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fs and 21? :D

best friends sibling au

Leopold Fitz and Lance Hunter became friends in Year Three, back when they were still rosy-cheeked and bright-eyed and still played with lego. From the very instant Mr. Coulson had announced that Fitz had transferred in all the way from Scotland, Lance Hunter had made it his very goal to become Leo Fitz’s best friend. And best friends they are. They’re over at each other’s houses every other week. Lance beat up Grant Ward when he’d run Fitz into the ground, and later Fitz’s dad, when he returned out of the blue and Fitz wanted nothing to do with it. Fitz campaigned for Hunter in Year 10 when their college decided that football should be banned, and put in a good word for Hunter when he finally decided that he wanted a proper, real, relationship with Bobbi Morse. Hunter is Fitz’s best friend, in the truest of senses, which is precisely why falling in love with his half-sister is such a catastrophic move.

Jemma Simmons has always been pretty, from a young boy growing into a teenager’s perspective, but she has also always been Lance’s sister. She has always been in the background, reading a book whilst Fitz and Hunter play video games, being their deciding factor whenever they’re tied for a game, the organiser of all Lance’s birthday parties. She’s always been just Hunter’s sister, rolling her eyes, the extra hand if they need it… until she isn’t anymore. 

Suddenly, Jemma isn’t just pretty, she’s gorgeous. Fitz starts glancing at her from the corner of his eye in between Hunter’s rambles, at the way she crinkles her nose, or scribbles into her book. And sometimes, when Lance is late, or busy, or snogging Bobbi, Fitz and Jemma will naturally drift together whilst they’re waiting. And it in those moments that Fitz realises that Jemma Simmons is not only beautiful, but more importantly, she is kind, and clever, and once she told a joke so funny he had to spit his drink out in the sink and explain to Hunter why his eyes were red.

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what would you write for "cupid ain't coming to warn us"? (little mix is going to be in my head all weekend)

okay so i feel like this is really hard to relate it to larry, because, like, in no world could i see harry or louis saying “i hate you, really hate you, my mama said i shouldn’t date you” and so instead it’s going to be a John Tucker Must Die-esque au 

so let’s say louis, niall, and liam have all been tricked by a douchebag who’s triple-timing them. we’ll call him… eric. (i don’t know why, just go with it.) this would be from harry’s pov, so he’s just moved to town and started working at a bakery near the school when he sees eric bring in three different guys on three different dates, one right after the other - louis, the football star, liam, the goofy but lovable class president, and niall, the laid-back guitarist in the school’s best known garage band. eric gives all three of them roses, spews some memorized bullshit about all three of them being “the one,” and persuades them to keep their relationships secret “for their own good.” when harry asks one of his coworkers, ed, later, ed tells him that’s eric’s MO - he dates guys from different cliques within the school, that way they’re less likely to spill the beans to each other about dating him and ruining his scheme. 

harry, of course, thinks this is despicable, and not just because he’s seen what gemma went through when her boyfriend cheated on her. no, instead of being outraged because of a terrible person doing terrible things, harry, instead, can’t get the look on louis’ face out of his head when eric gave louis that rose - it was the first time harry had seen louis’ sharp, mischievous grin curve into something soft and sweet, and harry would do anything to see it again. 

louis, liam, niall, and harry are all in the same chemistry class, and one day they’re paired up to do a lab together. liam’s phone vibrates and niall just happens to see eric’s name on the screen, so he asks why eric would be texting him. liam, who doesn’t really know these four lads but, what the hell, confides that he’s secretly dating eric, but they can’t go public because eric doesn’t want liam to be hurt by homophobes or jealous people.  

that’s, of course, when niall says he’s dating eric too, and he shows liam that he has a text from eric waiting for him too. 

and then, right on cue, louis gets a text from eric as well, and he tells them he’s been dating eric for a few weeks. 

they check the texts to find that eric has dumped all three of them, using the exact same copy-and-paste text and a couple of sad emojis.

it’s just not working out?” louis hisses. “oh no, that’s not going to cut it. we have to make him pay.” 

so they start to hatch a plan. liam, louis, and niall decide the best thing they could do to get back at eric is to crush his heart like he did to them, and all they need is someone who knows better than to fall for eric’s tricks. someone pretty enough to catch his eye, but who hasn’t yet dated him so he’s not old news. 

harry, who has a bad feeling in his stomach, looks up from his lab book to find the three others grinning at him. he tries to refuse, but louis gives him a sad, pouting look and harry reluctantly accepts, deciding that if anything, this will at least give him a chance to hang out with louis. 

and, wow, do they hang out. they try to plan during chemistry class, but it’s just not enough time, so soon the boys are meeting at liam’s house every day after school, or staying over at niall’s on friday nights, or harry makes brunch for them on sundays. the other three are supposed to be coaching harry - who’s never really had a real boyfriend - and showing him the best ways to have boys wrapped around his fingers in no time. 

