03/14/14 E.S.P. TV presented an evening of music and performance at Trans Pecos which was documented by the E.S.P. TV camera crew and treated and edited live. “The filmmakers would create a "finished” or composed work on film through in camera editing, lens play, etc.“ Rose Kallal performed a set on her modular analog synth set-up accompanied by three projectors showing 16 millimeter film loops. Then Hiro Kone (aka Nicky Mao) played a solo set, armed with a Nord keyboard along with hardware samplers including an Octatrack. Her moody, evocative electronic psychedelia set culminated in this great track "Phantom” from her forthcoming album. Also on the bill were You and Modern Nails, along with DJ/Trans Pecos curator Sam Hillmer (of Diamond Terrifier / Z’s renown). Good tymez.


Mask Valley (2012) 7:58 min w sound
analog video, signal generators, ring modulator, video mixer, tv monitor
Concept: Masking visuals through overloaded circuit to create a dialogue between controlled planes and erratic reproductive patterns

ESP LAB is a media based collaborative, formed by Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan in 2012. The collaboration explores sound and vision through analog methods and electronics. Work is presented in both a performative context as well as exhibited. Their hybrid station for manipulating video signals and soundwaves is comprised of signal generators, TV monitors, video mixers, and modulators. Kiernan and Keddie also co-direct and operate E.S.P. TV, a live taping broadcast on MNN network (