Things I need in Season 4

- A sword fight between Mala and Hiccup

- Mala thinks she’s winning the sword fight but then Hiccup does a swooshing thing and he wins.

- To get the Dragon Eye back, Hiccup and Viggo play Maces and Talons.

- Viggo going a little crazy with reports from Ryker that, no, Hiccup is not dead yet.

- Johann delivering the bounty news.

- The festival episode, from a screenshot seen in the RTTE/Voltron trailer, is Hiccup’s 20th Birthday.


- Everyone being worried about Hiccup, especially Berk’s general population. Because what happens to them if Hiccup doesn’t make it through this??

- Hiccup realizes that Viggo unlocked the Dragon Eye.

- Heather finally gives up the Dragon Eye lens on her belt.


- Hiccup and Toothless bonding.

- Hiccup and Toothless developing that playful relationship they have in the second movie.

- An episode dedicated to Dagur coming back to life.

- Oswald the Agreeable.

- Hooded Man.

- Hiccup making his helmet to cover his face for the sole purpose of no one seeing his face when he goes to certain places. Because of the well-drawn picture on the bounty.


- We find out what the secret Hiccup and Astrid have been keeping throughout season 3 and into 4.

- Someone builds Snotlout his saddle/chair thing from the second movie.

- The friend that becomes the enemy is not Alvin.


- Rumor has it that Hiccup might get put in jail. I need fan theories on how this happens.

- Battlefield Hiccstrid kiss??? WHERE’S THE FANFICTION

- Gobber’s reaction to the bounty. Will he joke? Or will he give some genuine advice or something??

- Leg jokes.


Feel free to add on.

Those of you who follow me have probably noticed that I’m kind of experimenting with style lately. I rather like how this test came out. Regency Hiccstrid cause I can’t stop drawing them (which if you think this is cool you should totally read Of Niceties and Night Furies by @oh–you–pretty–things cause it’s friggin’ tight)

Okay, remember Race to the Edge season 3 episode 4 with the Singetail? There is this moment when Hiccup said about seeing the Singetail before but is unable to remember from where.  

The moment he said that a certain dragon from How To Train Your Dragon 2 came popping in my mind. I mean take a closer look at the Singetail.

Four wings.

Not exactly the same but those four wings look very familiar for someone who meet a different species who nearly looks the same as this singetail.

Remember this:

The first time Hiccup met Cloudjumper was when he was a baby and yes they’re different dragon species but it’s the four wings that give it away.

Especially when both baby Hiccup and Stoick witnessed Valka getting taken away from them.

So this is only an assumption but perhaps the dragon Hiccup was referring to was Cloudjumper but since it was eighteen years ago he couldn’t really remember all the details. With this in mind, Hiccup might have mistaken that small memory of Cloudjumper for meeting the singetail.

Like I said earlier, those two nearly look the same by the comparison of their wings.

So I can only assume that Hiccup was having that moment of remembering the night his mother was taken but only recalling the dragon who he thought was the singetail from that night dispute the dragon actually being Cloudjumper.

So what do you guys think?

Could Hiccup have been talking about Cloudjumper and mistook the singetail’s wing form to be that dragon he saw the night Cloudjumper took Valka?

Love is Like the Sun


Ahem… This is part three of our gift to you. I have the wedding stage of TsubaHono. Hope you enjoy~

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Length: ~1400 words
Summary: The marriage of Honoka Kousaka and Tsubasa Kira was bound to have some hiccups. Especially since it was a western wedding, something that Honoka Kousaka had almost zero experience with.

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senfree  asked:

Okay. I don't know if you've been asked this before or not, but how do you think the Hiccups (book and movie) would react if they met each other. Toothless dragons as well.

I think the only time I’ve chatted about Hiccups and Toothlesses colliding was here in this post, but ever since I started reading Cressida’s series, I have thought about how such a meeting might happen. Once I did a really lame doodle of the Hiccups and Toothlesses meeting. Consequently I have HOARDS of headcanons about the meeting between book!Hiccup and DreamWorks!Hiccup. It’s actually one thing I adore thinking about when I’m out on walks or something like that.

