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"For one college student, the stories of an inhumanly tall supernatural being couldn't be farther from reality. But, as the school year transcribes, Jamie is hearing all sorts of strange tales about a paranormal entity that takes the virginity of young women. That's all spook stories to scare girls into having sex, or is it? The truth of a tall, slender man may be more real than she's ready for." -- Slenderbone


espritdecalmar replied to your postCan we make a sue that is literally a British/Japanese cup of tea in a world inhabited by American mugs of coffee and the only other drink who can love her is a saucy French Chocolat Chaud? Also every drink is either American, British, Japanese, or French. Because those are the only nationalities that exist according to suethors.

Don’t forget that slut vodka.

Is wine that pushy guy who flirts with you constantly and won’t take no for an answer when no one else is around?