Seven Minutes With You

Request: Hi this is kinda weird but can u pls do a reggie one shot/imagine where the reader is v shy and like gives that innocent vibe so reggie’s always messing with her and sayin things that make her blush especially in class when he whispers things in her ear and he’s just always putting his arm around her and poking her sides and she acts like it annoys her but in reality she has a huge crush on him so Veronica makes them play 7 minutes in heaven at a party? Sorry if this is strange. :(

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: This isn’t strange at all! When I read this at first, I was super excited, so thank you for requesting!

Pairing: Reggie X Reader

Warnings: none.

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“Y/N!” Turning with a bright warming smile, you came face to face with the one and only Reggie Mantle. At the sight of his tall structure running towards you, you felt yourself blush but quickly pushed it away, not wanting him to see.

“Hi Reggie.” You greeted warmly when he reached you, leaning against your locker he smiled cockily over at you and you shook your head. None of this was weird. Since you’d move to Riverdale Reggie had made his obvious interest towards you known and was always hanging by your side.

When you’d first come to this school, you’d been confronted by Veronica and Betty who had kindly started talking to you when they saw you alone. That in turn allowed you to start hanging out with them, Archie and Jughead. They were some of the best friends you could ask for.

But after a week or so, Reggie had come up to you and sweet talked you with some cheesy pick-up line. You’d never been so openly flirted with and you’d never really had a boyfriend before so his comments made you easily blush and flustered. Though before anything more could happen, Archie had found you and dragged you off, saying that Reggie wasn’t exactly the guy you should be spending all your time with.

But despite his warnings, you couldn’t help but look back and realize how attractive he was. He was built and tall, way taller than you, and he was undoubtedly attractive. That was when you realized your slowly growing affections for the boy and from that day on it grew.

Luckily for you, Archie’s interruption that day didn’t stop from Reggie walking up to you the next day and doing the same thing. From then on Reggie walked you to classes, hung out with you during lunch whenever he could, teased you in and out of classes and always invited you to his games.

You acted as if it annoyed you, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t like it.

“You going to Veronica’s party tonight?” Snapping out of your musings, you blinked turning up and looking at Reggie. He was grinning down at you, and you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks warm ever so slightly. Damnit, you had it hard for this guy.

“Uh… I don’t know. Not really my scene.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but notice how cute he looked.

“Aweh!” He whined, stepping forward he placed his hands on each side of you and started to tickle. You giggled, but noticed how every one had already left seeing as it was the end of the day, and mentally thanked so no one heard how loud you were.

“Stop!” You whined, giggles breaking through. Reggie laughed,  “not until you agree to come to this party.”

“Fine!” You yelled; “fine! Fine! i’ll go!” You let out a heavy breath when his relentless fingers finally left your sides. He chuckled; “see all you needed was some convincing.” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. Closing your locker you turned to face him and despite how shy you were you couldn’t help but asked; “why do you even want me to come that bad?” You asked curious, your question must have thrown Reggie off as he jerked his head back and paused ever so slightly.

His shock didn’t last long though as he quickly smiled again and poked your stomach. You grumbled, swatting his hand; “you already know why Y/N.” Was all he said before walking off. You stared at his retreating back and couldn’t help but stare longingly; “I’ll see you at the party!”

What the hell did that mean?”

Nervously you walked through the doors to Veronica’s house, the rooms and halls already packed with people. You couldn’t help but notice the already drunk boys laying on the ground and the chatting girls as you walked through. You weren’t exactly sure why you agreed to come, well besides being harassed to do so.

But parties most definitely weren’t your scene and you felt super self conscious walking through the crowds of people as you tried not to get shoved down. 

You looked around for Reggie but sadly couldn’t find him, so settled on standing in the kitchen by the island and staring at whatever drinks were in front of you, trying to find one that didn’t hold alcohol in it. 

“Hey! Y/N!” Turning, you saw Veronica across the hall a bit, waving at you. You grinned at the familiar face and waved back; “glad you could make it!” She called and you laughed nodding. Part of hoping she would come over to you, but you noticed how she was dancing with Kevin, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun. Sighing, you played around with your empty cup, staring mindlessly.

Suddenly arms wrapped around your waist and hauled you off the ground, you let out a tiny scream as big arms picked your feet off the ground. “Hey!” You called, not knowing who was behind you. Suddenly you were set on the ground but the arms around your waist stayed there and hugged you tight against the mans chest; “glad you came.” He whispered in your ear and you instantly recognize the voice.

Turning in his arms, you slapped Reggie on the chest. “You scared me half to death!” You lectured him.

He chuckled, “sorry but… I am glad you know.” He smiled.

“That I came?”

“Of course. Thought you wouldn’t show.” you suddenly blushed, as you brushed a piece of hair behind your ear and stared down at the arms that were still wrapped around your waist. 

“Yeah well… Veronica’s my friend so…” 

“Oh…” Reggie said, and his arms came off from around your waist. Suddenly realizing what you said, you grabbed Reggie’s arm and tried to fight down your blush, smiling up at him. “But of course, i’m always happy to see you.” The frown that had marred his face easily disappeared and he grinned again, more confidently this time.

“I thought I annoyed you?” He teased.

You laughed, fiddling with your hair; “not all the time.”

Reggie opened his mouth to speak again, comfortably setting himself next you but suddenly a voice called out; “Reggie!” The both of you turned, seeing Moose waving you both over. “We’re playing a game, come join!” You turned to each other, questioning the other before laughing and walking over.

The living room was full and you walked in, noticing Reggie be-lining for the last spot on the couch. You sighed, walking across him to head to the edge of the couch to sit on before hands grabbed your hips and set you down on a lap. Blushing madly, you turned and saw Reggie grinning up at you. 

