I just saw a fanart with little Ben Solo asking to everyone to see him while he grows up but no one hears him. 

Until a red voice tells him back, “I see you”.

Fuck you :)

This photo was taken on my favorite forest road at The Veluwe, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Especially in autumn when leaves are falling and fog is all around, the atmosphere turns into magic. By Theo Peekstok #sublime #1x

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I admire your strength. I have a new baby and Im in an emotionally abusive relationship with her father. I want to leave, but I have nowhere to go and I don't know what to do.

I’m so sorry you’re in that situation.
it can be so hard when you have a baby with someone to leave, especially when you don’t have many options. in my experience, being with someone who is abusive kills your soul and it will make it harder to ever get out or to be the best for your baby.

is there a safe way to explore options that would be manageable?– staying with family or friends, getting your own place, shelters?
if you stay can you talk to him about the things that need to change? is he open to couples or individual therapy?
can you find other outlets so he can’t isolate you– new mom groups in your area or friends you can build relationships with so you aren’t alone?

please promise me this– if he physically hurts you or emotionally hurts you so much or for so long that you want to hurt yourself… leave. go anywhere. he’s not worth your life or your child’s life and there are ways to make it out.
start saving money for an emergency or for your future, start making plans. and don’t stop talking to people. we’re here and you’re not alone.

Okay but, imagine Apollo shows up as a teen before Nico and Will start dating. Him and Will talk a little bit, Will tells him about his new friends, especially Nico. And then Apollo leaves, saying he has some business to take care of. Will doesn’t think anything of it, not until Annabeth comes over to tell him that Apollo has been searching the entire camp for Nico. Then Will starts to panic, running after his dad begging him to shut up.

Apollo finds Nico sword training. And this is their exchange.

Will *just arriving to the arena out of breath*: dad, knock it off okay, I’m not smitten with Nico *looks at Nico* not smitten
Nico *trying not to laugh*: well that’s very disappointing. See you at dinner, solace
Will: wait what?! Come back, I can be smitten if you want me to!!
Apollo: nice boy, I approve
Will: you just ruined my life

Alice was sitting on the porch, waiting for me. I pulled to a stop in front of the house rather than going around to the garage.
“Carlisle’s in his study,” Alice told me before I could ask.
“Thank you,” I said, tousling her hair as I passed.
Thank you for returning my call, she thought sarcastically.
“Oh.” I paused by the door, pulling out my phone and flipping it open. “Sorry. I didn’t even check to see who it was. I was… busy.”
“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, too. By the time I saw what was going to happen, you were on your way.”
“It was close, I murmured.
Sorry, she repeated, ashamed of herself.
It was easy to be generous, knowing that Bella was fine. “Don’t be. I know you can’t catch everything. No one expects you to be omniscient, Alice.”
“I almost asked you out to dinner tonight–did you catch that before I changed my mind?”
She grinned. “No, I missed that one, too. Wish I’d known. I would have come.”
“What were you concentrating on, that you missed so much?”
Jasper’s thinking about our anniversary. She laughed. He’s trying not to make a decision on my gift, but I think I have a pretty good idea…
“You’re shameless.”

I just keep drawing essentially the same thing over and over because they just need to kiss ok
I started this on Joey’s birthday. :’)

“She left us to die in that mountain.”

Bellamy is looking into Clarke’s eyes, searching for some kind of acknowledgment, some sort of hint that she’s got this handled. This has to be one her plans. She’s saving them, protecting them. 

He gets nothing. 

No emotion. Just blankness. 

“She will always put her people first,” he goes on. And yeah, they might be her people now too, but not truly. Not really, not ever. They’ll never be fully accepted by them. 

“You should come home to yours.”

You should come home to me. 

His tongue is dancing behind his closed lips, his throat aching for the words to come out. For her to know, to finally know how much she means to him. How much he absolutely needs her. Especially now. 

Especially with everyone leaving him.

“I’m sorry,” Clarke say’s, bluntly. 

He feels the anger surging inside him, his stomach rolling. His fists clench together tightly as he he bites the inside of his cheek. 

This isn’t her. This isn’t his Clarke. 

He want’s to spit at her that he doesn’t know who she is anymore. He wants to yell and to scream and fight. He wants to be so enraged and infuriated with her like he used to once upon a time. 

But Bellamy’s tired.

He’s so tired. So done with fighting and being by himself. Gina’s dead. Octatvia is leaving. Monty and Raven and Miller are barely holding on to their sanity. 

He has no one left. 

And he loves her. Maybe if he loved her less it’d be easier to start fighting. 

Instead, he checks himself, biting his tongue, and searching her eyes for a final time before turning on his heel and stalking out. 

Clarke lets out a small sound, like a sharp intake of breath. Maybe she’ll call out to him. Maybe she’ll try to change his mind. 

She doesn’t. 

He needs a damn drink. 

Leave Me The Fuck Alone Ointment Curse

Nothing like a good smutz of get the fresh fuck away from me and keep fucking off till you fall off the planet! Keeps unwanted people from contacting you or bothering you!

You need:

Cayenne pepper
Tobacco Flower scented oil
A paper scrap
A match
The name, email, or phone number(s) of the offender(s) something they are identified by

This curse is best made fresh, so the feeling for this person soak in well.

Write the offenders moniker on the paper and glare at it, just give it the stink eye until you feel its sufficently “stunk”

Next, take a heaping spoonful of cayenne and mix it with a few drops of the oil until it makes a paste. Take your thumb and swipe a bit of this paste across what you have written, like a strikethrough. Say these words aloud

“Leave me alone
Do not contact me
Don’t seek me out
Hear of me and flee”

Light the match and set the paper alight and just before its burned out, glare one last time for good measure and say

“Leave me be.”

