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is it true that if a person could travel at light speed, she would age differently from a regular person on earth? If so, how/what would make that happen?

In essence, yes. What you’re describing is an important element of special relativity. I’ll explain below.

We know that the speed of light is constant in any reference frame - no matter what speed you travel at, you will always observe the speed of light to be 3.00x108 m/s. Period. Since any observer will always see light traveling at this speed, it is impossible to travel at or faster than light.

So knowing this, what happens if I’m traveling at 90% the speed of light in one direction, and you are stationary? I’m going to observe light moving at  3.00x108 m/s, but so are you! Now, if I’m going at 90% the speed of light and time flows the same for me as it does for you, won’t I observe light traveling at 190% the speed you observe? Based on what we know already, this cannot happen, since that would lead to two different measurements of the speed of light, and impossibility.

In order for both of our measurements to be the same, time and space have to be different - time has to slow down for me, and my length has to shrink relative to yours, since velocity is a measure of distance over time. So you would observe me being shorter, and time flowing slower for me (so I would be moving in slow motion). However, from my perspective I am not moving, and you are moving at 90% the speed of light in the opposite direction. I observe time flowing slower for you, and I observe your length as shorter. Both observations are equally accurate, and there’s no way to prove which one is accurate - if we were to take videos of each other passing by, my video would show time flowing slower for you, and your video would show time flowing slower for me, and both are equally accurate. So yeah, that’s the basics of special relativity for you. Pretty wild, right?

Here are some resources that should help out as well, along with providing some more in-depth details that weren’t covered here; I would DEFINITELY recommend watching the two videos below. I also included graphs of time dilation, which shows how time is impacted by speed, and length contraction, which shows how length changes based on velocity.

Another post I made

TL;DR time and length have to be relative in order for the speed of light to be constant in all frames of reference. Thanks for asking, and I hope this was informative. If I went too in depth // any of it went over anyone’s head, feel free to ask me questions about it! I love answering them. Sorry this is so long, but it was the only way to explain this well.

Things that keep me up at night (basically AUs I keep projectile vomiting to @honeycombhenry): AU where Aphrodite, tired of being treated as a useless and vapid god whose only interest is meddling in mortals’ affairs (but really! the stories have been overly imaginative with his personal affairs), and in mourning (thus unable to do his duties anyways) over the unsolved murder of his husband, Hephaestus, some 500 years prior, Aphrodite decides to live out a lifetime as a mortal named Sidney Crosby to get away from Olympus, at least for a short while.

Sidney, who is still heartbroken, has a great time playing hockey (mostly) and feeling needed as the Captain of the Pens. He meets Evgeni Malkin, whose humor and mannerisms greatly remind him of his late husband, and starts to fall in love again. 

ANYWAYS bonus for: big ole showdown during a game when Ares, disguised as an opponent, reveals that not only was he the one who shanked Hephaestus in the hopes of winning Sidney’s affections (didn’t happen), Hephaestus’ essence was preserved and reborn as a dormant god in the form of the human Evgeni Malkin. Ares intends to fetch Sidney back to Olympus as his spouse and finish the job he’d accidentally botched 500 years ago.

ahhhhh I did it! thanks to questing, being diligent with WQs, and some insignias from my alts (god bless BoA items) Shroom’s already revered!

all that’s left in his path toward being a glowbear is:

>Mythics: VoW/Arc/CoS
>Valarjar - Revered (10k/12k so I should reach it hopefully by the time I get to this stage of the questline)
>Mythics: MoS/NL/HoV
>Nighthold (nightshards/Gul'dan)

not including the easy quests in between, these are all the major parts, and thankfully they upped the droprate of the raid bits so it goes much faster :D

“Do you even understand medicine?”  The words landed like a punch in the stomach.  It was 3:30 AM and I had taken my 4th admit while also managing a patient with SVT and one who was rapidly decompensating.  My senior was visibly stressed and I was the target that happened to be standing in front of her.

We had disagreed on the plan of care for one patient.  And then I had wanted to increase a patient’s pain meds, but apparently my proposal would have been too much.  It was clear that with all that was going on she needed the help of a fully functional resident, not just me, the lowly intern.

Welcome to night float.

They say that night float is where you “earn your stripes.”  In essence, few good things happen at night and the bad things happen quickly.  It is your job to answer pages, triaging what is important and what can wait until the day, and take admits from outside hospitals and the ER.  It is a time where you learn a lot about medicine and yourself as a physician.