Leaning over, he set his head on your shoulder; “what you’d think i’d let you stand?” He whispered into your ear and you felt yourself blush even more madly. Everyone could see you which only allowed the embarrassment to set further in.

“Yeah! Reggie getting some!” Chuck yelled and you hid your face in your hands. Reggie laughed and finally peeking through your fingers you noticed the bottle set on the table before you. You let your eyes drift higher, and not surprisingly Veronica stood directly in front of you with a smirk on her face. Despite your seating predicament, you knew something was up.

“Veronica…” You spoke.

“So glad you and Reggie could make it Y/N!” She cheered, clapping but you could tell by the smirk on her face she was up to something. Turning, you caught eye of Betty and looked at her questioningly, she only shook her head with a small smile.

“So! Everyone I say we indulge ourselves in a little game of ‘Seven Minutes’ In Heaven’” she clapped and suddenly you felt your heart drop. You gave her a warning look but she only laughed.

With that Veronica spun the bottle, it landed on various different people but you barely paid attention. What with Veronica’s scheming eyes and Reggie’s arms around your waist and the fact that you were sitting on his lap, you found it a little hard. It wasn’t until the bottle undoubtedly landed on you or Reggie, whoever that you felt your heart beat pick up.

“Oooh! Y/N it’s landed on you!” Betty cheered and you narrowed your eyes at your two best friends. 

“I vote that you go in with Reggie.” There it was, the final words.  You blushed again and you cursed your innocence. There was cheer and suddenly you were standing, Reggie’s hands on your waist.

“Sounds good to me.” He grinned, mentally thanking Veronica.

“I’m not too sure…” You trailed off but Veronica ‘tsked’, “you played the game Y/N and these are the rules.”

Veronica helped push you into the closet and before you could even think you were in a closet with Reggie, the door locked behind you. You couldn’t help but blush and you fiddled with your fingers, a nervous energy radiating off of you. There was moments of silence before Reggie’s hand came in front of you and he poked you in the familiar spot that was your nose.

“Don’t be so nervous, Y/N.” He reassured.

You laughed, trying to play it off but failing miserably. “Nervous? Psshhh, not me.” You chuckled nervously.

Reggie chuckled too and silence fell over the both of you. 

“Hey Y/N?” Reggie suddenly called and you looked up at him, intently focusing on him. “What do you think of me?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, would you ever consider dating me?” You froze, unsure on how to answer. You opened your mouth to speak but paused, unsure and confused. 

“I-I…-” A hand grabbed your face and pulled you against lips. You froze, shocked but eventually returned the kiss and smile against his lips. He grabbed your waist with his other hand and you let your hands press against his chest as he kissed you deeply.

Pulling away, he smiled down at you, suddenly nervous. “I’ve liked you for a long time… I hope you return my feelings?”

“Yes…” you whispered, still in a daze.

“Yes? As in you like me…?”

“Yes I like you!” You smiled and he grinned down, you pressed a kiss against his cheek and were about to deepen the kiss before you heard Veronica; “times up, do you guys need another hour or?” You blushed heavily as Reggie chuckled.


A strong woman.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Word count : 2,754
Author : Mel
Warnings : AU-ish. Someone dies.

You smiled up at the screen. “It’s a boy.” The ultrasound tech informed you.

You grinned and turned to the blond next to you. “A boy.” You teared up, and so did she. “Jess, I’m giving Dean a son.”

“Look at him.. Oh god. Don’t make me cry, I’m next.” She chuckled.

After getting cleaned up, and off the chair, it was Jess’s turn. You took your pictures and smiled down at them as the tech took measurements and checked vitals. When it came time to find out, you looked up at Jess with a smile, then at the screen. “Ready to find out?” She nodded to the tech. You both had wanted boys, wanted them to grow up together, and close. Jess bit her lip and waited. “It’s a girl.”

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Imagine Deadpool trying to pick out a Halloween costume for you.

Your cell made a chiming noise, indicating that you were receiving a text message. Smiling, because you knew it was your boyfriend Wade.

Hey, sweet buns. How about this?

Wade’s message was sent along with a picture and when you click on it you let out a loud groan. Halloween was coming up and Wade practically graveled on his knees begging you to let him pick out your outfit. After a few days of pure annoyance from your spandex wearing boyfriend, you finally agreed. Now you were on day three of these photo messages, which included over sexy costumes of regular occupations and things.

This time Wade had sent you a photo of a sexy Pikachu. PIKACHU!

You quickly type out a message that was plain and simple: NO WAY WADE.

But I want to be the very best!

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anonymous asked:

I really love your writing, and if it's no trouble, could you do the rfa plus V and saeran with a MC who loves writing and wants to be a writer

Thank you so much <3
(Gonna take this chance to promo my sister okayyyy)
My older sister is an aspiring author and, while I haven’t read most of her writing except for excerpts, she is insanely talented. I’m not jealous. Her blog is @crayon-ink. I’d really appreciate if you checked it out. (please give it a look) Thank you ^^
ANYWAY, I enjoy writing too, obviously, so this was really fun to write :D

-Impressed af
-He’s never considered himself to have any talent (wHICH IS WRONG) so he’s really in awe that you can create such flawless writing.
-He’ll read everything, probably more than once. During his breaks, while you’re away, when he’s relaxing; he’s reading your work.
-His friends take notice of his sudden interest in reading and he takes the opportunity to tell them about you.
-Tada, he now promotes you whenever he can because he really wants to be of help.
-Yoosung knows that this is your dream, so he wants to help you achieve it like you’ve helped him.
-While you’re working, he knows not to bother you because he would hate to interrupt your process.
-He watches you as you work, deep in thought. It’s kind of fun to watch because he can see you thinking. He can practically hear your thoughts.
-If you get frustrated, he can calm you down easily.
-He gives really good at pep talks.
-The only time he ever interrupts is to bring you food or water.
-You have to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy.
-He is willing to read your stuff and give feedback, but he never says anything negative, so it’s not very useful (except for a confidence boost).

