A memory never forgotten

Hey! Finally Friday! Yay! Aha! I just wanted to share a little something with you guys. It’s been a while now, but there are a few things, a few games in particular that I still remember today that shaped me to be who I am today. Oh yes, games that actually shaped a human life! It’s possible! There are so many things that can shape people, more than just games and art. However, there is one game in particular that I’ve nearly forgotten to share. This game topped my list of favorites and helped me grow as a person, even find friends.

While I could say Pokemon definitely shaped me, I’d like to shed some light on my entire middle school year; Geomon.

What’s Geomon you ask? This: (All pictures from Google, please don’t hurt me.)

This game kept me up for hours everyday since I got it. It reminded me so much of Pokemon, but the reason I got it was it being the first app I saw at the time with the ability of radar use. I was ecstatic. I chose this wolf as my first and made him my partner named Faolan after the character in an old book series called Wolves of the Beyond by Kathyrn Lasky. Together we caught so many new Espers that in turn captured my heart. From beasts like the Thrakos to grace that Denyr’s held. At a time I even grew to be the person everyone wanted to speak to on Geomon, almost as if I was a gym leader people looked up to aha. Heck, I was even as strong as one! Ever since they shut down by the time, I believe my last year in middle school rolled around in 2013, I felt upset and didn’t want to believe it was gone forever. Sure enough, it truly was and I honestly cried. I loved this game very dearly and I will always feel that way till the end of time. 

Other games that I fell in love with and cherished are Mino monsters and Pokemon, but neither can replace Geomon and the imprint it left in my life. I would’ve never known what it meant to speak to people and to learn from mistakes as much as I did without it. Nor the addictions of gaming aha. 

I will never forget it’s beautiful art style and mechanics. The candies, the battles, the excitement, and the people. It’s a shame what happened, really, but I’ll at least have the memories it made. So, I hope you all don’t mind me drawing the Espers I can remember that I’ve caught during my time online! I’ll never forget you, Geomon. 

Testers Wanted!!

Hey, so I need some testers for my WIP world Esperance Cove. 

It’s a mostly empty medium size world but is very tree heavy so if you don’t think your computer could handle it then please don’t offer. I don’t want to break anything. It has a little cc as well which will be included in the download.

I need some people to test it, make sure everything looks ok, there are no routing issues and that kind of thing.

I would feel more comfortable if it is someone I know or have messaged in the past but yeah…so if anyone is interested message me :)

Hago silencio
y cierro las manos.
Necesito escucharme,
necesito ver lo que tengo con calma.
Ojalá me esperes,
ojalá cuando llegue puedas reconocer mi voz.
Hago silencio
por tiempo indefinido.
Necesito escapar,
necesito soltar.
Ojalá estés,
ojalá cuando yo regrese me espere tu abrazo.
—    Seis segundos de silencio (1) - M. Sierra Villanueva

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Mi novia me pidió tiempo, dice necesitar estar tranquila, analizar su sentir. pese apoyar su decisión y estar incondicionalmente para ella no muestra mayor afecto por mi tanto como yo a ella. dice quererme y querer volver conmigo desp. ¿son excusas?


A veces las personas necesitan un tiempo para si mismas, para reorganizar aus prioridades y volver a encontrar su camino. No me parece nada extraño.

Te pide que la esperes y eso ya está en tu mano. Yo personalmente no le pediría a mi pareja un tiempo y que me esperase, me parece egoísta. Si ella necesita aclararse está bien, lo entiendo, pero no puede esperar que tu paralices tu vida por si a ella le da por volver.

Un saludo.

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Virgo es un signo "frío"?

Generalmente lo es, a menos que seas alguien muy muy importante para Virgo. Puede demostrarte que le importas con pequeños detalles que nadie más puede notar y escuchándote pero no esperes que derrame miel de sus venas


entries found in the ‘only in Trost’ tag in the hero au 

“Sasha Braus came in to my fams restaurant last week and ate the Double XXL Jumbo Burrito in half the required time. The weirdest part is that she gave us pointers because ‘our sauce is kind of dull’.”

“My boyfriend and I were popping firecrackers in an empty lot and Rogue fucking shot the bottle we were setting up for bottle rockets. He yelled at us from the roof to ‘CUT THAT SHIT OUT SOME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ENJOY THE PEACE AND QUIET’.”

