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(thanks to @calmandcalculating and @phynali for the inspiration and the list of heroes/villains that are public enough to warrant drinks c: )


Kid Flash – a red eye (a cup of either brewed coffee or an americano with a shot of espresso added) topped with whipped cream and drizzle of choice.

Quick – definitely a miel (espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and honey) with an extra shot of espresso.

Vibe – toffee and salted caramel iced latte. Possibly a blended drink so it’s a little more like a smoothie/slushie?


Heatwave – with a name like Mick Rory there’s really only one drink that could be tweaked for this: Irish coffee. (brown sugar, espresso, Irish whisky and cream) I can’t choose, though, between one made with equal parts cinnamon and brown sugar with a bit of cinnamon on top or going kind of ridiculous and using whipped cream instead of actual cream and sprinkling crushed Red Hots on top.

Captain Cold – dark chocolate and mint syrups mixed with espresso and served either affogato (with ice cream) or as an iced latte. Optional mint garnish.

Golden Glider – either a dry cappucino with a shot of amaretto or a latte flavored with licorice syrup.

Weather Wizard – a black eye (brewed coffee or an americano with two shots of espresso) served over ice. Alternatively, if the Jitters crew knows about Mardon’s revenge deal against the Wests, they call all their babyccinos (literally just steamed milk with or without flavor syrup) Weather Wizards.

Rainbow Raider – a red eye served with just a bit of steamed milk on top. should be put together like coffee > steamed milk > espresso so the espresso stains the milk and makes it look a little like an eye.

Trickster – a flavored latte made with hot sauce instead of syrup. Not a serious drink to most people, but I bet there’s at least one weirdo out there who just loves it.

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Living to Die - Parts 1 & 2

Oh god this is long! This is actually parts 1 and 2 (which takes place back when you and Dazai first meet), I wanted to post both since I didn’t feel that either one could really stand all too well alone. 

Also, sorry for the late post, I had to spend the day traveling back to campus and I’m officially back in hell. 

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! 

~Admin Kat

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No matter how hard you tried, you could not overcome the darkness within you. 

When you first arrived at Yokohama, blending into the city was impossible. You had never experienced what most people would describe as a “normal” life. You were conditioned to defend. You were like an attack dog. You trusted no one. And you took down everyone that got in your way.

You couldn’t stand crowds. Too many witnesses if anything were to happen. And so, whenever you traveled, you took the hidden alleys in between buildings. 

However, this made your paths seem predictable, which made enemy ambushes all too easy. 

You were walking in an alleyway, far away from the hum of the cars moving in the streets. You were always on edge, expecting danger despite trying to live a “normal” life. But something tonight was wrong and your overstimulated senses warned you to run.

You froze. 

Fuckin’…I just want one peaceful day without having to do something dubious…

There was a cold, metal barrel pressed against your back.

I’ve been in this city for literally two days, who the fuck would want to kill me already?

“We’ve been looking for you…” a quiet, but alluring voice spoke from behind you.

Your cheeks flushed slightly at the sound of it. And then you got mad.

Suddenly, you turned towards your attacker and knocked the gun out of his hand. 

“Ability: Spiral of Life,” you whispered.

You stood back and built up compressed air against your palm and slammed it against his chest. With a smirk, you released the air pockets and…

Nothing happened.


When you made skin contact with your attacker, all of your sensory abilities disappeared.

“Tch.” You immediately jumped back, getting a chance to finally take in your attacker.

He was slender and tall, with messy, espresso brown hair, with his eyes matching the color. He had bandages wrapped over his right eye and a medical patch on his left cheek. He was attractive, but none of that mattered to you.

 "…There are ability users here, too?“ you snarled at him.

But that shouldn’t be possible…They’ve always said that no one was able to create ability users outside of our town…

"Who are you?” you asked. “Who sent you?!”


No response.

Suddenly, you felt the overwhelming sense of being surrounded. Men in suits came all around you with guns pointing at you. 

“You’re making a big mistake,” you growled quietly.

The man turned around and immediately, the gunmen pulled their triggers.

But guns were never a problem for you. In fact, all the bullets simply got redirected away from you before they reached you.

That caught the attention of the brown-haired man.

A smirk donned your face and you chuckled as you held out your hand and the men around you suddenly yelled out in pain. They began moving against their own will, pointing the guns at each other. 

You snapped your fingers and all the men shot at each other, falling dead right after. You used magnetism to summon one of their handguns and pointed it right at the brunette.

