essence of earth


I’ll wear my serpent printed dress,

The one that caresses each curve

And recalls the chthonic

Creative essence of the earth.

Can I persuade you that love

Is good? I will draw myself

In lines you expect to embrace,

Wind between truth and myth

Until you take my hand.

I will play goddess and succubus,

Angel and animal, shed my skin

And emerge reborn until l outlive

Every construct you believe,

Until you only see a woman,

Only me.

- Grace Babcock © 2017

Hate-Monger was the identity Adolf Hitler adopted after faking his own death, and then he was a clone of Hitler, and then his essence left Earth and then came back into the body of blah blah mumble mumble comics logic anyway here’s one version of him getting punched by Black Panther.


Four Basic Elements.

In classical thought, the four elements Water, Air, Earth, and Fire frequently occur; sometimes including a fifth element or quintessence (after “quint” meaning “fifth”) called Aether in ancient Greece and India. The concept of the five elements formed a basis of analysis in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, particularly in an esoteric context, the four states-of-matter describe matter, and a fifth element describes that which was beyond the material world. Similar lists existed in ancient China and Japan. In Buddhism the four great elements, to which two others are sometimes added, are not viewed as substances, but as categories of sensory experience.