This got me in tears, literally, there is not a new ocean, it’s just me crying, oh my god, credit for the video and for making me cry and for making me feel like a proud momma because that is what i am to whoever who create this amazing video.


Magcon AU: You and Matt are best friends but he has feelings for you

I really hope this makes up for the long wait (well it’s been two/three days that I didn’t upload anything - don’t know if that’s long but oh well 🙈).

this was requested a while ago by dreamer-lover235. I hope you still like it even though it took pretty long.😘

I also wanna say thank you to those sweet people that keep messaging me such nice things and feedback ❤️. And to the ones that actually check my tumblr regularly to see if I’ve updated anything. I really appreciate you guys, you constantly put a smile on my face ☺️

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