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Due to the looming date of the interim assessment of this blog (which fortunately doesn’t count for anything I’ve decided to do my first post dedicated to the actual subject matter that this blog is about (I don’t think that one explaining what it was about counts) so this week I will be reviewing the bog of Esquella found conveniently at (basically cause it’s the first one I found).

Esquella is a photo and video blog dedicated both to the makers own works of photography and cinemagraph and also to movies, pictures and cinemagraph’s  that run along similar artistic lines to the makers work. The thing I enjoy most about this blog are the pictures of students of university of Canberra (where both the maker and I attend) that contain nothing but a name, a course and a few photos of their outfit. The artist has an extremely good eye for both spotting and capturing these people through their outfit. The thing I like least about this page is the artist’s instagramy, hash tag photos that all seem blurred. While I understand that this is a legitimate artistic decision designed to bring back fond memories of the old days when cameras (and their operators) weren’t very good I feel like there’s a reason that we got better cameras and it’s so we could take better pictures (well actually it’s so we could have more artistic choices to make, including making it look blurry for effect, but still that doesn’t mean I have to like it so shush). Overall I quite enjoy his photography style and his blog is quite good.

In my previous post I said I would be rating these posts out of 5 stars for things like “design, layout, cleanness and general goodness” this blog is technically quite a good one: the posts are reasonably frequent it’s well tagged, you can find what you’re looking for, it’s very clean and all the things are where you’d want them to be the only real problems I have with it are that there’s not really a description of the photos or any information or rational, I personally would like to know why he does stuff, why there’s a photo of this thing but not that one what caught his eye, basically I want some more information. Also it’s yellow.

In light of all these things I am awarding Esquella the (probably) good score of 4 stars out of 5 and half of one for subject matter. so a total score of four and a half out of five.

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