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Of course in the tour diary they showed nouiam together and Harry off on his own 😒 of course....

It’s VERY obvious they are separating Harry from the rest of the band. But, when we do see them interact on stage, it’s obvious everything is fine. They’re laughing and joking together. So, with some clever camera tricks, they get to paint the picture they want. The picture they want is Louis/Liam/Niall and Harry on the side. Why they want that picture, I couldn’t tell you. They’ve been doing this for a long time. They’ve been pushing Louis/Liam/Niall to the front and having Harry not present. Yeah, I would want OT4 interactions, especially in the wake of a band member leaving. Especially when stress is so high. Especially with all the rumors floating around. A picture of solidarity and unity would go a long way in this fanbase. But, that’s not what we’re getting. I won’t lie to you. It sucks.

But, if there were actual any issues in this band, we would not know them. Remember during X Factor when Louis and Liam hated each other? Oh, wait. I don’t. Because they covered that up. Remember when Zayn became distanced from his band mates months before he decided to leave the band? Oh, wait. I don’t. Because they pushed Zouis to the forefront. They even had Zayn straight up DENY to an interviewer that he was leaving the band, when we know that decision had already been made at that point. But, still. We had no idea he was going to leave the band. There didn’t seem to be any tension between any of the band members and Zayn. Everything was business as usual. If there are problems, we don’t see them.

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Happy Friday! Do you know what the most read Hunger Games story is?

That is difficult to know accurately.  Here is my best guess based on the number of reviews, number of favorites and number of follows on and based on number of hits, number of comments, number of kudos and number of bookmarks on AO3.  Keep in mind that the more chapters a fic has, the potential for more reviews and comments, especially if readers leave comments on every chapter.  So it is not an exact science but still gives you an idea of the popularity of a fic.  Also, I filtered for fics that appear to be primarily Everlark fics.

Top 10 Reviewed (

Sever – Dandelionsunset

Not In Our Favor – Twilightcakes

Dear Fanfiction – our dancing days

Shades Of Winter – Twilightcakes

Cruel Summer – Twilightcakes

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun – Mejhiren

Unexpected – jennycaakes

Alone in a Crowded Room – Wollaston

We All Love Facebook - Spaidel

Arrows and Cupids – Twilightcakes

Top 10 Favorited (

Grow Together – Miss Scarlett 05

My First Date with Katniss Everdeen – holymfwickee

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun – Mejhiren

The Unrecorded Hours  – hollycomb

Saving the Boy – Embracing-Immensity

Maybe It’s Just Me – BleedtoLoveHer

The Mating Games – ktface3

Someone To Watch Over Me – ArthursCamelot

The Sun is Gonna Shine – monroeslittle

Not In Our Favor – Twilightcakes

Top 10 Most Followed (

When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun – Mejhiren

Not In Our Favor – Twilightcakes

A Marriage Between Victors – optimus-pam

Crash My Party – Court81981

The Mating Games – ktface3

Shades Of Winter – Twilightcakes

Worse Games to Play – Belmione

Stories of Us – Ameiko

Arrows and Cupids – Twilightcakes

The Luxury and the Necessity - Devanrae

Top 10 Number of Hits (AO3)

The miner’s wife - Mockingjayflyingfree

If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two) - arollercoasterthatonlygoesup  (Original Version)

Everything But - msdisdain

Good Again - titania522

Synchronicity - Everlark_Pearl

Beast and His Belle - Falafel_Waffel


The Kitty Ranch by Diana_Flynn

For the Movies - acciograce (Must be logged into AO3 to read)

the next will never come - loveleee

Top 10 Number of Comments (AO3)

The Chance You Didn’t Take - Ronja (Everlark may not be endgame)

The miner’s wife - Mockingjayflyingfree

Daughter of Samland, Son of Denmark - Manniness

You’re Going To Be So Happy - sec982

Drifting Between Grey and Blue - sponsormusings

Good Again - titania522

All the President’s Men - authoresskika

The Grandmentor - silvercistern

Flesh and Bone - authoresskika, meggiemellark (ohmymeggs)

The Concubine - Alliswell

Top 10 Number of Kudos (AO3)

The miner’s wife - Mockingjayflyingfree

Out of the Night: An Interview with a Mockingjay - athousandwinds

If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two) - arollercoasterthatonlygoesup  (Original Version)

For the Movies - acciograce (Must be logged into AO3 to read)