I especially like to imagine Hiccup from the end of HTTYD 2 meeting with Hiccup from the end of How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, where both of them know they’re Hiccup, and want to figure out what the other world is like. At this point in their lifetimes, they’re going to be full of surprises for each other.

Like talking about leadership positions…

BH: So, you’re chief, huh?
DWH: Yeah. It’s been tough. I didn’t think I’d have to lead so soon.
BH: Ugh. You’re telling me.
DWH: Wait, what do you mean?
BH: Uhhhhhh… *awkwardly* I’m King of the Wilderwest.

Or about the life status of certain individuals:

BH: So, how’s Dad doing?
DWH: *single tear falls down cheek* He’s… uh… in Valhalla.

DWH: I know Snotlout is a good person, but he annoys me so much sometimes.
BH: *fingers the black star necklace around his neck*

Or the general status of their world:

DWH: I’m really worried that Drago is going to come back. He almost wrecked Berk the last time he attacked with his Bewilderbeast.
BH: Be careful. *sigh* I miss Berk… a large dragon attacked my home, too… Berk’s in flames, now, and everyone’s evacuated.

DWH: I helped stop the war against humans and dragons.
BH: I uh… started it.
DWH: …
BH: I really hope we make it out of this alive…

Then, of course, there’s the matter that Toothless and Toothless are very different.

DWH: You can talk to dragons!
BH: Yeah. Dragonese isn’t too hard to learn.

BH: Uhhhh… your dragons don’t speak Dragonese???

BH: So, where’s Toothless.
DWH: That *IS* Toothless.
BH: You can fly on Toothless???
DWH: Yeah, he’s wonderful. He’s my best bud and I’d trust him with my life.
BH: You mean he doesn’t go on strike at the worst times?
DWH: What do you mean? Toothless and I get each other completely. We listen to each other, don’t we, Bud?
book!Toothless: ISSA NOT VERY NICE!

And even the little things:

BH: Is that a sword made of FIRE?!!
DWH: Yeah, I like to use it to connect with new dragons I find.
BH: It doesn’t look very good for fighting…
DWH: *shrug* I admit I don’t fight with it a lot.
BH: Are you kidding me? I’m always swordfighting!
DWH: Wait, does this mean you’re actually good at swordfighting?
BH: I beat my dad in a competition once.
DWH: *stunned silence, thinking about actually beating his dad at a fight*

As far as how book!Toothless interacts with dw!Toothless, I imagine it exactly like the scene where the Terrible Terror takes fish from Toothless in the first movie. Movie!Toothless would find book!Toothless first a curiosity, then a nuisance. Book!Toothless, meanwhile, would be the obnoxious, selfish dragon he is… and probably make quite a few obnoxious, badgering, rather rude comments the entire time. I can’t decide if book!Toothless would feel defensive about himself and try to prove he is the better dragon between the two, or if book!Toothless would smugly brag off without any lowered confidence about how he’s best. Either way, he’d be ridiculously misbehaved, and both the Hiccups would have to chase after him and get him settled.

anonymous asked:

Tell us stuff the riders have done when they thought no one was looking. :D

Most of them just nap in wierd places. Sleep is hard to come by on the Edge

Especially Astrid and Hiccup..I always seem to find them napping in strange places…

30 Day OT[3]P Challenge!
Day 1: Holding Hands

Yes, I’m doing this. Yes, It’s gonna be Hicretstrid. No, not necessarily romantic/sexual (unless the prompt specifically calls for it or I feel like it (WHICH btw is very probable because hot damn.) Yes, [platonic] Hicretstrid is canon.


Annoyedcup and Angerstrid

I can’t tell you how much I love how annoyed they get when their romantic moment got ruined xD Especially Hiccup.


….emotional scene. There is just so much to take in here, especially for Hiccup. A lot has happened in three years and everyone is off doing their own things. And now Astrid has decided to move on.. Before flying off on stormfly, Astrid says “look, maybe you should give some thought to what’s next for you and Toothless” this is so hard for him because he just knows there is more out there, but he can’t help but think “what if she’s right?” “What if there are no more new lands to explore? No new dragons? ” it’s so heartbreaking to see him like this.. He looks so disappointed and depressed. Even though he tried to be happy for Astrid he was still hurt.. Arg!! Too much emotion!! I’m too emotional!

