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What kind of stuff in a person's chart indicates talent in singer or just music in general?

I did quite a bit of research on this… One of my favorite topics, astrology and music. Both are gifts to our world. Both are languages to help us understand energy and what energy feels like.

The entire chart plays a significant role in someone’s ability in singing and music so I will try my best to illustrate everything as I hate leaving information out.

The information I’ve collected is from other astrologer’s opinions and charts of different types of musicians I’ve looked into.

I’ll start with the houses that have importance to this ability, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th house.

The 1st house, I believe for the most part, dictates the style in which a musician goes for. So why would the 1st house play a role in the style of music a person goes for? Well, the ascendant is pretty much our doorway between the inner and the outer; how we present the inner to the outer. Our style would come from the 1st house directly.
Take a look at someone like Björk (Icelandic singer) and her chart. She’s got her 1st house starting in Scorpio. If you listen to her music, the style is very Scorpio inspired; it’s strange, penetrating, and unconventional. She has no problem expressing the energy a Scorpio represents in her music.
Now lets take another singer with a different ascendant, perhaps someone like Freddie Mercury from Queen or Robert Smith from The Cure; their ascendant is in Leo. Their sound is in no doubt very different from each other, but they seem to fit in that category of the dramatic Leo. Almost all of Robert Smith’s songs express the loving lion a Leo represents, its essence is of what Leo/5th house expresses. Then if you look at Freddie Mercury’s music, it is dramatic and theatrical like the Leo.
So looking at all the different ascendants, a person’s musical style (disregarding the rest of their chart) may be whatever energy that sign represents. An Aries maybe angry and raw and a Pisces may be hippie and psychedelically inspired. Maybe… This is my opinion on it, subject to change though.
I wouldn’t mind hearing other people’s opinion on the ascendant and how it demonstrates a person’s style in music. To get your minds thinking, here’s a random range of artists and their ascendant…
Rihanna - Aries
John Lennon - Aries
Mariah Carey - Taurus
Lana Del Rey - Taurus
Lady Gaga - Gemini
Billy Idol - Gemini
Tchaikovsky - Cancer
Annie Lennox - Virgo
Kurt Kobain - Virgo
Beyonce - Libra
Jared Leto - Libra
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Scorpio
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio
Prince - Scorpio
Elvis - Sagittarius
Kesha - Sagittarius
Barry White - Capricorn
Tom Jones - Capricorn
Ariana Grande - Capricorn
Taylor Swift - Capricorn
Adele - Aquarius
Nicki Minaj - Aquarius
David Bowie - Aquarius
Michael Jackson - Pisces

One last note before I move onto the 2nd house; I also noticed that almost all of my favourite singers had their ascendant in Leo which is funny because my ascendant is in Leo… We pick music that best suit our style. What are your favourite artist’s ascendants and can you relate to them?

