It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt

“Citizenship in a Republic,”

Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

A tribute to Norton studios ~ Angelo Bissessarsingh

My Friends

Today, I was thrown into a paroxysm of sorrow by the news that the great Noel Norton, photographer par excellence had passed away. In a career spanning over five decades, Noel and his devoted wife and partner, Mary Norton, recorded on stills, the footsteps of princes and the beauty of life in all its simplicity.

For many years, as a budding historian, I had admired and revered their work since the photos gave us a closer glimpse of ourselves, untainted by the dross of modern living. Last year, my old friend introduced me to Ms. Jeunanne Alkins, a talented and inspired young artist and publisher who was undertaking the monumental task of compiling a book of photos from the expansive Norton archives which would reflect the beauty of Indo-Trinidad. I was only too honoured to draft the foreword to this latest (and sadly, last) Noel Norton publication, his two previous albums being very highly regarded indeed. This epic book, ‘Kalyana—The Beauty of Indian Culture", was launched in 2011, sadly, however, a few short weeks after the passing of Mary Norton who had been the pillar of the work. Kalyana was launched at the opening of Divali Nagar 2011 to much praise and acclaim.

For a lifetime, the art of Noel Norton has painted a mural of a young nation passing from colonial oppression into brave independence . Generations of Trinbagonians have known and loved the works of Noel and Mary Norton without realizing that the fount of the genius sprang from the love, commitment and enlightenment of two humble people, who only wanted to make an impact on time and space with the camera lens.

As I sit here glancing through the dozens of postcards, and several books in my private collection which bear the stamp of Norton quality, I realize just how great a void the death of Noel and Mary Norton has created. Like Felix Morin, Harold Tucker, Charles Cazabon and other eminent photographers of the 19th century, they captured in freeze-frame forever, the cusp of a changing country and its wonderful people. They will live on forever in these images of the soul of the nation that they have spawned, and yet, now that Noel and Mary Norton have both found well-earned rest, it feels as if the lights have gone dark in a part of my house………..R.I.P Noel Norton. Your legacy will always endure.

Angelo Bissessarsingh


Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago


Noel Norton - Biography

Dr Noel Patrick Norton, Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts,  was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad on 20 December 1927. The second born of a family of five siblings, he is son to the now deceased Winsley Theophilus Norton and Edith Waith of 39 Carlos Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad.  Noel married Mary Niles, his mentor and  source of inspiration and encouragement on 19 July 1953.

Noel Norton is a nationally acclaimed photographer, recipient of the Chaconia Medal Gold with ever-increasing international recognition for his role in recording the history and beauty of his native country, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  He is the creator of fifty years of records that cover a wide spectrum of subject matter including nature, architecture, Trinidad Carnival and other local cultural and religious festivals, advertising, weddings and portraiture. He was the photographer often selected by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to accompany officlal visits of dignitaries including the Blessed Pope John Paul II, the Honorable Indian Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Ghandi, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, Haile Selassie I, the Emperor of Ethiopia, Ringo Starr and John Lennon of the Beatles, to name a few of the special invitees.  


Chemistry on set ♥ Tobago Love - Photography by Peter lim Choy

Tobago Love:
“ When people who like each other play-hit to disguise their feelings”

Côté-ci-Côté-la, 2010ed

About ESP jr:


This is the first of several projects developed by Everything Slight Pepper that target children, merging a consciousness of art, storytelling and environment.

The "Turtle Season" 2011 t-shirts, consist of the trademarked taglines “Mini Trini & Tobago Love”. These prints are simple, clean designs that carry big messages. The mission of this project is to create an appreciation of what is ours, whilst instilling pride and consciousness of the need to protect our endangered species.

Immediate plans for the line include using funding from the sale of each shirt to contribute directly towards liaising with community groups to organize activities geared specifically towards getting children involved in turtle conservation.


For updates and information on distribution outlets, prices and other designs check us out at: 


Island of Fire, The Natural Spectacle of the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat

Launched in Trinidad on Tuesday October 18th at the National Academy for the Performing Arts. [Design & Production by Everything Slight Pepper]

80 pages

Publisher The University of the West Indies, Seismic Research Centre (June, 2011)

Available from:
Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Seismic Research Centre

UWI Bookshop
St. Augustine, Trinidad
+1-868-662-2002 ext 82224



Noel P. Norton on stage with the President of the National Council of Indian Culture(NCIC) Deokienanan Sharma at the presentation of “Kalyana, The Beauty and Charm of Indian Culture in Trinidad and Tobago” - October 16, Diwali Nagar Opening Ceremony, Chaguanas, Trinidad 2011

Of great historic significance for Trinidad and Tobago is Noel P Norton’s recordings of every day life, industry, agriculture, landscapes and people of all walks of life. His work is captured in three previous publications: Noel Norton’s Trinidad and Tobago, Another Look at Trinidad and Tobago and Noel Norton’s 20 years of Trinidad Carnival. Among those important archives is his special interest in the beauty and daily endeavours of the Indian community in Trinidad.  

