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Taylor Swift is gearing up for a huge performance.

A source tells ET that the 27-year-old singer will be performing at the College Football National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, which is set to take place on Jan. 8, 2018.

“She will headline a concert in Centennial Olympic Park during halftime of the game,“ the source says. "It will be a free concert. ESPN has her booked for the event and has a massive deal to release new music from [her upcoming album] Reputation through its college football coverage this season.”

According to the source, Swift can’t perform at the Super Bowl halftime because she has an endorsement deal with Coke, and the Super Bowl is sponsored by Pepsi.

“Taylor’s sponsors (UPS and AT&T) are two of the biggest NCAA Football advertisers on ESPN,” the source notes.

On Saturday, Swift surprised fans by releasing a snippet of her second song off Reputation – “…Ready For It?” – during the college football game between Alabama and Florida State. The following morning, she released the full songon iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

ET has reached out to Swift’s rep and ESPN for comment.

For more on Swift’s new love song, watch the video below.

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"That is one hell of a mess.” and Andreil!! ♥︎

Here you go! I hope it’s alright!

Neil walked into the living room, blearily rubbing a hand over his eye to his temple. A headache was blossoming behind one eye and it was already promising to be one of those days.

He saw Andrew sitting on the couch with a bored expression as he watched ESPN. Neil groaned as he saw what the story was. It was a video of him laying into a reporter for comments they made about Andrew’s “sloppy performance” in the previous night’s game, as Neil’s team prepared to face off against Andrew’s the next week. Neil yelling at the press wasn’t terribly remarkable, but defending an opposing team’s player was.

“That is one hell of a mess,” Andrew commented without looking away from the screen. “You’re good at those, though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.”

Neil sighed and sat beside him. “I know. My agent’s already called me three times this morning.”

“She’s gonna be pissed at you for ignoring her.”

“She’s already pissed,” Neil said with a dismissive hand wave, “listening to her yell at me can at least wait until I’ve had coffee.”

Neil took the remote from Andrew and turned the volume up. After a few seconds, he remarked, “Don’t they have anything more important to talk about?”

“Probably. But why cover those when we have your incredible speech to analyze? Tell me again about how I blasted my team out of mediocrity. It was practically poetry.”

“I don’t regret it.”

“I don’t need you to defend me. I don’t care what they said.”

“Well I do. They had no idea what you were playing through. I told you, you could have sat out if yesterday was too much-”

“Neil. Drop it.”

Neil pressed his lips into a thin line. “Fine. I still meant it.”

“I know you did.”

Neil’s phone rang again and he went off to the bedroom to answer it, knowing that if he didn’t the next step would be his agent showing up at his door to lecture him in person. On the phone, she seemed more resigned than angry and simply talked to him about keeping comments to a minimum, focusing on the upcoming games and the likelihood of another story overshadowing it soon. She hung up with, “You’ve said worse.”

He took down a mental note to up the amount of chocolate in her Christmas gift and left the room.

As he headed back into the living room, he found that Andrew had just hung up a phone call of his own. “Who was that?”

“ESPN asking for a comment.”

“What did you say?”

“Just that it wasn’t surprising considering you’ve always been a loudmouth.”

“That’s boring.”

“Would you rather I mention that we’re fucking?”

Neil rolled his eyes. “I think if you said that, both our agents would actually have a heart attack.”

“Now who’s boring?”

Neil pulled him in and the rest of the segment was forgotten.

Neil didn’t think much of their conversation until a few days later when their teams played each other and Andrew got roped into an interview. He watched from the locker room, expecting Andrew to brush the reporter’s questions off, but when asked about Neil, he said, “Josten’s words are nice, but I don’t need his pity. I know I can shut him out.”

Neil’s team let out a chorus of “oooohs” and Neil smirked.

When he met Andrew in the parking lot later, he greeted him with, “Was it my ears or did you sound suspiciously like you cared about Exy?”

“A fake rivalry could be amusing. That’s all.”

Neil smiled. “Uh huh.”

Andrew pulled him in for a kiss and Neil was suddenly very, very grateful for the press.