The 2nd house rules the throat. The condition of the throat itself will impact the sound of someone’s voice. Having many beneficial planets in the 2nd house would be good for a singer, some singers even have stelliums in the 2nd house. I know some other people made some really good posts about the 2nd house and its affect on voice so I won’t go too deep into the 2nd house and what planets do what to your voice. To sum up the affects of planets in the 2nd house, it’s pretty much what you would assume; Mars in the 2nd house would give a powerful or even masculine voice whereas Venus in the 2nd house would give a soft and feminine voice. So think of the planet and what it represents to know what it does to a person’s voice.
I do however want to however talk about whatever sign is cusping the 2nd house and its impact on a person’s voice.
Lets talk about the elements itself; what might a fire voice sound like? a water voice? an earth voice? an air voice? I’ve been trying to put my finger on this exactly, semi-stumped still; don’t really know how to put it to words.
I do know for sure the air voice. These are people who have an unafflicted 2nd house in an air sign. Their voices have the potential of singing at operatic levels. Their voices are light, high note reaching, and quite literally I would describe them as airy. Just a few examples of people with an air sign as their second house; Joan Sutherland - Gemini (opera singer), Annie Lennox - Libra, Ariana Grande - Aquarius, and Mariah Carey - Gemini.
For the fire voice, this was difficult to put to words. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on the words and sounds they make. Some of them even sound like they are straining their voice or really pushing the sounds that they make. Their voices can be strange, raw, or even penetrating. Some examples of fire voices; Robert Smith from the Cure - Leo (he also has Pluto in the 2nd house) and again Bjork - Sagittarius (she has quite a few planets in the 2nd house including Mars, Venus, and Mercury). For an actual example to listen to as I am bad at explaining things, here’s Robert and here’s Bjork. Adele also has her second house in a fire sign, Aries. She is influenced quite a bit by other parts in her chart, but she definitely has the crackly fire in her voice.
For the earth voice, I think is grounding yet dynamic because each of the earth signs are very different from each other in my opinion. Freddie Mercury for example has his second house in Virgo which is the essence of dynamic earth (ignoring the fact that he has many planets that are in the second house in Libra). It’s almost as if Virgo is also influenced by air because it is so mutable and changeable. The earth voice is usually light and pure. It’s smooth and vibrato. I believe Taurus is the richest earth voice of them all as it is grounded and ruled by Venus. So the examples for the earth voice I would say are Freddie Mercury - Virgo, Elvis - Capricorn, and Louis Armstrong - Taurus.
Finally for the water voice, to put it simply their voice usually has a LOT of soul. Some examples, Lady Gaga - Cancer, Barry White - Pisces, Tom Jones - Pisces, Beyonce - Scorpio.

Moving onto the 3rd house briefly. Now the 3rd house doesn’t have much to do with how your voice will sound, it is more of the mental side of communication. So things like lyrics and composing music would come from this house. Also because the 3rd house rules the hands, it may also dictate your ability in playing music.

And onto the 4th house. The 4th house is similar to the 1st house in such a way that is dictates style again. It Is actually sort of a mixture of the 1st house (who we are) and the 3rd house (how we communicate that), but the 4th house also reveals our emotions, the songs that come from within. The 4th house will show the root and meaning of songs; the feeling. Naturally water signs/planets can easily express emotions versus the air signs who may have some difficulty, but fun fact; the best poets/musicians usually have both air and water very prominent in their chart.

And the 5th house plays just as important part as the 4th house does. It’s creative potential. So if you can express your emotions through the 4th house, you need to creatively use them in the 5th house. Some of the best musicians have the 5th house prominent in their chart.

Pulling away from houses now… I want make a quick note about the blessing of how having a good balance of all the elements in a chart really can help a musician. Fire = passion/drive, Earth = rhythm, Air = intellect/skill, and Water = emotion. Obviously not all musicians have it all, but it really helps to have a good balance of them all.

Good placements for singers/musicians

-Venus in the 2nd or 5th house
-Venus in its ruler or exalted sign
-Venus in conjunction with the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus having harmonious aspects to the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus, Moon, and/or Neptune is prominent in the chart
-Moon is not afflicted
-Moon in Libra or Taurus
-Stelliums in Libra, Taurus, 2nd House, or 5th House
-Good aspects between Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune.
-Good as aspects/placements in the 3rd house (will help indicate if there’s ability to play instruments)
-Quintiles and biquintiles can show hidden talent. See if there are any between Venus, Mercury, Moon, or Neptune.

Not so good placements

-Any afflictions to Venus or planets that sit in Taurus/Libra/2nd/5th can cancel out singing ability.
-Any afflictions to the Mercury or planets that sit in the 3rd house or Gemini can make learning musical instruments difficult.

When your heart and the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Sun are connected together with love, a special vibration enters into your spirit, and at that moment, the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. Your Divine Mother and your Divine Father and You, their Divine Child are One in love.

~ Drunvalo Melchizedek

Echo of a heartbeat

I had another idea for the Echo-prompt, I still have to write a Malec AU for, and as I’m not sure I’m going to use this idea, I still wanted to share it. :) This is a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario, I guess, I’m not very familiar with this kind of genre.

