago I made a sort of list like this on anime openings, and now here’s the second part.

Openings are extremely important for whichever format of series. They make people watch a series if need be (speaking for myself), and normally are the essence of the show. Other times, they’re better than the shows.

This top is NOT about the show itself, just the openings. 
If you want to, please do your own top and either list the openings and/or the reason why you like it so much.

So, without particular order:

- Banshee (2013-2016)

I’ll start with this one because  it has a little story that made me make this post to begin with.

Banshee is an ultra ULTRA violent series. I mean, fucking seriously. But I have been recommended so many times, I lost count. So I decided to ‘well, I’m alone at home, children are very fucking away, let’s try this’ and I gather a lot of clothes to fold properly, do house chores while watching. Multitasking.
There I was distractely folding socks and starting on season 4 (not my fucking fault season 1 wasn’t available, and I’m used to pick things up midway) and that opening song starts playing

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more of less this reaction (only with socks). That opening sequence (and the fact that EVERY opening is different), that opening song, are pretty damn badass.

This is how you make an appealing and intriguing intro in my opinion.

- The Borgias (2011-2013)

Wonderful music , immediately setting the omnious and dark mood of the era and of this family. Awesome aesthetical choice too, obviously.
And anything that hints (or in this case shows) sibling rivalry (specially Cesare and Juan) will be of my liking.

- Black Sails (2014-)

I have never seen more than a couple episodes of this series, but this opening is fucking brilliant and wonderfully beautiful. 

- Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

Likewise, I’ve only seen a couple of episodes and scattered scenes (Dorian Gray. Dorian Gray will always need to be seen. And let’s not take away Eva Green’s unspeakable talent) but the aesthetics of the intro are appropriately accurate and set the terryfing mood.

- Prison Break (2005-2009)

The music. The omni present tattoo. Pretty damn great then, pretty damn great now. I chose the first opening because that’s the one that really had the impact.

yeah I left some ‘common’ obvious chioces out

So now, tags, if you want to (and you can include dramas as well, I focused on western stuff because that’s what I watch the most) @lynxyz @the50-person @nuuttipukki @aph-belarusia @darkcyradis @lostcauses-noregrets @hedera-helixwriteseruri @maavalas @notweirdbutunique @arcadianwishdom @cladnplaid @animaniacal @crism79

gonna have to think of some new time related ability. something triggered when an egg is near something time-related (clocks, watches, etc) when it forms/sucks up elemental affinity, taking the essence of time into its core too. dragons that come out of that would have… some powers relating to time. maybe controlling it, maybe have the ability to see the flow of time or see timelines… etc etc. 

this ability would probably be the core of that new clan, too. leader of it probably has this ability? they cant grow their numbers forcibly, though- putting a clock or something near an egg on purpose would probably cause the ability to not form. it only forms on ‘accident’, so to speak.

A small presentation of the characters of our universe, ho-ho! There are only 5 Sans and Gaster yes, hello lost Gasty. Did you get into the Void lol with original Undertale. They embody the essence of Light, Darkness, Life, Time and Hatred (we used to call them Gods too).

Their world is “Void” which is located on top of the anti-void. Light (Paragon Sans) confronts the Void (Void Sans), while Life (Amara Sans) balances of maintaining harmony (between Paragon and Void Sans). Time (Apareka Sans) directs Amara. Hatred (Leylani Sans) is the essence of which was the result of the confrontation of Void and Paragon

Paragon and Void have an impact on all the alternative universes. Each of them makes a good or bad influence on all the worlds. Facing each other in a world Void and Paragon begin to fight. In case of victory of Void Sans in alternate universes case of genocide, a bad accident, destruction and misery. In case of victory of Paragon Sans is a pacifist, neutral, good and positive consequences.

Apareka Sans created Paragon and Void. Subsequently Apareka created Amara, who acts as a judge. To some extent they can be called his… children? Muhahah! :D

Leylani Sans does not feel part of that “family”. Leylani can be called a error in this world. But Apareka still loves him like a son. Aaaw, Apareka so naive “mommy”! :3

We have to write about each character separately. Holy Asgor! My English is bad. Like a BAD TIME. It will not be easy. © Dantekris2013 ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

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What needs to be changed or acknowledged in the conception of Imperialism (to progress from the dogmatic usage)?

Well as for the biggest stuff 1st the development of neocolonialism and 2nd the results of the fall of the soviet union but theres tons more tbh, the most important thing 2 realize is that its a real developing system of global relations we must strategize against and not an abstract immortal principle. Its not like i think lenin was totally wrong, he was mostly right in essence and for his time but now we have our own more developed mess 2 deal with

nonny prompt: a Coliver Grammys AU 

“So, I’d like to welcome all of you back to our live coverage of the Grammy’s red carpet,” the reporter says with a smile into the camera to the television audience watching at home. “I’d also like to welcome, singer-songwriter Oliver Hampton to our little slice of the carpet. Welcome, Oliver.”

“Thank you.” Oliver smiles into the camera and hopes its the camera he’s been told to look at. He ran a little late with his last interview and he didn’t fully catch everything the producer whispered at him during setup. “Happy to be here.”

“So, Oliver, your story and your album are really one of the – forgive me – but Cinderella stories of the night. A total of six nominations. Among those, Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist. And all for your debut album. I mean, you’ve had quite a year.”

From his spot near the monitors to watch the live feed, Connor watches Oliver smile as the reporter shoves the mic in his face. He listens as Oliver gives a variation of the same story he’s given everyone else for months now. How he wrote the album right after he’d been diagnosed with HIV, how his lover leaving him had fueled his creativity, how the album–

“…is more than just an album to me,” Oliver explains. “It’s more than a set of eleven songs; it’s part of my soul. It’s me telling my story in my way and I’m just so honored and blown away that people have reacted to it in such a personal and powerful way.” 

“So, all of this, the nominations and red carpet and everything else, this is just the icing on top?” the reporter asks. 

Oliver laughs. “This…this is heaven. I never let myself dream this big so this all just feels a little surreal right now.”

The on-screen duo continue their interview; the reporter asking the requisite “who are you wearing” and other silly red carpet questions. Oliver answers everything confidently and Connor nods in approval.

During the initial album promotion, Oliver was a little nervous and unsure of himself and, in interviews, he’d often come off as either shy and reserved or stilted and aloof. Personally, Connor had found it endearing but it had made his job as Oliver’s publicist a little challenging. But now, after months of media training, Oliver has clearly come into his own, able to smile and joke with the best of them, and it makes Connor love him. I mean, love him as a client. Just as a client. Not as…as anything else. 

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