Here are some closeups of the new forms, plus the teaser for Ex-Aid’s final form. Is he going Super Saiyan 3, or is it a cape and crown? Guess we’ll have to find out.

Next up is Kamen Rider Brave in his upgraded form, Taddle Fantasy Level 50. Very black knight-esque.

Finally, we have Snipe as Bang Bang Simulation Level 50. He’s covered head to toe in artillery.

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Is there a sequel to the "Alcor destroys California" fic? Or info about the sequel? I have questions like 1) how did Alcor finally defeat the other demon? 2) when did he come to his senses? 3) when did he return to the pines and how did they react? How did they react when they realized he was responsible for the destruction of an entire state? 4) how did he recover from the battle [it must have taken a LOT out of him]???? please answer :{

1. Alcor takes his time with the challenger, this old demon with failing strength. He had started with an arm of the old demon, the flesh sweet with the residual power of human souls and the blood deliciously thickened by sacrifice. He sliced the bones with his front teeth, shifted the ones in the back to human-esque molars just to feel the crunch, the crack, feel the sound echo down through His jaws and into the small of His throat and quiver there. He had started with the arm, but now grows impatient and curls His talons across the foolish challenger’s throat before ripping at the tendons there, watches them snap and recoil into the air, white slicked with oily colors that smell to Him like stars burning. The challenger gurgles, shifts so that their voicebox is higher and screeches out so loud His ears bleed yellow. There is a buzz there, a faint pounding, and He only laughs, the sound beating through His chest as He jams His hand into the challenger’s mouth, grips the lashing multitude of tongues, and tears them out so He can chew them, their sour-sweetness oozing like syrup over His teeth and laving His gums while the challenger watches with numerous, fear-filled eyes. He swallows  and bares His stained teeth in a grin that pulls at the very fabric of the universe, then opens His mouth once more to find out what this old demon’s eyeballs taste like.
He devours the demons above the carnage below, and saves the soul for last. It’s the best, after all.

2. Dipper comes to himself, fully, at the end, above floatsam in the Pacific Ocean. He looks down at his hands, caked with dried, cracked golden blood, talons muddied with something that looks like oilspills and smells like Smile Dip. His suit is not torn, but he knows it should be, and his suit is not stained but he remembers sucking the juices from it. He remembers Willow’s pale face lit by his blue fire and he remembers pushing too much energy into her and then leaving, anxiety and breathlessness buzzing in his mouth and at the corners of his eyes as he went to the next place of chaos. 

Dipper comes to himself and drowns in the consequences of his own power.

3. Dipper does not come back until weeks later. Mabel is in the kitchen, washing dishes, the kids are outside playing with Henry, and Grunkle Stan is who knows where. Point is, they’re alone.

They talk.

It won’t fix things. It won’t fix the fact that a house in town was nearly split in two, it won’t fix the fact that Willow sometimes sparks with extra energy, it won’t fix the fact that her brother killed millions with the power from a single summons. It won’t fix the fact that their parents are in a hotel up in Washington, trying to find a home and cope with the fact that everything they loved is lost–heirlooms, pictures, Anna’s father’s old guitar and Mark’s old collection of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books–and insurance only goes so far. It won’t fix the fact that half to two thirds of Mabel and Dipper’s extended family are now dead, or missing. It won’t fix it. Won’t fix it.

But it helps. Mabel forgives; neither forget.

4. The power of a soul was more than enough to heal him. It was more than enough to sustain his form. It was too much, all at once, when he was in the worst mindset to be in.

Dipper doesn’t know if he’s ever actually learned from that mistake. 

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3, 7,12?

3: Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for.

*Pretends I’m not super excited about this, fails intensely.*

I think it’s ironic that my first idea for a response was “HE’S SO CUTE”, when actually within our friend group he’s unironically called Mr. Tough Guy and he’s literally on the USMC Drill Team and in an infantry….

But really, he’s just super cute. He’s very very Jason Grace-esque. He’s blond and tall and has blue eyes and glasses and was an army brat and is referred to as ‘Superman’ by our managers and is fit as hell. (It’s only a little bit sad that it literally takes my whole body to try and ‘arm’ wrestle him.)

I could talk about him forever, to be honest. I’m pretty much clinging onto his arm and flashing heart eyes as he goes on with his daily business. (And for some crazy reason, he likes me too????)

7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.

I’m torn between my Vitiligo and my voice. My Vitiligo insecurities are pretty much bred into me - I started covering my arms with foundation and concealer when I was seven, so I’m always a little bit aware of it.