I felt tired and worthless.  With each mistake I made my self-esteem spiraled and I became more distracted, making more mistakes.  I started to put orders in on the wrong patient.  I added admit orders that were already done.  I lost a note that I didn’t save.  The night was cascading into an internal chaos, where self-doubt and fatigue brought me to a point of being unable to make decisions.  But I pushed through, despite being reamed by my senior resident.  And somehow I survived.

I went home as the sun rose.  I felt defeated, on the verge of tears.  Was I cut out to be a doctor?  Did I make a bad choice in doing medicine?  Is everyone going to know me as the weak intern?  I slept that day and returned as the sun was setting, the questions still percolating internally.

But that night was better.  As was the night after.  My senior resident apologized.  Life went on and my reviews on the next rotations were extremely positive.  

Being a doctor is not anything like what I expected.  There are so many things they cannot teach you in medical school, the least of which is that you are fallible.  You are going to make mistakes and people are going to be upset about that.  To my knowledge I have never made a mistake that made it to the patient, but one day I know that will happen.  But if you let those small mistakes affect you it will quickly spiral out of control, which is what happened to me.  

Sir William Osler, possibly the most notable figure in American Medicine, spoke about the idea of living in “day-tight compartments.”  He advised to avoid reflecting too greatly on the past and to keep your mind from wandering to the future.  Always keep your focus on the task at hand.  His words echoed in my mind as I attempted to put that night out my thoughts.  We all have bad days, and we must move forward without allowing those days to weigh heavy on our thoughts. 

A fellow that I knew as a medical student ran into me the other day and asked how I was doing as an intern.  I explained that some days were tough and that I sometimes doubted if I was cut out for this.  “The long white coat is a lot heavier than it looks,” he responded.  In so many ways that is true.  But by living in my day-tight compartments I am not going to make it heavier than it needs to be. 


WORD had gotten around that the HIGHGARDEN was under an attack. Alina had been in the garden, drinking TEA and sewing, a PAST TIME she loved to do, now more than ever as she had a LITTLE GIRL, sweet little petite Leyla now at the AGE of three, a BABY girl in Alina’s eyes. Alina looked around to see people scattering, as she then saw her LITTLE GIRL come to her, jumping into her arms. “M-Mama, I lost SEPTA. What is going on?” Alina looked around, feeling a PIT in her stomach but stroked her daughter’s long, brunette ringlets. 

“N-Nothing, MY LOVE. Papa will be here soon, just sit here, my darling.” She reasurred her daughter who STAYED nestled in her arms. It wasn’t until Alina got up, HOLDING Leyla in her arms that she turned to see her WORST NIGHTMARE. Her brother, Lord Ramsay Bolton. She had DREADED this day, had nightmares of this day, WHERE her brother would TAKE HER BACK. Swallowing hard, she held Leyla close, as he SMIRKED at her. 

“My LOVELY sister. Long time it has been, hasn’t it?” His SMIRK was just as horrifying as she remembered as she heard her daughter whimper. “M-Mama. I’m SCARED.” Alina held her closer, glaring at her big brother who came a tiny bit closer. 

“Is THIS MY BEAUTIFUL NIECE? I’ve heard stories of how you’ve wed yourself to a Tyrell, how you’ve OPENED YOUR LEGS for him to produce this.” He gestured to the little girl who hid her father in her mother’s neck. Alina backed away, shaking her head, TEARS there. 

“It was a BAD IDEA for you to come here, big brother. Leave NOW. My husband will be here soon enough as well as his men.” Ramsay laughed, shaking his head. “Am I AFRAID of a TYRELL? NO. I’ve come to reclaim my PROPERTY. Don’t you worry though, little sister. I’ll take your DARLING daughter as well, perhaps keep her as a gift for my BITCHES. Wouldn’t that be lovely?” His eyes flashed of evil and Alina held her closer, a GLARE and a snarl on her lips. 

“You will NOT touch my child, brother. Do you understand me? NEVER shall you come near her.” She spat out, her blue eyes blazing. “You will have to KILL me first, your precious property to SELL OFF to a Northern Lord for alliances. I don’t THINK you’d want that.” 

I am posting this early to make people aware of the situation then I’ll do another one later on July 12th.

-In essence, the FCC (Federal Communications Centre) is seriously considering weakening the protection on Net Neutrality, or to put it in another person’s words, ‘putting it on another legal footing’. This will allow the Internet Providers (IP’s) more control over what you see. For your information, these companies are things like Comcast and Verizon.