Wash your hands, cleanse or meditate, but make sure you are calm after the spell is done.

When people at work ask how I got so good at my eye makeup it’s so hard not to tell them I was a stripper. Especially the older men and military officers that come in. 💁💋
Stand by You - Chapter 1 - Pikuna - Strange Magic (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Due to a harsh winter both kingdoms are weakend and need the help from each other to avoid increasing loss.
But relations between Fairies and Goblins were always tense, so the Queens decided to strengthen the new alliance with the engagement of the young crown princess Marianne and the Bog prince.
The engagement and alliance persist until the eighteen birthday of princess Marianne, where she will decide if she want to marry the Bog prince or not.

Little AU were Marianne and Bog meet each other as child/teenager. Lots of children shenanigans and fluff, but also dealing with the dark sides of life.

Yeah, I totaly have a thing for AUs where Bog and Marianne meet much earlier in life, become friends and then lovers. xD
I normaly headcanon the age difference between them around 12 years, but for this I choose 8, because otherwhise it would be a bit awkward.
The title for this story comes from the correspondent song from Rachel Platten and is also the title song for it.
This story is inspired by a comment from @magic-and-moonlit-wings

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      Ever since his impromptu meetings with Luke, Griffin had become more and more skeptical about what he did or who saw him, especially after leaving the hospital. Just a few blocks down, in neutral territory the man could feeling a distinct entity trailing him, quickly turning around he eyed the being. “If you’re trying to pull something I’d be hesitant on it tonight, it might just get you wound up in something you’re not ready for.”  

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For buying AnY new anime merch, the best place for international buyers would probably be Amiami. For stuff that's harder to find, you can use a proxy service (like FromJapan or TreasureJapan) to buy stuff off JPN Rakuten or on Yahoo Auction Japan (you'd have to search 暁のヨナ to find it). Sometimes you can find things second hand on the Mandarake online store (which ships internationally, you can search both akatsuki no yona and 暁のヨナ to find results).

Ah, yes, I checked AmiAmi out for the new merch when I got the ask the other day, but (at least for me) the pre-order period was listed as ended and nothing could be bought, so I didn’t mention it. However, it might be good to keep an eye on the site over the next little while in case something does become available :) @memoirofelliotnightray also recommended it~

As for proxy services… Eh, I find them hard to use, but that might be because I don’t understand them very well. I’ve also had a friend purchase from Rakuten and come back disappointed, and a quick Google of Rakuten reviews comes back with a lot of negativity, so I’m hesitant to recommend that site despite having not used it personally. 

Mandarake is a great suggestion, and one I totally forgot (this is why I shouldn’t answer asks late at night, lol). I should have mentioned it though because that’s where I got some older AnY merch when I was in Japan. In fact, the site seems to still have some of the keychains I bought in stock! 

I’ve thought about this a lot recently and I think nobody would ever want to keep up with me (as in a relationship) and my diabetes because it’s such a huge responsibility as a partner to keep up with all that stuff you have to do and ‘take care of’. I think nobody would stick around that long especially if you struggle a lot with your diabetes. I feel like my diabetes is bothersome for myself, my parents/family, so why wouldn’t it be for your boyfriend/girlfriend too? Especially because they could leave you anytime unlike your family. I think my diabetes could cause a lot of arguments in a relationship. I don’t want my significant other to worry the fuck out of me all the time just like my mother would do. Of course, if you tell this to a non-diabetic they’d just deny the whole thing and tell you to get help…
Land Next To Me 15/?

Summary: au; Killian Jones sees his visit aboard the luxury spaceliner The Swan as nothing but fulfilling another assignment, a quick journey granted to him for heroic actions in the King’s Navy. Meeting Emma Swan might just change everything, especially after disastrous events leave them with only each other to hold on to. Captain Swan (Loosely based on These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman)

Word Count: 2,500

Rating: T

Also on:

Catch up: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,eleven,twelve, thirteen, fourteen

Killian wakes just as the sun is beginning to peek above the horizon, the soft pinks and oranges that stain the morning sky offer just enough light to make out the details of their little campsite. Emma is still sound asleep next to him, her breathing soft and slow—and it doesn’t appear as though she’ll be waking any time soon, for which he’s glad. He could practically feel how exhausted she’d been—and she both needs and deserves the rest.

Before leaving the warmth of the bed and Emma’s skin, Killian takes a moment to admire the way the morning light kisses her features. Her hair shines with the colors of the sunrise and the light dusting of freckles that crosses her cheekbones stand out just a little more than usual under the direct rays of the sunlight. And he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a sight quite so beautiful.  

He’s careful when untangling himself from beneath the blankets, moving slowly so as not to disturb her. Once he’s successfully freed himself he tugs the blankets a little higher over her shoulder, and presses the lightest of kisses against her hair.

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i think you'll be fine while Ari's gone! you have lee right? and ari will be back in no time, please it would be kind of romantic to have natsu wait for his lucy.

❛ ╳┊yeah i guess so, i just have a really REALLY bad fear of abandonment ( ie. whens someone leaves the room the’re not coming back, when they go offline they aren’t coming back on) so i get…weird with this kinda thing. but i know it wasn’t ari’s choice and of course i have a lot of other friends…

yeah he’ll wait for her forever if he has to…i don’t know if it’s romantic or just sad but he’ll wait forever (just look how long he waited for igneel)…