Sterek Fanboy Blog Rec List.

Here is a list of my Sterek/Teen Wolf Fanboy Blogs I follow: Stephen Lunsford (we all know he is a Sterek fanboy)

The reason I did this is cause I love my fanboys and in a fangirl dominated fandom it is always awesome to come across a fanboy. If I follow you and I left you out I apologize I didn’t know.

Also a shotout to all the fangirls that I follow and follow me. I love you girls just as much!!!!

Feel free to add more Fanboy blogs to this :)

espitiackles  asked:

did dean throw the samulet?? cuss i remember that cass have it so he could search for god, or am i wrong???

Dean let Cas use it in Good God Y'all, and he had it back by Dark Side of the Moon. Then at the end of Dark Side of the Moon Dean threw it away in the midst of the biggest bitchfit in the history of Supernatural.