-Lemme read EVERYTHING you’ve EVER written pleeeeease
-He’ll even ask if you could write some scripts for him, or he’ll turn some of your writing into scripts for him to practice with.
-He had brought some of your stuff with him to rehearsals once and his director caught him mumbling it to himself as he read.
-When Zen shows him what he was reading, the director asks to read it.
-He thinks it’s golden and offers to work with you to turn it into a production. It’s up to you whether you want to or not. Either way, Zen is super proud that your work was noticed and appreciated.
-He’ll do anything he can to help boost your career, whether it be giving shoutouts to your work on social media or simply bringing it up in conversation with important or influential people.
-He likes to brag about being an artistic couple~
-He can give constructive criticism if you want him to, but honestly, he finds it hard to say anything negative about your work, so it’s probably not the best idea.
-He showers you in compliments whenever you’re being productive.
-Who am I kidding he showers you in compliments no matter what you’re doing

-She’s always had a soft spot for story telling. She loves hearing new tales.
-Typically, her main source of stories are musicals, which she is an avid fan of. But, once she finds out that you are a writer, she freaks.
-She’ll excitedly ask you a slur of questions about it.
-What kind of writing do you like? What’s your favorite thing you’ve written? How do you come up with the storylines? Or the characters? How long does it take to write?
-Where can I read your work?
-You answer it all once she calms down. She’s practically jumping in excitement as you talk about your writing.
-She doesn’t have many connections, since she quit working for Jumin especially, but she’ll be there to support your blossoming career every step of the way.
-You think she’s protective over Zen’s career? Wait until you see how she gets about yours.
-She reads everything you’ve written that you’re willing to share with her and loves every bit of it.
-She puts your business cards by the register in the cafe for customers to take. She also recommends your work to her friends and everyone she knows.
-#1 fan and hype-woman
-Jaehee also knows a thing or two about running a business and being productive so she takes charge in that too.
-She’s almost like your assistant now, but also a fan and a girlfriend.
-She knows when you’re working too hard or stressing yourself out an will immediately take action to help you out.

-Jumin has always enjoyed reading.
-He typically likes stories with a deep meaning behind them or with a complex plot.
-He also likes if he can relate to a character, but who doesn’t?
-Even if you don’t write deep stories (lol, get it?), he will read everything you share with him.
-If the love of his life wrote it, of course he’ll love it.
-This man has connections. He can get your name out there in a second.
-He can find publishers and editors for you to work with, if you want him too.
-You’ll have plenty of new opportunities ahead of you because of him.
-Jumin doesn’t interfere with your career, however. He lets you work for yourself and only does anything after you’ve asked for his help with it; meaning he won’t call thirty publishers and twenty companies in the blink of an eye the second you mention a new project. He knows it’s your career, not his. He’ll let you work however you want to work, but will be willing to help where help is needed.
-He won’t bring money or connections or any other shortcuts into it unless you ask for it.
-Jumin is really proud of you. You’re work is his favorite thing to read when he wants to unwind.
-Lots of encouraging words and patience. He has a habit of kissing your temple as you work at your desk when he walks by.
-It makes you lose your train of thought sometimes but you never complain, especially when he whispers “You’re doing great” in your ear before walking off.

-He’ll help you launch your writing career just like he helped Zen get is acting career started. Except maybe minus the hacking since you’ve told him you want to get started authentically and legitimately.
-None of that hacking nonsense, _____ wants to actually work for their career.
-He does post your work, with your permission, to social media, or at least links to your pages and throws your name around to a lot of people and websites.
-He could find some publishers if you’d like him to.
-Really, he’s good at spreading your name around. That’s mainly how he aids in launching your career.
-It actually works.
-You get more recognition and even a few emails from people and companies willing to work with you.
-And you don’t have to worry about Saeyoung interfering. All that he did was mention you around the internet. It was your work that drew the companies in, not Saeyoung.
-He’s your own personal cheerleader too. He encourages you through your writing blocks and manages to get you in a positive mood.
-Has about a hundred pages bookmarked on his computer simply for helpful things for you like things to help you relax and things to help you with writing.

-He’s always appreciated literature and writing because art.
-V is very good at listening to your spit-balling and he’s good for bouncing ideas off of.
-Really, he can give helpful tips, if you ask for them.
-He can help you get noticed because he already has a following due to his photography. People know who he is, so he can easily bring you into the spotlight too.
-He’s pretty anonymous with his work, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the attention he has.
-He hands out your business cards a lot.
-Also, he suggests inviting publishers and good companies/organizations to help your career to the party.
-He can even recommend inviting other groups of writers to discuss writing with.
-Long story short, really helpful.
-He loves everything you write to pieces. He has to have you or someone else read them to him (unless he gets the surgery), but he loves them.
-He can tell when you’re getting stressed and intervenes before you have a breakdown. V is good at calming stress.
-If you feel lost, he’ll offer to read what you have and give some feedback and pointers.
-Poor thing though apologizes for giving any sort of negative feedback. Even something as little as pointing out a spelling error, he apologizes.
-You’ve done nothing wrong V that’s actually really helpful and I appreciate it