The background:

Earth Deities have forbidden angels to settle on the planet since forever, but then angels struck a deal, so they would be allowed to send ‘Echoes’ of their own heavenly essence to earth, which would manifest into a sort of watered down version of an angel. Humans.

As time went on, humans screwed up nature more and more until nature and the animal deities had had enough and wiped them out. But the echoes, that had been every humans core, so to speak, are immortal, so they would just wait for the next human life to be born and be reborn in that body. (concept is not fully finished here)

But with no more humans being born, these echoes are lost on earth, scattered across the planet. 

Angels of course, want those back, because they hold parts of angelic power. But whenever an angel touches foot to the earth, now fueled with the nature’s anger about what the angels’ creation brought them, their wings will be bound to the skin of their back, and they aren’t able to return to heaven/their own world. 

Now, angels had decided, that those among them, who sinned and would be fallen angels usually, would be granted  a second chance to go to earth and collect a certain amount of echoes (depending on the crime they committed) before they were allowed to go back. 

Magnus and Alec?

Alec is an angel, that ‘kissed the wrong guy, flipped off the wrong people’, as he says, though keeps a close secret about what actually happened that got him sent to earth and how many echoes he has to collect. 
Most of the earth’s current population also wants him dead, when they see him because angels are not that welcome.

Magnus is a former human, who when the deities rose, made a deal with one of the animal deities to an immortal life in this deities service in exchange for the echo, that had been his heartbeat until then. He lost his human eyes and has to abide the word of that shape-shifting deity (their favorite shapes are different sea creatures and Magnus lives close to a deep lake with connection to a river).
By trading his human heartbeat, Magnus became ‘invisible’ to the rage of nature, when it hit his part of the world. 

(And as your eyes are windows to your soul, they change, when you’re soul isn’t human anymore.)

First Meeting: 
Alec falls into the lake and almost gets eaten by a shark, but manages to get out of the water and gets pulled out the last bit by Magnus, which leaves Alec sort of in Magnus’ debt (?) for saving his life. 

I also have that idea, that for some reason, they end up going on a road trip together, with the deity Magnus is bound to, following them around as either see snake, goldfish or something else, depending on the amount of water nearby. 

The longer Alec stays on earth, the more painful the cage for his wings becomes, because it’s also a reflex for him to spread them in dangerous situations and such, but by being held back, they get cut each time his strains against the ‘cage’.


Other people, who have survived the way Magnus did. Or some deities being less aggressive than others and granted safety to those, who have honored nature before. 

Make out sessions under the waterfall. (Because they are going to be amazing waterfalls *-* and with Magnus’ guardian, they have to stay close to water.)

Meeting other angels on their journey, with different stories. Maybe some have even decided against ever going back and have cut off their wings. 

Yeah, now I’m trying to figure out if you could get a proper story out of this or if I have finally lost it. xD


D6 Different Settings For Your Time Travelling Adventures!

Time travel can be annoying, with all the paradoxes and time fracturing and splitting into multiple timelines…

You know, the usual…

But sometimes, you can time travel and end up in the right place, at the right time…

So here are 6 different settings for your Time Travelling Adventures!

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SPECIAL SAIKOU!: Japanese Superhero Showcase- Casshern

“By abandoning his mortal life, he gained an immortal body. To fight the evil iron demons and crush them into the earth. If Casshern won’t do it….who will?”

The year is 1973:

The global oil crisis begins, Watergate has rocked and shattered the USA’s faith in democracy, Cutie Honey hits television, Mazinger Z battled Devilman, Godzilla fought Megalon, Bruce Lee dies after filming of Enter the Dragon, The Exorcist scared the daylights out people and a little director named George Lucas made the big time with the box office hit American Graffiti.

But at Tatsunoko studios, the production team was hot off the success of Gatchaman and needed another show to keep things fresh. The team chose a serialized manga done by Kodansha and Boken-oh and got to work on a televised version of it.  The concept was a boy fighting a robot apocalypse by being converted into a super android and battling alongside his companions.


