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yeah but consider this; there are more reasons for the change in varric’s demeanour than the chantry explosion 

  • he brought red lyrium to the surface
  • saw his brother lost to it (or even killed him, depending on your choices)
  • heard the red lyrium singing to him
  • fought when qunari laid siege to kirkwall
  • watched all of his friends struggle with themselves and face terrible things
  • not to mention he also had a hand in dealing with corypheus

varric has seen a lot of shit, and the culmination of act 3 is but a piece of it –especially when you consider varric’s hand in the things that shape the world for da:i– pinning the change on one event is a disservice to all characters involved

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'big bang is like the beyonce of kpop'

i have never heard anything more accurate tbh

{ time heals all wounds }

“sometimes it just takes a larger dose.”

a joan watson fanmix

1. champagne year - st. vincent
2. last chance - idiot pilot
3. apartment story - the national
4. supposed to be - tom odell
5. saviour self - barbarossa
6. so now you know - the horrors
7. light year - gregory alan isakov
8. take you away - angus & julia stone
9. start anew - beady eye
10. aftermath - vancouver sleep clinic

[ listen at 8tracks ]

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Hei Guys  ANother Skin study!  I really enjoyed making the last one and i think you liked it too :D
So here’s the second one, this time, Leona my little Sunflower! <3
Again, tell me what you favourite is, i really like to know it

1. Phönix-Leona

2. Baker-Leona

3. Moon-Leona

4. Eclipse-Leona

5. Pyjamaparty-Leona

6. Sunflower-Leona

7. Heartkeeper-Leona

(I know, zyra would fit this skin better, but i liked the idea of a sleeping beauty Leona so much, especally of the twrowable Spindle xD)