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Hey dreamers! Can you believe it? One year ago I started working on this project that came from a dream I had and I can’t believe it has turned into what it has. Daisuga makes me the happiest~ o(*^▽^*)o

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ten easy steps to formulate a strong scholarship essay

as i enter into my first year of graduate school, i figured it was finally time to tap into all this free internet money folks kept saying exists. writing essays is easy, right? we do it all the time in academic settings, why not try to get paid for it…??

before you get to writing it’s important to actually find some scholarships. here’s an excellently organized post by @jesussbabymomma that covers multiple databases. got some? great. let’s get to work.

     >> the way i organize a scholarship essay is breaking it down to individual tasks [makes the whole situation far less daunting]; i top each task list with the scholarship name and the due date  <<

1. the easiest way to start is to specify the requirements of your scholarship essay. go straight to the source, copy-paste the directions, write them down, put em somewhere you can continually look back on. is it a personal statement? are they expecting you to present knowledge on a certain subject? do they just want you to talk about how worthy you are of free money? asking your educated opinion on a topical issue? whatever it is, know it in and out. the actual worst thing is putting hella time into a scholarship essay only to realize you misunderstood the directions.

2. if this essay requires you to write expertly on something you know nothing about, gather your sources. tap into those databases you’ve used for research papers in academia [or google scholar is always a great free resource]. hone in on that subject and get to searching.

3. as you find usable sources, begin to create an essay outline. mine tend to be pretty lengthy and detailed.. by all means use an outline style that fits your needs. there’s a few different components to this step; i handle this pretty much the same way i would a regular research paper..

  • solidify your argument; (if there is an argument you need to make); i’ve found delving into my new-found sources helps me sort of figure out my stance along the way. look at all sides of the issue, bring them up in your essay, impress them with your ability to think critically. you got it, superstar.
  • consolidate sources; i will often paste links right in my outline. i then copy the specific quotes from the source and place them exactly where i want to use them in my argument. this helps so i don’t have to go fishing later.
  • gain understanding of the content; it’s.. it’s pretty important to know what it is you’re writing about.

4. after your outline is created, take a detour and write the works cited [bibliography, reference page, get-out-of-plagiarism-free card]; you certainly don’t have to do this step here.. i know some people like to wait until the end. i just think it’s good to get out of my head a little bit… put the critical-argument-creating/ stream-of-consciousness-writing on hold and do some good old-fashioned citing.

5. at this point you’re likely ready to begin the first draft. which in my case is essentially is taking the bullet points out of my outline and changing the font to something that may even look like it’s work the thousands of dollars i’m hoping to receive.

6. if you’re anything like me, this next step is the hardest.. proofread && DEDUCE. we’ve developed this amazing skill of cranking out ten-page papers… but now we’re being asked to operate within a 500-1000 word parameter. (sometimes less?!? like some have 140 characters yeah uhm okay). here i take out any extraneous adjectives and run-on sentences. i blame the lack of brevity on my degree in the humanities sector.

7. once you get sick of reading your own work, find friends to edit. peer reviewing is certainly worth the shot at deduced tuition. when i’m crunched for time, this is the step i skip.. but i always feel more comfortable submitting something i wrote that a few others have looked over as well.

8. next, take the time to research the scholarship organization. for schmoozing purposes. this can happen earlier in the process too.. don’t ask me why i decide to see where the organization’s principles lie until after i’ve written the paper.. i take this time to learn a bit about who i’m asking money from, and make a few tweaks to the essay if i need to.

9. almost done!! final proofread aloud. this really helps with cutting down on word count, and just ensuring the whole thing moves smoothly. i’m always pleasantly surprised how much better my essay flows after i read it out loud.

10. once you feel confident in your paper, send it off! my final step is submit & schedule a time to check back.  sometimes organizations will post on the scholarship site which day they make their decision. make a note to come back that particular day to see the results! hopefully, you’ll get an exciting congratulatory email beforehand.. but it doesn’t hurt to be sure.

try these out, let me know if they work for you! now get out there and make that moneyyyy :}

How to Write for Scholarships

Writing for scholarships (including statements and essays) can be kind of a pain. There are countless scholarships and each has their own requirements and essay grading criteria. But if you put the work in and take the time to really rock it, there could be tons of money in it for you. Here are some tips that’ll help you nail writing for scholarships.

Write About Things You’re Involved With
Clubs, athletics, and volunteer work—any organized activity you do outside your schoolwork is fair game. It shows that you’re well-rounded and dedicated to not just your studies, but a bunch of other cool stuff.

Write About Obstacles You’ve Overcome
Write about where you come from and how got to where you are now. “Perseverance in the face of adversity” is a phrase people like, so show how you’ve displayed perseverance in your life.

Talk About What You’ll Do with Your Education
Give them a reason to give you money. Show the scholarship-granter that the money they invest in you will be well spent.

Keep It Short and Dense
Like brownie. It’s delicious and satisfying and it doesn’t take too long to eat. Do the same with your writing. Just don’t eat it.

Write Multiple Drafts
Your best essay will likely not be your first one. So rewrite a couple of times. You’ll find errors to fix and better ways to word things. 

