espn commentator

Jack and Bitty actually coming out in the rain of red-and-white confetti after Captain Bittle leads Samwell to its first NCAA championship at the Frozen Four.  Bitty is on his team’s shoulders, exhilarated, when his boyfriend gains the ice.  

“Here comes 2015 Samwell alumnus and Providence Falconers forward Jack Zimmermann to congratulate his former teammates,” the ESPN commentator says.  Bitty leans down and shouts something in Chowder’s ear, and Chowder and Dex swing Bitty down to the ice as he reaches out for Jack.  

It’s not an easy landing–Jack’s shoes don’t have great purchase, and Bitty’s on skates; Jack reaches out to catch Bitty and Bitty does his best to stand upright as he glides and they both spiral a bit, clutching to keep each other upright.

And then it’s so natural, so easy, to do what they’d talked about, Jack’s mouth finding Bitty’s, the team triumphant around them, Samwell colours falling all around, until Jack sees a man coming with the trophy and has to break away, point his dazed boyfriend to where a carpet is being rolled out onto the rink.  Bitty, flushed and jubilant, has to go and accept it.

“I’m so proud of him,” Jack says later to the cameras, arm around Bitty’s shoulders.  “I’m so proud.”