His newest publication Kalyana is Mary and Noel Norton’s first and last joint recording of their impressions of East Indian culture, contribution and beauty over the years. The publication, a culmination of 2 years of production work, is also a dedication by Noel Norton to his wife Mary who passed peacefully on 25 August 2011, shortly after completion.  Further details on Noel and Mary Norton’s contribution to national development in the field of photography can be found at

About the book:

Kalyana, The Beauty and Charm of Indian Culture in Trinidad and Tobago” Photographs by Noel P. Norton, Memoirs by the Mary Norton 

A collection of over 70 photographs dating from 1959-present with a foreword by historian, Angelo Bissessarsingh and narrative by the recently deceased Mary Norton.

16”W x 10”H(closed); 32”W x 10”H(open)

[Design & Production: Everything Slight Pepper]

PRINT IS NOT DEAD… at least we at ESP are not letting it go down without a fight! 

While in Butch Lim Choy’s studio photographing Everything Slight Pepper’s portfolio, I got an eye-opening reminder. Did you know that in the publications area in 2011 , we’ve design and produced 3 coffeetable-esque type books, 1 full sized magazine, 4 issues of a pocket-sized magazine and 9 issues of a map-style fold-out newspaper hybrid!

And that is just the publishing projects, just this year… is coming soon! 

How a small studio won big at ADDYs

Trinidad Guardian, Business Section March 21, 2013

Small studios do win big awards.

In the recently-announced 2013 Caribbean Advertising Federation Addy Awards, the coveted 2013 Best of Show Overall Award went to a little-known, Trinidad-based design studio called Everything Slight Pepper.

Everything Slight Pepper stole the spotlight for its package design for the 3ZERO Caribbean brand of spirits. It was also awarded Judges’ Choice for Package Design. The ADDY Awards are sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), and are the advertising industry’s most comprehensive and prestigious competition.

With this coveted win, Jeunanne Alkins, creative director of Everything Slight Pepper, has found her company thrust into the spotlight. 

Specialising in publication design and branding, Everything Slight Pepper is committed to a core principle—everything is creative. It develops concepts that are in tune with their context and audience, and pushes boundaries in technology, creative thought, design and innovation to effectively communicate stories. Everything Slight Pepper (ESP) also started ESPjr, which is dedicated to producing Caribbean-themed content for children.

“This is actually the first time Everything Slight Pepper has entered,” Alkins says. “I had always assumed that the Addys were only geared towards big agencies and mega campaigns, so I had dismissed the idea to enter until the very last minute, after some associates insisted that I give it a try. We entered in only one category.

“So to see that we won Best of Show Overall out of 678 entries from agencies all over the Caribbean…It’s just amazing. I really hope it encourages other small teams to step up and take a shot. I’m dedicating this win to them.”

Everything Slight Pepper received high praises from ADDY Awards judges, who commended their design for elegant typography, super design elements on the origami-inspired label, frosted pattern, cap and cork, and the seal on top. They also highlighted the bottle’s beautiful, long neck and high-shouldered bottle design, and the wonderful photography. 

Alkins is also psyched about the win, since she used a small, all-female design team—herself as creative director, and graphic artist, Shelley Ann Scott—for the 3ZERO project. Both women are proud that their hard work is getting recognised, and it was able to hold its own in this competitive, male-dominated industry. 

There aren’t many female creative directors in T&T’s advertising industry. The same goes for countries like the United States where it is reported that only three per cent of ad agencies’ creative directors are female. 

“Back in 2012, I was interviewed about gender and entrepreneurship,” Alkins says. “I did some research, and, based on that and discussions with industry peers, I learned that the only local women who are creative directors are those who run their own businesses.  

“For me, the great thing about running my business is that I get much more room to experiment, and thankfully, our clients trust us to deliver high quality work.”

Everything Slight Pepper’s ADDY win is more than just a notch on its belt. It highlights the studio’s innovative approach to design and branding, and is proof that entrepreneurs can successfully compete with bigger players in their industry.

While Everything Slight Pepper (ESP) devotes most of its time to client projects, it’s also working on its own pet project, ESPjr. 

“It’s really our way of contributing to the Caribbean community,” Alkins explains. “Growing up in the Caribbean has definitely impacted my work as an artist and designer. These products offer a learning experience for children that could ultimately lead to them contributing to a better Caribbean.”  

