Good Bye ESPN

Dear ESPN,

I haven’t been watching or listening to your programming for a few years now. The programming and analysts and commentary at the MLB Network are better. Dan Patrick is better than Colin Cowherd. I don’t watch the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLS, the World Series of Poker, high school cheerleading competitions or NASCAR.

I did still occasionally check your website, but only after I read,, and other sites first. Since Rob Neyer left though, I had even less reason to visit your website. I hate that the videos on your website automatically start when loading the page. I hate that you charge an ESPN Insider subscription to read articles on your website.

This is the final straw. I took the time to embed an video in a post for my blog instead of downloading and uploading it, and then you took down the video from your site. I’m done with you.

Good bye.

Don’t the door hit your arse on the way out.

So with this Tom Brady thing

Everyone keeps asking why did he just not come clean when asked about the balls?

I put it like this… Try to remember the biggest party that was ever going to go down in your teenage years. Like everyone was going to be there and if you weren’t there you were a nobody. You got one thing in your! Mom asks you, when you’re all dressed up to the nines and ready to turn up if you cleaned your room. Not one damn thing is clean in your room. It’s a complete dump! You tell her yes. You know she’s gonna check your room after you leave. You know you’re going to get in more trouble but making it to that HUGGGEEE party is your only goal and to you, going through the trouble is worth it. How that relates to Brady? It was like a week before the super bowl before this deflate gate shit came out. You really think that Brady is about to confess to something right before the big game?!!! Hell no! There would have problem been punishment then. Sure not as harsh because he fessed up but I guarantee you if Tom Brady came out the week before the Super Bowl that he had something to do with that, we wouldn’t be talking about, “Why didn’t they give the ball to BEAST MODE?” Tom Brady knew he didn’t clean his room, but nothing was stopping him from getting to the party of the century.

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