-He’s actually very glad to hear you like writing stories because he likes hearing them.
-When he and Saeyoung were little, Saeyoung would read to him. It’s always been something he enjoyed but never got the chance to indulge in since Saeyoung left.
-It makes it even better that you made the story.
-If you’d be up for it, Saeran would love nothing more than to listen to you read your stories to him.
-Occasionally, you’ll have to stop and answer questions for him. Sometimes it’s asking for the definition of a word, other times it’s asking about clarification on the storyline so far, etc.
-At random times during the day, he’ll come to you, one of your stories in-hand, and ask questions.
-He’s always timid when he does though, like he’s nervous you’ll yell at him for talking to you.
-So, just calmly smile and answer his questions. He’ll calm down and thank you for answering him before going back to reading.
-Saeyoung thanks you forever for giving Saeran a new hobby.
-Sometimes Saeran reads other books and stuff, but he enjoys yours the absolute most and would gladly only read your stuff for the rest of his life.

romulus-did-nothing-wrong  asked:

How about some sfw and nsfw for Dio, Giorno, and Diego? Im always a slut for those Brandos





-He loves to sweeten his partner’s ear all the time. He is all big talk, and will constantly make up for his aggresive behaviour in bed by being (or more like pretending to be) the most romantic lover.

-But of course, he demands the same in exchange. Dio always loves it when he hears his partner tell him how great, strong and handsome he is. He is full of himself, to be honest, but will never get tired of having his ego lifted even higher by his partner’s praises.

-He will often take his partner to night walks! Since he can’t go outside while the sunlight is shining, he would take his partner to walks and even sometimes take them to a nice bar or club to have fun with them at night. And of course, fuck them in public as soon as he has the chance.


-This boy will always check on his partner to make sure they are alright. No matter how busy he is with mafia bussines, there’s always time on his agenda to be with his partner. “How are you feeling today, amore? Is there anything i can do for you?”

-Like his mudad, he has a tendency to sweeten his partner’s ear too. Just that his praises are honest, and he does it purely because it’s what he feels. He especially loves when he whispers a compliment to their ear and he sees them getting bright red. “Like i told you, so cute….”

-Sometimes (more often than not) Giorno will turn anything into beautiful flowers just for his s/o. They may be just taking a walk or something of the like and he will grab a rock or even trash and turn it into a stunning and colorful plant. “Something beautiful for someone beautiful.”


-Most of times Diego will try and avoid to show too much emotion to his partner. He believes that having someone like them on his life is just a weakness, so he tries to “kill” the feelings he has for them so he can move on. But he can’t. He kinda resents them for this.

-He will really like taking his partner to rides on Silver Bullet now and then. He wouldn’t mind going slowly and barely jogging, making the ride more relaxing than anything. But he will absolutely love if they like speed, and that is the moment he makes his horse go at full gallop, expecting his partner to be amazed by his talent with riding horses! He may even end up smiling and laughing after this!

-Diego loves his partner’s scent! Anytime he is near them, their scent is enough to make him calm down, pretty much like a cat with catnip! While they’re sleeping or not watching, he will sometimes lean slightly towards them to smell their hair. Oh, but if they realize, they will have to deal with a very embarrassed Diego.”Were you….smelling my hair?” “….It just smelled nice, that’s all.”



-Following the previous Dio hc, he loves going to clubs with his s/o and making them dance with him or give him a lap dance, having them rubbing their ass agains his crotch, all while a smug smirk is plastered on his face. Once he reaches his limit, he will grab them from the waist and go outside (or just do it inside the club because he doesn’t mind if anyone watches) to fuck them mercilessly against the wall in an alleyway.

-As creepy a it may sound, sometimes Dio talks with Jonathan while having sex with his partner. He lets out a small, low chuckle and will whisper “Ah, that felt good….did it feel good for you too, Jonathan? Are you enjoying being inside of them as much as i am?”

-He will very much enjoy just watching his partner touch themselves. He will put a chair in front of the bed, sit there drinking wine and watch his partner panting and masturbating  while they moan his name. “Mmh, you look so beautiful like this… open more your legs for me..”


-Absolutely enjoys giving his partner lap dances to turn them on. To make things more fun, he will tie their hands with some vine (thanks Gold Experience) and will take off articles of his clothing painfully slowly, all while rubbing himself against them. He smirks when he sees the effect he is having on them, the little shit.

-Sometimes he will use Gold Experience to overstimulate them by giving them a little “life shot”, making their body get really sensitive to touches and such. They will end up rolling their eyes and crying out of pleasure.

-Again, he is all in for sweet words for his partner, even while having sex. “Hmm, it feels so good when you do that… please look at me while you do so, i want to be able to see your beautiful face…”


-He will always leave bruises and scratches after having sex with his s/o, no doubts on that. He always gets carried away and will grab his partner so hard that will sometimes make them bleed.

-Diego is always the dominant one in bed. And he is extremely dom. If they even try to dom him he will get on top of them roughly and they can almost hear him growl. He doesn’t talk too much during sex, but the look in his eyes clearly said “Don’t you even think about it.”

-And speaking of dom Diego, he always wants to leave his scent all over them, so extreme physical contact is a must during sex. cumming inside them, on their face and even licking their entire body are some of the ways he uses to mark them as his.




I absolutely adored the little convo Cassie and Percy had about how he wanted to name the riflemen the Whitestone Musketeers and she was just Not Having It. It was so…childish and silly? So lighthearted? Especially when he whispered it under his breath anyway? They’re siblings. I love them. What good kids.

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Please do a kink thing for vernon! Thanks

Anonymous said:Vernon kinks ??


Accidentally Being turned on. I think he’d really be into this. Imagine, you’re sitting on his lap and you scoot a little and unintentionally rub your ass on his crotch. I could imagine his being stimulated and enjoying it but also embarrassed at the same time. He’d be way to turned on to stop you.

Voyeurism. He’d love to hear about all the dirty thoughts you had about him as your fingered yourself. I think he’d just love to watch you masturbate while he stroked his cock and watches.

