He was stylish and smouldering as a British spy with a dark past in the gripping BBC drama, The Night Manager. Small wonder the odds immediately shortened on Tom Hiddleston’s chances of becoming the next James Bond. Over beers in Beverly Hills, the star of the Thor movies, the recent High-Rise and a new Hank Williams biopic talks to Esquire about his rise to fame, and whether he really is destined for Double-0 status

“We just had a great photoshoot; I’m wearing shit I can’t afford…”

“I could do this shit FOREVER, when you gonna stop this one…”

“It’s been a long time; I don’t fucking know… SORRY, BUS!”

“…I don’t know who that is, but it’s really good. GOD, that song is GOOD! Who is that?! Oh, that’s me?”

I can confirm that Daveed is indeed in the March issue of @esquire. Higher res for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Also, looking at the lineup of clothes they outfitted him in for the shoot, I sincerely hope they let him keep them. Damn.

ETA: I was so distracted by the picture that I didn’t notice the quote on the opposite page til just now: “New York, besides being a really stylish place, you have seasons, so you get to style in layers in a way that you don’t really do in California.”