-If this happens, they companies could boost speeds on things that make them profit, and detract speeds on websites that detract from that, for example, if Comcast has a show that’s doing bad, and Netflix show that is better and is detracting from the show, Comcast could slow Netflix to an unbearable rate.
-The companies could now make you pay or upgrade your plan to something more expensive just to get onto social media sites. This limits free speech and makes it so these relively free sites are now pay to play playgrounds.
     *(about this one….if this goes through and this DOES happen, I will lose my DA and Tumblr. I will not be able to pay to get on here, as will many others who can’t pay, not just on DA but also on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, you name it.)
-this would be DAMAGING for small businesses with websites. They could no longer have a free example of what they could do and may not be able to reach out to many, and this can damage the economy.

-go to this website sign up (the last two are optional) and voice your opinion
-go to and comment on the FCC’s page. Hit express on fight for free internet (or something like that) and leave a comment saying you support net neutrality.
-make art, Like this. Try your hand at political cartooning. Be creative, show what will happen if this passes, and tag it #netneutrality
-spread the word. Don’t give up hope. We did it once before, we can do it again! Voice your opinion on this, add to the conversation.


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Thank you for making that post about Herbal Essences! This is literally happening to my aunt right now so I'm going to let her know it could be the shampoo! Thank you so much!

You are so welcome! I was shocked to see so many reviews about it online, but I’d never heard about it until I searched the right terms. Goes to show how companies cover things up by boosting positive comments and reviews to cover the bad.

Can Synths Dream?

This is my all-time favorite question, brought up recently by @allmyvault mostly because it focuses on my two favorite things in the whole world. Robots and the consciousness.
While I love all robots equally, right now I really want to focus on Nick Valentine.

So, first things first, what is a dream? Well there’s a long science answer that a quick Google search will give you, but in essence what happens during a dream is your conscious mind rests so your subconscious mind can work on putting together all that yummy data it’s gathered throughout the day. It makes connections, commits things to long-term memory, and generally processes information into comprehension. This entire process happens during sleep, but especially while dreaming. The seemingly nonsensical events of a dream are a result of the subconscious connecting stimuli and information to previous events, making sense of them.

Most importantly though, to dream like this, you have to enter The deepest part of the REM cycle, the middle chunk of the 90 minute sleep cycle. At this point your body is paralyzed, so as not to act out the events of your dream.

So knowing this, let’s look at gen3 synths. They have human consciousnesses (whether copied or generated) and an organic anatomy. While the literal chemical makeup of their bodies might not be identical, I see no reason why gen3 synths wouldn’t dream just like homegrown humans would. They have a conscious mind that processes information and an organic body that can fall into a normal sleep cycle.

But what about Nick. He has a human consciousness. Memories, emotions, he learns and adapts. He’s not just preprogrammed to act a certain way for the rest of forever, but has an actual conscious mind that learns and processes new information just like a gen3 or human would. And inorganic body or not, I can’t imagine that having a conscious mind absorbing information nonstop without resting and processing would be either effective or realistic.
So consider this: lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is traditionally when someone who is already in an REM cycle and dreaming “wakes up” their conscious mind and realizes that they’re dreaming, so they’re able to take control of the dream and manipulate it.
I’m speaking from personal experience here, so take this next portion with a grain of salt, but I’ve taught myself to go to sleep without actually sleeping. That is, my body “falls asleep” (is essentially paralyzed) and my subconscious mind starts dreams, but I am aware of them the entire time and can make small adjustments and steer them into any direction I want. I can also wake myself up at any time, although the process can be a little slow. So, through lots of training, I’ve essentially learned to put myself in a trance state that is identical to sleeping (I wake up feeling rested, anyway), all the while keeping control of my conscious mind.
To accomplish this I had to practice not letting my body fall asleep effect my conscious mind falling asleep.
So let’s go back to Nick, who doesn’t have an organic body that can fall asleep, who only has a conscious and subconscious mind.
I’d imagine that not only would he not need to practice or train to enter a trance state in which dreams can occur, but that it would come easily to him.

Tl;dr= Nick’s body doesn’t need rest like an organic one does, but his conscious mind does. Because of this, it’s likely that he could easily “sleep” by slipping into a lucid dreaming like trance that would allow the conscious mind to process, rest, and make sense of previous experiences. So yes, I think Nick can dream.

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I am recommending two websites for anyone who needs help with characters and plotting. Writers Helping Writers for characters. The two authors who run the site have published three books for creating realistic characters The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression, The Positive Trait Thesaurus, The Negative Trait Thesaurus. Helping Writers become Authors helped me plot out my stories. The author has published three non-fiction and three fiction books.

