Esperanza Nicole Zhang :)

Ok, so I have this favourite author, name Takara Phoenix, and she’s the greatest Nicercy author, ever, I mean, half of my ships from this fandom is what she wrote. (Except she doesn’t write Lukercy, but I’ll be fine) And I think she should at least get an appreciation gift from me.

I don’t know if she has Tumblr and I don’t really like going to deviantart anymore.

So, really, I hope she sees this on or something. 

Esperanze Nicole Zhang or also known as ‘Nico’ is the daughter of Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque. 

Percy Jackson fandom/Heroes of Olympus fandom.

Esperanza Nicole Zhang: Takara Phoenix

Artwork: Fankid (Me)

I love Nicercy and Takara Phoenix’s stories

It’s not the best but I tried