Cardiac distress symptoms in women

In the wake of Carrie Fisher’s death four days after she suffered a massive heart attack, one thing that was reported by some news outlets was that she had been in “significant distress” on the flight. We don’t know the exact details of this, but in my experience as an EMT, it often means “hysterical woman having a panic attack and thinking she’s dying…*woman dies* …oops, guess she really was dying.” 

It is SO IMPORTANT to remember that many women present in what medicine considers an ‘atypical’ manner for heart attack, but it actually IS typical…for women. Women are more than twice as likely to die from cardiac emergencies, not because our physiology is that much different than men and thus gives us a worse chance at survival (it’s actually better if treated promptly and adequately), but because our symptoms are more likely to go unrecognized or to be dismissed entirely.

Thus, please take a moment to review and pass on this list of cardiac distress symptoms as seen in women: 

Shortness of breath - This is the most common one. If a woman, especially one without prior history of respiratory issues or shortness of breath, seems to be having trouble catching her breath and/or complains of such, pay very close attention. If she continues to feel winded after sitting or laying down, it’s probably time to call for help.

Feeling of impending doom - This can range from a sense of general unease to a full-blown panic attack. This one is extremely important, and is the symptom most commonly disregarded by doctors and hospital staff. If a woman tells you that she feels ‘not quite right,’ or like something terrible is about to happen, or that she’s about to die, LISTEN TO HER FFS. 

Nausea and “indigestion” - Also common. Heart attacks frequently present as a feeling of vague nausea or indigestion, but unlike typical heartburn, antacids and other OTC treatments will not alleviate the symptoms.

Hiccups - Unexplained hiccups, especially if seen with any of the other symptoms listed above, can be indicative of heart muscle that is being acutely or chronically starved of oxygen.  The exact mechanism isn’t known, but it’s thought that the enzymes released by the dying muscle irritate the pericardium and adjacent diaphragm, causing spasms in the healthy muscle. 

Fatigue - This is another commonly seen symptom, and is often overlooked or ignored as just transient tiredness. Many women having a heart attack will complain of feeling “flu-like” symptoms of nausea, sweating, fatigue, and shortness of breath, and they’ll lie down for a nap and never wake up. 

Lightheadedness - A feeling of being lightheaded or about to faint isn’t terribly uncommon in many benign conditions, and many women experience it on a monthly basis. However - be aware when it appears unexpectedly or unexplainedly, and/or with one or more of the other symptoms on this list. 

Sweating (diaphoresis) - Heart attack does funny things to the sympathetic nervous system, which is behind reflexes such as sweating and hiccups. If a lady is experiencing unexplained or excessive sweating, pay attention to anything else that might be going on with her. 

Tingling or numb extremities - A feeling of numbness or “pins and needles” tingling in the extremities can be an important sign that cardiac function is being impaired and those body parts aren’t receiving enough oxygen. 

Peripheral and/or central cyanosis - Often accompanies tingling or numbness, and is considered a later-stage symptom of cardiac distress and heart failure. Finger and toe tips will turn pale or blue first, and lips and gums after that. Important to remember that darker-skinned women may present cyanosis as ashen, grey, or darker purple rather than pale or blue. 

Back pain - Pain between the shoulder blades, in the cervical spine, or even further down in the torso or lumbar region can be a symptom of heart attack. Alone, it isn’t that suspicious, but if it’s unrelenting and presents with any of the other symptoms above, keep a watchful eye on things. 

Classic “crushing” or “tight” chest pain or pressure - Women DO experience this classic pain, too, just not as frequently as men do. This may be due to our higher pain threshold, or differences in blood volume, or maybe we’re just not sure because nobody’s bothered to really study it. Whatever the reason, some women do still experience the crushing or tightening pain, and others may experience less painful pressure or tightness that doesn’t seem to be relieved by anything.

Arm and jaw pain - Another “classic” heart attack symptom, and a bit more common than central chest pain. Unexplained pain in the left arm or shoulder, and on the left side of the neck or jaw, should not be ignored by anyone.

Things I need in Season 4

- A sword fight between Mala and Hiccup

- Mala thinks she’s winning the sword fight but then Hiccup does a swooshing thing and he wins.

- To get the Dragon Eye back, Hiccup and Viggo play Maces and Talons.

- Viggo going a little crazy with reports from Ryker that, no, Hiccup is not dead yet.

- Johann delivering the bounty news.

- The festival episode, from a screenshot seen in the RTTE/Voltron trailer, is Hiccup’s 20th Birthday.


- Everyone being worried about Hiccup, especially Berk’s general population. Because what happens to them if Hiccup doesn’t make it through this??

- Hiccup realizes that Viggo unlocked the Dragon Eye.

- Heather finally gives up the Dragon Eye lens on her belt.


- Hiccup and Toothless bonding.

- Hiccup and Toothless developing that playful relationship they have in the second movie.

- An episode dedicated to Dagur coming back to life.

- Oswald the Agreeable.

