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I don't even feel the cold. I just feel...

Okay so I’m a big fan of the chess au of queenofyoursoda and I just love the universe and so I was doing a bunch of sketches in my whole new beautiful sketch book (seriously, it’s beautiful. It’s almost a crime to draw in it. ) and then, BAM! White knight Jack and Black King Hiccup. 

 Honestly ? I’m quite happy with all of this ‘cause I can’t draw armor to save my life.  I had so much fun, I just want to draw all of them (White bishop and Black queen are next ! And Bunny too ! ) One day I’ll color them if I have some little time >w< 

but now it’s time to sleep. 


How To Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack — [7/23] | Should I Know You?

Boar-headed! Just like his mother — ah, she could never stay put either!

Wow had a lot of activity recently! Hello new followers! Time to horrify you with.. this?

I’m magical, I turned a Hiccup Bath scene quite unsexy. Asexual powers were activated. Unfortunately nothing mind-alterating was applied other than my stupid/twisted sense of humor. I just.. noticed.. that feral hiccup would probably be pretty dirty! Especially that rats nest he calls ‘hair’. Valka aint gunna stand for that shit. Into the laundry tub with you!

Noisy horror for everyone involves ensues. 

Those of you who follow me have probably noticed that I’m kind of experimenting with style lately. I rather like how this test came out. Regency Hiccstrid cause I can’t stop drawing them (which if you think this is cool you should totally read Of Niceties and Night Furies by @oh–you–pretty–things cause it’s friggin’ tight)

More ROTBTD characters in the world of Azeroth ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Flynn as a Subtlety Rogue and Hiccup as a Demonology Warlock

I like to think they were the first two to group up together and wangy dangy dang son was it awkward for the both of them


….emotional scene. There is just so much to take in here, especially for Hiccup. A lot has happened in three years and everyone is off doing their own things. And now Astrid has decided to move on.. Before flying off on stormfly, Astrid says “look, maybe you should give some thought to what’s next for you and Toothless” this is so hard for him because he just knows there is more out there, but he can’t help but think “what if she’s right?” “What if there are no more new lands to explore? No new dragons? ” it’s so heartbreaking to see him like this.. He looks so disappointed and depressed. Even though he tried to be happy for Astrid he was still hurt.. Arg!! Too much emotion!! I’m too emotional!

30 Day OT[3]P Challenge!
Day 1: Holding Hands

Yes, I’m doing this. Yes, It’s gonna be Hicretstrid. No, not necessarily romantic/sexual (unless the prompt specifically calls for it or I feel like it (WHICH btw is very probable because hot damn.) Yes, [platonic] Hicretstrid is canon.

o p e n

  She’s not usually out in the orchards this time of year, when it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground, but the castle had become to suffocating, with her family and the servants and the hounds and visiting lords and she’d needed to get out. Angus snuffles the ground by her side, looking for grass, but there’s only snow and hard dirt now.

  A strong gust whips through the bare trees and she hurriedly tugs her fur-lined cloak tighter about herself. She’d packed food into her saddlebags— enough for a week or more, if she hunts. She hadn’t even intended to at first, but it seemed like the right sort of time for a trip. She’d left a note, though she’d sure her mother and father will still be horrified.

  It’s not stifling out here, not like at home. It’s more of a relief than she expected it to be. She glances back at the castle one last time, and then sets her foot in the stirrup and hoists herself into the saddle. For a moment, she hesitates— but then urges Angus to a canter away from her home. They ride, and camp, and ride again, for days and days, until she doesn’t recognize anything anymore and she’s somewhere entirely new.

  She steps quietly, carefully into the rows of houses— it’s late, the stars are out in the cold, clear sky, and she’s in a strange village. She wonders if there’s an inn for her to stay in— if not, she’ll just camp again.

Friends With A Monster (Jai-the-Halloween-Queen)

The night was navy blue, painting the skies with small stars and some large. Some of the town’s people were asleep, but a couple of friends were out in the wilderness.

Hiccup was scouting for demons, ever since he was little. His friends Tuff, Snot, and Fish are dragged into this, especially Fishlegs.

“Hiccup! Can we go home already?” Fishlegs said. “My mother wants me to go to bed early!”

“Not yet, we need to find it,” Hiccup said. 

Decided to have more fun with this cute crossover, there is still more sketches that need to be finished.

1) I can imagine Stitch having the time of his life with Toothless, both feeling they have something in common, a bond. Perhaps Stitch is Toothless’s reincarnation, who knows.

2) I don’t think Astrid would like Lilo, especially now that Hiccup is always at her side since her sudden arrival to the village. Believing Lilo is trying to get in between her and Hiccups relationship, she would threatened her to stay away. Of course, it might prove difficult with Lilo’s close companion always there to protect her. 