Writers Helping Writers – In addition to the incredibly useful Trait books, the authors are working on a new venture that might be even more helpful: The Emotional Wound Thesaurus, right now a WIP on their website. In essence, Things Happen to your character, and predictable, logical emotional states and behaviors ensue. It might just be the dynamic insight you are looking for to not only round out your characters, but drive your plot in a realistic way, even if it’s fantasy or science fiction. I really hope this is available as a book (I have both Trait books and their Emotions book on my Kindle.) soon. “Character wounds” are discussed in the Trait books, but this is a much more specific and detailed look at IF THIS, THEN THAT examination of emotions and motivations. 

Helping Writers Become Authors – Spec Fic/Historical Fic author KM Weiland’s site, or one of them, anyway. She’s also written several highly-regarded books about outlining and structure that even the most outline-averse pantsers should read. 

HTH, and thanks d-r-jones for the mention. 


These are just a few of examples.  Its a v active blog and I’m sure there are more hateful examples but I got tired of looking. One thing I noticed was how over and over again ppl expressed their disappointment with BC for getting married as a PR stunt. Its almost as if the internalized misogyny that’s been noticed when the Sherlock fandom (the tag we have for BBC Sherlock is filled with internalized misogyny, racialized misogyny against Lucy Liu, and misogynoir towards Sally Donovan) hated on Mary Morstan is now applicable to the BC’s rl fiance Sophie Hunter. 

They accused Mary Morstan of being selfish and not loving John, Now they’re accusing Sophie Hunter of being “hoity-toity” and expecting her to be rude to fans.  

Last thing that may have missed your attention, in the first picture there’s this phrase, “Evil Hollywood Overlord Harvey Weinstein” that’s anti-Semitism at its essence because he happened to grow up in a Jewish family in Flushing, NY (direct quote from link).  Here’s the Harvey Weinstein tag it’s filled with speculation that he set up Hunter and BC but beyond that its filled with speculation that BC is scared of him, as well as how Weinstein hired her to be a fiancee. They even want to end HW’s career

It’s a mess of submissions and the many anons but overall there’s a villain (Harvey Weinstein) hiring SH to be a beard for BC and the followers and the runner of the blog are still hoping their boy BC is gay. Gross.

What Happens In Vegas

TITLE: What happens in Vegas


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE Imagine going to Las Vegas with Loki and the Avengers. While everyone begins to spread themselves out in the town, you and Loki stay close and head to a bar


RATING: Mature

NOTES/WARNINGS: Sexual references

Your eyes ached as you attempted to open them, your vision blurred as they finally did, the bright light of the sun glaring in the window and onto your face. You shy away from it using your hand to shield your face, rubbing your eyes to try and wake up a bit more. As you pull away your hand, you are convinced you are seeing things, as on it, you notice a small silver ring with intricate designs on your wedding finger. Your mind sifts through your memory bank; however it comes up empty as to how you ended up with it. All you can do is stare at the small piece of metal for several minutes before you seem to compute that you are not alone in the bed.

There is another person right behind you. Their strong and muscular flat chest against your back tells you they are male, his arm around your waist and his very much naked body pressed in close to your equally bare one. You feel his gentle breathes blow against your ear and you wonder how it had taken you so long to notice his presence. You look down and your eyes widen as you realise the man has a ring identical to the one you had spent the previous ten minutes studying on your hand, also on his wedding finger.

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You're on to something with the pink diamond theory! What if rose was using Pink diamond as a hostage to get the other diamonds to stop their colonization on earth and white diamond shattered her infront of rose?!

I was actually thinking something like this!! That having Pink Diamond’s gem was HUGE leverage for the CG’s and was one of the reasons why Rose didn’t just shatter her from the get-go. Maybe she thought she could use Pink Diamond as a bargaining chip for Earth?

I think that Rose might’ve known there was a risk of Pink Diamond shattering when using her against White Diamond but that was a risk she had to take, from there on, PD gets overloaded from the power being forced out of her and being thrown at her all at once, shatters, the blowback is MASSIVE, probably causes White Diamond’s form to poof, (I have a whole gigantic theory about the Upside down Pyramid that I’ve never written down but holy hell am I tempted now), Homeworld retreats, they shoot their gigantic bioweapon to corrupt the CG’s, then the rest is history!

Honestly it makes perfect sense that the gems would say Rose shattered Pink Diamond, she was, in essence, responsible for it happening, even if she never intended it.

I bet it never stopped haunting her.

