esperanza palette


I am actually posting about a limited edition palette while it’s still available in stores! Which means I bought the palette before it was just about to leave the store and I am posting about it in a timely manner, so I feel like I deserve two individual props.

Kat Von D’s Esperanza palette is a really good little palette. The packaging is fun and slim. What drew me to it is that most of the shades are light or bright – I’m so sick of palettes where half the shades are dark grey/brown and various finishes of black, because dark colors are not my jam. I don’t like smokey looks, I like bright/light looks that look glowy and open up my eyes.

It’s an eight pan palette where one shade (top row, second from the left), “Dayglo”, is a “transformer” shade that you’re supposed to mix the other shades with. I don’t know why this is a thing lately, but I don’t care about it. I swatched all the shades (third and fourth rows), and then I put “Dayglo” over them (bottom row), and it… didn’t really change much. I liked how “Santeria” (the bottom left) shade changed, but that was about it.

I swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but I’ve found I really, really like using NYX Milk as a base. It grabs the shadows better and makes the colors show up bright and true to pan. 

Top row of the palette, left to right:

  • Selena: a slightly powdery light purple with a satin finish and blue micro glitter
  • Dayglo: the transformer shade, it’s a really sheer white shimmer with a blue shift
  • Galore: pale pinky-peach shimmer
  • Placebo: a soft, highly pigmented matte coral

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Santeria: kind of a cross between green and gunmetal, it’s a little powdery but has a metallic finish
  • Archangel: this was the color that really drew me to the palette – it’s a light mint with a satin finish and some small particles of silver micro glitter. Kind of reminds me of the signature color from the Lorac Mint Edition palettes, which I sadly missed out on getting this past summer.
  • South: a nice, soft matte beige that works well alone or as a blending shade 
  • Dog Roses: shimmery copper shade with gold micro glitter – like the other shades with micro glitter, it’s a little powdery

The palette is limited edition and goes for $36 at Sephora. I like mine so much I’m tempted to buy two.


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