Photo shoot was awful. I have no lighting right now, and my camera’s lens or view finder is fucked up. Everything shoots upwards and to the left, so it’s extremely hard to frame. Blah blah blah, shitty pictures. I’m only posting because of Roberto tryna call me out like a punk, so the last pic is just for you, my sweet;).

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I'd like to take a moment to send some love to the wonderful, charming Roberto (aka esseerre1). He's so eloquent and insightful and ever so smart (he's a hottie too, which certainly doesn't hurt *wink wink*). I hope 2014 is kind to him and I hope to meet him someday. ^_^

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I still have a crush on esseerre1. He's incredibly handsome and well spoken. He knows good food and posts wonderful pictures. He used to be one of my best friends until we stopped talking. I just want him to know that I still think about him all the time.

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I love to see esseerre1 on my dash. The way he looks at the many components of life as fine art - whether it be beautiful or ugly, happy or sad, difficult or simple, worth his time or not - the word "eloquent" comes to my mind. I hope he finds a beautiful love to complete his world in the coming year ahead.

The problem is I am awake. I have to go to work in 12 hours for 13 hours and I’m not sure I’m going to sleep anytime soon and I’ve been awake most of the night. But I did offer to drive my oldest to school this morning. So I do need to get out of bed in the next few minutes.

There have been some Tumblr friends who have had problems with anons. I do not think any of us has opened a blog to be anonymously judged by a pack of cowards, otherwise we would have continued to live in real life, instead of opening a blog.The right to criticize is ok for everyone, but you have to put your face on, pusillanimous.
—  esseerre1
#sharethelove number 5

so here we go…..turning it around on you.  as soon as you see this….reblog it and do the same.  find five people to compliment….five times….share the love…


I love your simplicity.  I love that you write about your life in words so easy, yet so elegant.

I love that you embrace life, food, sex, and everything else, as a matter of course.  Like life should be just that way.

I love that you give us glimpses into your world.

I will. I don’t see her coming back in the near future if ever as the experiences that she had were not pleasant nor friendly. As some here can be very unkind when sitting behind a computer and not knowing both sides of the story and only willing to name call and accuse is much easier than to look within.