- Hooded Man.

- Hiccup making his helmet to cover his face for the sole purpose of no one seeing his face when he goes to certain places. Because of the well-drawn picture on the bounty.


- We find out what the secret Hiccup and Astrid have been keeping throughout season 3 and into 4.

- Someone builds Snotlout his saddle/chair thing from the second movie.

- The friend that becomes the enemy is not Alvin.


- Rumor has it that Hiccup might get put in jail. I need fan theories on how this happens.

- Battlefield Hiccstrid kiss??? WHERE’S THE FANFICTION

- Gobber’s reaction to the bounty. Will he joke? Or will he give some genuine advice or something??

- Leg jokes.


Feel free to add on.

I think a lot about that deleted scene animatic from HTTYD2 that shows Stoick and Valka fighting–I’m glad they cut it and opted for a warmer tone, but I do think it’s interesting that the story originally showed a couple that legitimately was better off apart. Or maybe they would’ve resolved it in the end, but only through both of them changing their behaviour? I’m not sure, but I find it really interesting, and I think that storyline resonates quite well for a lot of people my age with parents who are separated. It was a really interesting look at two parents’ versions of the same set of events, and watching how their personalities clashed–especially for Hiccup, just on the verge of adulthood and in a serious relationship himself. Definitely opens up a hefty can of worms for an already emotionally heavy film, but I’m glad they released that scene.

evilwriter37  asked:

Imagine the gang putting each other to bed. Like, Hiccup's really tired and overworking and someone just likes picks him up, puts him in bed, and tucks him in. Just any of them doing that for each other.

Ooh, yes. That definitely happens. 

With Hiccup especially. I can picture like, the other five looking at each other when they realize he’s yawning but he’s still working or refuses to sleep for some reason (or looks tired) and like…. time to put his ass to bed for him. Like Snotlout rolling his eyes, looking at Astrid or Fishlegs and then like picking him up and putting him over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and Hiccup’s like “Hey!” And Snotlout’s like “Time for bed, dude.” 

Fishlegs and Astrid go for a more gentle approach. Maybe like, hey wanna cuddle with me? And really the cuddling is just to get him into a bed so he sleeps. Though, I’d love to see Astrid pick Hiccup up and carry him either piggyback, fireman’s carry, or bridal style. He probably falls asleep while she does this too. 

Or the twins basically going Thorston Sandwich with him and like, now you can’t go anywhere because you’re stuck between both of us. Time to sleep. (They pull that with everyone else, too. Snotlout acts like he hates it but he actually loves it!)

They probably get Toothless in on it too. Like “Watch him, make sure he sleeps.” Maybe have Toothless tuck him into those lovely wings of his and Hiccup now is cocooned by 2000 pounds of Night Fury.

And plus, they literally did that for Astrid in Night of the Hunters! (She wakes up in Hiccup’s bed after her all day water adventure). Canon evidence! Yay! I could see them doing that immediately after Buffalord Soldier. Like, yes, you’re well now, but you need a good night’s sleep, okay? Stormfly, make sure she sleeps. 

I can see them tucking each other into bed after their various adventures where they were really concerned about one other. Or their friend is likely to be feeling really vulnerable. Like, everybody tucking Ruff (and Tuff) into bed after Twintuition. They probably tucked Hiccup into bed after Dire Straits but stayed in the room with him because they couldn’t fathom leaving him. They definitely all helped tuck Astrid into her bed while she was temporarily blind, and staying with her (or cuddling with her, if they asked or she asked). Same with Snotlout in Not Lout or Bad Moon Rising (though, I’d imagine they never left his side and cuddling happened.) They also did the same for Tuff in Bad Moon Rising.

the-fanaddict  asked:

Also Viggo and Ryker try to get information out of Hiccup and Astrid comes in and saves him

Oh boy, did I have a hell of a lot of fun with this one! It’s a lot longer than the other stories I’ve written for requests, reaching about 9,300 words. That’s because with the other requests, I hurt him once and that’s it, but with torture… I get to keep hurting him. Okay, now time to put the rating and the warnings. This one needs it.

Rated: M

Warnings: graphic depictions of torture, nudity, some language, forced drug use, rape mention

*evil smile*

Requests are closed.

Hiccup sat against the mast of the Hunter ship with his hands tied in front of him. There were two men guarding him, which he thought was ridiculous, seeing as they were on a boat in the middle of the sea. Where was he going to escape to? The water would only present a frigid death.

If Toothless was also onboard, he would understand the need to guard him, but he wasn’t. He was back on that island, probably alone and dying in that cave.

Tears pricked at his eyes and he set his jaw. He felt so stupid for trusting Dagur. Of course he had betrayed him. Of course he had left him. Why had he expected anything else?

