lavandersunrise  asked:

I'll love it if they become open on their own SM accounts but never discuss it in interviews because you know the media is always asking actors about their private lives and they don't get a peep out of them because SH are open on their terms on their personal SM. It'll be a big screw you to the press cause they are used to being the source for celebrity gossip but won't w/SH, they're not going to give u click bate articles and gain a profit by using their personal lives.

I feel the exact same! The media is the worst! I just hope they leave them alone. C & L do a good job of avoiding the paps and press, so I think they’ll be okay. Also, Cole and Lili are already pretty open on their IG and Twitter accounts, but they’re sneaky about it. ;) Cole has the Sprousehart row, that picture of Lili in the flower field, which is clearly a “look how beautiful my girlfriend is” photo. :)
Lili is the only girl he’s ever commented with a heart eyes emoji. Also, how he basically outed them with the whole Lili scrambling to get on his flight. 😂 If you understand Cole’s weirdness, which I’ll admit I sort of do, a lot of his tweets are actually about Lili. :) Lili is also pretty open about them on IG and Twitter, especially IG. Go through her page, and it’s full of Cole content. The thing is, they use a lot of subtext when posting stuff about each other, that way they don’t make it blatantly obvious. But subtext is my speciality, so I’ve caught them out too many times. Haha! I just hope they start posting photos together on their SM pages. We need more coupley photos, and I think we will get them soon. 💕