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Dhikr is flowing in the body of every single living creature by the necessity of their breath-even without will- as a sign if obedience, which is part of their creation. Through their breathing, the sound of the letter ‘Ha’ of the divine name Allah is made with every exhalation and inhalation, and it is a sign of the unseen essence serving to emphasize the uniqueness of God. Therefore, it is necessary to be present with that breathing in order to realize the essence of the creator.
—  Shaykh Najm al-Din al-Kubra

Quantum Marveling

From Plato’s Forms to Christianity’s concept of the soul, traditional wisdom has told us that everything has its own unique essence. When we explore the tiniest of tiniest scales, however, it seems that traditional wisdom has gotten it utterly and profoundly wrong on this front. The only way to distinguish anything from anything else in the quantum world is through qualities like charge, mass, and spin; and the only way for these qualities to be acquired is through interactions with ubiquitous fields. The difference between you and everything you’ve ever seen reduces to the chaotic dance of fields and forces. You, your family and friends, that asshole who cut you off on the highway, that spider you killed in the shower, the bacteria residing in your gut, the piece of technology you’re using to read this, the air exhaling out of your lungs, the sunlight sustaining your survival, the known cosmos in its entirety—everything and all of its differences may boil down to nothing more than infinitesimal two-steps, evanescent jitters. Although this isn’t entirely accurate either, since these labels are mere metaphors for what’s really going on. In the fuzzy, dynamic universe of quanta, the concept of labels entirely breaks down. We are left only with mathematical abstractions and probabilities. No matter how you slice it, identity vanishes as a coherent concept in the universe inside of us.

Some find this unacceptable, even frightening. To me, it is a romantic and awe-inspiring aspect of reality. It satisfies many of the ‘new age’ desires for interconnectedness without appealing to pseudoscience, and it speaks to the homogeneous and limitless makeup of our beings. Despite this, the quantum world is often deemed irrelevant since it has no consequence on our perceived experiences. What do I care what’s happening on such a small scale if it has nothing to do with my day-to-day reality? To hold this opinion is to deny the import of the pursuit of truth, as the quantum scale, though far removed from our perceptions, is nonetheless fundamental to reality, fundamental to truth. Attempting to grasp the inner-workings of the cosmos is a noble pursuit in and of itself, but it’s also a quick path to enriching our day-to-day lives. It offers a peek at just how lucky we are to be alive and, particularly, to have consciousness. Traditional cosmologies explain consciousness as something bestowed upon us from on high or as existing in its essence forever and always; quantum cosmology, on the other hand, speaks to how fortunate we are that nature was ever able to transcend its singularity, its state of complete identity-less uniformity, and give rise to the unique experiences of personality, emotion, creativity, love—in short, identity. How marvelously privileged we all are to get a precious slice of spacetime for reaping these gifts of cosmic evolution.

When it comes to biological organisms, psychological essentialism refers to the tendency to think of species as being defined by some underlying essence that makes an individual the kind of organism that it is, and that gives rise to its core properties, such as what it looks like and how it tastes. Essentialist biases are one reason people have a hard time wrapping their heads around human evolution. Natural selection requires variation within a species (that’s what fuels differential reproduction!), whereas a shared essence highlights what’s common across individuals of a species, not how they differ. Moreover, the idea of common descent implies that new species can gradually evolve from earlier species, which challenges the idea that species boundaries are clear-cut, with each species corresponding to a unique essence.
When it comes to GMOs, essentialist beliefs arise in a few forms. One recent paper reported greater opposition to transgenic modifications (which involve crossing species boundaries) than to cisgentic modifications (within the same species), mirroring people’s greater resistance to macroevolution (which crosses putative “essence” boundaries) than to microevolution (which does not). Another study found that most Americans believe that tomatoes with catfish genes would taste “fishy,” mirroring other domains in which essentialist beliefs lead to inaccurate views about transmission. For instance, some people believe that the recipient of an organ transplant could acquire the personal characteristics of the donor, potentially because they believe that some of the donor’s essence is transmitted along with the organ.

Givenchy Weibo Update 150511

This May, Wu Yifan attended the New York Met Gala 2015. During this trip, Wu Yifan roamed the New York streets wearing the Givenchy 2015 Spring collection. He naturally exhibits the attitude that young people have towards fashion; reflecting both Givenchy’s avant-garde fashion and exquisite details and displaying a vibrant and unique essence of the brand. 

The cluster was hyped up to be this terrifying, mangled thing. I was expecting a mixture of gem mutants, something depraved and horrific. But look at it. 

It’s beautiful. It has colors, an essence, and I was more in awe of it than afraid. And Steven couldn’t physically hurt it. If that was the force of his gem, the hybrid of Rose’s essence and his own unique magic, or if it was completely on his own disposition of unyielding love and forgiveness, I don’t know. 

He had a conversation with it. He got to know it. He did something no gem could ever do, that no gem would ever understand how to do. He’s extraordinary, and the representation of this cluster – it was meant to be a destructive force, completely former in how broken it was, but Steven didn’t see it that way at all. He couldn’t.

“Rose Quartz believed all life was precious, and worth protecting.”

If she ever knew about the cluster, then she knew that this was the only way to fix it. Rose would never doom the planet. She gave the planet exactly what it needed: Steven.

I’ve never been more proud.

You're It

What’s lovely about you is that you’ve always been it.
You’ve been enough from the start
Beautiful in your natural state
With your own unique essence
Different from the masses is what you are
Called out from among the rest
Brilliance & beauty become you
You are enough
Perfect in your own right
Never needing another to complete you
You are able to stand on your own
Like the classic masterpiece you are
You don’t need any alterations or embellishments
You’re enough just as you are
You’ve been it
-“You’re It”

#she hasnt seen castle #since their first kiss #well not just bc she has become blind in the meantime #actually bc he has gone #forever #and now she is here #at her place #alone. #somebody knocks at the door #no answers when she asks whos there #she opens #and somebody starts kissing her #she is scared but #she recognizes that cologne #that unique essence only one person could wear #and those lips #so tender and gentle #it feels so good #she can’t help herself but drowing in that kiss #she has been dreaming about it for the whole past year #she wonders if she is still dreaming #she knew in the bottom of her heart he would come back one day #she knows who is kissing her #she has known from the very begging #and her heart is full of rainbows now #bc he is back #and she can’t help saying his name out loud #“Castle” #her eyes still closed #she generally keeps them open although everything it’s black #but now she can’t #she is still savouring their kiss #she still feels his lips on her #god she has missed this #him #his lips #this warm #she is still in love #she always will be.