essence of poetry

In the antigarden represented by the desert, the question accompanying the poet like her shadow under the sun is: Who am I to be so alone? Who am I if I am not with another? The demand for another is always mute but piercing. All these texts ask for another and all the poets ask for another language, even for a foreign language perhaps, because the essence of poetry is to find strangeness in language.
—  Hélène Cixous, Readings: The Poetics of Blanchot, Joyce, Kafka, Kleist, Lispector, and Tsvetayeva

Essence, spirit, crystal ball;
True self, divine me, soul.
Search it, find it, cradle it;
Be it, Live it, love it!

A sphere of transparency;
It can’t be seen,
It can’t be heard,
It can be felt.

It all means the same:
Find the version of yourself,
That makes you happy
and content!

—  Alias

Value your time more by aligning yourself with those who respect and value your worth. Those who appreciate being around you and enjoy your presence, genuinely.

It takes a lot of courage to know your worth, but that’s a seed of a flower that’s waiting to bloom. Water the seed often to flourish and find yourself.

—  Nima Ibrahim ‘Worth’

Did I fall for
A kiss on my hand
And yours around my waist
I knew you were playing me and
I still fell
For a smile
And the way
Your eyes looked at me
I knew you were playing me and
I still fell
For the sound of your voice
And your goofy
Right now that’s what I need
I knew you were playing me and
I still fell
For the lie of you and me
Asked me if I could see
Us in a relationship…Boy
Why do you play with me
I knew you were playing me and
I still fell
For these obvious fake lines
I don’t know why I did it
In the car ride back
I told myself
It’ll all work out just fine
I knew you were playing me and
I still fell
Tho after I sucked your dick
Reality never came so fast
It hit me real quick
I’d probably never hear from you
From that day on
I fucked up and fucked again
Now another piece of me
Is gone

(Mood and it needs work but fuck it Needed to vent )

it’s not even about how she looks, it’s about who she is. you may meet other beautiful women, but there’s something unforgettable about her. it could be her aura, her essence, or her vibe, or it could just be the fact that in a world so superficial, she chooses to be herself. that’s the most beautiful thing about her. she’s unaffected by negativity & the false opinions people may have about her. she just lives.
—  iambrillyant

I am up this early morning
You were not the first thing on my mind
But the second
Slowly you’re drifting away
Hour by hour
Minute by minute
Second by second
I’ve never thought I could accomplish this
But here I am doing so.
The future is bright
I am optimistic
That a love will find me.
As much as I need them

-Mardochere Morisset

—  Essence of Love #41 Written By Mardochere Morisset

I want you to smile with your eyes and not your mouth. From your soul and not just your lips. I need you to listen to your mind and reach for your dreams. I would like you to think with your feet and run to all the places they have always wanted to go. I want you to live like a star, laugh with the melody of birds at dawn, and love like it was your first time.

And remember, that if you’re here, it’s worth living.

—  Nav K

Aayey kuch abr kuch sharab aayey,
Uske baad aayey jo azaab aayey

let it ascend as
part nimbus, part wine
even if the aftermath is gallows
i shall succumb to it as my shrine

Bam-e-meena sey mahtab utrey,
dast-e-saqi sey aftaab aayey

from the canopy of that carafe
let the silver crescent dive
from the sommelier’s embrace
will my aubade survive

Har rag-e-koon mein phir chiraghan hoen,
Samne phir woh benaqab aayey

once again, every vein
is struck phosphorescent
when the beloved undresses
her veil’s diaphanous lament

Kar raha tha gham-e-jahan ka hisab,
Aaj tum yaad behisab aayey

i was ciphering the bulletins
of these earth-born catastrophes
& today in my memory you were
infinite beyond my own ease

Faiz ki rah sar-ba-sar manzil,
Hum jahan phunchey kamyaab ayey

O Faiz! - every moment is my destination
wherever i reached another destiny was
a home of mine

let it ascend as
part nimbus, part wine

My attempt at loosely translating the behemoth lyricism of Faiz Ahmad Faiz in my mother’s favourite ghazal/poem of his. The lines in itallics are the original urdu verses. 

Dedicated to mi madre - a woman whose very essence is poetry. 

To dip my brush in you

I’d capture your face in singularity
If you were to remain only one to me
Yet I witness your morphing
Like Kandinsky’s colors flying
An abstract beauty
Across a turbulent sky

Even your smile is one of a thousand sighs
Covering your copious restless stirrings
Over devilish portents of vermilion heat
A dab of vast cerulean ocean
Simmering just beneath your textured skin

The brushwork is quick along this canvas of edges
Thunderous splashes for all vibrant spaces
Till my brushes near to the heart of your matter
Now only one color
At the core of your wonder
For your essence is gold