But before you could pull the trigger, you saw something in his eyes. A hint of plea, well hidden behind the darkness. It was like you were looking into your own. It was an expression you saw every time you looked into the mirror. It was…

You didn’t even have a chance to decide to not pull the trigger. For something attacked you from behind.

A black and red spear poked out through your chest and you began to feel your abilities fade. You recognized this sensation.

This numbing feeling…

You grabbed onto the spear and shakily turned. 

The man wielding the ability had dark hair that were grey at the tips. He withdrew the spear and you fell to the ground, completely at the mercy of this mysterious organization.

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Coffee ground recycling <3

Just a small little blurb about coffee and reusing old grounds! <3
If you are a huge coffee consumer like myself, then you know how many grounds a person can accumulate over a short period of time… A LOT

Coffee Grounds are great for your compost pile, plants, staining fabrics and bones as well as it divinatory uses to name a couple.
Coffee grounds can be read like tea leaves, beans can be burned for protection,nightmares and people… saving a bit of extra from your french press or
fresh pot of coffee is a wonderful offering to the spirits or ancestors you have around ( my grandfather loves black coffee <3 )

So aside from keeping us coffee fiends caffeinated, coffee grounds have an array of other good and practical uses.

1: Fertilizer…. plants that tend to love acid are great for spoiling with old coffee grounds… roses,  azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias to name a few.
Just sprinkle the grounds around the base of the plant or mix with the soil!
When we had a rose bush i would sprinkle old grounds around the base and bury old banana peels beneath…. roses seemed to love the nutrients and acid! they
grew monstrous <3

2: You can use old grounds like baking soda… your fridge have a funky odor?
Stick an open container in the back filled with old coffee grounds… and forget about for a couple weeks.

3: just like egg shells, coffee grounds are a great natural way to clean!
They are great for tough stains and crusty dishes due to their rough and gritty texture.

4: exfoliate your skin.
You can add old grounds to warm water, oils, or soaps to help exfoliate
I like using coconut oil or even olive oil… though i add a bit of brown sugar when using olive oil : )  

5: hair cleanser,
Take a small bit of grounds and massage into your scalp and hair to get rid of residue from those cans of hair spray and other hair products or to simply just

6: Staining…
this is by far my personal favorite way to stain and antique things…
laces, slips, various fabrics, wood, bone, paper…. each texture absorbs the coffee color differently… sometimes you get a golden hue,
other times you get a deep espresso brown.

One of my personal favorite things to stain is old weathered porous bones… you know those bones that have been sitting out in the dry sun too long?
Bleached white by the elements, the texture is worn and rough and absorbs coffee incredibly well. Typically those kinds of old bones end up nearly black when staining
with old grounds… if not black then a very rich and deep brown color which looks amazing <3

7: of course grounds are amazing for compost

8: apparently sprinkling grounds around your plants and garden will deter cats,slugs, ants and other little critters… mixing the grounds with rosemary
or citrus peels will deter small mammals again like cats and the like.

And a last note of random little superstitions surrounding the all mighty coffee….  

If you spill your cup of coffee ( specifically if you are female) it is an indication that your lover is thinking of you.
It is also believed that if your cup drops it means bad luck… if coffee gets splashed or spilled on your saucer it can be
read as a flow of cash coming your way…….
So essentially if you are clumsy with your coffee beverage it mean you are being thought of, having bad luck or will get some
good income in the future….
lets get clumsy shall we?


Cool complexions usually have pink undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NW10, MUFE 107, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NW15, MUFE 110, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NW20, MUFE 115/118, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Sand, MAC NW25, MUFE 125/127, NARS Punjab/Sante Fe)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Cool Beige, MAC NW30, MUFE 135/140, NARS Santa Fe/Barcelona)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural, MAC NW35, MUFE 150/160, NARS Barcelona)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural Tan, MAC NW40/43, MUFE 175, NARS Cadiz)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NW44/45/47, MUFE 178, NARS New Guinea)
  • Deep Dark (Pink) (Bobbi Brown Walnut, MAC NW50/55, MUFE 180, NARS Tortuga)

Neutral complexions usually have beige or olive undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC Matchmaster 1, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC N1, MUFE 115/117, NARS Gobi)
  • Light (Chanel B20, MAC N2, MUFE 117/20, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC N3, MUFE 125/127, NARS Ceylan)
  • Medium (Chanel B30, MAC NC/NW30, MUFE 128, NARS Stromboli)
  • Medium Tan (Chanel B40, MAC NC/NW35, MUFE 128)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Honey, MAC NC/NW40, MUFE 170)
  • Dark Tan (MAC NC/NW45, NARS Syracuse)
  • Deep Dark (MAC NC/NW50/55, Revlon Cappuccino)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MAC Matchmaster 7.5)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MUFE 75)