“It’s 3 AM and if I have to listen to Pain sing ‘If You Wanna Be My Lover’ one more time she’s gonna join the other one in the great beyond”

“Working at Insomia Cookies gets you the weirdest customers. On that note Scarlet apparently thinks Sephora is overpriced garbage and that white chocolate macadamia is boss.”

“tfw Esper tells you to SLAY GIRL while patrolling past your apartment. I guess that means she likes my makeup job”

“Rogue shops at lush and idk what to do with this information”

“Roads are blocked AGAIN because a supervillain wrecked downtown AGAIN so I’m gonna be late for class AGAIN. gd am I ever gonna graduate????”

“I don’t know if I can call Legion competent I just saw like 3 of them following an ice cream truck from the rooftops getting money out of their pockets”

11 Questions Tag...

I was tagged by @lilyssims :)

The Questions…

  1. What is your favorite custom world? Ermm…I like empty worlds so I can build then how I like, I have been using Brightwater Bay up until now…but now my Esperance Cove has taken front seat :) 
  2. Do you stream/record your game? Nope
  3. Do you play legacies? If so, how many generations have you reached? Yes, it’s pretty much all I play. My current is a legacy RP still in Gen 1. I think the furthers I have ever gotten is only Gen 3 then I lost everything.
  4. Are you in another sims-community than tumbr? (twitter, instagram etc.) Nope
  5. Have you ever tried to create a sim with another simmer’s style? Yeah, well not exactly but using their picture as inspiration for sure.
  6. Is your simblr more about game-play, stories, photo-shoots (lookbooks etc.) or heavily edited sim pics? It’s a RP simblr, with CC and random pics thrown in.
  7. Fanciest hair colour you’ve ever given a sim? I don’t really know what a fancy hair colour is…
  8. What attracts you to a sim? Usually it’s their skin first, then their face and then other CC they are wearing
  9. Ever done any challenges? If yes, which? I’m doing a Settler’s Challenge on my SIms 4 Sideblog :)
  10. If you could choose to have only one type of CC, which would it be? (clothes, makeup, skins, hair and so on) Wow, this is a tough questions…probablyyy skin…I CANNOT play without custom skin, even my townies have custom skin!
  11. A sim that has stuck with you the longest? Friday has probably been my longest playing sim :)

Ok, my new questions…5 Sim related and 5 random :)

1. If you couldn’t play Sims what you would play?

2. If you could create any type of CC what would it be? Clothing, hair, accessories etc.

3. Favourite EP?

4. What do you enjoy best Building or Decorating?

5. Do you get attached to your sims?

6. Do you like guacamole?

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

8. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

9. If you had to eat a whole lettuce, would you eat it like an apple or leaf by leaf?

10. Unicorns or mermaids?

11. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

I tag… @simplyimaginarypeople @mimisapje @simovee @berryique @nornities and any one else who wants to do it :)

você costumava dizer que essa era a hora do amor, do nosso amor. um amor que você deixou o tempo se encarregar de esquecer, um amor que você jogou ao vento e esperou as horas marcarem vinte e duas e trinta e quatro pra você poder dormir em paz. um amor que costumava te manter acordado. um amor que te fazia contar até os segundos pra aparecer novamente, e que agora é apenas um amor pra recordar.

Espere um pouco meu bem porque está indo embora? Tenho tanta coisa a dizer,não me de as costas,por favor,não posso lhe obrigar a ficar para sempre mas fica só agora pois estou precisando de ti,queria só ter tempo pra me despedir,queria te ter aqui pela última vez,deveria não perguntar mas o que aconteceu com nós? O que aconteceu com teu coração? Porque ele não bate mais por mim? Ei meu bem,diz o que aconteceu,preciso de respostas,não de as costas sem dizer o porque e não diz que eu sei pois não tem explicação,ontem mesmo conversávamos normalmente,percebi que estava diferente mas achei que era apenas um dia ruim,aah não se va,pra que isso? Me chamou aqui e eu vim precisando dos seus carinhos,me de ao menos um último beijo o último abraço, deixa um pouco do seu cheiro em mim,tenho a impressão que os próximos dias serão difíceis, só me da a sua atenção. Ah meu bem,depois de todas as declarações, tardes juntos,carinhos e abraços tu ainda tem coragem de me deixar? Pois entao va. Não irei mais insistir. Vá agora já que não me quer mais,va enquanto não se arrependa,va encontrar em alguém o que eu não te dei,mas lembre-se que eu ofereci e tu não quis.
  • the end ?