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Michelle Obama honors late Eunice Kennedy Shriver at 2017 ESPYs
One of the most emotional moments at the 2017 ESPYs was when former First Lady Michelle Obama honored the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.
By ABC News

Michael Rothman at ABC News: 

One of the most emotional moments at the 2017 ESPYs was when former First Lady Michelle Obama honored the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Shriver founded the Special Olympics in 1968 and the organization now stands as the world’s largest sports organization for millions of children and adults living with intellectual disabilities in more than 100 countries.

Obama came out to a standing ovation and then said, “I am here tonight to honor a remarkable woman.”

“Through her passionate service, she made the world more welcoming and fair,” she said. “Alongside heroes like Jackie Robinson … Muhammad Ali and Arthur Ashe, there’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver.”

A heartfelt video then played, featuring children sharing their first-person stories of how their intellectual disabilities negatively affected their lives. Children spoke about “getting shoved in lockers” at school, just because they were different.

Shriver, who died in 2009, was also mother to Maria Shriver and sister of the late President John F. Kennedy. She was inspired to start the Special Olympics because her sister Rosemary was born with intellectual disabilities.

The video explained how at the time when she began her crusade for acceptance, those with intellectual disabilities were institutionalized and marginalized. First, she began Camp Shriver in 1960 as a place for all types of children to compete, then as it grew, she dreamed of something bigger – the Special Olympics.

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The Price of Gold (2013) 1h 18min.

The world couldn’t keep its eyes off two athletes at the 1994 Winter Games in Lillehammer - Nancy Kerrigan, the elegant brunette from the Northeast, and Tonya Harding, the feisty blonde engulfed in scandal. Just weeks before the Olympics on Jan. 6, 1994 at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Kerrigan was stunningly clubbed on the right knee by an unknown assailant and left wailing, “Why, why, why?” As the bizarre “why” mystery unraveled, it was revealed that Harding’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, had plotted the attack with his misfit friends to literally eliminate Kerrigan from the competition. Now two decades later, “The Price of Gold” takes a fresh look through Harding’s turbulent career and life at the spectacle that elevated the popularity of professional figure skating and has Harding still facing questions over what she knew and when she knew it.

66 USWNT/NWSL questions

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It would be really hard to walk away after the world cup, knowing that the olympics is right around the corner, but I want those younger players to know, based not only on my words but my actions, that I actually believe in them. You could imagine if we won a world cup and I walked away, that’s me giving them the nod. You got this.
—  Abby Wambach on retirement [x]
Will You Still Medal in the Morning?

Home to more than 10,000 athletes at the Summer Games and 2,700 at the Winter, the Olympic Village is one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. To join, prospective members need only have spectacular talent and – we long assumed – a chaste devotion to the most intense competition of their lives. But the image of a celibate Games began to flicker in ‘92 when it was reported that the Games’ organizers had ordered in prophylactics like pizza. Then, at the 2000 Sydney Games, 70,000 condoms wasn’t enough, prompting a second order of 20,000 and a new standing order of 100,000 condoms per Olympics. 

Many Olympians, past and present, abide by what Summer Sanders, a swimmer who won two gold medals, a silver and a bronze in Barcelona, calls the second Olympic motto: “What happens in the village stays in the village.” Yet if you ask enough active and retired athletes often enough to spill their secrets, the village gates will fly open. It quickly becomes clear that, summer or winter, the games go on long after the medal ceremony. “There’s a lot of sex going on,” says women’s soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo, a gold medalist in 2008. How much sex? “I’d say it’s 70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians,” offers world-record-holding swimmer Ryan Lochte, who will be in London for his third Games. “Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." 

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