“Hamilton” actors lend their voices to ESPN’s annual Upfront presentation:

If the Marquis de Lafayette [played by Diggs], Thomas Jefferson [Diggs] and Aaron Burr [Odom] were athletes, what sport would they play?

DD: I feel like Jefferson would for sure just be an owner. My Jefferson is not trying to run for nobody – but he is for sure he wants all the best athletes on his team. He’s [Dallas Mavericks team owner] Mark Cuban.

LO: Burr was a soldier so I feel like he would have been one of those early football players with no pads. And one of those who was fast and compact and small – I think Burr would have been a really good football player.

And Lafayette?

DD: He’s such a team player but he’s also so graceful. My problem with playing him is that he’s so much more graceful than I am… so I want to say gymnast or something but – maybe a cheerleader? Maybe glee team? Something atypically masculine but he’d be so passionate and focused on it that it doesn’t faze him at all – he’s going to be the best at it.