Two things

1. GG may be well loved and lovable, (and I don’t care that it’s not part of his job) but if he doesn’t support WestAllen publicly, or support CP publicly especially on twitter or IG where he has millions of followers it ain’t right. It just isn’t right. People can keep babying him and saying he can do whatever he wants, and he can, but as someone’s friend and as a co-star you have to acknowledge each other. That said, I don’t think he has to all the time, but a once in a while shout out or a sign of appreciation or respect JUST to CP, or a retweet would suffice. I don’t check his twitter though, so I dunno for sure, but I just hope he doesn’t act like WA doesn’t exist, that’s not okay.

2. Grandice was definitely happening bts for episode 3 I don’t care what anyone says. The bts pictures we got shows that GG and CP were acting way beyond what was actually filmed. The pointing of their hands interlocked was GG (and Barry) but GG really because that wasn’t shot. And it’s possible that they didn’t know that part wasn’t going to be in there but when you think about how the camera was positioned, it would give that away.

Also, in the scene where they kissed, like the papz said that they did the scene over and over again, and that they were DANCING. The final cut was like 1 minute (exaggeration don’t know how long it was), and the kisses looked a lot less passionate than the pics (though still so so so great!). Idk, but I do know that there was a fancy table set up that was barely SHOWN in the scene. This is all very tea worthy stuff. Just sayin’. What did they do after filming? What did they joke about? How did the dancing start? ☕ Anyways just my two cents, I love WA more right now (because GG wylin) but thought I’d point out some interesting stuff!

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