Baby Inktober espers~~~ I switched the prompts for days 21 and 22 because I wanted to do little before big. It makes it rather obvious what I’m planning to draw tomorrow lol.

No-one can convice me that Shou didn’t set things on fire as a kid. I don’t care if he used pyrokinesis or matches. We know a little bit about what Ritsu and Mob were like as kids. And Teru… apart from the fact he’s living alone because of Claw there is nothing. I NEED HIS BACKSTORY

The Glass Menagerie receives West End transfer

John Tiffany, who recently directed Harry Potter And The Cursed Child to critical and audience acclaim, will bring his smash-hit production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie to the West End for a limited early 2017 season.

Transferring with the production will be Cherry Jones and Brian J. Smith, who both received Tony Award nominations for starring in the central roles of Amanda Wingfield and the Gentleman Caller respectively. Michael Esper (Tom) and Kate O’Flynn (Laura) will also return to the show, having performed in its European premiere at the Edinburgh International Festival earlier this year.

The Duke Of York’s Theatre will also be transformed into the waning St Louis of the 1930s by a multi-Olivier and Tony Award-winning creative team, led by director John, and including movement by the Steven Hoggett (Harry Potter And The Cursed Child), design by Bob Crowley, lighting design by Natasha Katz, music by composer Nico Muhly and sound design by Paul Arditti.


Lassie you are not, Esper. 😑😑😑#love #rescue #Borzoi #dog #doggy

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“Quiero actos involuntarios y sobre todo completamente injustificables. Quiero que me tengas calada, pero que no te esperes mi próxima respuesta. Quiero perder tanto el control que no consiga distinguir la literatura de las ganas de verte. Quiero que mis manos resbalen por cada uno de tus abismos, sin querer, con intenciones. Quiero descubrir donde está tu punto de inflexión, saber exactamente dónde te rindes y trazar mis planes en función de ti. Quiero noches cortas y días de echar de menos, quiero escapadas, guiños y miradas al suelo, y mordeduras de labio con interpretaciones de complicidad. Y al final, si no nos escondemos del mundo, quiero que al menos tú intentes esconderte en mi”

Viajes a Kerguelen (Iago De la Campa)

Espere. Antes de dizer que a ama de novo, antes de pedir que ela te perdoe, me responda uma pergunta, uma simples pergunta… Se ela fizesse com você o que você fez com ela, você aguentaria? Você a perdoaria?

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What's going through your mind right now baby? What sexy thoughts are you thinking?

Okay, asking somebody how long they believed in Santa Claus is so stupid, you can’t even consider the topic suitable for idle conversation. But if you still wanna know how long I believed in some old fat guy who wears a funky red suit, I can tell you this: I’ve never believed in him, ever. The Santa that showed up at my kindergarten Christmas festival, I knew he was fake. And I never saw mommy kissing Santa or anything. But I have to say, that even as a little kid, I knew better than to believe in some old man that only worked one day a year. Now, having said that, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that aliens, time travelers, ghosts, monsters, espers, the evil syndicates and the anime/manga/fantasy flick heroes that fight said evil syndicates, were also fake. Okay, I guess I always knew those things were bogus, I just didn’t wanna admit it. All I ever wanted was for an alien, time traveler, ghost, monster, esper, evil syndicate, or the hero that fought them to just appear and say “Hey”. Unfortunately, reality is a hard road indeed. Yep, you gotta admit, the laws of physics definitely puts a damper on things. I even stopped watching those TV shows about aliens and ghosts and stuff. Aliens, time travelers, espers; of course they don’t exist, but a little part of me wishes that they did. I guess I’ve grown up and realized I can think about those things and still accept reality. But by the time I got out of junior high, I pretty much outgrew that kind of stuff and I guess I got used to the idea of living in an ordinary world. Just like that, I was in high school…that’s when I met her.

retour au port..

Vendredi 21
Apres notre super nuit pourrie dans ce vieux backpacker du quartier agité de northbridge nous avons quitté Perth en fin de matinée en train pour fremantle cette vieille ville portuaire ou xavier a rendez vous le lendemain avec un tatoueur local histoire d'encrer ce passage a vie..
Nous avons cherché un toit pour cette nuit et apres avoir pris 2 ou 3 rembals par des etablissements qui n'acceptent pas de petit monkey , nous avons trouvé un backpacker qui nous accepte… Bien plus propre et chaleureux que celui de la veille mais tout aussi vieux en esperant qu-il soit moins bruyant (vu que c vendredi soir)
Aujourdhui balade dans cette ville et sur le port..
Nous avons retrouvé dans ce guest un couple de suisses qui finissent leur tour du monde er qu'on avait rencontré une semaine avant.. du coup c'etait bien cool de manger avec eux…
Tao a pris de l'assurance dans tout ce qu'il fait ( meme un peu trop) car du coup les chutes sont plus regulieres aussi mais bon c le metier qui rentre…
See you tomorrow..