No Te Rindas.

No te rindas, tú eres muy inteligente y se que puede ser difícil pero tú lo lograras, sólo confia más en ti, pelea por tus sueños, es tiempo de que demuestres lo que vales y lo que puedes llegar a hacer. Trata de juntarte con personas que sepan lo que a ti se te complica, aveces las apariencias engañan. No dejes que te vean caer y si alguna vez lo hacen, levantate con la frente en alto, que vean que no te dolió el golpe.

Hay veces donde tienes que caer para poder seguir adelante. No esperes que la vida te sonría, adelantate y sonriele tú.


Obrigada por ter ligado para o Instituto de Saúde Mental, a companhia mais certa para seus momentos de maior loucura
Se você é obsessivo compulsivo aperte repetidamente o número 1
Se você é co-dependende peça a alguém que aperte o número 2 por você
Se você tem múltiplas personalidades aperte 3, 4, 5 e 6
Se você é paranóico nós sabemos quem você é, o que você faz e o que quer, espere na linha enquanto rastrearemos sua chamada
Se você sofre de alucinações aperte o 7 nesse telefone colorido gigante que você, e só você!, vê a sua direita
Se você é esquisofrênico escute cuidadosamente e um a voz interior lhe indicará o número a pressionar
Se você é depressivo não importa que número aperte, nada vai lhe tirar de sua lamentável situação… Porém, se você votou no ****, não tem jeito
Desligue e espere até o final de **
Aqui atendemos loucos e não imbecis.
—  Secretária de um Hospício

I’m pretty satisfied with how Mob and Ritsu’s costumes came out. I tried to make teru’s costume a mix of tuxedo mask and that one thing he wore in the superhero omake and it just…shudder

Alrighty so a few more headcanons
-Shinshou is a permanent fixture of the esper squad. He and Takenaka bond over the fact that quirks like theirs aren’t seen as the conventional, all purpose ‘hero quirks’ like enhanced strength, hardening, telekinesis, etc.
-They pull so much shit on Teru.
-Ritsu is hella self conscious of his powers. Although he’s p smart and athletic(for a quirkless person!), Ritsu still faces some sort of stigma from his classmates due to his quirkless status.
-What makes it even more frustrating is that Ritsu knows he’s fully capable of possessing a quirk- it just hasn’t manifested yet. Of course, he keeps this to himself.

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Your thoughts about magical girls genre? And your favorite magical girl manga/anime, if you have one. Thanks in advance, love your post. :) <3

I’m not a fan of magical girls. :) If you pressed me, I’d probably say Tokimeki Tonight was my favorite – since some people consider that a magical girl in the tradition of Himitsu no Akko-chan (i.e. the type that’s not very popular anymore where ordinary girls can transform into different existing people or professions). Or maybe ESPer Mami, which is much closer to sci-fi than fantasy. It’s kinda funny that two of my very favorite manga are magical girls auxillaries, when I don’t enjoy magical girls as a genre! I never thought of that before. I enjoy the live-action Sailor Moon but that’s because it’s more of an interpersonal drama.

My general opinion on magical girls is that it’s a complicated genre that seems to exist somewhere between “wish-fulfillment for girls” and “adult men enjoying it for… various reasons” and “adult women finding it nostalgically empowering” and is a minefield I don’t particularly want to enter. But I do think people often disregard these aspects for the sake of their own arguments? I sometimes see people (especially in relation to Sailor Moon) talk about how the genre was created by and for girls and women so men are intruders, but that’s not at all accurate.

As for why I personally don’t enjoy magical girls as a rule: most magical girls are in anime rather than manga, and I don’t watch anime; the magical girls I do enjoy are the ones who don’t transform into specific alter egos, and that’s just not done very much these days where it’s Pretty Cure or bust; the recent ones have an implicit message about how being pretty and girly = what “femininity” means = what makes these girls strong = what the girls watching should aspire to, which is skeevy in the cultural landscape of modern day Japan which puts an overwhelming emphasis on women being “womanly” in a very narrow, specific way in order to have worth (I mean beyond what individual girls or women choose to do, which is none of my business; I like plenty of “girly” things myself as this tumblr proves).

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if Immortal Nerd characters were in the mp100 universe, who would most likely be an esper?

Okay so I spent way too much time on this drawing but I loved the question. I think Nokia and Pello would be two espers.

And I also think secretly Trash would be an esper but he would hide it from everyone.

This picture came out so cool I wanna use it as a cover image for Immortal Nerd! Thank you anon! Because of you I made this cool image!

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Tô aqui faz mais ou menos vinte minutos e nada, acho que tem algum kinky envolvendo me deixar esperando que eu não tava sabendo. Não é possível que todo mundo decida fazer hora com a minha cara no mesmo dia… Sendo assim, feliz dia de fazer o Hypnos de trouxa. Esperou muito tempo na fila pela sua vez?

Seamos sinceros, no me voy a morir porque ya no hablemos. No me quedaré sin aire, ni tendré problemas al corazón, ni nada. Pero te extrañare y extrañar a quien no puedes tener duele más que todo lo anterior.

Beings of strange form and appearance made by the gods in ancient times. Favored with great strength and intellect, the Espers knew power far beyond that of men, but their power made them proud, and at length they sought to challenge the gods. Seeing this, the gods were angered and struck down their blessed children, and binding their souls and flesh with the Glyph of the Beast, they stole their freedom for all eternity. Now they are bound to live only when summoned by their Glyph, to serve whosoever called them forth.

¿Habrá enamorados en la luna, ofreciendo a sus amores bajarle la tierra?