especially the skies

While we all suffer through this trying time in the blarke fam, may I suggest a few shows to cleanse your palate as we wait for this storm to pass.

The Expanse

  • space blarke
  • diverse cast, politics, murder, war

Queen of the South

  • Cartel blarke
  • women in powerful roles, morally ambiguous/grey characters, angst, action

The X-Files

  • Fbi alien hunting blarke
  • the show that birthed so many tropes, partners with trust and chemistry and love, aliens!, conspiracies!

Agents of SHIELD

  • Marvel scientists blarke
  • It’s so good and just gets better, superheroes!, angst!, drama!, consistent characterization!, diversity!

Falling Skies

  • Alien apocalypse blarke
  • fd I have not finished this yet, BUT aliens!, family!, apocalypse!

Honorable mentions: Lost in Space (stranded on an alien planet blarke with an uncomfortable age gap), Sense8 (can I say german mobster and the Indian scientist blarke?), Black Lightning (no blarke but it’s the best show on the cw so fucking watch it)


a bit late, but here are fics that i’ve read or have been published/finished these past 2 months~

[TAGS: Fluff Angst Smut ; favorites ♥]


Mang by cypherpt5 [JIHOPE, fluff, Jimin starts talking to a mang plushie and it.. answers]

Your love was handmade for somebody like me by tangowithsuga [VMIN, A&F&s, vmin get married in vegas during the BBMAs] ♥

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♥️ 🎉 ✨ 🎉 🍷✨ ~ fourth of july 1995 ~ ✨ 🍷 🎉 ✨ 🎉  ♥️


Bormio, Italy

March 11th - 13th 2017: The third annual trip to meet up with my grandparents for a ski weekend in Bormio was just as fun as in the previous years, and surprisingly there was perhaps more snow in this part of the Alps than in Switzerland or France. Although Bormio is a not exactly close to where I live, the journey there is completely worth even for a short weekend, because even the drive there is full of beautiful views of mountain peaks, especially near the old beautiful village of Zernez at the beginning of the Swiss National Park, which is filled with these distinct mountain pine trees that just make me look out the whole time. And of course I can’t forget about the giant water dam and the tunnel leading to it located right at the border between Italy and Switzerland!

The cool thing about Bormio is the number of little ski areas nearby, perfect for a short weekend to mix it up every day. And although at this point in March it always looks like there really isn’t much snow left to ski on anyways, the ski areas are always more than prepared! Especially in the ski area above the city of Bormio, which always overlooks a very green valley, it’s weird to still be skiing when the fact that spring is right around the corner is so evident! However, besides seeing my grand-parents, my favorite thing about the weekends meet-ups in Bormio is always getting to enjoy Italian culture for a few days, whether that means hearing the language, seeing slightly different architecture or (most importantly) getting to enjoy Italian cuisine for a few meals, especially lasagne!

okay.. people said they wanted to see so, here’s the result of about seven hours of playing with SAI ><

obviously it’s nowhere near finished but if anyone has constructive feedback, i am all ears

i’m gonna go w reddie bc i miss them and for whatever reason i never write them so here u go!

reasons for cuddling in public:

In their defense, it was cold. Freezing, in fact.

The Losers were on their annual winter break trip up to Beverly’s aunt’s cabin in Vermont, and much to no one’s surprise, the preparation for this trip was underwhelming. It didn’t help that it was unseasonably chilly, especially out on the ski slopes.

It was a good thirty seconds before the first complaint arrived, and that was from Richie.

“Jesus H. Christ. If it were any colder out here there would be no sign of children in my future.”

The second didn’t come until at least fifteen minutes later, from Ben, and then they didn’t really stop.

Everyone was miserable. Even Eddie, who definitely had at least three layers on.
They didn’t get more than four runs in before a unanimous decision to return inside was declared. Luckily, there was a lodge close by, which meant they didn’t have to find their way all the way back to the cabin. Everyone was beyond thankful for this.

Once inside, it was Bill and Mike who left to find some sort of hot drink. Really anything to get their blood flowing again.

“I can’t feel my arms,” Richie whines, flopping back on the couch so his head is resting in Eddie’s lap, his legs in the air. “Or my legs, or my feet, or my dick. Oh my god, is it still there? What if it froze off? There’s a bathroom over there, you should probably help me check, Eds.”

This earned him a smack in the arm from Eddie, who’s cheeks were quickly glowing a bright pink, and not just from the cold. “Over my dead body.”