Get a Second Opinion
Get your friends, teachers, parents, older siblings, pets, etc. to read your writing and provide their opinion. They might have an insight or two that you hadn’t thought of.

Toot Your Own Horn
Brag! This is your time to sell yourself to the scholarship-granter. Prove to them that you’re a good investment and you’ll put their money to good use.

#Preparing for College

Quiet Mornings: Hal Jordan x Reader

I had a lot of people asking for fluffy Hal stuff, so here’s a quick little drabble! Also, I’ve started watching Constantine so if anyone’s got requests for characters from the show go ahead and send them in~

Hal slept in late. He always did- chasing alien fugitives across a few hundred star systems tired him out. 

You rolled onto your side and looked at him, sprawled out in the early morning sunlight. His hair was rumpled and he had a fresh cut still healing on his cheek, but he was smiling in his sleep and the sight made you grin.

“Hey,” said Hal, opening his eyes and stifling a yawn. “What time is it?”

“Nine, maybe close to ten,” you guessed with a glance out the window, keeping your voice soft. Hal flopped over on his stomach and closed his eyes again, and you laughed. “I’m making breakfast,” you said, slipping out of the bed.

Hal was asleep again, and you moved very quietly into the kitchen to start the pancakes.

I just wanted to make this post to say how proud I am of Tom Holland for being nominated for the Rising Star Award. My British cupcake is making it in this world while I’m still struggling to write a proper essay for my scholarship application. I love him with all my soul. 

The Usual: Bruce Wayne x Reader

We made it to the weekend! I hope you’ve all had a great week, and if not then I hope something happens to cheer you up soon! :D 

Anyway my life is even more chaotic than usual right now because I’m applying to colleges and doing scholarship essays and stuff so updates might be slow for a little bit. Hoping to get one or two prompts done over the weekend though~ (also this is super self-indulgent sorry)

“Are you okay?” you gasped, sitting up in bed as Bruce flopped through the open window. Slipping out from under the sheets and running barefoot across the floor, you helped him to his feet. “God, what happened?” Even in the dark, you could see that his face was scratched and bloody.

He shrugged stiffly. “More of the usual.”

“But more than usual,” you sighed. “Why aren’t you back at the Batcave?”

“Here was closer. Wanted to see you…and the Batmobile is out of commission for now.” 

“Something wrecked the Batmobile? That thing’s practically a tank,you said, rummaging around for the first-aid kit. “You’re going to need to take your shirt off.”

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Here’s a bunch of banner ideas I made in my bullet journal! I haven’t been too productive lately but I have a bunch of scholarships and essays planned before school starts so that should keep me busy. Happy studying! -C

There's no "right" way to write essays.


I got an ask earlier about how to write essays (to which I responded by writing like waaaaaaaaaay too much) and I figured I would give you guys a little peek into my favorite way to write these inevitable disasters.

My secret is that I use an outline to organize my thoughts before making the actual essay/paper. I’ve found that, unless the format is really specific, this outline works with almost any essay. Better yet, I got it from a really awesome history teacher, so there’s that.

Here’s how it works:

This is just for the basic five paragraph setup, though. If you’re looking to write more extensive essays or papers, you can expand this outline’s main sections:

Outlines work well as first drafts and effective organizers. Better yet, you can write your whole essay in this format and then delete the outline part and BAM – you’ve got your essay. Here’s an example:

This comes out to be about 400 words with the most basic format of the outline and little more than a sentence per line. Removing the outline formatting and putting it into neat little paragraphs makes for a cute and completely made-up essay about butter. (Seriously, I made up everything. Don’t use this as a legitimate argument for the use of butter. That’s silly.)

Hope this helps a little more than my rambly response did! And definitely give the outline a try the next chance you get!

Headcanon Spamano Proposals

Lovino burying the ring under a basket of tomatoes and shyly proposing when Antonio discovers it.

Antonio taking Lovino on a night walk and covering his eyes, only to reveal a beautifully lighted pavilion and getting on his knees then. 

Lovino asking Antonio to go with him on vacation, and requesting for the air stewardess to hide the ring in an empty food box so that Antonio will “accidentally” find it.

Antonio attempting to propose to Lovino but somehow his plans always get foiled and Lovino ends up getting his hopes let down every time, yet at the end of the week Antonio simply whips out the ring and pops the question.

Lovino wanting to do the cliché “hiding the ring in a box of chocolates” thing, but he ends up just tricking Antonio into thinking there is something in the box when the actual ring is with him. Antonio isn’t too happy about getting tricked, but he says yes anyway.

Antonio bringing Lovino to a theme park and ditching him, then sending people to bring roses and instructions to Lovino one by one until Lovino finally finds him waiting with a familiar box in his hands. 


Saturday night economics~ I SWEAR I DO MORE THAN ECONOMICS. I like Anatomy. and Psychology. and English. I’ll show you sometime! I got a soft shirt for my birthday at HM. Oh! I had an UPenn interview! Obviously that’s important, but i think i did really well! I’m pretty proud of myself, I was super nervous. I also just sent in this full scholarship essay to Drexel University and fingers crossed~
ciao, nivi