“not that you need much help there, eh, curly?” louis laughs, and harry’s stomach swoops as he rifles a hand through harry’s hair. 

they record it all, all their little planning sessions and hangouts, planning to edit eric’s downfall into the video of the year. and so harry starts following their advice, catching and holding eric’s gaze across classrooms, biting his lip and looking up through his eyelashes when eric talks to him. niall says harry’s already got the perfect wardrobe - who knew skinny jeans and floral, see-through shirts were the perfect man-baiting outfits? - and liam promises that between his curls and his big, disney-prince eyes, he’ll have eric begging for a date in no time. 

turns out, liam’s right. within a week, eric is at harry’s locker between every class, waiting for him after school, sometimes even there outside his house in the mornings. every day, the same conversation: 

“go on then, go on a date with me.” 

“i don’t think you’re my type, eric. but thank you.” 

just like louis, liam, and niall planned, eric can’t stand being turned down, and so he tries even harder to win harry’s attentions. (too bad the only person he can focus on is louis, though.) 

he doesn’t like eric, harry doesn’t, but he spends more and more time with him as the plan advances, until soon he’s hanging out at eric’s while liam, louis, and niall watch from where they’re hidden outside the window, phones up and recording it all for the video. eric makes a move, sliding his hand up harry’s thigh, and harry panics and runs to the bathroom, where he calls louis to say he can’t do it. 

“you can, harry,” louis says earnestly. “just a little longer, then you can properly stomp on his heart for us.” harry’s still not sure, but then louis adds, “for me.” and, well, he’s a goner. 

so he goes back out there where eric’s waiting, and he screws up his courage and uses every trick louis, liam, and niall have taught him, until he has eric practically drooling. harry waits until he has eric crowding him up against the arm of the sofa, begging for a few kisses, and then he makes his excuses, following louis’ advice to leave him wanting more and dashing out the door. 

niall and liam are crowing with laughter when they meet up, congratulating harry on his seductive skills, but louis is oddly silent. when they part ways for the night, promising to meet at liam’s the next day to start phase two, louis watches harry as he walks away with a strange look on his face. 

phase two means that harry finally has to accept eric’s invitation to go on a date, and so when eric invites him to a party, he accepts. eric spends the whole night trying to corner harry and get a kiss, but harry keeps dodging him, until finally niall, liam, and louis drag him into an empty room and drag an explanation out of him. 

“i’ve never… really… kissed anyone,” harry mumbles, and the other three’s eyes go wide. 

“li, ni, go distract eric,” louis says distantly, his eyes stuck on harry. when they’re gone, he says, “okay, harry. i’m going to teach you how to kiss.” 

cue louis stepping close, overwhelming harry with his soft eyes and tiny, challenging smirk, and kissing harry for all he’s worth. harry forgets the plan the moment louis’ lips touch his - hell, he forgets everything: why they’re at this party, who eric even is, he even forgets his own name. he falls back onto a bed and louis falls with him, the kiss growing more and more heated until - 

until there’s a knock at the door, and niall is asking from outside if harry’s ready to go, because eric’s getting annoyed. 

harry and louis break apart, panting and staring at each other. harry’s mouth is tingling, his hands numb where they’re gripping louis’ jacket. 

“i should…” he says, but he doesn’t move. 

“yeah,” louis agrees, but he doesn’t let him go. 

soon, though, liam comes in and sends harry on his way with an oblivious wink and a thumbs up, saying, “break his heart!” harry tries to smile, but he can’t help but watch louis as he steps out into the hallway, waiting for any sign that he shouldn’t go. 

when he doesn’t get one, he finds eric and kisses him, just once. as eric mashes his lips to harry’s, drawing catcalls from his friends, harry feels his stomach bottom out. 

