Due to the looming date of the interim assessment of this blog (which fortunately doesn’t count for anything I’ve decided to do my first post dedicated to the actual subject matter that this blog is about (I don’t think that one explaining what it was about counts) so this week I will be reviewing the bog of Esquella found conveniently at (basically cause it’s the first one I found).

Esquella is a photo and video blog dedicated both to the makers own works of photography and cinemagraph and also to movies, pictures and cinemagraph’s  that run along similar artistic lines to the makers work. The thing I enjoy most about this blog are the pictures of students of university of Canberra (where both the maker and I attend) that contain nothing but a name, a course and a few photos of their outfit. The artist has an extremely good eye for both spotting and capturing these people through their outfit. The thing I like least about this page is the artist’s instagramy, hash tag photos that all seem blurred. While I understand that this is a legitimate artistic decision designed to bring back fond memories of the old days when cameras (and their operators) weren’t very good I feel like there’s a reason that we got better cameras and it’s so we could take better pictures (well actually it’s so we could have more artistic choices to make, including making it look blurry for effect, but still that doesn’t mean I have to like it so shush). Overall I quite enjoy his photography style and his blog is quite good.

In my previous post I said I would be rating these posts out of 5 stars for things like “design, layout, cleanness and general goodness” this blog is technically quite a good one: the posts are reasonably frequent it’s well tagged, you can find what you’re looking for, it’s very clean and all the things are where you’d want them to be the only real problems I have with it are that there’s not really a description of the photos or any information or rational, I personally would like to know why he does stuff, why there’s a photo of this thing but not that one what caught his eye, basically I want some more information. Also it’s yellow.

In light of all these things I am awarding Esquella the (probably) good score of 4 stars out of 5 and half of one for subject matter. so a total score of four and a half out of five.

Sol. La remor del vent al baixar la serralada, el repicar d'alguna esquella llunyana, orenetes buscant sopar, ara pau i després glòria… Bona nit món!
Dia 213/365

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Ja ho sé que és aviat, però només tinc cobertura a dalt la serra. 😉 via Instagram


PROJECT 3: Jose Prabowo

here’s the Project 3! in collaboration with

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PROJECT 2: Jinhwee Im


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And yet again, I don’t know how to start my blog post just like any of my previous blog entries. OH! first of all, If you can see yourself in the picture above, I want to say thank you because you gave me permission to post your pics online and of course for not running while I was trying to talk to you when I’m asking permission to take you a photo. haha

Hi, This is Esquella. As you can see, my blog consists of:

  • Photos of UC students
  • Cinemagraph/ GIF 
  • News and Updates about Cameras/ Camera Apps
  • Short films/ Music Videos
  • Polaroids

Some of you told me that I need to say more information about my posts/ how I do things and why take photo of this and that.. All of the answers can be found in my ABOUT ME page. 


Here in Esquella, I often reblog things and posts more of my original stuffs. It was inspired by many famous photography bloggers and ‘tumblristas’ such as 

After watching this video, I got curios and wondered, how can Mr. Scott Schumann approach strangers on the street and ask them to take a photo. In every class that I’m attending, I always have my camera with me, just in case an interesting situation caught my eye. Luckily, In every person that I ask to take photos, all of them are kind enough to give me permission. I often reblog stuffs from other people (unless it’s a camera update/ news) because I really enjoy posting original stuffs and if I am lucky, I sometimes get a like/ reblog from other tumblr users. I tried posting once a day but sometimes I just forgot or  there is nothing to post especially when I started doing the Project 7 videos. I also gained 57 followers for this blog with a total of 70 blog posts.

WATERMARKS: You also can’t avoid bloggers who’s gonna steal some of your original posts (especially on tumblr, everyone wants to get more 'notes’ for their posts) instead of “reblogging” them, people just grab that image and post them as an original post. even though I put a watermark on my pictures/ cinemagraphs, it’s inevitable coz it’s on the internet! I understand how big the internet is and you can’t do anything about it. Maybe he liked my picture so much he steal it from my blog? should I be flattered? or mad? ok fine, it’s just one time and I’ll let it pass.
CUSTOMISATION: I’ve been using tumblr for 3 years before starting this course so I’m quite familiar with what’s going on here.. I used the 'redux’ as my theme and customise it with a header and background. I also personalised the side bar and add some customised buttons for my other accounts such as vimeo, facebook page, twitter and tumblr (not available) and also the Ask Button and 'About me’ PAGE. TECHNICAL ISSUES: My Google Analytics page were working until I accidentally changed/ erased something on my CSS page. At first I thought no one’s really looking at my blog and kind of passive about it. Until after 2 weeks or so, Amelia asked how is our analytics page going on and reminds us that we need to copy the analytics ID back into our blog once we change anything from it. But as of February 'til March 14 I got an 81 total views of my page and pageviews of 180

I visited my analytics page and after fixing it, I only had 1 visitor and nil after that. I couldn’t fix it anymore and don’t know what is going on. and luckily it’s the only technical issue that I did not resolved.
SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION:  We are encouraged to use our Social Networking Media sites to promote and showcase our blogs, the easiest and most accesible social media for me is of course, Facebook! The esquella facebook page was created last 14th of March with only 21 likes, once I posted something here, it will automatically send a post to my facebook wall.. MOST POPULAR POSTS:
  1. Sydney Central Station with 21 notes
  2. Classmates GIF with 13 notes
  3. Soccer Cinemagraph with 12 notes
  1. PROJECT 7 (A series of UC Student profile video -Video
  2. Sydney Central Board Sign -Cinemagraph
  3. Amelia Ghirardello- Style post
I choose these 3 because it’s the best way to represent my blog (and they have the second highest notes) in Photography, Cinemagraph and Short film. And That is all folks! Esquella, PEACE AWT!

PROJECT 1: Kalie Carmichael

Here’s the first part of Project 7! in collaboration with 

Oh, and Happy Easter y'all!