First: We need more women in our police forces….Women have social skills our police departments really need right now. Most women are raised with a greater focus on what it takes to nurture, to connect emotionally, and to provide care and comfort. Police officers can use these skills
—  Chirlane McCray, First Lady of New York City and member of the Black lesbian feminist Combahee River Collective wrote an essay for us about how police officers can REALLY support their communities
Essay Collection on Women, Video Games, and Modding

Calling all academic gamers!

CFP: Women, Video Games, and Modding.

*** This is a call for article-length scholarly contributions for inclusion in a collection of essays broadly focused around the topic of women and video game “modding.”***

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SHERLOCK HOLMES ESSAYS REQUESTED - Aug 1 deadline (please signal boost)

SECOND CALL FOR ESSAYS: Volume 1, 2000-present


Investigating Sherlock Holmes Vol 1: The Modern Era, Ed. Tammy Garrison and Melissa Beattie

(Covers 2000-Present)

Investigating Sherlock Holmes Vol 2: Ed. Tammy Garrison and Tara O’Shea

(Covers 1900-1999)


Our Philosophy:

Every era and generation puts its spin on the Sherlock Holmes mythos: its own interpretation of the Arthur Conan Doyle canon via movies and television adaptations. Why do we do this? What innate drive do we have to reinterpret these characters, in an attempt to get to their heart? What about these characters and stories have such a hold on us?


Our Approach:

These are questions we seek to examine through creative and original essays that examine various movies, television programs, characters, storylines and eras.


What We’re Looking For:

Meaningful essays that critique, analyse, compare or shed light on interpretations, characters and individual stories. We want to hear from thoughtful new fans and long-time Holmesians alike.



Fun, flirty, ranty, amusingly academic…we are looking for a variety of styles and formats. In the right circumstances any style and format may work, but query us first! (or be open to style and format changes in the revision process, if your essay is chosen) We want each essay to have its own flair and perspective.

However, even in the light of heavy criticism, or tongue-in-cheek humor, a love for the material being discussed should be present. No one wants to read an entire volume of vitriol and hate!


The Technical Details

Word count: 3000-5000 words. Exceptions made in the right circumstances.

Tone: Friendly but on the formal side. Exceptions made in the right circumstances.

It should be unique, enjoyable and accessible. We want this to be a book for both die-hard Holmesians, enthusiastic newcomers, and the curious newby alike.


How Does One Get Involved With These Fine Collections?

We are accepting a second round of queries (can be informal) and drafts for VOLUME 1 (2000-present)  until August 1, 2014


How Do I Contact You? Where Do I Send My Fabulous Idea?

Tammy, Tara and Melissa can be reached at

-or- You can hit us up via various social networking sites, if you know us personally. We do not bite, unless you ask politely and sign a consent form.



Ideas People Are Working On For Volume 1:


Elementary: Sherlock Holmes grandma can understand

BBC Sherlock is OBVIOUSLY a rip-off of House

The Guy Richie Sherlock Holmes is the best ever

Mycroft through the ages

Interpretations of Mary Morstan

Sherlock Holmes in cartoons

Irene: a woman wronged by modern writers

The Sherlock Holmes drinking game

Sherlock Holmes as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Asylum Holmes is the best Holmes

BBC Sherlock is an obvious ripoff of House

The uniqueness and oddities in the BBC Sherlock fandom

Margaret Colin and that other CBS modern Holmes adaptation


Some Holes In Our Collection

Silk Stocking-Rupert Everett Holmes

Sherlock’s cousins–The Mentalist, Psych, House, etc.

Matthew Frewer Sherlock Holmes

Russian interpretations of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes as a guest character in other shows

Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars

Modern interpretations of Watson

Anything else you don’t see represented here that sounds cool and awesome.


Additionally, we are very interested in any non-English language adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Essay in English of course).


And again: we’re looking for character interpretations and analysis, comparisons between adaptations, looks at individual episodes/movies, looks at entire bodies of work and quirky, off-the-wall interpretations of already over-analysed material.


Looking for inspiration? Check out IMDB’s list of appearances of the character of Sherlock Holmes:

We are open to coverage of characters/stories by multiple writers, unique approaches, shorter/longer essays, etc. Feel free to talk to Tammy ( about developing ideas!

**At this time we are only looking at movie and television interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. Future volumes may include web series, audio books, radio plays and pastiches.**


the thing about existentialism is i didnt jive with it for forever because it seemed to ask “does the universe exist outside of my perception of it?” Which to my validation-driven depressed ass sounded like a stupid question. Half of your “””positive””” thoughts when in a deep depression come from the hope and belief that the world will continue without you there to perceive it. Not to mention so much of my happiness was based on the happiness of others. My experiences felt transient, whereas theres felt real and grounded - if someone asked me “do their feelings only exist as a mirror for your feelings?” I just didnt have time for it. Lmao, no, my feelings aren’t real.

But nowadays I think I’ve kinda recontextualized a lot of existentialism (particularly on the theme of the performative, or constructed, self) and realise that the question in modern existentialism isn’t “Does the world cease to exist because I stop perceiving it”, but “Do I cease to exist when the world stops perceiving me”. Social media and post-structuralist social commentary kind of create this ability for the individual to feel ‘perceived’ by a legion of Other - also, western culture is aggressively individualist nowadays. This mixes together into a sense of self that we are Acutely aware of - and, thus, that we become obsessed with curating, creating a blurred line between the curated self and the natural self. Because this constructed sense of self becomes so merged with an individual’s act.ual understanding of their own nature, there suddenly is born this existential dread that if that curated self stops being curated - and consumed by it’s target audience - it will cease to exist, thus destroying what has become a deep part of one’s identity. Thus, modern, post-structuralist existentialism for me is less about whether or not the universe exists, but whether or not the self or the individual exists (though it’s also tied into the innate anxiety in the idea of the universe/culture/social groups ability to perceive an individual as a unit, which I think ties into the catastrophic boom in social anxiety).

Anyway thats how I feel about it.


I went to George Watsky’s book reading in Chicago, IL on June 28th and recorded the first few minutes of him reading “Tusk,” the first essay in his collection “How To Ruin Everything.”