Dear You,

You know that feeling you get when you finally learn something that challenged you beyond your own belief? Yet, everyone else could see you could do it. It’s like your blinded by your own passion. Sometimes, you want something, so bad, that you begin to believe that you can’t achieve it. That’s how I feel about you. I want you and I’ve been driven to  do so.

You came into my life so suddenly. So abruptly and yet, with perfect timing. I opened up to you, so easily. I trust you. All I do is spend my time thinking about you. Your smile is a permanent memory in my mind. The way you make me feel is so exhilarating.

You’ve given me happiness but you don’t hold it. You just led me to finding my source of happiness from within myself. I’ve never felt so strong. I’ve never felt so free from myself. 

My heart races every time I see you. I’m always nervous when your present and even when I’m simply texting you. I constantly have butterflies. Sometimes, it feels like they’re going to make me sick and I don’t dare step any closer to you but yet, they’ve never felt so inviting. I’m not really sure how I feel about you. I just can’t explain it, with words.

What I am sure is, I want you to stay. What has become of us is something so precious. Something I don’t want to lose. It feels too good to be true and makes me proceed with caution but for once, I can’t runaway from what I feel.

It scares me but for some reason I keep holding on.