Breath Play. He’d love hearing you breathe heavily. He’d love it especially when you whispered and he felt the air touch his neck or ears.

Your mouth. You might disagree, but could you imagine him slamming into you and putting his fingers in your mouth to keep you quiet? Or his hand wrapping over your mouth to muffle your moans. I’d say the most, he’d love it when you bit his fingers or licked them.

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this is blog is my life bless your soul ㅠ____ㅠ can you do a scenario when calvin and you are hanging out with his friends and calvin keeps showing pda and his friends tease both of you guys :D

Thanks for the request, hope you like it! X

You were at a friend’s house, hanging out.
You loved get-togethers like these because they were so chill and everyone got along; the atmosphere was non-threatening and you felt completely at ease.
Although they were originally Calvin’s friends, they all really liked you and thought you were cool, so now they were mutual friends of both yours and Cal’s. You remembered how nervous you were to meet them for the first time and smiled to yourself.

You were all sitting on the sofas in the lounge and Calvin’s arm was around your shoulders, you were tucked into his body comfortably - he was cosy and you were getting a little chilly. Everyone had a drink in their hand and you were all a little tipsy, which added to the general feeling of everyone being at ease.

You had felt Calvin’s eyes on you most of the night and he had even reached his arm around your shoulder and intertwined your fingers with his, playing with your hand while you listened and spoke to people.
You loved little gestures like these - they showed that he was always thinking of you and it warmed your heart.

His friend was in the middle of telling a story and you laughed, throwing your head back until it met Calvin’s shoulder and you felt his gaze linger on you for a moment. You turned with a smile on your face and discreetly said, ‘What?’ So you wouldn’t disrupt the story and Calvin just mirrored your smile with a gleaming one of his own and planted a sweet, lingering kiss on your lips.
‘You’re just too cute, that’s all.’
The comment made you blush and you turned around to one of his friends who was playfully rolling their eyes at you and you stuck your tongue out at them, giggling.
The taste of the alcohol he had been drinking lingered on your lips and it made you want more.
More of him - not the alcohol.
He was far more addictive.

You took a moment to admire him - his twinkling dark eyes and alluring plump lips. A smile grew on his face as he listened to someone speak and he laughed, his smile captivating you and turning everything else to nothing more than static in the background.

‘Staring’s rude, babe,’ he teased, pressing another kiss to your lips. His tongue swiped along your bottom lip and you suppressed a moan, knowing he was baiting you. He pulled away far too soon and you blinked, trying to bring yourself back to reality before you lost all your self control.

You got up to get yourself another drink and made the mistake of asking anyone else if they wanted one, which was met with a chorus of drink requests. You had tried your best to remember them and began to recite them under your breath like some sort of mantra.
Calvin slapped your ass when you stood to get the drinks, distracting you. You swatted his hand away with a smile as you tried to remain focused.

‘You really like y/n, don’t you dude?’ One of his friends asked while you were absent from the room and a slight pink hue rose to Calvin’s cheeks, accompanied by a smile.
'Yeah, is it that obvious?’ He laughed, drinking the last of what remained in his cup.

As the night went on Calvin’s sly kisses and bum squeezes didn’t go unnoticed and before long you guys were getting thoroughly roasted by the rest of the group.
You both laughed along with them, tearing up because you were laughing so hard; it was all just jokes.
'You’re just jealous,’ you said, sticking your tongue out like a child for the second time that night.
You decided that you had probably had enough alcohol.

Calvin didn’t stop with the pda but it didn’t bother you - on the contrary, in fact - you liked it.

Especially when he whispered in your ear all the things he was going to do to you when you got home, so only you could hear.

Hope that was okay!
I’m gonna try and get a master list sorted today lmao wish me luck
Luv u 💗 :)

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Dirty talk hc for Grimmjow please? And tbh this is my favorite blog ☺

Here you go, I hope you like them! And thank you, I’m glad you like my blog <3

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez 

- Grimmjow’s dirty talk is very sultry and arousing, especially when he starts whispering into his s/o’s ear while pumping in and out of them. That’s his favorite moment to talk dirty to them.

- He loves to leave bite marks and hickeys all over them during his dirty whispering, and meanwhile telling them how delicious and sexy they are.

- He often tries to arouse and torture (in a pleasurable kind of way) his s/o until they beg him to take them, and one of his best methods is the simple use of his voice. Seriously, Grimmjow’s voice is one of the sexiest I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

My dad is hard of hearing so he’s always yelling bc he can’t hear himself and it’s wonderful bc sometimes he thinks he’s secretly whispering something but we all hear it
Especially when he whispers to our 13 year old deaf and arthritic poodle mix that he loves her and that she is his baby. We all know your secret dad


I did a thing.  Here toxixpumpkin take this fluff and my heart and just sit in the corner cause look what you made me do.

Tachibana Makoto.

He smiles and kittens feel fluffier at the sight.  Angels get wings when he laughs.  Small children are in awe.  Hell, adults are in awe. 

And Rin… Well Rin is in love.

He thinks that he’s always kind of known it somewhere in his mind.  Even through the years apart and their rocky reunion.  Even as he pushed and pushed and pushed so hard to keep everyone out.  Even when they started talking, finally friends again, part of him knew.

It probably showed too.  Actually he knew it did to a degree.  Sousuke had commented one time not long before graduation that he knew the moment Makoto had wrestled the phone away from Nagisa over in Iwatobi because Rin’s voice had softened ever so slightly.  Gou told him after their last practice that Rin always seemed more relaxed around Makoto than the others.

