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Any of you remember the zine I was trying to get together a while back?

Well, it’s finally happening! I’m so glad to be gathering up a group of beautiful artists who support the cause. I can’t wait to get everything together. If you’re queer/trans/nonbiinary artist, writer, photographer, or poet interested in making a submission to the first zine of my series for the lgbtq community, feminists, and allies be sure to let me know! 

I am running through the blackest tunnel, like blood through the vein, in white glamorous clothes. With great eyes of innocence, I bit my lips, bloodied mouth, thrilled by fear.

Suddenly I fell to my knees, on the black sand, with my hands on my chest, peacefully scared, I took my bow, I’ve cut my veins.

In front of a statue, a wicked goddess, I knew it was bad, it was mad, the Kali, the Persephone, the Medusa, in front of these women I took my scarf off, saluted my angels, and I let my dream to eat me alive.

Eight years later, I am the goddess of misbehavior.

And almost nine years later,
I’ve cut my own cords and fell in love. ’
Bad blood, good heart; I love you.

—  The Eleventh Level Of Mad Bad by Royla Asghar 

looking for writers & artists to submit personal essays, photography, paintings, sketches, collages, ramblings, poems, etc to our magazine’s second issue! SUGAR is a print magazine run by 3 young women. we are looking for moving, thoughtful, and previously unpublished work (work published on your own blog or website is OK) by survivors of trauma/assault, those in recovery or currently fighting mental/physical illness, those who are lgbtqia+, POC, young women, nonbinary folks, men, you, all of your friends, anyone who has a story, you, you, you, you. this is a magazine for us. this is a magazine about art, writing, healing, + empowering others.

any questions, you can contact me at!

Call for Asian Solidarity

In light of the recent US election, OCEAN-BLIND is opening submissions for all Asian-Pacific writers, living in America or elsewhere. 

Queer Asian voices, undocumented Asian voices, Muslim Asian voices - we are here to listen. Tag your words with #oceanblind, or submit here

Non-AP friends - please recommend us writers, artists, poems, essays. Send us anything you think needs to be seen

Right now, we need your voices. We need your stories. We need solidarity.

Stay strong. Keep creating.

We’re here to support you.

Love, O-B.


In response to the scarcity of information about the artistic and theoretical production from Central America and the Caribbean, TEOR/éTica is launching a new series of monographic, collectible, bilingual books that compile key essays and articles by brilliant writers, artists, philosophers, historians, architects, curators, and thinkers from all over the region. These texts present some of the most important critical accounts that have been shaking up the contemporary art scene throughout the last three decades: 

Their socially engaged reasoning has created new possibilities for reflection and dialogue in societies fragmented by social inequality, political conflicts, and gender-based and sexual violence.

Learn more about the project — and support their work! — here