Part two to what I wrote for @bgsdragons

Before Astrid, Hiccup had cherished places. He’d cherished the woods behind his house, where he’d often hid himself from his father’s strict demands. Where he could be himself without the pressure of being the Heir of Berk, and later the added pressure of being the Pride of Berk. 

 He’d cherished the forge, where he could bring his mind to life in the form of his inventions. Even with Gobber’s own demands and criticisms, Hiccup had always enjoyed the forge–he could put his hands to work and slow his racing mind long enough to put his ideas to charcoal and parchment. 

 Hiccup had especially cherished the cove, where he’d met and become friends with Toothless. It had been terrifying and rough at first, but slowly their bond had formed and they became like brothers. 

 Now that Astrid was a permanent fixture in his life, Hiccup cherished moments. He cherished their wedding night–the first they had spent as husband and wife. The night that marked the rest of their long lives together. 

 He cherished the moment he first held their son in his arms. He’d cried then. Not because he was disappointed or fearful, but because he’d thought of his father and the love Stoick the Vast must have felt the first time he’d held his own boy. 

 And now, Hiccup cherished mornings. Mornings like this, when Astrid still slept after a long night of answering every cry of the baby nestled between them. Mornings like this, when the light crept through the shutters and lit up Astrid’s golden hair. 

Hiccup leaned back to take in the full picture of his sleeping wife and child. Truly, it was the most beautiful thing Hiccup could ever witness. He reached out to caress Astrid’s cheek before moving a lock of hair behind her ear. She stirred and Hiccup stilled, frightened he had woken her. When she settled again, Hiccup breathed a sigh of relief before moving his eyes to the babe curled beneath Astrid’s arm. Hiccup smiled as his son’s mouth puckered into a suckle, as if at his mother’s breast, and knew he would soon wake. He leaned forward and placed his a gentle kiss to the babe’s forehead, then placed an identical kiss to Astrid’s before sitting up fully and moving to get up for the day.

“I really want there to be another episode in RTTE like the ‘Thawfest’ episode that was in Defenders. I think it would be really interesting to see how different things are now than they were then. Especially since Hiccup punched Snotlout in the face last season. I want to see Hiccups character development from the frail little kid to what he is now.”

Jack, you can’t skip out on bathing to keep playing with your friend Hiccup, especially if your mistress(Elsa) is bathing with you.

From my Fox and Cat AU, where Jack and Hiccup are best friends and their owners are Elsa and Astrid, who are neighbors.

IT’S SO COLD! I just got home and HELL my toes are freezing! I’m now certain Jack passed by the Philippines, especially after I learned he froze a few vegetable fields in Benguet. (Which is not so good…) Stay warm and snug, everyone! ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

o p e n

  She’s not usually out in the orchards this time of year, when it’s cold and there’s snow on the ground, but the castle had become to suffocating, with her family and the servants and the hounds and visiting lords and she’d needed to get out. Angus snuffles the ground by her side, looking for grass, but there’s only snow and hard dirt now.

  A strong gust whips through the bare trees and she hurriedly tugs her fur-lined cloak tighter about herself. She’d packed food into her saddlebags— enough for a week or more, if she hunts. She hadn’t even intended to at first, but it seemed like the right sort of time for a trip. She’d left a note, though she’d sure her mother and father will still be horrified.

  It’s not stifling out here, not like at home. It’s more of a relief than she expected it to be. She glances back at the castle one last time, and then sets her foot in the stirrup and hoists herself into the saddle. For a moment, she hesitates— but then urges Angus to a canter away from her home. They ride, and camp, and ride again, for days and days, until she doesn’t recognize anything anymore and she’s somewhere entirely new.

  She steps quietly, carefully into the rows of houses— it’s late, the stars are out in the cold, clear sky, and she’s in a strange village. She wonders if there’s an inn for her to stay in— if not, she’ll just camp again.