Everything But - msdisdain

Next To You - thegirlonpeetamellark

No Unicorns - misshoneywell

Ashes and Flame (Every You and Every Me) - freneticfloetry

the next will never come - loveleee

Best Man - c_r_roberts

Top 10 Number of Bookmarks (AO3)

The miner’s wife - Mockingjayflyingfree

If The City Never Sleeps (Then That Makes Two) - arollercoasterthatonlygoesup  (Original Version)

Out of the Night: An Interview with a Mockingjay - athousandwinds

How Rue Became the Mockingjay - aimmyarrowshigh

No Surprises - nonemoreblack (Must be logged into AO3 to read)

For the Movies - acciograce (Must be logged into AO3 to read)

Everything But - msdisdain

Good Again - titania522

More Than Words - OfPearlsAndShoelaces

the next will never come - loveleee

HELLO HI WASSUP. To celebrate 2,000 followers I am once again doing a follow forever featuring my favorite blogs! Before listing the blogs I would just like to thank every single one of you, weather you’re a part of this follow forever or we’re not mutuals I still really appreciate you following my trashy blog and especially to those who leave sweet messages in my ask everyday and strike up conversations with me. You guys being so friendly and always being sweet little angels to me really makes my day everyday and I’m very thankful to have you all in my life. Thank you so much for 2,000 followers! :’)

Most of the people on this list are mutual, but I did italic my favs and bolded friends of mine! Follow everyone on this one just like the other one!


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I think we kissed for the last time today.

I hate endings, you know? Especially sad ones. Ones that leave you with your head just above the water desperately gasping for air. The ones that leave you numb. Staring at the phone. Laying in bed fully clothed in silence. Lonely endings. Shallow breathing. Half closed eyes.

Or maybe I don’t hate endings. Just this one.

—  I can’t let go. // redrosepoet

So it’s purple now. Gotta say I prefer the lighter colors, but I can work with this. Also I’m a horrible person and love purple and red together.

Also my room is stupid small or I’d show you my dress. It’s new and I love it. Other fashion sticklers will probably gasp in horror that I’m wearing maroon tights but high top converse. The scandal!

Gods and Goddesses:  Abeona

(Not to be confused with Abnoba, very different goddesses)

Origin: Italian, Pre-Roman

Abeona is the spirit of literal and metaphoric departures. She protects children in general, but especially the first time they leave home. Abeona may be petitioned to provide for a child’s safety.

Her name derives from a root verb indicating “to depart” or “go forth”, but which also references death, and so she may also be petitioned to provide protection beyond the realm of the living.

She has dominion over all kinds of departures: marriage, military, educational opportunities, and death.

She may be petitioned to safeguard children in comas, whose souls may be understood as having temporarily departed, as well as in any situation in which a child has become distant or is no longer truly with you.

Abeona works in conjunction with a sister spirit, Adeona, goddess of safe returns.

Together, they teach babies to walk. Abeona also guards travelers.

Petitions: She is traditionally invoked by parents on behalf of there children, and travelers on behalf of themselves. Ideally, present the petition, and make the offering before the journey begins, so that she oversees the very first steps. Petition her in conjunction with Adeona if children do not begin walking at the expected age.

Altar: Create a sacred space for her that incorporates gate and road imagery.

Offerings: Traveler’s Talismans 

Goodnight- PietroxReader

Make a Pietroxreader based off of eyelids by pvris: Being a part of the Avengers, Pietro has to go on missions whenever and wherever, even if that means leaving his girlfriend alone and worried. She worries that he’ll never be around and one day leave her, which puts a strain on their relationship whenever he has to leave, especially when she knows how hard it will be one day to say goodnight.  

Words: 1,513

Warnings: None, besides light swearing and some arguing

A/N: I don’t know if I’ll make this into a series or not, because of the ending, but if any of you want another installment then request for it! And also, I am not good at descriptions so I’ll try to get better on those! Also please give me feedback! I’d love to know how I can improve on my writing. Enjoy! (Also gif not mine, credits to the owner!)

Originally posted by knightofthefandom

“Leaving again?” You asked, pulling on a sweatshirt.

“I’m sorry, but you know how it is- these missions.” He said not looking you in the eyes.

“Oh sorry Piet I totally forgot.” Your words are laced with sarcasm and hurt. “You’re never here, and even when you are you’re not here. You’re always somewhere else and every time we’re together it ends like this. I don’t get to kiss you goodnight, I don’t get to feel you’re arms wrapped around me, I don’t even want to say goodnight to you because you’re always gone.”

“Y/N, I know this hurts you but you know better than anyone else that this is my job. I don’t choose my crazy schedule and if I did get to choose it, you know I’d be here with you.” He pulled you in and kissed your forehead.