Hiccup felt especially stupid for ditching Astrid that morning. He should have let her go with him, should have listened to her about taking a break from searching for Viggo. But he hadn’t, and now he was here, on his way to him to probably be tortured and killed in some horrific manner. That thought, albeit a terrifying one, wasn’t as bad as thinking of Toothless all alone on that island with Dagur. He felt an ache in his chest, crawling up his throat, threatening to be released as a sob, but he choked it down. It only served to make it hurt more, but he couldn’t cry, especially not in front of these Hunters. That would be a sign of weakness.

“You know,” one of the men began, “you can still save yourself if you tell us where your dragon is. Then Viggo might consider killing you quickly.”

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ashleybenlove  asked:

The gang and feelings of family/brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood.

The gang IS a family. No doubt about it.

- The twins have got a bro thing going on with everyone, and since they’re all jocks it’s intensified. They’re the kinds of people who do fist bumps with everyone over nothing.

- Hiccup is forever the little brother, even though he’s canonically older than Fishlegs and the twins. He’s still the youngest because the rest of the gang has to look out for him. He’s the one they’re constantly fussing over.

- And that makes Astrid and/or Fishlegs the oldest. Astrid because she’s obviously more mature, but Fishlegs is the most fussy. They could be Mom™ and Dad™ of the Edge.

- Snotlout is the most conflicting on the age scale because he’s wildly immature at times and very mature at others. Definitely a teenager. Plus, them mood swings in The Longest Day confirms that. He’s constantly making Little Brother Hiccup feel smol.

- (Oh my gosh and his hormones are crazy too. Snotlout is definitely a teenager at heart. Frick.)

- Ruffnut and Astrid after, like, a week of staying on the Edge immediately realize that if they don’t spend some time together, they’ll both go crazy after being with the boys 24/7. They have a sis code. It doesn’t have rules, because both girls do what they want and they don’t really care what the other says about it.

- Times like Snoggletog or someone’s birthday is when you’ll see the gang actually sneaking loving glances towards each other, especially Hiccup, because gods, they’ve come so far.

- (I may have been watching RoB yesterday and getting emotional because the gang was not even close to how close they are in RTTE.)

Headcanon requests are closed!

New Drabble...Complicated Hiccstrid

What do you do when you have too much homework and should be studying for exams?  In my case, it’s apparently write saddish Hiccstrid drabbles.

Takes place during RTTE, after their encounter with Viggo.  Obviously not canon in any way, but an idea I had to get out of my head.  Characters may seem a bit OOC but I justify it since they are all under a lot of pressure.

I had fun with this.  Not sure if I’ll continue it, but maybe I’ll be inspired to.

Rated T


Why?!  Why do we need to talk here?!” he cried.

Hiccup sat in the stream, his knees crossed in a futile effort to maintain his dignity.  Ten paces away on land stood Astrid, fully clothed but holding herself as though she too was on display.  She looked uncharacteristically timid, while he was unusually sullen.

She sighed.  “Well…you’ve been avoiding me all day, and this is the only place I could think of where you wouldn’t run away.”

He frowned deeply.  “Because I’m naked?”

She shrugged, suddenly feeling embarrassed.  “Yeah, that, and….”, her eyes motioned towards his prosthetic, which lay on the rocks nearby.

After following her gaze, he looked back at her, glaring.  “That’s a low blow…” he muttered.

Astrid held her hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry!  But we really do need to talk.”

Hiccup scoffed.  “No, Astrid, we don’t.  I tried to talk to you before you left for Berk, remember?  I tried to talk to you when you came back.  And now you want to talk?”

“Yes!”, she insisted as she shifted uncomfortably. “I do.”

“Well, that’s great”, Hiccup drawled sardonically.  “Funny thing though; I don’t.”

He slowly moved towards the edge of the stream, releasing a deep exhale.

“We’re done”, he announced flatly.

He braced himself on a rock and awkwardly stood to lean against the stone.  Grabbing his clothes, he draped his tunic over his lap as his put on the prosthetic.

Astrid paled.  “W-what do you mean “we’re done”?”, her voice beginning to rise in panic. “Done with what?”

Hiccup rolled his eyes incredulously.  “This!” he shouted, gesturing wildly between them.  “What ever this is!”

She shook her head vigorously as she approached him slowly.  “Hiccup…no….”  

Standing up, he took several steps back.  “You say you care about me…that you trust me.”  

“I do!” she asserted.

He ignored her, moving his arms for emphasis. “And then you hide things from me!  Making plans behind my back with Heather, which by the way, could have killed somebody.”

She dropped her gaze to the ground, ashamed.  Her arms tightened around her frame.

“And then”, he continued dourly, “everything changed.  Suddenly I never see you anymore.”  Shaking his head, he turned on his heels and walked into the woods.

Astrid groaned in exasperation, her patience running thin.  “That’s not fair; I was giving you space!” she shouted to him, her breath quickening as she tried to keep up with him.  “You were obviously upset, and I get that…but every time you looked at me l just felt so…guilty.”

“Huh, isn’t that something?”, he scoffed over his shoulder, dripping with sarcasm.  “You put your team in peril, lied to us…lied to me…and my eyes are what made you feel bad?  Not because what you did was stupid and selfish?”

