Seamos sinceros, no me voy a morir porque ya no hablemos. No me quedaré sin aire, ni tendré problemas al corazón, ni nada. Pero te extrañare y extrañar a quien no puedes tener duele más que todo lo anterior.

Beings of strange form and appearance made by the gods in ancient times. Favored with great strength and intellect, the Espers knew power far beyond that of men, but their power made them proud, and at length they sought to challenge the gods. Seeing this, the gods were angered and struck down their blessed children, and binding their souls and flesh with the Glyph of the Beast, they stole their freedom for all eternity. Now they are bound to live only when summoned by their Glyph, to serve whosoever called them forth.


It’s been too long since we had a good ole fashioned #Esper spin video 🍜 🐴 💨 #love #Borzoi #ボルゾイ#russianwolfhound #video #dog #spin #KingGizzard

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