The Original

In the 1973 series, Casshern was once a young boy named Tetsuya Azuma. He had a happy life with his parents, his dog Lucky and his girlfriend Luna. His father was a scientist who was working on a new kind of android that would help mankind. However, in a Skynet/Frankenstein turn of events, a bolt of lightning gives one of the androids designated BK-1 sentience. The android then proceeded to break out of the castle the Azumas lived in and plot to end humanity. Some time later, BK-1 has literally assembled a robot army and christened himself as Buraiking Boss, a Hitler-esque tyrant android who believes that to save Earth’s environment, he must kill all the inferior humans.

The Robots invade and some already built rebel against their masters and  decimate Earth’s defenses.  Tetsuya’s dog Lucky is killed trying to protect his friends and Dr. Kotaro Azuma rushes to create an invention that will stop the Android forces.

His solution is an indestructible android body that allows a human consciousness to inhabit it.  Tetsuya volunteers, becoming the feared hunter of machines Casshern! His dog Lucky gets his mind transferred to a shape changing robot dog named Friender, who joins his fight to take down Buraiking Boss and save humanity from extinction!


Same story, with a few tweaks like having an array of commanders who served the now dubbed “Black King” (translation error of early anime releases at work) and a bit more of a darker adult tone. The anime also tweaked the looks of characters a bit and polished the animation to appeal to a more modern audience. The most notable change is that Casshern (or Casshan as this iteration is called) now has a retractable visor in addition to his faceplate and armor plating on his chest.

2004 tokusatsu film

A radical departure from the original concept, the 2004 film is essentially Casshern in name only in certain areas. Set in a dystopic future, a war between two nations has resulted in an environmental disaster. Dr. Azuma comes up with an invention called “Neo-Cells” which accidentally results in a group of superhumaniods called “Neo-Sapiens” to be born. Tetsuya, a deceased war hero and Dr. Azuma’s son becomes a Neo Sapien after an experiment resurrects him. After witnessing a rebellion by the other Neo Sapiens led by a man named Burai with an army of robots, Tetsuya becomes the heroic Casshern, a warrior named after a prophesied deity.


He who killed the Sun named Moon and brought forth the Ruin…

Tatsunoko dusted off Casshern for a reboot in 2008, as a sort-of continuation of the company’s 45th anniversary in 2007.

Like the 2004 film version, this iteration deviates from the primary story. In this one, Casshern is an enforcer of Buraiking Boss. Something goes horribly wrong after he is ordered to kill a savior who represents humanity’s last hope, as her life essence is connected to the Earth and her death slowly kills the planet in a phenomenon known simply as The Ruin. Hundreds of years later, this creates a world where robots corrode rapidly and die and all remaining organic life is dying slowly due to the change in environment. Humanity is going extinct as the toxins in the air and land have robbed them of the ability to reproduce.

The Earth reeks of Death.

Yet, somehow, Casshern is still around and has no memory of what he has done or why things are in such a state.

This iteration is written by tokusatsu writer Yasuko Kobayashi and is the darkest incarnation of the Cassherns. (Not to mention soul crushingly depressing as one of its main story themes is the inevitability of death, how we deal with it and must accept our mortality.)

Infini-T Force

Civilian mode

Behold, the newest incarnation of the Neo-Human!

He appears to be relatively younger than previous iterations, but has a more armored look and his Pulsar Propellers are more modern looking. Like his 90′s incarnation, it is romanized as Casshan again.

Like all the other heroes in this story, Casshan was brought to the “real world” by a frightened girl named Kyoko, who made a wish on her mysterious “Probability Pen” during a convenience store robbery for a hero to save her. (So, Last Action Hero meets Big Bad Beetleborgs in a sense)

He will be one of the members of this four hero super team in 2017!


Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability (regeneration and immortality instead in Sins), powerful Energy Blast called the Destruction Beam which is fired from his helmet. Waist-mounted pulsar propellers can enhance jumps or be used as an offensive weapon.

His robot dog Friender can breathe fire, has super speed and strength and like Polymar can change into vehicles such as a motorcycle, a jet, a tank and a submarine that Casshern can use for transport.