Astrid clinched her jaw, growing weary of the same argument.  “Hiccup, please…I know…I said I was sorry and I am.”  Stepping over weaving ground roots, she was now within arms reach of him.  “I know things have been weird lately, but it seemed like we were getting past it.”

Hiccup stopped abruptly and turned, causing her to nearly bump into his chest.  She quickly withdrew when she saw his stern expression.

He considered her for a moment, eyes scanning her features, breathing heavily from his hurried pace.  “Yeah, Astrid, I was getting over it.”  He shrugged dismissively. “Fine, you lied, you had your reasons…whatever.  I still couldn’t believe that you, of all people, would keep something like that from me.  But I thought “hey everyone makes a bad decision; it wont happen again.””

As Astrid began to open her mouth to interject, he quickly waved his hand to silence her.  “And then you do it again!  Sneaking around the island, hiding out in your hut, refusing to see anyone, and then you get up and leave…no explanation! Just gone.  And then, more than a week later mind you, you finally come back…and don’t think we need to know what you were doing?”.  He looked her up and down, eyes studying her closely.  “You say you went to Berk, but did you? Really?”

Her cheeks reddened in offense.  “Yes, I went to Berk!”, she barked back, matching his volume.  “You can ask your dad, ask my parents, ask anyone!  Where else would I have gone?!”

Hiccup’s face darkened, and his voice lowered.  “I don’t know, Astrid.  And that’s the problem.  For the first time, I have no idea what you are going to do…”.  He added quietly, “…or who you are.”

He turned away and continued walking in long strides.  Within seconds, Astrid was in pursuit and sped up behind him.  Their trail was becoming harder to see at the sun continued to set.

“Wait, Hiccup, please just hear me out”, she begged.  “I’ll tell you what happened, why I had to go to Berk…Gods, would you stop running away from me so that I can tell…”

“Damn it, Astrid, shut up!”  

The shout filled the air, his back still to her as he slowed to a stop.  Narrow shoulders were tense; fists tightly clenched.

The silence was surreal; Astrid couldn’t hear anything beyond her own breath.  Eyes wide and mouth frozen in mid-speech.  She was shocked, and hurt, and enraged.  No one had ever said that to her.  For Hiccup, kind and gentle Hiccup, to be the first and only…that was more than she could process.

Taken aback by his own outburst, Hiccup glanced over his shoulder and took in her pained expression.  Looking away, his brow furrowed and his rage turned to melancholy.  “Just….stop.” he pleaded quietly.  “This is pointless.  It’s getting dark and I’m going back to my hut.  You…you should do the same.”

As he marched towards the Edge, Astrid was unable to move.  Her legs shook, muscles tightly clinched.  Her heart rate increased and she fought the desire to chase after him…to either kiss him until he felt her remorse or slug him for daring to disrespect her.  But knowing that neither was acceptable, she could only remain still as she watched him disappear behind the trees.  She released a trembling breath, and she blinked back hot tears that began to form.

The last few months had been difficult enough.  She feared for her best friend’s safety, and was wracked with guilt for keeping the truth from her team…from Hiccup.  Worried about Dagur, and dragon hunters.  Viggo.  Grieving the loss of her childhood home, coming to terms with her limitations as a protector for Berk.  She had been struggling to be civil with her teammates, and couldn’t contain her resentment for their immaturity.  How could they be so carefree when everything around them was going to Hel?

She had two things in her life that kept her sane: Stormfly and Hiccup.  Since coming to Dragon’s Edge, her relationship with the latter had rapidly progressed.  Three years of flirtation and chaste kisses quickly developed into a mature and comfortable relationship.  She had always enjoyed their emotional bond, and how they challenged each other intellectually…but the physical nature of their union added a whole other layer.  Away from the scrutiny of their parents, it seemed like the next logical step in their journey together.  It was exciting in it’s own right, a secret that they both shared.  There were no labels or expectations forced upon them, and their nights together helped to soothe the uncertainty in their lives.

But now?  It was gone.  She had lost a lover, and worse, a friend.  All because one bad decision led to another, and then another.  The strain that her initial deceit inflicted on their relationship was painful, and the stress of it made Astrid ill.  She couldn’t eat, tossed and turned in her sleep, and her already hair-trigger temper was somehow even worse.  Then she would cry, which only made her more angry.  It was easy to attribute everything to being under excessive pressure…perhaps even depressed.  But when it became apparent that her reliable biology was affected, she panicked.  She didn’t want to burden Hiccup yet, especially over what could be a false alarm.  His ego was shattered over his recent loss to Viggo and he was abnormally agitated because of it.  So she took it upon herself to go to Berk to get answers.  An examination by Gothi confirmed what she already knew.  

For the first time since facing the Flightmare, Astrid was terrified.  She spent the last week obsessing over Hiccup’s reaction, but she hadn’t considered that their journey together could come to an end.  Staring at the path he took, her hand subconsciously traveled over her stomach, resting beneath her naval.  For the first time since she learned what the future had in store, she was not only afraid of the fragile life growing within her, but afraid for it as well.