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Nicky finds out what dusha means

so i’ve had this prompt for a while (it’s in reference to this post i made about andrew and neil speaking russian) and decided to pair it with 

What if a media person can understand russian and can understand everything that neil and andrew say on the court (they say both fluffy and explicit things) but the person is listening to the other commentators talk about how much andreil hate each other and is trying super hard not to laugh

which is another prompt i have! here is the mess that is the press uncovers exactly what andrew and neil say to each other when on the court together:

  • andrew and neil had been casually throwing around russian words to each other for quite a while now
  • when they were foxes, there was some coverage of their games (although they’re a Class I Exy team, it still is only at a collegiate level) but it was mostly done by in state stations and maybe talked about on ESPN in the collegiate exy segments
  • andrew and neil never encountered anyone during their time at palmetto who could also speak russian and they knew that they might eventually get caught calling each other nice names, but they didn’t really care
  • when they we’re still on different teams is when someone finally catches on
  • it was like any game they played each other since they started on separate teams, neil played his hardest (as he always did) and andrew shut down the goal (as he always did when playing neil)

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Jack and Bitty actually coming out in the rain of red-and-white confetti after Captain Bittle leads Samwell to its first NCAA championship at the Frozen Four.  Bitty is on his team’s shoulders, exhilarated, when his boyfriend gains the ice.  

“Here comes 2015 Samwell alumnus and Providence Falconers forward Jack Zimmermann to congratulate his former teammates,” the ESPN commentator says.  Bitty leans down and shouts something in Chowder’s ear, and Chowder and Dex swing Bitty down to the ice as he reaches out for Jack.  

It’s not an easy landing–Jack’s shoes don’t have great purchase, and Bitty’s on skates; Jack reaches out to catch Bitty and Bitty does his best to stand upright as he glides and they both spiral a bit, clutching to keep each other upright.

And then it’s so natural, so easy, to do what they’d talked about, Jack’s mouth finding Bitty’s, the team triumphant around them, Samwell colours falling all around, until Jack sees a man coming with the trophy and has to break away, point his dazed boyfriend to where a carpet is being rolled out onto the rink.  Bitty, flushed and jubilant, has to go and accept it.

“I’m so proud of him,” Jack says later to the cameras, arm around Bitty’s shoulders.  “I’m so proud.”

When he says, “Trump gets an enormous reaction,” Eminem comes right up to the line of recognizing that Trump wasn’t some conquering alien invader but a dark reflection of what Americans really wanted in a president. Why do Trump’s fights with pop cultural figures like professional athletes and late-night hosts and ESPN commentators get so much more attention than, say, his fight with the mayor of San Juan? Because as a whole, the American public cares more about celebrities than the mayor of San Juan. Trump alone among Republican presidential candidates was a figure of the world prime-time television, reality shows, People magazine, TMZ, Page Six. Most of the rest of the candidates wasted their pre-campaign careers working in governor’s mansions and the U.S. Senate and studying government; Trump studied America’s celebrity culture. He was the only presidential candidate who had already hung out with the Kardashians.
—  National Review
BREAKING: Texans to protest anthem (method[s] to be determined) after McNair's insensitive remark.
The Texans held a players meeting Saturday in Seattle to decide how to handle Sunday's pregame on the heels of owner Bob McNair's "inmates running the prison" comment, a source told ESPN.


Houston Texans players are planning to protest as a unit before Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks in the wake of team owner Bob McNair’s controversial “inmates running the prison” comment, a league source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The Texans held a players meeting Saturday in Seattle to decide how to handle Sunday after McNair’s comments surfaced, the source said.

According to the source, the team could decide to kneel all together, and also discussed peeling the Texans decal off their helmets or raising their fists. However the team decides to protest, the plan will be revealed Sunday, the source said.

process of elimination

westallen wedding week. day one: wedding preparations. intended for general audiences.

“… Tracy?”

Iris squints, lifting her head back she finds Barry equally stumped. He doesn’t know why he’s said her name either, well aware Iria hasn’t spoken to Tracy since Larkin offered her a position.

