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Name: Essence

Nicknames: Ess, Essy, E, E Dollaz & Latalia 

Birthday: August 4th

Height: 5'9

Sign: Leo

Gender: female

Sexuality: heterosexual

Favorite color: All shades of blue & silver

Time right now: 10:34 pm

Average hours of sleep: 2-6

Lucky numbers: 7 & even numbers

Last thing I googled: “What is the definition of Peripeteia” 

Words that come to my mind: Sex & Sleep

Number of blankets I sleep under: Depends ranges from one to about four

Celebrity crushes: There are SO many. Chris Brown, Lenny Kravitz, Michael B Jordan, Tyrese & Vin Diesel to name a few

Favorite book: Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree

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FRESH HEAT: Eastwood – “Trapper Of The Year”

FRESH HEAT: Eastwood – “Trapper Of The Year”

Eastwood drops his much anticipated mixtape “Trapper Of The Year”. He has put the West on his back and on the map and controls the street like NWA did back in the day. He is what the West Coast hip hop movement has been missing. Eastwood aka Mr. Black Bandana is part of Master P’s, Money Mafia click. This album was produced by BlaqNmilD “The Genius”, Flight, Tee.Ess, and El Trapo. Eastwood will…

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