Let me tell you all a story

Once upon a time, about three years ago now, I used to be a normal human being. Well, normal-ish. But then, one boring day I was just browsing the internet. Back then, I had a thing for HTTYD, especially Hiccstrid (Hiccup/Astrid). Little did I know, that was the day my life would change drastically.

So I was searching up pictures of the two kissing because I was a serious shipper before I even knew what shipping was. And then as I was searching ‘Hiccup and Astrid Kiss’, I saw this word come up after it.

That word, my dear friends, was fanfiction.

And from that moment on I was never the same. I had absolutely no clue what fanfiction was back then. And so of course I clicked on it. After that I clicked on the first link and started reading. I don’t remember what it was about but I started freaking out about it. I wanted to know when exactly this happened and why I hadn’t seen it yet. It took me a bit to realize that it never actually happened and that was what fanfiction was.

I think you can guess the rest. I went absolutely nuts, had some weird ideas about fanfiction that were proved false but I didn’t mind. The author of the first fanfiction I read helped me to understand some things. I ended up getting Fluffmatitis, a currently incurable disease, learnt all about fandoms and now write fanfiction of my own.

Wow, it has been a crazy few years, but I do not regret a single part of finding fanfiction.

I wish you all the best!

elusivist  asked:

What are your thoughts on Hiccstrid being an abusive relationship? I just unfollowed a buttload of people tagging Hiccstrid hate because it's abusive and I just thought it was quite an immature ideal but I'm curious as to what others think??

I’m going to clump these two asks since they are on a similar topic. Thanks for asking, you two! I will give you a lengthy analysis on this issue and I hope it works for anyone who’s interested in my perspective on the issue!

Now before I begin this discussion, I’m going to start with several disclaimers. I hope these don’t bog anyone down… I just want to voice these things since my analysis will be on a sensitive fandom topic. I just want everyone to be happy and have a good day on my blog.

  • I will tag this analysis under #abuse and #abuse tw to hopefully help those who might be triggered by this topic. Please let me know if there is another helpful tag I should put up, too.

  • I don’t hate any blog and I don’t hate any person and I don’t hate any opinion in the How to Train Your Dragon fandom. I’m happy to partake in this fandom and hear a variety of perspectives from a variety of great people. We might not have the same opinions but that is okay with me.

  • I personally believe Hiccstrid is not abusive. I don’t think that people who call Hiccstrid abusive are bad people. In fact, people who think Hiccstrid is abusive and people who think it isn’t agree on the most important thing out there: abuse is bad. We all agree abuse is bad! The fact we’re in agreement on that is a wonderful thing. It means each and every one of us want healthy relationships to be depicted positively in media.

    In general when I’ve seen people call Hiccstrid abusive, they’re trying to call out abuse. That’s not a bad motivation; abuse does deserve to be called out. I don’t think Hiccstrid is abuse, and that it arises from people misinterpreting body language, but I don’t think the motivation to call out abuse is bad. What I do think is bad is when people start verbally attacking each other and hating each other for the different perspectives. I would really encourage all of you wonderful people not to retaliate and say mean things to one another, whatever their opinion on the Hiccstrid issue is.

    For frankly, if you shout out and start being mean to people about their opinion, you’re perpetuating the very actions of abuse that you profess to hate. Please don’t verbally abuse anyone in the fandom. <3  <3 <3

    I am happy to talk about this but I will not respond to anyone who speaks disrespectfully of any person or group of people. Thanks so much for understanding, friends!

  • To get into a bit of a personal autobiographical comment which hopefully does not discomfit any of you… about four years ago I was the subject of relational abuse. I consider the topic of abuse important and serious. When I am going to talk about this matter, I am not going to be talking about it as someone ignorant on what relational abuse means. I know not all of us have the same experiences, but I hope my experience in the matter makes me a somewhat credible source to discuss this.

And now onto the topic of the analysis! Thanks for bearing with me on these serious disclaimers, and thanks so much for asking. <3 I hope this analysis can be a good thing for people to learn about abuse, to hear one perspective on the Hiccstrid issue, and to hear a pretty thorough discussion on why I don’t think Hiccstrid depicts abuse.

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Also suddenly I wanna ship post-S4 Kim/Ron with the OT6.

This shouldn’t come as a shock though, because Kim Possible has taken over my fanning at the moment.

I do think that Astrid and Hiccup would especially love Kim. Ron would get along with the twins but probably be slightly afraid of Ruffnut.

Ron would definitely get along with Fishy, too. They’re both nerds. Snotlout… Gang, please make sure he doesn’t embarrass you. (I can fully see him hitting on Kim and Ron getting his hackles raised.) 

Snotlout would probably accidentally mess things up lol. 

Snotlout, you’re gonna get your ass kicked by a redheaded American lady.

ashleybenlove  asked:

Snotlout and Hiccup, Snotlout concerned about Hiccup.