It’s always been there.  Building slowly over the years.  A foundation set on childhood innocence that should have crumbled and shattered so long ago.  But it was simply reinforced every time they came together.  Every time throughout high school they talked somehow these feelings for Makoto had grown a little larger.  Every text he got, every email, every video chat, every letter.  All building up inside him and every time he saw Makoto’s name on a screen or envelope, every time he heard his voice or saw his face, he felt like he was scrambling to keep all his emotions in place.

So when he steps into the airport and spots Makoto standing there with their friends, sees those broad shoulders and that angelic smile and that glint in his eyes that always seemed to be just for Rin, he freezes.  Then Makoto waves and Nagisa and Gou shout in excitement.  He hears Makoto laugh and then everything seems to come tumbling out and that’s it: he’s fallen in love with Makoto all over again.

He’s across the airport and wrapping his arms around Makoto’s neck before he even realizes he’s moved.  His face feels like it’s sunburned beyond all reason and he buries it against Makoto’s neck as he pulls him into the tightest hug possible.  He thinks he hears Sousuke mutter something about “I see how it is” and Gou is pouting because “Hey I missed you too you know” but he doesn’t really care right now.

Because Makoto is hugging him back just as tight and murmuring soothing words in his ears and it’s taking everything Rin has to keep his tears from streaming down his cheeks. 

Especially when he whispers, barely loud enough for Makoto to hear, “I love you,” and Makoto’s arms tighten around him as Makoto whispers back, “I love you too.”

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Okay. I'm back again with another Darcy Lewis/Peter Quill idea. How about a Starbucks AU, in which Peter always orders under the name Starlord?

Warning: Contents Hot

She works the busiest hours of the day. And the slowest. Every weekend is her oyster and then a mad morning rush of customers come through before she has to go to class on the weekdays. Still, it’s a job and Darcy would rather work than not.

Though she doesn’t get paid enough for people flirting with her over the counter. And after a frat comes through, thinking she owes them her number with their coffee, she feels like punching this whack-a-doodle. She doesn’t but it’s a close call, the guy on his cell phone and talking rapidly in a language she didn’t understand. Get off the phone and order! Last of the longest line of the century (or today. It’s been a long day, okay!?), Darcy just wants him to move on.

“No! You can’t have his leg! Jesus, I have to go. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t. Yeah, yeah.”

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James Barnes grew up in a very different time to Darcy, she could see it in the way he held himself, the way he dressed, the way he held the door open, or pulled out her chair, the way he put his hand on her lower back to guide her, warm and steady. Hear it in the way he spoke, soft and quiet like it was just for her ears, like he only wanted her to know. Barnes grew up in a very different time to Darcy, but in all honesty she didn't mind so much, especially when he whispered "doll" in her ear

well Nonny, thank you for that.

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OQ - standing quietly together in the kitchen after long, exhausting days, leaning into each other for support, breathing in the smell of home, fingers carding through hair and stroking down spines, until they feel like they can relax and smile properly again

Just fluff 

Her face was nestled into the crook of his neck, eyes closed – her long eyelashes had tickled at his skin a few moments ago – and breathing steady as she allowed him to rock them gently from side to side in a rhythm that only their hearts knew. She was sleepy, they both were, absolutely exhausted after a day filled spent with their children soaking up the rare summer sun – and the peace of the town that had been holding for the past couple of years, blessedly – at the beach surrounded by their extended family.

The boys had spent the afternoon building a – rather impressive, if Regina was honest – huge and quite intricate replica of Snow’s castle – it wasn’t Regina’s, it never truly had been for it had only ever felt like a gilded cage even when she’d been free of the King’s control – complete with an added moat that Roland had filled with buckets and buckets of water sourced from the sea. The six year-old had been spent and limp in his father’s arms before they’d even made it home.

Henry had helped Regina make dinner whilst Robin had taken both Roland – drunk on sleep and stumbling by his father’s side – and Isabella up to bed for a quick nap until the lasagne was ready, returning just in time to help grate – and eat – the cheese for the topping.

They’d eaten in comfortable and sleepy silence, all happy to enjoy Regina’s cooking side by side and afterwards they’d all gone their separate ways up the stairs – except for Bella, of course. Regina had taken bath duty whilst Robin had ensured the boys had gotten showers before tucking Roland into bed and reminding Henry not to spend all night lost in his book.

Robin had made his way back downstairs and started the clean-up whilst Regina had gotten their youngest back to sleep with a tuneful lullaby that always had Bella’s eyes drooping rather quickly. She’d followed him down not long after and had gotten to work on making the counters gleam once more and now here they were, practically propping one another up against the kitchen island and taking a few long moments to themselves.

It wasn’t often, with three young children to care for, that they could openly show their affections in ways that wouldn’t bring out a chorus of “gross!” or at least not in the ways that they wanted to and it wasn’t even that their sex life had suffered – sometimes, Regina found herself rather desperate for him, for the feel of Robin’s hot and sweaty body atop her own, almost as though they’d only just gotten together as opposed to having been with one another for the length of time that they had – it was just the closeness that she missed during the daylight hours.

It was for that reason that she’d made her way over to him, wordlessly and sleepily and practically fallen into his open arms. They were heavy around her shoulders, holding her to him as he buried his nose into her hair and breathed just as deeply as him.

“We’re getting old, my love.”

She chuckled lowly, nuzzling her face in deeper to the crook of his neck, her arms winding tighter around him as she moved impossibly closer to fit her body against his own and replied “speak for yourself, thief.”

He chuckled in response before moving a hand to stroke it down the expanse of her back, soothing passes that had her practically purring against him.

“That feels good.”

“Good,” he pressed a kiss to her head without moving his own, just a pursing of his lips to make contact but it had her heart glowing all the same, especially when he whispered a gentle “I love you.”