In the first two iterations, Casshern is a Solar Powered hero and his energy can deplete during long battles. This is made worse when the Sun isn’t out, as a symptom of his failing power is that his eyesight blurs and his body weakens to the point he can collapse and go unconscious. Only the Sun can replenish his energy.

In Sins, Casshern has a self-preservation quirk that can overcome him to the point he attacks friend or foe in a berserk state, usually when provoked, in a state of rage or during long battles. He has a healing factor, but every stab, impaling or blow that causes serious damage causes him an agonizing amount of pain during the healing. He also cannot die, which can create psychological trauma for him or hostile situations among other survivors in certain cases.

Fun fact:

Casshern has a bit of a fan following, seemingly among its fans is Keiji Inafune, video game creator of a certain SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT~. This can be seen with his creation Rush the Dog and there is even a character named Friender in Mega Man II!

Up Next…It’s time to play with Toys and do a victory pose!

PSA for the Nans

You can comment and reblog my posts anytime you like. I am not going to reply anymore. I am not going to answer ppl telling me that Weirdo is like “La Vergine Maria” who represents the miracle of the feminine essence on this earth. I have no longer the intention of discussing the subject of her accomplished career with her worshippers.

I am going to giggle and say whatever I want without giving the least explanation about what I am gonna write. 


In the end, I wanted to wake up sea foam.
I didn’t want these legs anymore that carry me
uselessly from house to house, searching for lost love.
I wore dresses that covered up the pale lengths,
in sea greens and azure blues, wove seashells into hair
and sang on a rock. None of it did any good.

Once, I would have died for you. I changed, I did,
and all just for one kiss, one touch, should it have burned
so much? I miss cool scales, the constant wet embrace,
the skittering tips of tsunami. While you
were out catching fish, with your tangled nets,
I was watching you, wishing for a different body, one to
entangle you.

It never did me any good. So I will wait for the ocean’s promise:
that once again I will end up on this beach, disintegrate,
spatter away into the essences of salt, sand, earth.
A waste of skin and scale, but at least once again
I will be part of the dance, the maternal water
carrying me home.
—  Jeannine Hall Gailey, “The Little Mermaid Has No Regrets,” from She Returns to the Floating World

You are the daughter of the sea, oregano’s first cousin.
Swimmer, your body is pure as the water;
cook, your blood is quick as the soil.
Everything you do is full of flowers, rich with the earth.
Your eyes go out toward the water, and the waves rise;
your hands go out to the earth and the seeds swell;
you know the deep essence of water and the earth,
conjoined in you like a formula for clay.

Naiad: cut your body into turquoise pieces,
they will bloom resurrected in the kitchen.
This is how you become everything that lives.

And so at last, you sleep, in the circle of my arms
that push back the shadows so that you can rest–
vegetables, seaweed, herbs: the foam of your dreams.


–Pablo Neruda
love sonnet, XXXIV

Hate-Monger was the identity Adolf Hitler adopted after faking his own death, and then he was a clone of Hitler, and then his essence left Earth and then came back into the body of blah blah mumble mumble comics logic anyway here’s one version of him getting punched by Black Panther.



To an Earthkeeper, love is not a feeling or something you barter with.
Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura: You become love, practice fearlessness, and attain enlightenment.

 ~ Alberto Villoldo

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ { @chlxrokiinetic​ || had a close encounter ( )

     a breeze pricked at the tips of his ears as the male leaned away from the ground he had been resting on. it was a small meadow; littered with little yellow yarrow and patches of uneven grass. to say he was fond of the natural flora may very well have been an understatement. every once in awhile, despite having a home, he chose to rest in fields filled with the essence of the earth. he had laid just in between each and every cluster of blooms, without so much as disturbing a single one in his sleep. his eyes flickered at the sight of the woman hovering just above him, a curious expression filling his features. he proceeded to stare blankly at her for an excessive amount of time before making any sort of effort to communicate .

     ❝ … YES? - is there something i can help you with ?