Snotcup, Snotcup, OI OI OI.

 - Snotlout gets really angry when Hiccup puts himself in danger. Like, c’mon, Hic, we already get enough trouble headed our way. He expresses this concern by complaining, even when he himself is not in any danger.

 - Bone crushing hugs are normal between the two boys. You’ve already got Hiccup’s Thank-Thor-You’re -Okay hug for everyone, and now Snotlout has his own crushing hug for him. It’s a hug that leaves Hiccup with his ribs cracked and a wide smile on his face.

- All of the gang gets downright murderous when one of their own is in trouble, but that feeling relaxes a little. Snotlout, though, after maturing so much from living away from the constant protection of adults, is always keeping an eye out, for Hiccup especially.

 - After a few incidents - not to mention Drago - it only gets worse, and Snotllut is almost stalking Hiccup before the chief intervenes and sets the general on him.

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Younger Version

As with the first movie, changing Hiccup’s gender won’t change her (him?). So after Hiccup saves her tribe, gets Astrid’s respect and friendship, and her father’s approval, Hiccup spends the next five years pushing the boundaries of flight with her best friend, Toothless.

  • Hiccup still in absolute love with flight and all the horizons it’s opened up for her.  It’s her priority outside of tinkering in the forge.
  • She’s got her squirrel suit.
  • She now wears her hair low. In some of her travels, Hiccup learned how to wrap her hair in cloth. She rather likes the ‘tail like’ projection it makes and how it flows behind her when she flies (like a dragon!).
  • Fishlegs and Astrid are her two best human friends. When Hiccup’s head isn’t in the clouds, she’ll make a sly nudge or comment about them. Astrid does the same to her. Fishlegs studiously tries to ignore them.
  • Tuffnut makes an obnoxious flirtation with Hiccup every now and then (Ruffnut is usually around to protect her). Snotlout’s still critical of her, but adorably protective when it comes to anyone else who tries to be.  
  • Stoick’s starting to pressure Hiccup to spend more of her time on Berk, going on his rounds and learning the ropes of becoming chief.  He has great faith that his daughter will lead Berk into an era of prosperity and growth with her dragons–if only she were around to do so.
  • Hiccup especially hates going to inter-tribal Things now that she’s 'of age’ and has suitors up the wazoo.

Part two to what I wrote for @bgsdragons

Before Astrid, Hiccup had cherished places. He’d cherished the woods behind his house, where he’d often hid himself from his father’s strict demands. Where he could be himself without the pressure of being the Heir of Berk, and later the added pressure of being the Pride of Berk. 

 He’d cherished the forge, where he could bring his mind to life in the form of his inventions. Even with Gobber’s own demands and criticisms, Hiccup had always enjoyed the forge–he could put his hands to work and slow his racing mind long enough to put his ideas to charcoal and parchment. 

 Hiccup had especially cherished the cove, where he’d met and become friends with Toothless. It had been terrifying and rough at first, but slowly their bond had formed and they became like brothers. 

 Now that Astrid was a permanent fixture in his life, Hiccup cherished moments. He cherished their wedding night–the first they had spent as husband and wife. The night that marked the rest of their long lives together. 

 He cherished the moment he first held their son in his arms. He’d cried then. Not because he was disappointed or fearful, but because he’d thought of his father and the love Stoick the Vast must have felt the first time he’d held his own boy. 

 And now, Hiccup cherished mornings. Mornings like this, when Astrid still slept after a long night of answering every cry of the baby nestled between them. Mornings like this, when the light crept through the shutters and lit up Astrid’s golden hair. 

Hiccup leaned back to take in the full picture of his sleeping wife and child. Truly, it was the most beautiful thing Hiccup could ever witness. He reached out to caress Astrid’s cheek before moving a lock of hair behind her ear. She stirred and Hiccup stilled, frightened he had woken her. When she settled again, Hiccup breathed a sigh of relief before moving his eyes to the babe curled beneath Astrid’s arm. Hiccup smiled as his son’s mouth puckered into a suckle, as if at his mother’s breast, and knew he would soon wake. He leaned forward and placed his a gentle kiss to the babe’s forehead, then placed an identical kiss to Astrid’s before sitting up fully and moving to get up for the day.

Eret's Transformation

One thing I love about Eret son of Eret is that he tries to handle all situations with confidence, and he has that adeptness…

…but the events of HTTYD 2 are so novel to him that he spends a high proportion of the movie wide-eyed.

Eret’s probably usually really is good at handling situations. You see evidence of it, such as in the start of the movie when he is trapping dragons as he knows best. But even in the unfamiliar, you see how he is able to escape from Drago’s men, his old allies, with a smirk. You see him take the step to save Stormfly and reach out to thank her for saving his life. You see him realign himself with the Hairy Hooligans after Drago has betrayed him. Eret does have a lot of capability and gumption on him.