“Yeah, I know. I just wish we had more time together, I do understand it all but- I just miss you so damn much. And I never know how risky these missions are and- well I don’t need you to get yourself hurt too bad.” You said running a hand through your hair. He leaned over and kissed you gently.

“I’ll be back soon, my love.” He gave you another kiss before shutting the door, leaving you again.

You’ve been together for about a year now, and it has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. When you first started dating he was around a lot, so you spent a lot of time together. But then the missions started to flood in and he would leave with the rest of the Avengers for who knows how long. Every night he isn’t here, you know that while you’re sleeping he’s off somewhere putting himself in danger.

Sometimes he’ll be back in the morning; sometimes it could take days, sometimes even weeks until he’s back. But you can’t help but think that he’ll wake up one day and leave, because he’s rarely around and would just get used to the feeling of not seeing you.

What you do on the lonely nights is to fall asleep hoping he’ll be there in the morning.

The Next Day

You woke up groggily, your vision fuzzy from the dark lighting. You saw a dark shadow in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe.

“Who’s there? I know hand to hand combat so I wouldn’t advise you trying to attack me I would kick your sorry-.” You yelled before hearing a laugh coming from the shadow.

“As adorable as it would be to see you try to fight me, I’ll pass.” The shadow saids, and the voice could only belong to Pietro.

“Back so soon Speedy? That was fast.” You grinned running into his arms. You smiled up at him and he kissed your forehead.

“I could leave if you want. I heard there’s a really good café down the street-.” He laughed.

“No I enjoy your company, now shut up and kiss me.” You said pressing your mouth to his. You snaked your arms behind his neck tangling them in the ends of his hair.  He ran his hands down your arms, settling them on your waist, pressing you closer. The kiss got rougher, as if you are making up for the lost time. You moved your hands to his shoulders and grip them, as his smooth hands caressed your cheeks. You pulled apart breathless, your foreheads resting on one another.

“I’m glad you’re home Piet, I really am.” You said pecking his lips one more time.

“Y/N I am too, I love you, and you know that right?” He said looking into your Y/E/C eyes. You could just get lost in his and no map could help me get out.

“Of course I do, and I love you too Piet.” You smiled, lacing his fingers with mine.

“Now why don’t we spend the rest of the day in bed, watching that show you’re always raving about?” He said picking you up and carried you over to the bed, him sitting next to you.

“You mean Scandal? Well you really want a day in bed because once you start this there’s no going back. Not even Olivia Pope could fix the addiction I have with this show.” You said laughing at your own joke. He gave you a confused face.

“What does that mean?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

“You’ll see, you’ll see.”

Later In The Evening

“I cannot believe we spent the whole day watching this show. We watched it for ten hours. TEN HOURS.”

“Piet, you have to admit this is a really good show, because if you don’t then the doors that way.” You laughed, smiling sarcastically at him.

“Okay, okay, fine I admit this show is better than I thought it would be.”

“Okay I’m exhausted, I can only take so much Chinese takeout and seeing Olivia hook up with Jake before I need to sleep.” You say yawning.

“I can’t believe the time is already 11:39.” He sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Why, you just sleep here with me anyways I don’t see the problem-.” You rambled, but then caught his tired expression. “You’re leaving again. Two days in a row, you’re leaving me.”

“Y/N- I wish I didn’t have to, but I do. It’s my job and I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I know you know this. I know how much you hate it and I hate it too.” He said placing his hands on yours.

“Pietro, I’ve taken so much of this short notice stuff in the past year. I get it. I completely understand it all but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt me in the slightest.” You said, walking over to the balcony, opening the door to let in the cool breeze of the night. Stepping outside, you leaned against the railing, looking out into the city. With the flashing lights and people living their lives, this truly was the city that never slept, and neither did you.

“Y/N…” He said in a low quiet voice, as if he didn’t want to wake something, like he didn’t want to wake the anger and hurt that was growing inside you.

You turned around and just looked at him. His expression pleading you that he wanted things to be okay, but you knew that it couldn’t be okay, even as much as you wanted it too. You just wanted a normal night with him where you could be a normal couple, living life in the city. You wanted to be able to say goodnight and know you would wake up beside him in the morning. You wanted him and you, Y/N and Pietro.