ESPjr’s first production—a series of screen-printed T-shirts—features endangered leatherback turtles through child-like eyes. Bold colours, strong graphics, and a confident “Caribbeanness” make this line of clothing for children—from newborns to nine year olds—particularly eye-catching. Simple, contemporary designs, with the trademarked tag lines Mini Trini and Tobago Love, carry big messages, giving adults the opportunity to let the children in their life make a statement. The collection strives to make children conscious of the need to protect endangered species, and nurture their pride in cherishing the environment.

Future projects include story and activity books, cartoons and an array of innovative and entertaining merchandise. Alkins is currently prepping brand new designs, and an e-commerce Web site,, which will be released before the end of 2013. 

With award-winning tacked onto its name, Everything Slight Pepper truly has its hands full with things creative. It aims to keep producing high quality work, and creating specialty, Caribbean-themed products for children. 

Read the article online here

The BIGGEST of BIG thank yous to my amazing friend, super communicator and my backbone, Karel Mc Intosh, founder of Outlish Magazine and her newest venture Livewired Group. Always gently coaxing me out of my cozy shadow comfort zone.


Packaged as gifts to go…Christmas crackers! ESP jr “Mini Trini + Tobago Love” onezies and tees


The Turtle Season 2011 series consists of onezies and t-shirts for babies, toddlers and children ranging from newborn up to age nine. The tag lines “Mini Trini & Tobago Love” are combined with simple, contemporary designs that carry big messages. 


3ZERO labelworks on display, HP’s success story board at the global packaging show DRUPA 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany 

The world’s leading trade fair for the print media industry is the declared goal for all those of rank and substance in the sector. Top-calibre professionals meet global market leaders. Companies from all sectors present technology, innovations and visions that point the way to the future  for the industry: live and up close.
More on DRUPA

3ZERO brand identity, packaging, graphics, promotional wear and the works by Everything Slight Pepper ™


Sooknanan, Nagib Elias Advertisment circa 1970, and on the cover of “Kalyana, The Beauty and Charm of Indian Culture in Trinidad and Tobago” - Photographs by Noel P. Norton, Memoirs by the Mary Norton

[Nagib Elias advertisement courtesy Virtual Museum of Trinidad and Tobago/Angelo Bissessarsingh]

“His name was Sooknanan.

He was a newspaper vendor.  He rode a bicycle with his bundle of newspapersbalancing precariously on the handle but with an ever smiling face “with few teeth only.”  

Sometime subsequently we were asked by the Trinidad Guardian to photograph someone for a campaign which they were launching to promote the Evening News. We did not have to look far. We approached Sooknanan about the request.  Because it was for advertising purposes, he was paid a stipend and signed a form giving permission to reproduce the photograph. When our book designer was given the files to search for material, within a short while she came back to us with the news – “I have found the perfect image for our cover”.  We knew immediately whom it was and so a star was born.

- Mary Norton

About the book:

A collection of over 70 photographs dating from 1959-present with a foreword by historian, Angelo Bissessarsingh and narrative by the recently deceased Mary Norton.

Noel is a nationally acclaimed photographer, recipient of the Chaconia Medal Gold for his contribution to culture in Trinidad and Tobago and an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from UTT. In his latest publication Kalyana: The Beauty of Indian Culture, Mary and Noel Norton’s first joint recording of their impressions of East Indian culture over the years, you are invited on a personal journey into Central Trinidad with Mary as guide. Kalyana – a gift worth a thousand words, is available at:

  • House of Jaipur
  • Pop Inn, Ellerslie Plaza
  • Paper Based Book Shop, Normandie Hotel
  • Nigel Khan Bookstores
  • Reader’s Bookshop
  • Ishmael Khan Bookstores


‘I Am An Islandista’ 

Is: Where is your ‘happy place’?

J.A.:Trinidad, Jouvert morning, 5am, alcohol soaked, covered head to toe in cocoa and dancing by myself alongside my friends and family is my perfect blissful place both mentally and physically.

I usually shy away from attention and interviews but I finally got a chance to talk about my happy place…JOUuuu-vayyy mornin! Thanks Amanda!

More of the Q&A (there is some substance I promise) > here

ESP jr is a tiny division of Caribbean Design studio, Everything Slight Pepper. ESP jr is devoted to the creation of indigenous content for young audiences. 

Everything Slight Pepper is committed to telling stories that elevate Caribbean colloquial references to a high design realm. In a world where everyone is moving really fast, ESP is determined to make people slow down a little bit and pay attention to details.