But the events of How to Train Your Dragon 2 push him into novel and very uncomfortable areas. He realizes he is going to fall under Drago’s approval if he does not trap new dragons soon, and when Drago outright tries to kill him, Eret’s previous life has fallen out from under him. Eret’s relationship with Drago never appeared friendly, what with the brand on his chest, but it was a livable life, at least… until now. He is stressed to the point of breaking and shouting, knowing Drago will “have their heads” if he discovers their failure. Eret is under ENORMOUS stress, the type of pressure which can really metamorphose people.

Throw on top of that Eret’s experience with the Hooligan dragon riders. They come in and propose a completely alternate form of life. Eret initially finds the dragon riders enemies, but the more he interacts with Hiccup, the more baffled and uncertain he gets. He sees Hiccup’s genuine goodness and peacefulness. That plants a seed in his head about how life could be instead… the dragon riders have a point to their ideas. Especially when Hiccup surrenders to him, and when Hiccup chooses to try to talk peace to Drago despite the odds, Eret reacts with a bit of amazed and thoughtful shock. The cogs in his head are turning.

Stormfly saving Eret’s life and Astrid being welcoming to Eret for fighting them free of Drago’s men is the turning point for Eret. He is encouraged by Astrid when he begins doing what he never before anticipated to be doing: ride a dragon. This moment is such a critical turn-around for Eret. His world has turned around backwards, it has astonished and shocked and disoriented him, allowing Eret to grow from a dragon trapper to a dragon rider.

The fact Eret is staring so wide-eyed throughout the entire movie… it shows that he is in a period of potential growth.

And man does he grow.

Not enough is seen of Eret to appreciate just how much his life and perspective has changed. He has turned one-eighty, just like Stoick himself did in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie. In a deleted scene from early-on the HTTYD 2 plot, Eret outright tried to severe Hiccup’s “oversized head” with his sword… by the end of the movie, he is graciously accepting care over Skullcrusher, making Berk his new permanent residence.

Eret goes through such an enormous transformation in How to Train Your Dragon 2, and I would love to see what that makes him in the third movie.

Thighs and Sighs

Request: Okay I have this idea for an imagine where the team had a day off and the reader gets drunk and starts telling her bf Bucky how great his thighs are and how much she loves them and the team start teasing him about it and flUFF SORRY IF ITS TOO LONG ILY

there was a loss in the family. I was uploading this story and somehow it got lost/deleted from my drafts. this was all i could salvage. im sooo sorry @whoever requested this. :( hope you like it!!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: ~500

Warnings: sebbys thighs are not for the weak hearted.


The moon shone upon your skin in the darkness, illuminating your grace…and drunkenness. The whole team was outside the patio, enjoying a nice glass of anything alcoholic. Each had their own preference, but you didn’t care. Anything that was more than 50 proof was good enough. Sipping peacefully from your cup, you sigh with content. There aren’t many nights when you can chill with everyone like this. It was refreshing to be able to lay back and appreciate your friends.
But most of them were pretty weak compared to you. They had only drank a few glasses and were already passed out, some even snoring. You, on the other hand, were wide awake. Or at least you thought.
Bucky didn’t drink that night, sacrificing his night off to watch over you, know that you got pretty uncontrollable when you were intoxicated. He saw your flushed face and drooping eyes and thought that you were extra cute drunk, especially when you hiccuped sharply. He smiled at the sight of you, struggling to sit up properly. He stood up and wrapped his arms around your shoulder, guiding you out of your chair.
“C’mon, let’s go inside, babe,” he whispered gently, standing on your right. He smoothed your unruly hair.
“No, I’m not even tired,” you slurred. Your eyelids felt heavy and your cheeks hot. “I’m fine, Bucky.”
“I don’t think so, you’re pretty wasted,” he laughed.
But you weren’t ready to leave. So you turn your head to the right, and see Bucky’s thighs in his tight jeans.
Damn, he looked fine as hell. He meaning his jeans. Maybe it was because you were drunk, but Bucky’s normally amazing thighs looked extra sexy. The way it bulged and stretched in his pants, umpf. You bite your lips at the thought of his thighs. Yum.
Bucky sees you eyeing his thighs and shakes his head with amused disbelief.
“Oh my god, Buck. You’re thighs are so…” you trail off, losing your train of thought.
He looked at you with an amused smile, intrigued by your comment. “My thighs are what?”
You stare at his godly thighs and grab them with both of your hands whispering with a fascinated tone, “They’re so good.”
“Thanks?” he laughs. He’d seen you wasted on many occasions, but you had never commented on his thighs. “You’re thighs are good too.”
“No, but yours are just…wow,” you say in a low voice, taking in the glorious thighs. “I’m so lucky.” You tear your eyes from his thighs and look up at him with a serious face. “I love your thighs.”
He scoffs at your silliness and kisses the top of your head, “I love you too.”
“Not you, I said I love your thighs!” you cry angrily. “You’re not even listening to me.”
Watching you mumble on about his thighs, Bucky sat back down and let you savor his magnificent quads.