(it’s not as good as it was with louis. nothing is as good as it is with louis. but louis doesn’t want him, so that doesn’t really matter, does it?) 

harry and eric go on a couple more dates, and then liam, niall, and louis, who has been quiet around harry since the party, decide it’s time to implement phase three, where harry finally gets to humiliate eric like he did to his friends. 

it’s another party, and harry is supposed to wait until eric is surrounded by his friends, give louis the signal, and they’ll play the video showing louis, liam, and niall getting their revenge on eric and harry, their protege, leading eric on. right before harry goes to find eric, louis grabs harry’s hand and says, “don’t do it.” 

“what?” harry asks, startled. 

“don’t do it,” louis repeats. niall and liam are nearby, their eyes wide, but they don’t interrupt. “don’t do this. you don’t have to.” 

“i’m only doing this because you wanted me to,” harry points out, his heart hammering. he thinks he’s done something wrong, and louis looks nearly manic. 

“i know,” he says, “and we shouldn’t have asked that from you. this isn’t your fight. just don’t… don’t do it. stay here. with me.” 

niall and liam’s eyebrows shoot up, but that’s nothing compared to the shock on louis’ own face, like he didn’t plan on saying that but it came out anyway. 

harry laughs, a little blindsided himself. “that’s all i ever wanted, you know,” he says. 

louis doesn’t say anything, just kisses him until he can’t breathe. 


a week later, eric finds a flash drive in his locker with a video on it, showing harry being trained by louis, liam, and niall to get eric’s attention and to break his heart. at the end, the screen shows all four boys, staring with intent into the camera. 

“we were going to humiliate you in front of the whole school,” niall says, “but thought better of it.” 

“this doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, though,” liam warns. “we’re watching you, eric.” 

“if you cheat on another of your boyfriends, we’ll be happy to sit and have a chat with them,” louis promises. 

harry just waves, and then the screen goes black.

not-so-surprisingly, eric doesn’t keep his heartbreaker reputation much longer.  

My boyfriend loves Mac demarco-esque music and I hate mac demarco so much and I always tell him that mac demarco is a cryptid and that he has 3 teeth and that he chews on tires in the junkyard and i even made this photo to show him the ills he has committed against me and my livestock but he doesnt even care. He even went to see him play live once and he gave him his sock so now my boyfriend has mac demarcos sock 

Friday Five:  I Aint’ Got Nothin’ Edition

1.  I wish I had as interesting a life as some of you.  I’m fascinated by your posts!  My posts?  Yeah, they suck.  I’m pretty boring.  But I’m OK with it.

2.  Half-day for my son today.  They just had three days off for Thanksgiving.  Couldn’t they have waited a bit for a half-day?  Even next week would’ve been better.  So he’s now with me for the remainder of the day - except he’s not really allowed to be with me.  So shhhhhh!

3.  Wife found a new Christmas tree last night after returning the old one.  I can’t believe Home Depot took the other tree back.  It was definitely browning at an alarming rate.  But, still……I wouldn’t have taken it back.  The new tree is truly Griswold-esque.  Like, it barely fits in our family room big.  I’m going to have to go and buy probably 800 more lights to light that baby up.  We already had nearly 2,000 lights on the other tree.  This sucker is huge.  YUUUGE!

4.  Officially turned down our Inauguration tickets with the senator’s office yesterday.  My wife used the opportunity to let them know what we thought of the incoming administration.  We may or may not ever get more inauguration tickets.  ha ha

5.  Next Thursday starts a CRAZY 15-day stretch for me.  I’m going to work two different high school basketball tournaments and a few NCAA games.  Probably about 37 games to score in those 15 days.  YIKES!  I’d better rest up now.  Extra money for Christmas will be nice, though!

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Friendly reminder for Guardians: It is rude to hijack other Guardians' Waning Stars. They rightfully took that Taken-esque ship as a reward from preventing the Taken from taking other planets. To take a Taken ship that was rewarded for taking back Taken planets is just taking their well deserved break time.

You heard it here Guardians. No taking taken ships

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i have this head canon that felicity is good at sex too. like all these fics paint her as never having more than one or two lovers, but i believe she lost her virginity to an older guy in high school and had regular, unhealthy sex up until cooper, and AFTERWARDS was when her dry spell hit. maybe she tries new things with oliver, but at the end of the day what makes them special is their relationship, not that he's her first.