3) Both Hiccup and Lilo are always eager to learn from one another, and I can imagine them sharing about their many adventures they’ve gone through. Hiccup talking about the different dragons he’s discovered, and befriended, and Lilo talking about all the cousins both her and Stitch had saved from Hamsterviel and found their homes they belong, and the many battles they’ve been through in space.

4) Hiccup always has to be teaching his people how to earn a Dragons trust, but I believe Lilo won’t have such a difficult time like the others. With Lilo’s years of experience in bonding with Jumba’s experiments, it proves to be an easy task for her, especially with Toothless. Lilo’s not sure why, but there is something about this dragon that makes her feel so connected to him, that and Toothless reminds her of someone, but…who?

hmm… — visit my previous drawing if interested in this crossover’s backstory.
Parenthood {Hijack PNAU}

     A wail pierced the air, startling both males from their sleep. Feeling his pale-haired partner shift beside him, Hiccup rested a hand on a heavily tattooed arm. Jack moved his gaze, still slightly blurry with sleep, to his beloved, managing to see a tired smile through the darkness of the bedroom.

     “I got it, Jack,” Hiccup murmured as the crying continued, high-pitched and distressed. He pressed a single kiss to the older boy’s temple and rolled over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling around the nightstand for his glasses. Finally, he found them and slid them onto his face, now using his improved vision to find his prosthetic leaning against the end of the bed. He grabbed it and strapped it on, then pushed himself into a standing position. He stretched with a small yawn, then walked over to the crib that stood in the corner of the bedroom, a delicate mobile hanging over it. Though his eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, he was able to make out the small form of his child, tiny fists clenched and arms flailing.

     He reached down and gently lifted the baby, blanket and all, into his arms, bouncing him lightly and cooing softly. The child smelled fine, so he could assume that he didn’t need a diaper change, and he had been fed well before they had all settled for bed. “What’s wrong, Stoick?” He whispered as his eyes adjusted more and details began to become evident. His son’s face was scrunched up and pink, tears pouring down his face and a small tuft of copper hair atop his head. Hiccup sighed, pressing a gentle kiss to Stoick’s forehead and continuing to bounce him, whispering and clucking softly. Finally, the child began to calm, tears reduced to sniffles and wails silenced by the thumb he had deposited into his mouth, slightly watery blue eyes peering up at him.

     Jack, not able to fall asleep again without Hiccup by his side, rolled over and looked over at the two of them. He took in the form of his newlywed husband, outfitted in one of Jack’s large t-shirts (the logo of some band or other imprinted on the front) and his boxers, auburn hair a mess and his prosthetic glinting in the moonlight that peeked through the crack in the curtains. As Jack watched him soothe their youngest back into a sleepy state, he couldn’t help but marvel at just how lucky he was. With the thought, Jack pushed himself to his feet and walked over, wrapping his arms around his partner’s thin waist and stooping to rest his chin on a shoulder that was the opposite of broad, looking down at their once-again-snoozing son.

     “Just look at him,” Jack muttered affectionately, beginning to nuzzle at Hiccup’s lightly freckled neck, “Was he worth the nine months of pain, mood swings and cravings?” Hiccup gave a soft chuckle at the question, tilting his head back a bit with a sweet smile as Stoick gave a little snore, just like the man he was named after used to, but far quieter. Hiccup’s father’s snores had been absolutely thunderous, while his son’s were soft, barely even audible.

     “Oh, he was well worth it,” Hiccup responded quietly, his emerald gaze flickering to meet the icy eyes that Jack had passed onto his son, “But let’s wait a bit before we plunge into that again, alright?” Jack gave a sheepish chuckle at the tease, pulling Hiccup back just a bit, loving the warmth that radiated off the scrawny boy.

     “So, we’re going to get into that again?” Jack asked, enjoying how Hiccup’s face flushed, quickly looking back to the little boy in his arms. He loved it when Hiccup blushed, the rosy color spreading from his cheeks down to his neck, and appearing at the very tips of his ears. He absolutely adored how it made his freckles stand out all the more. It broke his heart to know that Hiccup despised himself for all the things Jack adored. The insecurity that lived inside the boy made no sense at all to Jack.

     “I-I was just…I mean, if you don’t want -” Hiccup stammered, trying to find the words to explain what was on his mind. The warm chuckle against his neck helped him to relax a little bit, his ivory-skinned companion pulling back a bit to meet his eyes, a loving smile on his face.

      “I’d love to have more, Hic,” Jack murmured, pressing a delicate kiss to Hiccup’s lips, left to reassure, “As long as you’re up for it. After all, you’re the one that’s going to be carrying them. As long as you’re ready to go through the morning sickness and fits over the fact that none of your shirts will fit you anymore again, I’m perfectly content with the idea.” Hiccup relaxed with a sigh of content, leaning back against Jack gently.

     “…Good. I love you, Jack.”

     “I love you too.”