She smiled against his neck, tilted her head enough to press a kiss there before whispering back “and I love you” before settling back against him, content to spend a few more moments wrapped up in the silence of their house with the knowledge that their children were sleeping safe and soundly upstairs and that their own bed was ready and awaiting their boneless bodies. Life was as good as she’d ever known it and this time, she wasn’t afraid to enjoy it.

Chapter 8

Song for this chapter:

Hanging by a Moment - Lifehouse

“Desperate for changing, starving for truth, I’m closer to where I started, I’m chasing after you.”


Luke’s POV

“Luke get up or we’re going to be late!” Mum’s voice calls from downstairs.

I groan, and roll over, getting out of my bed slowly. I skip a shower, because I took one last night, and just get dressed. I throw on a random shirt that was on the ground, my usual black skinny jeans, and my black vans.

Walking into the bathroom, I wince at my disheveled hair. I splash some cold water on my face to wake myself up some more. I quickly fix my hair into a quiff, and brush my teeth. I grab my bag and run down the stairs, taking a granola bar and water bottle from the kitchen as I walk past it.

“I think that’s your new record.” Mum grins at me as I slide into the passenger seat.

I laugh and nod, agreeing with her. She tells me that there’s a staff meeting about a field trip that they want to take the school on after school, so she won’t be home at the usual time. I listen intently as I munch on my granola bar.

“I’ll probably just go to Mike’s anyway.” I reply as I chew.

Mum shakes her head but laughs, “Sounds good. How was that study session you had yesterday after school?”

My cheeks turn red as I think of giving Vivian my number, “It was good.”

“That’s good. How do you think she’ll do on the test today?” She asks.

I think it over in my head for a moment, I want her to do her best and pass, because I know that she has the full potential of doing just that. On the other hand, I don’t want her to pass, so I can be around her more, I know it’s selfish and terrible of me to wish for her to fail the test, but I do.

“I don’t know.” I answer honestly.

Mum’s quiet for a moment, and we pull up to the school, “Well I hope she does fine. Have a good day.”

“You too, love you.” I reply, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Love you too, see you tonight.” She smiles as I get out of the car.

Mum pulls away, heading to work, and I walk into the school. I look down at my phone to see a new message from Calum, send in our group message consisting of me, him, Michael and Ashton.

‘Practice today after school, at Mikes, you ALL better come.’

I roll my eyes, knowing that he meant me and Ashton when he said all. Someone bumps me in the shoulder, sending me staggering back a little.

“Excuse me,” I look up and see that it’s Ashton in front of me, and he does not look happy, “dick.” I mutter and start to walk away.

“What did you say?” He questions, his voice loud, and venomous.

“Nothing, Ashy Poo.” I turn around, and give him a sarcastic smile.

He looks as if he’s about to pounce on me when Michael comes in between us.

“Alright guys, calm down, lets not make a scene.” He pats Ashton’s back, trying to calm him down.

Ashton opens his mouth, to most likely say something he really doesn’t mean, but thankfully the bell rings before he can. I turn around and walk away, ignoring Ashton mutter, ‘asshole’

I walk into Mr. Hensely’s classroom, and immediately search for Vivian. I meet her eyes, and a smile forms on me lips. I send her a thumbs up, and she smiles at me, nodding.

“Alright class, test time.” Mr. Hensley announces, passing out the packets of paper.

I look over at Vivian as she gets hers and looks at it. I can tell that she’s panicking. Her eyes are wide, and she’s biting on the inside of her lip. Her back is arched over the desk, and her hands are playing with each other. I don’t know when I started to notice the little things she does when she’s nervous, or stressed, but I can pick up on them now.

I clear my throat, attempting to get her attention. After doing it two more times, and receiving some strange looks, she finally looks over at me. Her eyes are still wide, and panicked.

I let out a deep breath, and point to my lips, trying to tell her to just breath. She lets out a breath, and gives me a half smile. She nods her head at me, then looks back at her paper, visibly relaxing.

Looking at my own paper, I answer each question after carefully reading, and analyzing it. Within fifteen minutes, I’m done with it. I hand in my paper, giving Mr. Hensley a small nod.

I sit back down, and look over at Vivian. She has her pencil in between her teeth, and is staring intently at her paper.

I can’t help but grin at how adorable she looks. I have to make myself look away before she sees me watching her.

About ten minutes later everyone has handed in their tests, including Vivian. I stand up, and walk over to her desk.

“Hey.” I sit down in front of her.

“Hey.” She smiles up at me, causing a foreign feeling in my stomach.

“How do you think you did?” I ask softly, watching her face.

She sucks in her bottom lip, “To be honest, I don’t know. I tried to remember everything you told me, but my mind just jumbles up all of the numbers and words and it doesn’t make sense.” She rambles on, getting frustrated.

“Hey, it’s fine,” I grab one of her hands unconsciously, “math isn’t for everyone.”

A blush creeps up her neck as she nods, staring at our hands. I look down and realize what I’m doing, an immediately remove my hand, instantly missing the feeling of her soft skin.

Thankfully the bell rings before I can do something stupid again, and we part our ways, with a small smile sent to each other.


“Hurry up, Ashton’s waiting for us.” Michael grumbles smacking my arm.

“I’m coming, he can wait for five more minutes.” I mumble, shoving my things into my backpack.

The school day went by quickly after first period. Again at lunch, Trent had his beefy arm around Vivian, and a strange rage came over me. Especially when he started to whisper things in her ear, and tug on her ear with his teeth. She looked so uncomfortable, but masked it so well that I almost didn’t catch it.

“When are you two going to stop being pissed at each other? It isn’t helping any of us at all.” Calum questions, leaning back on the lockers.