I very much so agree, anon, very much so. It’s easy to get caught up in a fairytale-esque mindset when writing anything romance, and that makes sense considering how much the idea of men being super-experienced-and-guiding-the-nubile-woman has been perpetuated in fiction (to put it kindly). I’m definitely guilty of it! (Something I’m going to change with Across The Hall.) 

I wholeheartedly agree that she’s damn good at sex. (I’ve read some amazing fics where people flip this on their head and have Felicity being the one to show Oliver what a good sex life is like, because he might have slept with a lot of people, but that doesn’t always equal being super amazing in bed.) I also like the idea of her “dry spell” hitting after Cooper because that’s absolutely supported by the canon narrative.

For me, what makes her relationship with Oliver special is their level of comfort and trust between them. I agree with you, it’s not the number or if he’s her first in however many years. (The world needs more Felicity being Oliver’s first.) Yes, they probably tried new things and did new and exciting things that were new and different for both of them, but at the end of the day, it’s them. It’s their love and having that bone-deep level of comfort where can be yourself so completely that makes it special. It was that deep intimacy and the power of the emotion that had Felicity freaking out in 4x06 - can you imagine what their sex life is like when they’re just letting go of everything with each other? Talk about explosive. (When you find someone you can completely let go with, that is powerful, powerful stuff. And that’s definitely Olicity.)

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hey so i know its late but actually you think maybe could you write a nonbinary peggy thing bleas ily mother

HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BABY FRECKLES!!! I love you so much and I hope you had a fantastic day! Here’s a cute Schuyler siblings lil fic for you! I made Peggy your age in honor of your special day! ^.^

“Eliza? Peggy? I know you’re somewhere out here!” Peggy could hear Angelica’s sigh from their perch in one of the many trees that populated the Schuyler property.

They could also hear Eliza’s giggle from a few branches over. So could Angelica, apparently, because she stormed across the grass toward the tree that the fairy-esque laughter had floated from.

“I know you’re up there, Eliza,” Angelica said, staring up a tree, her hand blocking the sun from her eyes as she searched for her sister’s form.

“One tree off,” Eliza called from the next tree over. “But you’re getting better at this!”

“I don’t want to be better at this,” Angelica grumbled. “You two are the ones who keep hiding in trees until dinnertime, forcing me to come find you because you won’t answer your phones.”

“It’s no-techology-tree-time, or NTTT for short,” Eliza said as she scaled down the tree. Peggy had to put a hand to their mouth to keep from laughing.

“You two can be so infuriating,” Angelica said. Peggy could practically hear Angelica roll her eyes.

“You could always join us,” Eliza suggested, her voice small and uncertain.

Things had been a bit different between the siblings lately. Angelica was a junior in high school. She was always stressed and busy. Eliza was a sophomore, comfortable with school and homework and friends. Peggy was a freshman, and while they loved high school, they missed the familiarity of their old school.

But they also missed how their relationship with their sisters used to be. There was no denying that Angelica had changed. Peggy knew that Eliza was worried they were losing Angie. Peggy didn’t want to admit that they were afraid of exactly that, too.

“I have no time,” Angelica said in response to Eliza. “I barely have time for this.” Angelica motioned to Eliza and the trees. “So from now on you and Peggy can be perpetually late to dinner or bring a damn phone with you.”

“Angie, wait,” Peggy called out, quickly jumping down from the tree, landing square on their feet. “Don’t you notice something is different?”

Angelica stopped and looked between her siblings, as if she were trying to figure it out.

“No, with you, silly,” Peggy said, rolling their eyes.

“With me?” Angelica asked, clearly outraged. She spun around and faced Eliza. “You can’t possibly agree with them?” She pointed behind her back at Peggy.

Peggy smiled at Eliza encouragingly. Eliza had always been the quieter, more timid one out of the trio, but Peggy knew their sister needed to find her voice now. If Angelica heard if from the two of them, maybe she’d see their point-of-view. Maybe she’d come back to them before it was too late.

“I… I do agree with them,” Eliza said, her face blushing a deep red. “You seem stressed lately, Angie, and, well, like you don’t…”

Peggy could tell that Eliza was getting more and more anxious; that she wanted to back down and forget the entire conversation. It was time for them to step in.

“It feels like you don’t want to hangout with us anymore, Angie,” Peggy said. They were surprised by how easily the words flew out of their mouth, but they were also surprised by how fearful of Angelica’s reaction they were.