Richie merely grins, propping himself up a bit so he can rest his head on Eddie’s chest. “At least hold me? I’m gonna freeze to death.”

Eddie smiles at that, only giving a brief nod before holding his arms out, to which Richie responds by curling in close.

“My prince,” Richie hums, face pressed against the soft warmth of Eddie’s sweater. “My knight in shining armor. Without you I probably would have died of hypothermia.”

Eddie rolls his eyes, but lifts a hand to run his fingers through Richie’s unruly curls. “You’re lucky you’re cute, because the complaining really isn’t getting you anywhere.”

Richie laughs at that, maybe a bit louder than necessary. There are other people around them, and a few are looking, but they can’t really bring themselves to mind.

It’s a few minutes later before there’s a sound behind them, Bill’s clearing his throat.

“For warmth!” Richie immediately jumps to defense, but Bill laughs. “Brought you hot coco, lovebirds. Cuddle away.”

“Oh,” Richie nods, settling back into Eddie’s hold. “Thanks, Big Bill.”


realizing they’re cuddling before they’re in a relationship:

Friday Movie Night had been a tradition for as long as they could all remember. Once a week, they would all gather around on the Debrough’s living room couch and floor and watch the movie of someone’s choice. They had tried all voting in the past, but that really never worked out.

This week, it was Mike’s choice, which usually meant some sort of historical drama. Not that it was a bad thing, the one’s he picked were always quite entertaining.

It wasn’t the movie, Eddie would swear this even under oath, he just happened to be extremely tired that afternoon. It was fall, which meant he had come from cross country practice, and it didn’t help that he was up all night studying before that.

So when he fell asleep not even thirty minutes into the movie, it wasn’t much of a surprise.

The surprising bit, was that he fell asleep on Richie. Not in the ‘you’re next to me so you’re my pillow now” sort of way. They all did that. In a much more personal space invading, true cuddling sort of way.

Eddie was halfway into Richie’s lap at this point, one arm lazily thrown around him, while both of Richie’s held him close. Possibly idly rubbing his back on every occasion.

They were lucky no one had made a comment yet, because really, they were asking for it.

Eddie wasn’t entirely conscious of his decision on the position, but he sure was pleased with it. If he wasn’t asleep, his heart would be beating straight out of his chest.

Richie on the other hand, was dying. He had a sleeping Eddie (aka the cutest thing you could possibly imagine) all curled up in his arms, warm against his body. He couldn’t recall a single thing from the movie, because that really wasn’t what he was thinking about at all.

They existed in this peaceful bubble until the movie ended and Stan turned on the lights, which prompted a pink cheeked Richie and Eddie to scramble apart from each other.

Eddie, his voice still groggy with sleep, mumbles, “Great movie.”

Bill laughed. “You didn’t see a second of it.”

Eddie opened his mouth to protest, but what interrupted by Bev.

“That’s okay, neither did Richie.”


how they get around wanting to cuddle when they can’t:

Sitting next to Eddie in school assemblies could get dangerous. It usually meant having to keep his hands to himself, and having an abnormally difficult time handling that. Today was no different.

“Eds,” Richie whined, his voice a whisper.

Eddie only shushed him, knocking their knees together.

“Edsss,” Richie restated. “Cuddle?”

“Does it look like that’s possible right now?” Eddie whispers in return, except his is a bit more forceful.

Richie pouts in the most undeniably Richie way. Coincidentally the one that Eddie can never seem to say no to.

Eddie sighs, patting his shoulder and upturning his hand on his thigh.

Richie smiles. He gleefully clasps Eddie’s hand in his own, dropping his head to the smaller boy’s shoulder.

“Happy?” Eddie mutters, but he’s smiling too.


“Better than nothing.”

Richie nods, his eyes beginning to droop shut.

I wanted to write up a little bit about what it means and feels like to go backcountry skiing or backpacking vs. what it looks like in all the photos you see on here.

Alpine touring is a constant mental and physical battle. It doesn’t feel good. In fact, most of the time I’m saying to myself, “This sucks why am I doing this?” and feeling very aware of all the pain my body is in. This is especially true of spring/summer skiing than anything. In 70 degrees, my feet do not do well in ski boots. An hour in, and I can feel my blisters beginning to form. They hurt with every step. You’re breathing hard and there’s always someone faster than you. Your pack is heavy, your feet are heavy, the top of the skin track is always so far away. There’s SO much self questioning in this process BUT that is what makes you strong. You conquer yourself. You make it to the top. You ski the run that feels like no one else has skied. You make it back to the car and take off your boots and it feels like sweet, sweet heaven and you all laugh about having the exact same blister in the exact same spot and you feel relief because you thought you were the only one. It seems so easy for everyone else, right?