I sigh and shrug, not bothering to answer his question that we all know the answer to. We’ll make up when Ashton stops holding his grudge against Vivian.

“Let’s just go.” I slam my locker door shut, and walk towards where Michael always parks his car.

As we drive to Michael’s house, I pull out my phone, and press on the messages from Vivian. We hadn’t texted each other since she first got my number. I want to say something, but I don’t want to come off as creepy or annoying.

My thumbs do a little dance, as I think of something to say, and I come up with this,

'We find out our scores tomorrow, how do you feel?’

I hit send, and wait for a reply that comes a few minutes later.

'Nervous, how about you?’

I unconsciously bite on my lip as I reply.

'I feel fine about my score, and I’m sure you did great :)’

We continue to text as I get to Michael’s, and walk into his house. I slide my phone into my pocket when I see Ashton waiting at his drums. We don’t at anything to each other, I just put my bag and shoes in a corner and pick up my guitar.

“Let’s play Heartbreak Girl first, and go from there.” Michael announces, naturally becoming the leader because Ashton’s in one of his moods.

We all start playing, and Calum starts singing, “You call me up, it’s like a broken record, saying that your heart hurts, that you’ll never get over him, getting over you.”

I smile when my phone buzzes as we play, and start singing my part as well as I can. When the song’s over, I pull out my phone as the boys talk, and reply to the text she sent. When I put it away they’ve started playing the intro for Unpredictable, and I join in immediately.

“She sits at home with the lights out, seeing life in different colors.” I sing, and as soon as the song ends I take out my phone again. It goes like this for the next two songs, until Ashton says something.

“Who you texting, Lukey?” He spits the nickname.

I roll my eyes as I type, “None of your business, Ashy.” I say his name just like he said mine.

“You’re texting that bitch, aren’t you?” I can feel the smirk through his words.

“She’s not a bitch. You’re just an asshole.” I set my guitar up and stand up so I’m facing him.

"What did you just call me?” He stands up getting closer to me.

“Oh, does Ashton not like getting called names? How weird is that?” I raise my hands dramatically.

Ashton comes up right in my face, “I am this close, to knocking your fucking teeth in.” The gap between his fingers is barley an inch.

I just stare at him, not saying anything, or I know he will punch me. His jaw clenches as he backs away grabbing his stuff, and walking out the front door, slamming it shut so hard that I’m surprised the door didn’t break off.

“I really thought that he was going to punch you there.” Calum lets out a breath of relief.

“Me too.” I agree, and slump back against the wall.

“Well I wanted him to punch you.” Michael says, and I know that he’s half serious, “You two drive me fucking insane, now get out.” He points to the front door.

“Are you serious?” I ask.

“Yes, now get out of my fucking house. Neither of you are allowed back in until you make up.” He raises his eyebrows at me, and I know he’s serious.

“Whatever.” I walk over to where my stuff is.

“Come on Mike.” Calum says, trying to get him to change his mind.

“No, I’m sick of the bullshit, all over a stupid girl.” He nearly yells.

I roll my eyes and walk out of the house, sending him my middle finger before slamming the door shut. Ashton’s car is gone, thankfully. I pull out my headphones and plug them into my phone before putting them on and blasting music.

I text Vivian as I walk home, and for some reason it calms me down. When I walk into my house a few minutes later, in greeted by barking, and tiny paws jumping on me.

“Molly!” I shout, and crouch down, pulling off my headphones swiftly.

“Hey girl, when did you get home?” I scratch behind her ears, like I always do.

She barks and jumps up to licks my face, “I know, I’ve missed you too girl.” I laugh, then gently push her off of me, so I can look at the note mum left that’s sitting on the counter.

I just picked up Molly from the vet at lunch, her paw isn’t broken, but fractured. Be careful with her, and don’t give her too many treats.
-Mum xx’

I grin at the last part of her note, and pick up Molly, examining the little bandage around one of her legs. I gently finger over the white gauze, and we whimpers, tucking it away.

“Aw, Molls I’m sorry. I think you deserve a treat, don’t you?” I scratch behind her ears again, and grin when she perks up at the word ‘treat’. I grab three out of the dish that holds her treats. I give her one right now, and hold onto the other two of them for later.

I take her up to my room, and set her on my bed, slumping down on it next to her.

“What should we do Molls?” I look at her, as if thinking she’ll answer me.

“Let’s watch a movie, and I can do my homework.” I turn on my laptop, and open up Netflix, choose a movie, then take out my homework.  By the time I’m halfway through the movie, I’ve finished up my homework, and am starting to get bored of the movie. I glance at the clock to see that it’s almost 6:30, and mum won’t be home for another hour. 

“Molly, I’m so bored, what should we do?” I roll over, so I’m facing Molly, who’s curled up on my pillow. 

She looks at me and barks, as if trying to tell me something. 

“What?” She barks again, and stands up, jumping off the bed, and limping towards the door. I follow her, and she walks to the back door. 

“Molls, you’re hurt we can’t go for a walk.” I shake my head, and she barks again, clawing at the door. 

Oh!“ I exclaim, and open the door, letting her out to do her business. My phone vibrates in my pocket showing a text from Vivian. I smile at it, and hurry to reply, sending it. 

Molly limps back to the door, and I let her in. My stomach rumbles, and I stroll to the kitchen to get a snack. Mum calls me, saying that she’s on her way home. Once she’s home we eat some leftovers, and chat for a little while. 

We head to bed after a while. As I lay under my sheets, with Molly sitting comfortably on my stomach. My phone vibrates, with a text from Vivian. 

'I’m turning in for the night. See you tomorrow, goodnight.’

I smile and reply, 

'Sweet dreams. xx' 

I hit send, and fall asleep quickly, with a smile on my face. 


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