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anyways chris evans photo shoot for esquire looks like he’s a regular guy working as a mechanic in georgia sitting on the floor talking to his mom while eating cereal in his little one bedroom and he has the revelation this isn’t what he wants in life and decides to go searching for something more meaningful and he goes sky diving then goes back to school and takes a women’s studies class and realizes his true passion in life is fighting for equality and dedicates his life to it and then becomes a professor and sits at home drinking tea and hanging out with his dog but remembering that even at his worst he had it better than most and is always just wanting to give back and honestly im here for this hot professor au

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Hey Chanty ! I've been reading your fanfic for a while now and I love the way you write ! I was wondering if you could do a Dr. Steve/University Student Natasha fanfic please ? I've been thinking about this none stop ever since Chris's esquire photo shoot came out 😩😂 Thank you 💖

O M G that photoshoot hit me right away with an AU vibe!! It’s funny that you mentioned university teacher, because I thought that same thing for the photo of him with the glasses, and also of him that Extra Soft blue sweater. Like. How could you not think that? But the first thing I thought of was like maybe Nat would be his neighbor who always comes to bug him when he’s sitting on his front porch on a nice evening grading papers, and they have tea and flirt and he keeps trying to guess what she does for a living but she never really tells him if he’s right or wrong because it’s more fun that way.

Usually I’m not a fan of teacher/student relationships, but, your request got me thinking and–

  • okay, Steve is a young teacher and isn’t that much older than Natasha anyway, so that doesn’t make it a big deal; at least that’s what she tells Maria every time it comes up, which is often because Natasha actually talks about her beloved ethics teacher all the time, even though she “doesn’t have a thing for him” and Maria will just smirk knowingly and shake her head and let her best friend live in denial
  • but seriously, this is her last semester before she graduates and then technically nothing would be wrong with liking him, right? if she liked him like that, anyway. but she doesn’t, nope, he’s just a really great teacher and she wants his input on literally everything because she likes hearing him talk about things. it’s all perfectly innocent.
  • and Steve is kind of half oblivious and also half in denial himself to not find it strange that he actually spends quite a lot of time with one of his students. like. a lot of time. because she shows up to class early for scheduling reasons and instead of making her wait outside, he opens his door to her and lets her chill out in the room with him while he preps for his lesson. and lets her linger afterward on the days where she’s not rushing to her next lecture. and he just so happens to come to the diner she works part-time at to grade papers because he doesn’t like going straight home and they have wi-fi and awesome milkshakes, which may or may not be because Natasha makes them just the way he likes it every time
  • and sometimes she brings him things for class, like chocolates or candy or granola bars or whatever snack she happens to have in her bag. and he appreciates the gesture and likes to return the favor by leaving generous tips when she’s his waitress
  • halfway through the semester, he runs into her and her roommates at the convenience store near his house. and by runs into, he means he hears laughing a few aisles over and maybe, maybe he realizes that he might have a bit of a problem on his hands when he can immediately tell that’s Natasha’s voice, and then he sort of – wanders in that direction and turns to find her dancing in the aisle with her roommates along to the song that one of the girl’s is blasting from her phone, and they’re in pajamas and university sweaters and yeah, maybe it’s perfectly innocent to bump into them, but it also makes him feel a little bit like a creep considering he feels… attracted to her right now. incredibly so. more than he’s felt all semester.
  • and then she turns her head and finds Mr. Rogers standing right there and actually feels her stomach flip, because she’s aware that her hair is in the messiest braids ever and a sweater that’s two sizes too big on her and no make-up. and Maria and Sharon literally giggle when they see Mr. Rogers, and maybe Nat’s imagining it, but, does he seem nervous as he walks over to them? she thinks he is, but what would he have to be nervous about, exactly?
  • Maria and Sharon try to wave him over, but he politely declines and grabs a bag of M&Ms off of the shelf and says he should get back to grading midterms. and Natasha tries to brush off the incident despite Maria and Sharon teasing her for a good half hour after he’s left the store, but then she shows up to class the next day and plops herself on his desk as per usual and he’s neck-deep in grading papers, still, but he gives her this grin as he nudges a small bowl with M&Ms in it toward her and she doesn’t know what she feels like a fucking giddy schoolgirl all of a sudden, but she does.
  • Sam and Bucky meet her when they all have dinner at her diner, and okay, maybe he’s been further in denial than he thought when his best friends pick up on this – flirtation between him and Natasha when she’s taking their order. and of course they’re both assholes about it. he spends the first half of dinner listening to them tease him relentlessly and then spends the other half listening to them lecture him about being careful and that he could get in serious shit if the university finds out and, duh, he’s thought about this before. several times.
  • they last until the last month. literally, they have a month left before the end of the semester, a month until she graduates. in their defense, it’s by accident.
  • he’s grading at the diner and ends up staying late, and he’s her last table, so she’s leaving when he is, and obviously he hangs back so that he can walk her to her car, because she’s his student and he cares about her safety and. yeah. that. and they end up leaning against the side of her car and talking for another twenty minutes about anything and everything, until he looks over and sees her peering up at him with this look in her eyes that makes his lips go a little dry, and she reaches up and touches his cheek and he just – doesn’t move, and she stretches on her toes and her lips ghost over his cheek, and he thinks, okay, she’ll just give him a quick kiss goodnight, and his heart kind of pangs at this
  • except her lips linger, and she tilts her head and looks at him and his eyes flick down to her mouth and then she’s pressing their lips together and they’re kissing and it’s hungry and desperate and all of this pent up energy just crashes over them and it’s exhilarating
  • and she’s so lost in the kiss that she’s actually a little disoriented when he pulls away all of a sudden, and she has to blink to get her vision back, and when she does, she sees this small but reluctant smile, which would have been a punch to her gut if not for the clear want still shining in his eyes. when he gives her the short speech about it not being right, he sounds even more reluctant and maybe that makes her smile. so does the shift in his tone when he adds, “–and then when you graduate–”
  • “then this”– she gestures between then, a grin on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes –“is fair game?”
  • he smirks. smirks. fuck, she thought he was sexy before…
  • “yeah,” he answers, voice gruff. “if you still want this, we’ll give it a try. in a month.”
  • “a month,” she echoes in a promise.
  • (an hour after graduation, after she’s gotten her diploma and taken pictures and had a celebratory lunch with her friends, she rushes over to the diner with her cap and gown all but forgotten in her back seat as she bursts through the doors and finds Steve sitting at his usual table. he’s sketching this time, not grading papers, and he smiles and starts to stand and she doesn’t care about the attention they draw when she literally runs and throws herself into his arms with her legs hooked around his waist; no, she doesn’t give a damn about anything but kissing this man breathless.)
  • (also? the first time he hoists her onto his desk in his home office, her fingers in his hair as she drags his head between her thighs, she tells him that she had a few daydreams in his classroom that started off this way and he groans back, “yeah, me too,” as he pushes her legs a little further apart, and– )

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Andrew James Clutterbuck Lincoln

I don’t really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something, there is usually a very good reason. Once I’ve made the decision, I don’t view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path.”

Park Hae Jin Talks About How His Role In "Man To Man" Is Different From Any Other Character He Has Taken On

Park Hae Jin Talks About How His Role In “Man To Man” Is Different From Any Other Character He Has Taken On

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Actor Park Hae Jin, who is the lead in the upcoming JTBC drama “Man to Man,” recently completed a photo shoot with Esquire.

Regarding his role as the undercover agent Kim Sul Woo in his upcoming drama, Park Hae Jin said, “This is the first character I’ve taken on in 10 years through which I was able to act however I wanted to. That’s how fun working on this project was. It was really strange when…

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