Be my girlfriend because:

-I’ll buy/make you food
-Staying in and watching a movie is always an option
-I will surprise you with flowers for no reason other than I love you
-Cuddles, all the time
-We can be nerds and geek out over stupid things together
-I’ll (try to) harmonize with you while singing in the car
-Sad? We can make out. Happy? We can make out.
-I’ll rub your butt
-We can treat dogs like our babies
-I’ll protect you from anything scary
-I’ll never ask for anything except a genuine smile
-We can take naps together, any time of day


Little late since I think it’s now resting at 92 but in any case, hit 90 followers, so of course, have to say a heartfelt thanks to the newcomers and to all you longtime fans who just cant figure out how to unfollow me. I jest, you’re all lovely and I hope I can provide you with some good stuff!