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I just wanna see you write one where Revali accidentally kisses link, like full on almost makes out with the boy, in the middle of an argument before realizing what he just did n fucking bolts

Revali and Link don’t get along. They spend most of their time bickering, and when they’re not, they’re not speaking to each other at all. 

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Best T&S Pics

So hey, I don’t know if I’ve every really publicized it, but I’ve made photo albums over the years of some of the best/my favorite pictures I’ve taken.  There are probably more I should add, but there are a lot here.  ;)  If you have any votes for ones I’m missing, let me know!

Best Tegan Pictures

Best Sara Pictures

Best Tee AND Ess Pictures

And also, randomly, a collection of all the pics I’ve ever taken (or at least, all the ones I can find) with T&S and other artists/politicians/friends.  :)

Group Pics

Lydia Listens

OK, so I wrote Simon Says as an AU prompt and there was a huge demand for a follow-up, so I wrote this sequel. It’s on AO3 here and here. Enjoy!

Mummy and Mr. Holmes were doing The Thing again. Simon had been the first of the two children to notice The Thing, but once he pointed it out to Lydia, she saw it just as many times as he did. First Mr. Holmes would say something to make Mummy laugh. Then he’d look away, probably at Simon but sometimes just as something else, and Mummy’s eyes would get all soft and she’d let out a quiet little sigh as she looked at Mr. Holmes. Then as soon as she was looking at something else or at Lydia or Simon, Mr. Holmes would look at Mummy and his eyes would do the same funny getting-soft thing. He wouldn’t sigh but he looked like he wanted to. His lips would move a little like he was going to maybe say something, but he never did.

Mummy and Mr. Holmes were friends, just like Simon and Lydia were, and had been for a pretty long time now. Long enough for all of them to have birthdays, even Mr. Holmes who said grown-up birthdays were boring and Mummy who pretended to forget when she was born. Mr. Holmes was so smart that he already knew when Mummy was born, even the year which Lydia had never known before. And she knew Mr. Holmes must be right because Mummy did that scrunchy-face thing she did when she was kinda-sorta mad at someone and Mr. Holmes did that big-smiley-face thing he did when he knew Mummy was being mad about something silly, which always made Lydia and Simon laugh.

Now that they were both five, Lydia and Simon were going to go to regular school in the fall, not ‘baby school’ anymore, which was what Simon called it even though Lydia knew he liked it just as much as she did. At least he liked their teacher Mrs. Simmons, whose name Lydia was just beginning to be able to say properly now that her speech therapist had finally got Lydia’s mouth to work the way it was supposed to instead of turning all her esses into tee-haitches.

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Fandom: “Since it’s (insert One Direction member’s name), let’s celebrate AND also help out people by donating to charities that they actively participate or have shown interest in!”


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one crisp january morning, jenna awakens to see hundreds of pale faces pressed against her windows, blocking her doors, slobbering through the walls. with labored, wet breaths they moan in unison "TSC. Tee.... Ess.....Seeeee." Horrified at the mass of what were once functioning human beings reduced to story-desperate puddles, jenna retreats further into her home, cursing loudly. "Release daaaaaate!!!!!!!!" the mass begins to screech. anarchy, bloodshed, peter is dead,

Oh my God I’m crying. I laughed so hard, I cried.

Random fact: I almost NEVER cry - except when I laugh. It’s like my body is filled up with unused tears, so when I laugh, my eyes find an excuse to force ‘em out. It’s awkward when it happens in public.

ANYWAY… RIP Peter :(