espy awards show


The New England Patriots have been nominated for six ESPY Awards! 

Visit the links below to vote for the Patriots.  You do not need an account to vote, and can submit from any device, every single day.  Winners will be announced during the 2017 ESPY Awards Show on July 12 at 8:00 pm est.

Please vote early and often; let’s get the boys the honor and recognition they deserve!

Best Championship Performance

Best Play (Major N. American Sports)

Best Game / Match / Contest

Best Record-Breaking Performance

Best Team / Franchise / Organization

Best NFL (Am. Football) Player

anonymous asked:

When she mentioned having a spinoff show in that interview with OK magazine I laughed so hard. Like who the hell does she think she is? Remember when they send her to that irrelevant award show but then Maryse and Lana were send to the ESPY's award show😂