Recently though, it’s been my voice. It’s annoying, it’s small, it’s kind of pathetic. People like to mock it a lot, especially now that I’m older and it’s pretty clear that it’s not going to grow up with me.

12: Talk about the worst dream you’ve ever had.

There’s this recurring one where I’m in this hospital waiting room, and everyone I love needs an organ donor. I volunteer immediately, of course…for all of them. I’m awake as they take my heart to give to my dad, and a kidney for my mom, and my stomach for a friend, and my liver for another friend, and another kidney for another person and so on and so forth until they get to my brain for my best friend and then I wake up.

title: circus of crows

rating: m (for violence and dark themes)

pairing: kagehina (main), kuroken, daisuga, iwaoi

tags: monster au, circus au, character death, a whole clusterheck of things tbh, heavy angst, magic! strangulation! plants! more fusion-esque ken/hina! more hostages and backstory! wow amazing. anyway tw for all of those things as well as kageyama having a panic attack on screen. we’re so close to the ending yall. its comin. itll happen SO soon…..



“That’s crueler than anything,” Shouyou said. “Making us understand you right before you take our family away. Making us get why you’re hurting Kageyama so badly right before you hurt him the worst. Making us pity you before you do something like this. Making us pity you even when we’re the ones being held hostage. That’s…the cruelest thing you can do.”

“You would’ve been better off wanting me dead,” Oikawa agreed. “But I’ve tried that already—with Tobio. I’ve found that it only makes everything worse in the long run.”

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My reaction to the Once Winter Finale

When I saw Morpheus: 

My excitement to hear more about the Black Fairy!! 

Regina going to save Emma in an very fanfiction-esque way?

I really thought Regina and Emma were going to kiss a few times

Their scenes were just so beautiful and amusing…and the way Regina was looking at Emma near the end

But then there was Robin

and it flung me back into the heteronormativity of this show

who can live without it?

read it on the AO3 at

by funflighthome

liam can’t remember exactly when he stopped discreetly saying, “band” when asked by people what he does at school, so that he could leave them under the illusion that maybe he played guitar or something equally cool in an actual, rock-and-roll-esque band band, instead of the reality of playing trumpet in a teacher-conducted jazz band of 20 other mostly brass instrument-wielding nerds.

or the nerdy jazz band version of 1D with exactly the same amount of pining and miscommunication.

Words: 1757, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

there’s a, uhh, mentorship program thing for lgbt students who “need support” and i honestly could use some help or whatever but i hate my university’s liberal mogai-esque handling of that kind of stuff… the question is, should i go for it regardless

A redesign of an old character that I’m not sure if I’ve even posted on tumblr before, lol! It’s Pyjamas! (aka PJ, peej, jammies, etc etc)

This lil guy is a cute mimic- yknow, the JRPG enemies disguised as treasure chests. I just randomly thought it would be cool if they were some sort of Ditto-esque blob creature that hides inside stuff and possesses it, so they’re not limited to solely treasure chests or anything. And I don’t have much plot decided for him yet, just that he would be a great cutesy sidekick for someone!
I was thinking maybe he could transform into different weapons, or even be able to parasitize with human beings and do a fusion transformation sequence! Itd be cool to see that as the power of a non-evil character, yknow?
But either way, he’s just a lil bubbly, lonely goofball who sucks at being a monster cos he just loves everyone~!

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but who is more emo, silver or gladion? and who is more otome protag-esque kotone or moon?

silver is more bitter and angry than emo lmao. if gladion lost a battle at least he didnt belittle the player or his pokemon. he blames his lack of strength and goes emo out in another batte.

silver. on the other hand. straight up bitters the fuck out when he lost, belittles the protag and has the audacity to push them if theyre in his way lmao. hes like a ball of anger and resentment. gladion is the emo one

otome protag-esque lmao mmmm………kotone i guess???? her design has tht otome going on whereas moon has a more…white-ish feeling around her

C’arta as  Boss Fight

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The cutscene ends and you make your preparations. Many have fallen before this trial and you intend to be the first to beat it. C’arta readies and the barrier drops. You wait for the music to start, but none comes. You fight in silence, with nothing but the shouts of your friends on Discord to hear. It is a difficult fight, but you prevail.

Once you’ve defeated her, another cutscene triggers and Nugget rushes in. Seeing his beloved food-giver dead, he undergoes a magical girl-esque transformation and music begins to blare.

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