Best T&S Pics

So hey, I don’t know if I’ve every really publicized it, but I’ve made photo albums over the years of some of the best/my favorite pictures I’ve taken.  There are probably more I should add, but there are a lot here.  ;)  If you have any votes for ones I’m missing, let me know!

Best Tegan Pictures

Best Sara Pictures

Best Tee AND Ess Pictures

And also, randomly, a collection of all the pics I’ve ever taken (or at least, all the ones I can find) with T&S and other artists/politicians/friends.  :)

Group Pics

How I say all the episodes, do y'all do it differently?

Asip- one word
Tbb- tee bee bee
Tgg- tee gee gee
Asib- one word
Thob- tee aych oh bee (I could say thob like one word but I don’t idk why)
Trf- tee arr eff
Teh- one word. Like “heh” but “teh”
Tsot: tee ess oh tee
Hlv- aych ell vee
Tab- one word