LCS Preview: Finals Weekend

By Helmight

On both sides of the Atlantic, the stage is set. In North America, bitter rivals Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 face off once again to compete for the Summer Split title. Meanwhile, in Europe, the upstart Splyce squad will be facing their toughest challenge yet when faced with the juggernaut that is G2 Esports. In addition to that, we’ve also got the third place matches between Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals, and Unicorns of Love versus H2K. All around, it’s going to be an exciting weekend for LCS lovers.

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Yahoo Esports and ESL Team Up for Live Streaming & Content Partnership

By Zachary John, VP of Yahoo Video and Esports

Today we’re excited to announce that Yahoo Esports is entering into a two-year agreement with ESL, the world’s largest esports company, to bring esports to mainstream audiences via distribution across Yahoo’s properties. Additionally, Yahoo Esports and ESL will collaborate on the development of new tournaments to be covered and distributed by Yahoo, with new exciting integrated sponsorship opportunities for advertisers.

As part of the agreement, Yahoo Esports and ESL will work together to distribute Yahoo’s unique storytelling and in-depth coverage of ESL’s major events, including the ESL One and IEM global competitive series. Yahoo Esports will live stream ESL produced tournaments in HD quality throughout the world and promote content globally to esports fans across Yahoo properties. To help brands be part of this action, Yahoo Esports is offering advertisers integrated content sponsorship opportunities within both its esports coverage and new tournament offerings.

Our Yahoo Esports team is extremely excited to be partnering with ESL to bring greater coverage of its leading esports events, as well as innovate in new competitive formats and content offerings that we are sure will excite both fans and advertisers alike. Yahoo’s unique storytelling, highly-talented editorial staff and global scale are a great combination with ESL’s experience and leadership in the space.

Yahoo Esports successfully launched in March as the premier destination for delivering professional Esports coverage across major games and events, coupled with a comprehensive product experience. With an emphasis on unique video content experiences covering live tournaments, Yahoo Esports reaches a global audience and is across platform including recent launches on both iOS and Android. With world class experts and talent including Travis Gafford, Taylor Cocke, Dylan Walker and Michael Martin, Yahoo Esports covers the top competitive games including “League of Legends,” “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Dota 2,” “Street Fighter V”, “Heroes of the Storm”, as well as major topics and personalities in the esports industry.


Inside the Competitive World of SMITE

‘SMITE’ has quickly proved itself as a serious contender in the MOBA sector of the growing eSports market, offering million-dollar prize pools. We follow its premier players on their journeys to DreamHack Summer 2016, in Sweden.


okay so I have a question

first of all I don’t watch really esports so im sorry if my questions are stupid lol

but why are everyone in every team guys? are they all male only/female only (where’s the female teams if that’s the case???) 

is it like actual sports where you don’t mix genders in teams or what

if that’s not the case then I can’t fucking believe that 8 teams doesn’t have one single girl like what the hell that can’t be the case????


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