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It's the first anon, before I say anything, I wanted to clear up that I wasn't 'trolling' or starting up drama for no reason. I actually love sprousehart, but I saw this on twitter and wanted the opinions of other people that are invested into this. Now that that's over with, the girl who claimed this, her @ on twitter is @KiaPantazis and during her conversation with an riverdale fan account about her fan experience, she stated he kissed her. You should be able to find it on her account.

Hiya there nonnie! I didn’t mean to say that you were looking to start drama. I was referring to those annoying , attention seeking fangirls, especially on twitter and IG, who do that.

I checked out that girl’s page and looks like yet another attempt at garnering attention. She put it on her twitter bio for heavens sake! Ugh.

First of all, there is no way to verify her claims, secondly, even if he did, it seems to be a friendly peck at the most, given her description of it. It wasn’t a full on lip lock or anything. He probably was drunk too.

I had seen her picture with Cole yesterday but she hadn’t mentioned anything about the alleged ‘kiss’ then. She seems to have added it later and wants to make a big deal out of it.

A quick glance of her IG reveals an attention seeking character , tbh.

I seriously question the morals of these young women whose 'life goals ’ apparently are getting a 'star-fuck’ for their 2 minutes of fame.

I hope and pray that this matter doesn’t get blown out of proportion and reaches those cheesy tabloids.