“Or not.”

Barry’s thin lips stretch into an adorable delicate smile, and easily reminds her we’ll figure it out.

No matter the current state of her social circle.

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The solution to our problem Part 2

Special thanks to @cizavilation and @ailingnoor for betaing and for supporting me through the process of writing.

I started this 6 months ago, so I’m ignoring most of season 13 and just continuing the story I started. 

This chapter is after this: and before:


“You’re sure it was Tuesday and not Thursday?” Amelia asked as she paced up and down the living room. Owen was sitting on the couch trying to hear what the commentator on ESPN was saying. “Yes, Dana said that she would be dropping by on Tuesday at 3 pm” he answered patiently “Are you sure she said 3 pm?” Amelia asked nervously. Owen sighed and responded “Yes, I’m sure. Do you want to see the email again?” Amelia stopped pacing abruptly and reached for the remote to turn the TV off. Owen changed his position on the sofa so he could turn back to look at her. “I was watching that, you know?” He told her.

“Owen, we’re going to fail this” Amelia exclaimed with wide eyes “Dana will walk through the house and see 100 ways the baby could kill itself in this dangerous house because we didn’t babyproof it!” Amelia started pacing again, faster this time and Owen couldn’t contain his chuckle. “I DON’T SEE HOW YOU CAN BE LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!” Amelia was raising her voice now. “This woman is going to decide if we are fit to be parents and you are sitting there, watching some bald man talk about sports while I’m losing my mind! How are you so calm? We haven’t even started moving things out of the study to make room for a child! What if she asks us where the nursery is going to be? We don’t have a freaking nursery!” Owen was openly laughing now as he walked toward her. He took her hands and said “Babe, we’re going to be great parents. Everyone will see that. Dana will see we have a great home and that we love each other and that we will love the child they give us. Everything will be fine. We’ll show her our home and explain we will turn the study into the nursery. I think that she will understand that since we recently decided to adopt, we still don’t have the room ready.” Amelia considered Owen’s words and tried to make an effort to calm down. Amelia’s breathing was just going back to normal when the doorbell rang. Her eyes widened as she exclaimed “That’s her!”

Dana was a kind woman in her late 50’s with a lot of experience in the system. She was sweet and had a soothing voice. It was clear that she cared deeply for the children and wanted them to have good homes. She reassured Amelia when it became obvious that she was speaking very fast because of her nerves. Owen did most of the talking during the tour of their home because Amelia was worried that between her nerves and her natural inability to filter herself, she might ruin their chances of getting a child. When they made their way to the study, Amelia explained “This will be the child’s room! I know it doesn’t look anything like it yet but it will soon!” Owen chuckled and continued “Yes, we will move everything to storage and buy the appropriate furniture and decorate it for them” Dana looked at the space and asked “Are you open to adopt sibling groups?” Owen and Amelia looked at each other “Yes, we also have the guest room that can be turned into a room for them” Owen responded as Amelia nodded. As they made their way to the living room, Amelia commented “I know nothing has been babyproofed but it is on our to-do list”. Dana chuckled “I’m glad to see your dedication, Dr. Shepherd, but I wasn’t expecting your house to be babyproofed yet”

After the tour, they sat in the living room and answered questions about their work and family life. Owen took Amelia’s hand and squeezed it reassuringly, which made her smile even though the amount of notes Dana was taking made her nervous.

“Thank you for the tour. You have a lovely home. Now I must ask you a series of questions to make sure you are applying to adopt for the right reasons and make sure the child would be going to a stable home environment. Why did you decide to apply for adoption?” Dana inquired. Owen looked at Amelia as she answered “We both have wanted to form a family for years, both separately and as a couple. After I lost a son shortly after his birth, I realized I cannot do that again, but we have so much love to give and have always wanted to be parents, so when presented with the choice between surrogacy and adoption, we both felt in our hearts that adoption was the best option for us” Dana wrote down some of her answer on her clipboard and asked “Do you feel like one of you feels more strongly about adopting?” Owen and Amelia held hands and answered “No” at the same time. “Very well. Who suggested adoption first?” Dana asked. Owen sat up straighter and responded “I did. I had considered adopting a boy a few years ago. His parents were patients at the hospital when I was chief of surgery. We bonded and after his mother passed away and it seemed like his father wasn’t going to make it, I thought about it, but his father recovered and they were transferred to another hospital”