“Piet, I don’t want to spend all these nights alone. I see you leaving when I try to fall asleep but want to know what consumes my thoughts? I think about when you’ll get home. I’m chasing my tail and wearing myself down about this. I know we’re connected in the heart, but when I need you when I’m in the dark, when I need your loving embrace, you’re never there.  And I know there are mornings that you’re there and you’ll wake me up and kiss me and everything is alright, but there are so many damn days where you have to leave again and I- I just don’t know how much more of it I can take.” You choked out, struggling to keep yourself from letting the tears come.

“Y/N…I don’t like it either. I want to be able to kiss you goodnight and be there for you. I want to be able to wake up in the morning lying beside you, but we aren’t some normal couple and I don’t think it can-.” He began, before you cut him off.

“Don’t think it can what? Be like that every night? I know that I just need a few, we rarely get that time together anymore.” You snapped at him.

“Okay so what are you saying then?” He ran a hand through his hair, clearly stressed.

“I think it’s time for you to leave Piet, you do have a mission to go on.” You said with a cool tone.

“Y/N…I love you, I don’t want us to end like this-please.”

“Piet- I love you too…but I think it’s time for me to say goodnight.” You said turning around to face the city.

He walked over to you leaning in for a kiss, but you turned your cheek. You could hear his footsteps exit the balcony, and you looked back. He turned back at you with the same hurt expression you wore, and you started to cry. For a moment you wanted to run into his arms and forget everything, but in that same moment he held the doorknob in his hands and said the one thing that could break you, “Goodnight.” And then he was gone.

Staring at the city lights, your vision blurry with tears, you knew that when he came back from his mission everything would be different.     

So Bucky....

thenotinferior said:

What if Steve is having to keep him locked up. They said this would have been easier a week ago. Here is my theory.

Steve found Bucky but he was completely out of his mind. I mean, he’s been brainwashed for 70 years. So what if he’s kind of lost it? Maybe he was thrashing out and hurting people? Hurting himself? Maybe his arm was programmed to hurt him if he ever aborted.

Steve is trying to help. That’s why Sam is there because he helps with PTSD things. He’s trying to help Bucky through this. But they have to keep him locked up. They have to keep him from hurting himself.





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Pool - Emma and Regina try to be professional, but end up being flirty. Then Regina makes some comment and turns around to get out of the water, but Emma pulls her back and they have a hot make out session in front of the whole SB. 👍

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Come on Regina,” Emma says as she sits in the pool, “You must be boiling.” 

“I’m fine,” Regina replies insistently as she tries to read her magazine. Admittedly it’s difficult with a near-naked Emma Swan in front of her. Did she have to look so damn hot in that bikini? 

They told each other they’d try to stay professional today but god that’s proving difficult, especially since Emma won’t leave her alone! Not that Regina really minds. Instead she sets her magazine down with a smug smirk before raising a brow at Emma and asking, “So Miss Swan, why so interested in getting me wet?”

She grins as Emma blushes before moving to pick up her magazine again. She doesn’t notice Emma swimming up to her until the blonde calls out, “Come here.” 

Regina sets it down before walking over to the edge of the pool, “What?” 

Emma doesn’t answer merely grinning cheekily and pulling Regina in. She makes sure to keep a hold of Regina’s hand just in case as the brunette shrieks before popping back out of the water. “Miss Swan!” she yells.

Emma grins at her, “I got you wet,” she says with a wink. 

Professionalism be damned Regina thinks as she whispers into Emma’s ear, “I bet you’d like to find out how wet.” 

Their eyes meet and they grin before letting their desire guide them. Lips press hotly against each other as they kiss, Emma pulling Regina close to her as they moan and whimper into the make-out session.

“So,” Ruby says as she and Snow walk past, “Emma and Regina?” 

Snow nods, “Yep. Emma and Regina and another incidence of clearly forgetting they are in front of the town.” 

Ruby chuckles before whistling, “Hey Emma! Regina! Public pool guys!”

Emma breaks their kiss reluctantly to glare at her best friend and Mom. She turns back to Regina, “Maybe we could go find our own private pool?” 

Regina grins pulling her in for another kiss before replying, “Let’s go.” 

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Doesn't Karlie have her own room at Taylor's apartment..?

Technically. I still think that was planted by Taylor so it gave them an excuse to why Karlie was staying there quite often. Especially if she got papped leaving the next morning. The interesting thing though is that the Rolling Stones article might have actually sparked the living together rumors since the piece was written July 24th, and then living together rumors started circulating around August 9th.

We all know where she really stays when she’s at Taylor’s apartment though 😏

It’s so weird being in that stage where you’re more than friends but not quite dating yet. Talking about that other person is so hard because you can’t call them your boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but just saying they’re your friend just feels wrong