Warm complexions usually have yellow undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NC10, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NC15, MUFE 115, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NC20, MUFE 118, NARS Ceylan/Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC NC25, MUFE 118/120, NARS Fiji)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Warm Beige, MAC NC30, MUFE 123/125, NARS Punjab)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Natural, MAC NC35/37, MUFE 128/140, NARS Stromboli)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Honey, MAC NC40/42/43, MUFE 150/155, NARS Barcelona)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NC44/45/47, MUFE 170/173, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Peach) (Bobbi Brown Deep Tint, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 70, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (Bobbi Brown Espresso, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 178/180, NARS NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (Bobbi Brown Warm Walnut, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 175/180, NARS NARS Macao)


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NAME: Keera Anne Marie Mcginty
AGE: 27-31
SPECIES: Human/ (Sprite in her supernatural verse)
GENDER: Female
PROFESSION: Nomadic Card shark 


BODY TYPE: Slim, athletic
HAIR:  Espresso brown
EYES: green and brown ( Heterochromia)
HEIGHT:  5′3″


SIBLINGS: None that she knows about but her mother was a hooker so it is possible she has siblings that she doesn’t know about.
PARENTS: Christina McGinty (Mother) Father unknown
CHILDREN: Liam (SOA verse with Scottishanarchy) and Ainsley (With Duncan Mcleode) in their respective verses
ANY PETS?:none


COLORS:  Red, Brown (Desert Aestetic)
SMELLS:  Leather, cigarettes, chocolate
FOOD:  Spicy food
DRINKS:  Whiskey, Coffee
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? :   yes  [ X ]   ||   rarely   [  ]   ||    no  [   ]


SMOKES? :   yes  [x  ]   ||   no  [  ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRUGS?:   yes  [   ]   ||   no  [ x ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]  
DRIVER LICENSE?:   yes  [ x ]   ||   no  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED?:   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ x ] (Though its because she always gets away)


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Westallen Prompt humor A rival of Iris' gets a photo of her kissing Barry (while in his Flash suit). Now everyone thinks Iris is cheating on Barry with the Flash. I'd love to read everyone's reactions to that happening especially those who don't know Barry is the Flash.

Haaay, nonnie. Thank you for suggesting such a fun prompt. This is gonna be slightly AU since so many ppl know Barry’s identity, but I hope you enjoy!

It was just one kiss. Stolen atop Jitters’ rooftop after dark, with the lights of Central City painting warm tones on two bodies that were pressed against one another. Barry’s hand traced the soft curve of her jaw; Iris’ teeth scraped his bottom lip with a wanting hunger, a need. Soft whispers of I missed you permeated the air.

This moment was for them, meant to be tucked away from the rest of the world.

But Leo Jackson, beat reporter for CCPN’s Entertainment section, was determined to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Leo, what the hell is this?” Iris West approached the squat reporter while grabbing coffee at her office’s espresso cart; her other hand held a slim tablet showing CCPN’s Entertainment News section. “The Flash: Speeding His Way Into Iris West’s Pants?!”

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The houses as smell aesthetics

Gryffindor: Cinnamon, oranges, warm apple cider, brick buildings, fresh air, smoke, sidewalk chalk, best friends’ clothes, brass, lemon bars, gravel roads, summer air through a window, fruit-flavored syrup, bonfires, 

Hufflepuff: Sugar cookies, good soil, real watermelon (not that fake perfume-y smell), popcorn, mint sprigs, old, strong trees, those fun smelly markers, breakfast made for loved ones, small ice cream parlors, candied cherries

Ravenclaw: Peppermint, local honey, the unused sections of the library, ceramic vases, almond extract, glass petri dishes, a clean blanket, ink, whicker chairs, sweets that you couldn’t help but eat, no matter how hard you try, powdered sugar

Slytherin: Vanilla extract, paint, lavender, friends’ perfume, musky shampoo, homemade whipped cream, old jewelry, dark chocolate with pepper, small ghost towns with stale air, salt-water, espresso, lemon bars, brown sugar


Whether you are

- white chocolate
- toffee
- sand
- milk chocolate
- peanut butter
- cinnamon
- amber
- chestnut
- mahogany
- caramel
- almond
- bronze
- gold
- tan
- cocoa
- dark chocolate
- espresso
- cappuccino
- chai
- brown sugar
- beige
- honey
- earth

Or any variation or combination .