 Dana finished writing down his answer and questioned “I see, now I will ask you about your families, starting with you, Dr. Hunt” Owen cleared his throat before responding “My mother, Evelyn Hunt, is retired army nurse who lives 5 miles away from the hospital we work at and where the daycare is, so in case the children need to someone to pick them up and we’re both in surgeries,” Amelia nodded along as Owen spoke “she’s close by and can help. My father, was also part of the army but passed away when I was 10.” Dana continued taking notes “ A military family, I see” Owen puffed up his chest in pride “Yes, ma'am. I had a sister, Megan, but she went M.I.A. a little over 9 years ago.”  Owen said looking at his hands. “M.I.A.? She’s no longer part of your life?” Dana asked. Amelia took Owen’s hand and squeezed it for support as she answered “She went missing in action while on her way to provide medical service in combat” Dana put down her pen and looked at Owen “I’m sorry. People misuse MIA all the time, I did not realize you really meant it” Owen lifted his hand to stop her and said “Don’t worry, I understand”

“And there’s also John Finch. He’s Evelyn’s boyfriend. He lives with her, He can also help.” Owen turned to look at Amelia, surprised she had mentioned John. Amelia extended her arm toward Dana and continues “Dana needs to know about John in case the children have a sleep over at your mom’s or have to spend the day there and he’s around.” Dana looked up from her clipboard at Owen “She’s right, Dr. Hunt. If Mr. Finch is going to be part of the children’s life, it is important I know about him, and since he lives with your mother and she is part of your support system, I think it’s safe to assume he will” Owen sat back in the sofa and continued “John served in the Navy, but now he’s a firefighter, so sometimes he also has weird hours like we do, so it is a possibility that he might be the one to pick up the children if need arises” “Uh-huh” Dana finished writing and looked at Amelia “Can I ask about your family now, Dr. Shepherd?” Amelia swallowed hard and rubbed her hands up and down her thighs in nervous energy “My family” she chuckled “Well, I’m the youngest of 5 siblings. My mother, my 3 sisters and their families live back east. I have 11 nieces and 6 nephews. My father passed away when I was 5. My mother a former Navy nurse raised us on her own. My brother passed away almost 2 years ago as a result of a car accident but we’re close to Meredith, who was his wife and their son and daughters as well as her sister, Margaret Pierce. They could also be part of our support system, in case they are needed. We have a village really!” Dana chuckled as she took notes of Amelia’s answer.

She looked up from her notes and said “Now I must ask you about childhoods” Amelia looked at Owen in slight panic. Owen took Amelia’s hand and nodded reassuringly at her. Amelia took a deep breath and looked at Dana. “My father was working the cash register at the convenience store when it was robbed. They took the money and wanted his watch, which had been a gift from my mom, too. He refused and they shot him. My brother and I were in the back of the store. I was five.” Amelia paused and looked at her hands which she was now clasping and unclasping on her lap. “It’s safe to say that affected me and I had a bit of a wild childhood. I’m sure that at some point you will have to ask about substance abuse, so I might a well let you know now. I became addicted to alcohol and oxycodone, but I am sober now and I attend meetings regularly.” Amelia turned to look ruefully at Owen, convinced she had just ruined their shot at adoption. Dana looked at her and said “Addictions is something we definitely bear in mind when considering a couple to become parents, but whether or not it will become a deal breaker, comes to the biological parents. They make the final decision.”

Owen and Amelia continued answering questions about their past and families until Dana announced that she had the information she required to build them a file. After walking Dana to the door and thanking her for her visit, they collapsed on the couch in relief. “I think that went well” Owen said. Amelia just looked at him warily in response “I think we answered like 100 questions” she said. “Now we wait” Owen said as he reached to take Amelia into his arms “This isn’t our only option, Amelia. If they decide to pass us up, we can always try surrogacy. We’ll find a way.”