Whenever I see discussions about Luke and Akzeriuth, they tend to revolve around who is to be held accountable for what transpired. It’s always about who’s responsible (i.e. Luke, Van, the party, or all of the above), and from there, a lot of arguments are raised, and things get heated up as a result, as this is generally a question of morals, wherein there’s no such thing as a right or wrong answer.

But I think that a better question to raise is “why” rather than “who”. Why did Luke act the way he did and why did the party act the way they did?

To answer the first question, Luke acted they way he did because at that point, Master Van was the most reasonable authority figure to him, and in his eyes, there was nothing he could do wrong. The party’s dismissive treatment of him (and keeping of secrets from him) in Deo Pass did not help matters, and only served to further drive him into Van’s clutches.

So they reach Akzeriuth and Luke makes it collapse by accident, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. At the moment, I can only provide my personal speculation on the matter, but I think Luke’s denial of his responsibility was a coping mechanism of sorts. I mean, he was just betrayed by the most important person in his life and basically killed off a whole city as a result. I won’t be surprised if he wanted to just withdraw from reality and curl up in a ball, forgetting it ever happened and maybe wish that everything that happened was just a bad dream.

And that’s what the party did not take well. After explaining the situation to Luke and what just happened, all they get for it is a whole lot of “it’s not my fault”. The “blame” was all in Luke’s head at that point and when he lashes out at them and accuses them of blaming him for what happened, that’s when they finally snap at him.

What I want to say that it’s not what Luke did that made the party say all those things. It was his attitude that they had a problem with—his denial of responsibility—and not the idea of him making Akzeriuth collapse. They were “all in this together” in a manner of speaking, and were in the middle of finding a way out of this sticky situation together (i.e. getting back to the Outer Lands and informing relevant parties about what Van is up to), when Luke just decides to wash his hands off his responsibility on the matter, when just a few moments ago back in Deo Pass, he wanted to be taken seriously and in a way, be treated like an adult. It’s one of the most childish things one could do about the situation, and as I said, the party doesn’t take it well and takes it upon themselves to criticize Luke for his attitude towards it.

On the subject of the party “abandoning” Luke in Yulia City, all I have to say that it was a consequence of what they had to do in the way of damage control, post-Akzeriuth. Let’s see, so Akzeriuth collapsed, there are no survivors, and no one really knows what caused the whole thing save Van and company, who are likely to tell the truth about the situation as likely as a rappig is about to sprout wings. The following people are supposedly dead: an important Malkuth military officer who is unofficially the Malkuth emperor’s righthand man, the world’s equivalent of the Pope, and the first-in-line to the throne of Kimlasca. And since Malkuth and Kimlasca aren’t exactly on the best of terms, it’s practically the fuel they need in order to start a war. Of course, the party needed to hurry back to the Outer Lands and tell people they were alive, not to mention tell what happened. They had no time to wait for Luke to get his act back together, as time was of essence. It just so happened that Asch ended up joining the party at around that time and started feeding all sorts of ideas to Luke. So while this could be seen as the party “abandoning” Luke, I think it’s more of an act of practicality rather than that.

But yes, it’s not an issue about what he did. Rather, what he should do afterwards. Which ties in to the game’s characteristic RPG genre name, “to know the meaning of one’s birth RPG”. It’s not about why you were born (or what you did in this case), but rather, what you do with the life given to you (or what you do afterwards). This is what Luke realizes later on, and turns into his resolve to change for the better. And I think that’s what makes him and the party such wonderful characters, as they grow past that incident and learn from it, among many, many other things.

Perhaps the most striking triumph of the novel is that although it is a very particular fever dream concocted by one very specific and overheated imagination, it manages somehow to take over and become your own fever dream (which is, in essence, what happens with all great novels), the exact contents of which are hard to recall once you wake up. [It] seems to vanish into its own delirious origins once you’ve finished it, leaving no footprints.
—  Daphne Merkin on Wuthering Heights (1847)
Blue Is the Warmest Colour starters:
  • “But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. My whole life. “ 
  • “I miss you. I miss not touching each other. Not seeing each other"
  • “I want you. All the time. No one else. “
  • “Why are you lying?”
  • “I’m not lying”
  • “Then why are you crying?”
  • “I’m not crying!”
  • “Orgasm precedes essence.” 
  • “I’m missing something. I’m all messed up. I’m crazy.” 
  • “A philosopher, a prophet, same thing. “
  • “Why tell everyone we went to a gay bar? Why the fuck would you do that?”
  • “You don’t love me anymore?”
  • “Existence precedes essence”
  • “Nothing happens by chance”