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senfree  asked:

Okay. I don't know if you've been asked this before or not, but how do you think the Hiccups (book and movie) would react if they met each other. Toothless dragons as well.

I think the only time I’ve chatted about Hiccups and Toothlesses colliding was here in this post, but ever since I started reading Cressida’s series, I have thought about how such a meeting might happen. Once I did a really lame doodle of the Hiccups and Toothlesses meeting. Consequently I have HOARDS of headcanons about the meeting between book!Hiccup and DreamWorks!Hiccup. It’s actually one thing I adore thinking about when I’m out on walks or something like that.

I especially like to imagine Hiccup from the end of HTTYD 2 meeting with Hiccup from the end of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, where both of them know they’re Hiccup, and want to figure out what the other world is like. At this point in their lifetimes, they’re going to be full of surprises for each other.

Like talking about leadership positions…

BH: So, you’re chief, huh?
DWH: Yeah. It’s been tough. I didn’t think I’d have to lead so soon.
BH: Ugh. You’re telling me.
DWH: Wait, what do you mean?
BH: Uhhhhhh… *awkwardly* I’m King of the Wilderwest.

Or about the life status of certain individuals:

BH: So, how’s Dad doing?
DWH: *single tear falls down cheek* He’s… uh… in Valhalla.

DWH: I know Snotlout is a good person, but he annoys me so much sometimes.
BH: *fingers the black star necklace around his neck*

Or the general status of their world:

DWH: I’m really worried that Drago is going to come back. He almost wrecked Berk the last time he attacked with his Bewilderbeast.
BH: Be careful. *sigh* I miss Berk… a large dragon attacked my home, too… Berk’s in flames, now, and everyone’s evacuated.

DWH: I helped stop the war against humans and dragons.
BH: I uh… started it.
DWH: …
BH: I really hope we make it out of this alive…

Then, of course, there’s the matter that Toothless and Toothless are very different.

DWH: You can talk to dragons!
BH: Yeah. Dragonese isn’t too hard to learn.

BH: Uhhhh… your dragons don’t speak Dragonese???

BH: So, where’s Toothless.
DWH: That *IS* Toothless.
BH: You can fly on Toothless???
DWH: Yeah, he’s wonderful. He’s my best bud and I’d trust him with my life.
BH: You mean he doesn’t go on strike at the worst times?
DWH: What do you mean? Toothless and I get each other completely. We listen to each other, don’t we, Bud?
book!Toothless: ISSA NOT VERY NICE!

And even the little things:

BH: Is that a sword made of FIRE?!!
DWH: Yeah, I like to use it to connect with new dragons I find.
BH: It doesn’t look very good for fighting…
DWH: *shrug* I admit I don’t fight with it a lot.
BH: Are you kidding me? I’m always swordfighting!
DWH: Wait, does this mean you’re actually good at swordfighting?
BH: I beat my dad in a competition once.
DWH: *stunned silence, thinking about actually beating his dad at a fight*

As far as how book!Toothless interacts with dw!Toothless, I imagine it exactly like the scene where the Terrible Terror takes fish from Toothless in the first movie. Movie!Toothless would find book!Toothless first a curiosity, then a nuisance. Book!Toothless, meanwhile, would be the obnoxious, selfish dragon he is… and probably make quite a few obnoxious, badgering, rather rude comments the entire time. I can’t decide if book!Toothless would feel defensive about himself and try to prove he is the better dragon between the two, or if book!Toothless would smugly brag off without any lowered confidence about how he’s best. Either way, he’d be ridiculously misbehaved, and both the Hiccups would have to chase after him and get him settled.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm glad to see you're writing again :) I have a request which I hope you'll find inspirational enough - Astrid has to carry Hiccup piggyback-style all the way back to the Edge after he made some stupid accident with the flying suit and crash landed in the forest... I always love a torn-between-worry-and-wanting-to-beat-the-shit-out-of-Hiccup Astrid :)

A/N: Me? Spacing out the fics that I post over a certain period of time? HA.

(Thank you for these requests, and I apologize for the wait! Seriously. Look at that time stamp. Eight months? Holy shit. I need to get my act together. If any of you might happen to have any more, I’d be happy to oblige.)

It was early morning, and Astrid Hofferson was rather sure that she was the only one who was awake on the island.

She had been scouting the perimeter of the island on Stormfly when it happened–when Astrid reached a peak level of “oh my gods, I’m so worried,” and “oh my gods, I’m going to kill him before anything else can finish him off first, just so I don’t have to worry about any other potentially fatal threats.”

As soon as the all-too familiar sound of Toothless’ plasma blast pierced the air and echoed in her ears, Astrid snapped her gaze towards it source. From the middle of the island’s dense forests in the distance, a purplish-blue concentrated flame shot straight up into the sky, then erupted with somewhat visible clouds of gray rippling outwards in smokey rings from where it exploded.

A distress signal.

Odin, help them all.

But especially Hiccup.

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