AFTER skylines: the prequel

skylines: the prequel is not finished but I wanted to introduce you all to the next story. I believe this idea came from a ANON months if not a year ago. They wanted a prompt or story about Derek and Ahsha being best friends. Well here is a peek into my next series after skylines: the prequel, 

Ahsha Truitt and Derek Roman have been best friends since they were children. Growing up in the suburb of Shepherd Park in Washington D.C., the two have a strong bond.  But just how strong is their bond?  Their friendship is tested when Ahsha lands a big movie role and has to temporarily move to Dallas, Texas. When feelings grow into something more, will the childhood friends survive or fall apart? 


Ahsha Raye Truitt, 25 years old, Actress, Derek’s Best Friend, Daughter to Sloane Hayes-Truitt and Raymond Truitt 

Autumn Simone Truitt, 23 years old, Youtube Makeup Guru, Ahsha’s sister, Daughter to Sloane Hayes-Truitt and Raymond Truitt 

Sloane Hayes-Truitt, Former Jazz Singer, Current President/CEO of African-American museum in D.C., Wife to Raymond Truitt 

Raymond Truitt, Former Redskins player, Current talk show host (Live! Kendra and Ray), ESPN commentator during the football season, Husband to Sloane Hayes-Truitt 

Derek Jason Roman, 27 years old, Receiver for Dallas Cowboys, Ahsha’s best friend

Darius Roman, Ex-Marine, Business Owner, Father to Derek Roman

Carmen Roman, Darius Roman’s current wife, Derek’s step-mother and Terrence’s mother, Civil Rights lawyer

Terrence Wall, 26 years old, Derek Roman’s step-brother, Running back for the New York Giants, Son to Carmen Roman and step-son to Darius Roman

I’m not sure on a post date and I don’t want to make any promises since I’m still writing skylines: the prequel. But, I wanted to let you all know another series is coming! I don’t have a title for it yet, but will update you all when I do. 

66 USWNT/NWSL questions

Send me a number:

1. Top 3 favorite players?
2. Favorite new kid?
3. Favorite newbie?
4. Favorite USWNT rival/opponent?
5. NWSL team/s that you support?
6. Favorite nickname?
7. Favorite non-NT American NWSL player?
8. Top 3 matches you like rewatching?
9. Top 3 goals?
10. Favorite veteran?
11. Most intimidating player?
12. Funniest player?
13. Position you’d like to play on the team? Number?
14. Favorite pairing?
15. Favorite coach?
16. Favorite retiree?
17. Most exciting game?
18. Best goal celebration?
19. Favorite USWNT kit? For GKs?
20. Most heartbreaking injury?
21. Favorite significant other?
22. Player you’d like to see get more minutes?
23. Favorite goalkeeper?
24. Cutest soccer kid?
25. Coolest soccer mom?
26. Best Twitter feed? Best Instagram feed?
27. Favorite 99er?
28. Future captain from the young ones?
29. Best style off the pitch?
30. Coolest tattoo/s?
31. Top 3 US Soccer videos?
32. Favorite formation?
33. Cheney’s hair: straight or curly? What about Christen’s?
34. Kelley as a forward, middy, or defender?
35. Oddest friendship?
36. Best game day hair?
37. Weirder to see: Tobin with high socks or Becky with sleeves?
38. Best super sub?
39. Blonde Hope Solo or Brunette Hope Solo?
40. Abby’s headers or Alex’s left footed shots?
41. Favorite defender?
42. Most creative player?
43. Non-NT NWSL player you really want to be called up?
44. HAO game faces or Pinoe goal celebrations?
45. Most underrated player?
46. Favorite corner kick taker?
47. Free kick taker?
48. Penalty kick taker?
49. Top 3 moments in the NWSL?
50. Favorite commentators? (FS1, ESPN, NWSL)
51. Olympics or World Cup?
52. Go-to starting XI from the current NT player pool?
53. Starting XI from the current NWSL player pool?
54. Your All Star starting XI (from past and current USWNT and NWSL players)?
55. Favorite social media moment?
56. Best NWSL team social media?
57. Who is your favorite Mewis?
58. Curve it like Christen or Nutmeg like Tobin?
59. Who’s the best dancer on the team?
60. Favorite NWSL international player?
61. Favorite CANWNT player in the NWSL?
62. Carli’s hat tricks or Kelley’s throw-in spin?
63. Whitney with Beluga whales, Kelley with squirrels, Sydney with Boss or Moe with Macarons?
64. Light kits or dark kits?
65. Favorite body issue photo shoot?
66. Favorite veteran/newbie friendship?