Peggy saw anger flash through Angelica’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced by something else, something Peggy couldn’t easily identify.

Angelica sighed, her shoulders slumping. “It’s not you guys,” she said. “It’s school, it’s internship, it’s this boy…” She looked down.

Peggy could tell that their sister was embarrassed, but that she also wanted to talk. That they hadn’t lost her.

“A boy?” Eliza said, quickly grabbing Angie by the arm. “Tell us!” Eliza grabbed Peggy’s arm, and the three of them squished together again, just like normal.

“Well, he actually drives me insane and I hate him,” Angelica started.

“But,” Peggy prompted, nudging Angie in the ribs.

“But I also kinda wanna kiss him,” Angelica said.

All three of them giggled, leaning forward together. It was just as it’d always been, the three of them talking about school, crushes, life… Just like that, it all felt normal again.

“We need to discuss this tonight after we go to bed,” Eliza said as they made their way toward the house.

“I agree!” Peggy exclaimed.

“Fiiiine,” Angie said with a laugh. “I have one question, though,” she added, her tone turning more serious. “Were you two hiding in trees just to get my attention?”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Peggy said with a laugh. “But yeah,” they said. “It was kinda the reason.”

“Are you upset?” Eliza asked.

“No, of course not,” Angelica said with a sigh. “I feel kinda bad, that you had to hide in trees to get my attention.”

“Hey, you’d do it for us, right?” Peggy asked with a grin.

“I’d climb all the trees in the world for you two,” Angelica said, kissing both of her siblings on the crowns of their heads.

They walked back to the Schuyler Mansion, arms linked, voices and laughter floating up to the clouds and over the Hudson, entirely free.


The Childhood of a Leader (Brady Corbet)

FSR: For Your Consideration, 8 Under-the-Radar Films You Should See This Awards Season

Don’t make your year-end lists before checking these titles out. (Available now on Netflix)

Brady Corbet is a familiar face through his acting work in the films of acclaimed directors like Olivier Assayas, Mia Hansen-Løve and Michael Haneke. Lucky for us that he chose to try his hand behind the camera with this mind-mending, triumphant feature debut.

The Childhood of a Leader is an unsettling, instantly-gripping (and uncannily timely) psychodrama set in the aftermath of World War I, that follows a manipulative pre-teen (Tom Sweet in the role of Prescott) during the rise of fascism in Europe. Son of an American diplomat living in France and bereft of feelings of empathy in his mostly loveless day-to-day, Prescott signals that he might just grow up to be a Hitler-esque leader, who would terrorize the world one day. Lol Crawley’s dark and eerie cinematography is simply breathtaking and Scott Walker’s unnerving score adds the film a whole other dimension of discomfort.

Corbet, who won the “Best Director” and “Best Debut Film” prizes at the “72nd Venice International Film Festival — Horizons Section”, is one of the most exciting creative voices to keep an eye on. (Cast: Robert Pattinson, Tom Sweet, Liam Cunningham, Bernice Bejo)

Film School Rejects

“They were family, once. Now they fight in the tournament as rivals.” Two OCs from a fighting game-esque story I never got around to writing: The Crown Prince and the Masked Vagrant, Vega.
. …do you ever look at your old OCs and realise how…anime they were? You know what I mean?

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I’m making a tiny chapbook for my partner this xmas, and I already pounded out two drawings today and penciled another. If I didn’t have work in an hour, I’d probably be able to get another in. It’s a 22 page book, and I’m really excited to give it to them.

It’s nice too because I’m actually giving myself some speed challenges and doing this project is really forcing me to be more imaginative. Lots of fairy tale esque things are coming through and I’m really enjoying it.

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What about a thing in Vampire!AU where Jefferson is a the Van Helsing? Madison is probably there, too?

I feel like they were both a little too delicate in health and sensibilities to being very Van Helsing-esque. Jefferson wasn’t great at direct confrontation and Madison was our “most diminutive president” which is still my favorite thing ever. 

Although you know what I bet those two would do? HIRE vampire hunters. Bring them over from Europe to America. Because they can’t prove anything, though they are starting to become suspicious. Confronting Washington and co seems dangerous, but if they just HIRE vampire hunters well then, that’ll settle it. Either they’ll find no vampires. Or they’ll find vampires and kill them. Or… they’ll be killed and THAT will be proof of vampires. 

Dealing with THAT would take a lot of ingenuity on the vampires.