Hiking and backpacking are not comfortable. Your backpack is heavy and it feels fine at first but then your lower back aches, your bare shoulders chafe from the straps (tip: put socks between shoulder straps and your bare skin while hiking). As you gain elevation, the sun bakes you, its harder to breathe, and you can feel your heart beat in your ears. You’ll get bitten by mosquitos, horse flies, everything with wings. But oh my god, the places and the things you’ll see. You again conquer yourself and all the things you told yourself you couldn’t do on the way up, you did and now you get to take in the view of hidden treasures MOST people don’t get to see BC they cannot conquer themselves. Your pain is always rewarded.

Being outdoors is not all sunshine and denim and cool hats and movie-esque scenes. It’s messy hair, sunburn, bug bites, chafing, body odor, blisters, and pain. But it’s also glory, sunrises in remote places, uninterrupted wilderness, humbling, laughter, food appreciation, and an overwhelming sense of being proud of what you’re capable of and the amazing things you get to see that most people can and will only imagine.

I’m telling you all this because next time you venture out into the wild and the entire way there you feel like this hurts you more than it does other people and you’re not cut out for it and it’s so hard, remember you aren’t alone. You’re not weak. You are cut out for it because everyone else goes through those feelings too but remember the glory and self pride you felt when you accomplished it and THATS why you do it again, and again, and again.

mizuki73  asked:

Not a sky!Tsuna finds his sky or young!tsuna ends up with the 10yr bazooka

idk how you do it my dear, but your prompts have this bad habit of sparkling universes that require like 30k to convey just the tip of what I find. 

Empty Sky 01/?

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important: Check the Empty Sky AU Tag for more of this universe

Summary:   The most well known fact in the mafia was that the World’s Greatest Hitman, Reborn, never used Dying Will Flames.

Most people whispered that it was because he was so powerful that there was no man worthy enough, strong enough to warrant him to use it. Others scoffed, saying it was more likely that he never awoken any sort of Flame, Flameless they sneered. Regardless, no one dared to bring it up to Reborn’s face.

The greatest secret in the mafia was that the World’s Greatest Hitman, Reborn was a Sky.

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It hurt. Tsuna gently touched his face; it was already beginning to swell. He whimpered at the pain, but slowly soldiered on back home. A fierce breeze blew and Tsuna shivered, drawing his damp clothes closer to protect him.

Just another day at Namimori Middle. Another day of bullying and tormenting, of being dunked into the toilet, of being pushed around and punched in the face. Another day of teasing and mocking laughter and open ridicule from his teachers.

Tsuna hunched his shoulders, feeling the weariness settle deep in his bones. It was never ending cycle and sometimes he didn’t even know why he tried, what he was waiting for. All he could do was return home, shower and sleep, returning to do this all over again tomorrow.

Black spots danced in his eyes, vision splintering. He wavered, feeling lightheaded.

“Hey, kid.”

The last thing Tsuna knew was everlasting warmth.

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10 things you might or might not know about me 🌻

(Yes, this is cliché but it’s midnight and there is a mouse on my roof keeping me awake)
1. I graduated this year (“Abitur”) and will start to study political science & philosophy at university in 2018
2. I am from a small town near Frankfurt, Germany by the river Rhine
3. I am vegan (for 4 years now and I’ve never eaten meat nor fish in my life)
4. I’m desperately trying to get good at drawing so I can paint fan art
5. I read at least one 50k words fanfiction one shot every day because I ship pretty much everything and anything
6. I am obsessed with Formula 1, winter sports (especially Ski Jumping) and the Olympics
7. I play the piano, classical guitar/ electronic guitar and I used to play the violin as well but it got too expensive (I’d love to play again, though)
8. My favourite TV shows are Fringe, How To Get Away With Murder, Sense8 & Lost // my favourite movies are the Harry Potter films and Inception
9. A part of my family is from Spain and I wish I was better at Spanish
10. I’m pansexual 🌈
11. My favourite bands are Neck Deep, A Day To Remember, The 1975, The Front Bottoms and in general just post-core/punk pop-rock

(Turned out to be 11 and I hope I didn’t rinse anyone with cold water with those.
All the love, Johanna.)