Jemele Hill is breaking her silence telling our good friends at TMZ Sports she doesn’t blame ESPN for hitting her with a two week suspension over anti-Jerry Jones tweets saying “I put ESPN in a bad spot.”

Hill was put in the penalty box for encouraging people upset with Jerry Jones’s national anthem policy to boycott his sponsors. ESPN claimed her comment was violation of the networks social media policy. Several of Hills coworkers, celebrities,athletes and activists spoke out against ESPN – Hill says she appreciates all the support, but believes she was treated fairly by the network. “I deserved a suspension,” Hill told us at LAX … “I violated the policy. Going forward we’ll be in a good healthy place.”

As for her public statements against Donald Trump Hill says she won’t take back what she said – but she regrets putting her show in a bad position. As far as moving forward with ESPN, Hill says “I don’t feel suppressed. I love ESPN as much as ever. I am okay. I feel good.”

Hill says she will return to work on Monday.
UCLA basketball players arrested in China ahead of Trump's visit: reports
Three UCLA men's basketball players were arrested in China for shoplifting on Tuesday, media said, a day before U.S. President Donald Trump arrived on his first official visit.

“The players arrested were freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, according to USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and ESPN, all of which cited unnamed sources familiar with the incident. Ball is the younger brother of National Basketball Association rookie Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Reached by telephone at a hotel in the eastern city of Hangzhou on Wednesday, Ball declined to comment. ESPN said the three had been picked up by police at their hotel on Tuesday  and released on bail early on Wednesday. They were confined to their hotel pending legal proceedings, it said.

The University of California, Los Angeles, declined to confirm the arrests but said it was “aware of a situation involving UCLA student-athletes in Hangzhou, China”.

“The university is cooperating fully with local authorities on this matter, and we have no further comment at this time,” UCLA Athletics said in a statement provided by spokeswoman Shana Wilson.

The UCLA team had arrived in China on Sunday with plans to play Georgia Tech in both teams’ regular-season opener on Saturday, according to statements from both teams.

It traveled to Hangzhou, about three hours by bus from Shanghai, to visit the campus of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N), sponsor of the annual Pac-12 games in China.

The three players were questioned about stealing from a Louis Vuitton store next to the hotel where the team is staying, ESPN said. UCLA representatives, including coach Steve Alford, were at the police station while they were there, it said, citing an unidentified source.”

Just watch peoples reaction to this and compare it to how they reacted to Otto Warmbier.  Especially if they are jailed in China.

See how Mic, HuffPo, Salon, Vice, and BuzzFeed frame these kids.  Especially if they are found guilty.

They made ‘White privilege revoked‘ type comments and all but danced on his grave.

Watch how our President handles this one, and compare it to how the last one did.

Just remember, and watch it go. 

These are Americans and I do want them home though, make no mistake about that.

Things espn and cbs commentators say during nca
  • com: Lots of flipping around
  • com: finishing it strong
  • com: the dance keeps the energy up
  • com: lots of doublefulls
  • com: that counts a lot on the scoresheet
  • com: strong running tumbling
  • com: a lot of flipping and twisting
  • com: combination passes
  • com: switching the legs, testing the stability of the stunt
  • com: lots of creativity
  • com: that's what the judges are looking for
  • com: they flip up and down and spin around