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Daddy!Dazai sure is popular (❤ω❤) – I’m going to use the IRL Dazai’s kids names ( he had 3 girls and a boy )because it’s a lot easier giving the kids names when writing a scenario. I’m too lazy to look up the actual age differences so I’m just choosing at random. [PS] This is pretty long since I got more than one Daddy!Dazai request~

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The houses as smell aesthetics

Gryffindor: Cinnamon, oranges, warm apple cider, brick buildings, fresh air, smoke, sidewalk chalk, best friends’ clothes, brass, lemon bars, gravel roads, summer air through a window, fruit-flavored syrup, bonfires, 

Hufflepuff: Sugar cookies, good soil, real watermelon (not that fake perfume-y smell), popcorn, mint sprigs, old, strong trees, those fun smelly markers, breakfast made for loved ones, small ice cream parlors, candied cherries

Ravenclaw: Peppermint, local honey, the unused sections of the library, ceramic vases, almond extract, glass petri dishes, a clean blanket, ink, whicker chairs, sweets that you couldn’t help but eat, no matter how hard you try, powdered sugar

Slytherin: Vanilla extract, paint, lavender, friends’ perfume, musky shampoo, homemade whipped cream, old jewelry, dark chocolate with pepper, small ghost towns with stale air, salt-water, espresso, lemon bars, brown sugar

anonymous asked:

I'm asking for a Mac custom palette for my birthday ✌️ what are good shades of eyeshadows to fill it

if i lost all my eyeshadows from mac and i decided to make a 15 pan palette this is what i would get:
brule (very light nude)
bamboo (warm bisque)
wedge (neutral warm beige)
soft brown (warm orangey beige)
cork (neutral tan)
texture (warm orangey medium)
saddle (warm medium orange/red toned brown)
rule (lightish orange)
swiss chocolate (red/orange toned brick brown)
antiqued (red toned brown with reddish sheen)
sable (pink/plum toned shimmery medium brown)
espresso (neutral brown)
sketch (burgundy with tiny pink specks)
embark (matte dark purpley brown)
carbon (matte black)


Whether you are

- white chocolate
- toffee
- sand
- milk chocolate
- peanut butter
- cinnamon
- amber
- chestnut
- mahogany
- caramel
- almond
- bronze
- gold
- tan
- cocoa
- dark chocolate
- espresso
- cappuccino
- chai
- brown sugar
- beige
- honey
- earth

Or any variation or combination .