especially since i see it on my dash as i post this

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Looking for advice here. Basically, a friend of mine keeps reblogging a/phobic posts (usually along the lines of "lol a/phobia isn't real you wusses") and from a/phobic people, and it really upsets me to see on my dash. However, my friend has supported me in being a-spec before, so I don't know how they actually feel about the topic. I don't want to just unfollow, either, since we're friends and all (plus I don't want to deal with conflict, so I'm afraid to bring it up with them). Any advice?

honestly if that happened to me i would just throw them into the dumpster, because i’ve just seen too much of this crap to bother anymore, but i completely understand why it’s difficult when a friend does it especially. if my friend did it, i would be extremely conflicted.

the only options i see here are to talk to them about it, because it doesn’t make sense for them to have supported your aspec-ness if they’re invalidating and hating on it, unless they just want to seem nice. if somehow they actually do support aspecs (like maybe they feel pressured to be an aph////ob////e by tumblr, since it’s the current ~trend~), then you could probably give them resources to prove their arguments wrong, or refer them to someone who’s very knowledgeable about this topic.

if you’re unable to ask them, the only other thing i think you could do here is toss them out. your mental health and happiness comes first, and real friends don’t do this to their friend. you deserve better, so please take care of yourself. do what you have to.


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To unfollow or not to unfollow, ahhhh. I like that…

ignoring only works so well… but when it becomes too much trouble to ignore, just cut that out of your dashboard; it’s supposed to be a safe place filled with your interests, not an unnecessarily and nonconstructive critical guilt-tripping shitstorm (if that makes sense haha); just take care okay? <3

It’s like one critical post for every thirty nice ones so I still can’t decide and am following them for now. But if the rate increases, I will act accordingly. Don’t worry though, my dash is generally a pretty safe place full of nice, kind people with awesome fics and great posts! (like you) Thank you for the emotional support! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ 

lightwoodsbowandarrow replied to your post “I love your Jace. He’s sassy and it feels like a very good portrayal…”

no pressure when inspiration hits you it just does and I love seeing you now and again on my dash, especially since I missed you! btw I spammed your eliot rp blog #innocent

I need to get back on Eliot, but it’s so painful and the fandom is kinda dead? Maybe it’s coming back, though … I should go check.


1.) An exam’s coming up and I’m already stressed out. I’m gonna start queuing replies (for real this time). Hopefully this’ll help me getting to any drafts at all.

2.) I added a couple of new rules because I thought it was necessary.

3.) None of my tags seem to be working. I’m tired of it, so I’ll resort to the most basic of tags. Not much of a big deal but since I’m already at it. :P

4.) I won’t tag SasuSaku mentions anymore. Especially in adult verse I’d need to tag every single of my rp posts and I seriously can’t be bothered anymore. The fandom constantly likes/reblogs these posts and it clutters my activity feed. It’s annoying. 

If you don’t want to see the pairing on your dash (even though it’s just mentions), please unfollow. We can still rp as long as I follow you.

5.) This is in the rules update but I’ll mention it here so more people see it: If you aren’t chill with manipulation or emotional abuse in rp, don’t follow this blog. I won’t tag that shit because it’s such an essential part of Sasuke’s character. 

Thanks for reading!

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       i took a nap earlier today and i randomly??? woke up with a wicked sore throat??
so yeah i feel like crap and i’ve been on the computer all day so i’m gonna call it a night.

       also that last post i reblogged spoke to me so much. i have felt this way since
before i took a break from this blog, and was actually the reason why i took a break. i
never knew how to explain how i felt tho and seeing that post just lifted a weight off my
. i know no one cares and probably isn’t reading this, but god does that post speak
to me. i cannot express how badly i want something like that, especially seeing everyone
on my dash having at least one person like that, y’know?

       this post is a lot longer than i intended wow sorry okay goodnight! ]

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I don't think you have to make a side blog for voltron. I barely see those posts since it's not like you flood us with a million posts at a time and I'm someone who hates random shit I don't care about on my dash lol

Thank for the feedback! The thing is, I’ll probably start flooding everyone’s dash with it soon, because I want to start making gifs for it and reblogging a lot more of it, especially when the next season comes out. But maybe I won’t, we’ll see!

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Green, Pink, Scarlet, Cinnamon, Blush, Lavender, Chartreuse, Burgundy

I think you’re cute
I think you are unattractive
You have influenced my decisions/thoughts on something
You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar
Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better
You inspire me
You’re my homie
I get excited when I see posts from you

Katie, bb, listen. Mixed signals are not something I do well. Also dude we’re buds how are you doing anything from afar lol. At least I’m p. sure we’re buds. Also, I influenced you dude like…What? Voltron? Was it Voltron? And you’re one of my faves so I totes get excited when I see you post things to, especially since you like, never post anything, ever. :P

My phone apps are irritating me now.
At least the two I use the most and especially while at work.
Skype no longer shows a constant active icon at the top of my phone, which is only a little annoying since I’ve just been so used to seeing it there before.
And Tumblr app has all the sudden started showing suggestion blogs on my dash when it didn’t before and is suddenly showing old posts on my dash like they were just posted, but I know they’re old cuz I’ll go and check my laptop and the posts won’t be on that dash or I’ll recognize some of them.
Like why?
So if I end up commenting/reblogging something from you that’s like long been buried in your blog, it’s because of that and I’m sorry xc

The one thing about me and fandom is that I am not and have never been a gamer, so in recent years the entire EXPLOSION of LP fandom and all the personalities associated with it and everything that’s sort of spawned from that has just created this entire black hole of fandom knowledge that I literally have no idea of. 

So if I hear a prominent name any longer that I don’t know, I pretty much just assume it’s an LPer or some other game related personality. 

That being said, If there’s big game drama I’ll often get the basic gist of it because I see it on my dash, and I do know some stuff about most super prominent video games. Since I judge cosplay and run cosplay competitions especially, I try to keep a little up to date on popular titles (this isn’t something I have to try hard to do. I just sort of pay attention to what people around me post about). I generally know who a major character is or at LEAST what game they’re from and what they’re supposed to look like even without seeing a reference (though of course I still look at references for details). 

But literally all I play are mobile games, like some kind of 50 year old wine mom or something (though the games I play are like LLSIF and stuff which I don’t THINK many wine moms play). 

If you’ll notice I occasionally reblog Pokemon but that is because I associate with people who are very into Pokemon and… I like cute things and they are cute (and I do play Go which I got even more into than either of my Pokemon obsessed roommates, funnily enough). And I sometimes reblog Overwatch because I love the aesthetics and the world (I read all the comics/watched all the shorts/etc.). 

It is and has always been weird though to be in fandom and not be into video games though! But I’ve not got the right kind of personality for them? I don’t know. 

Anyway what actually inspired this post was that I FINALLY read about this J*ntron drama and WOW what a douche. 

I know I’ve been posting a lot of political posts, especially since Trumps inauguration and the horrors that have followed. I can’t not post about it, especially when it seems like he and his people are actively attempting to tear the country apart. I have to reblog. I have to speak out. I can’t NOT do it.

I just wanted to post a PSA letting my followers know that if they need to unfollow me because these posts trigger them or make them feel unsafe, please do so. I will never hold it against you. 

I know a lot of us use tumblr as a safe place, as a way to escape the world around us when it all becomes too much. Seeing these posts all over you dash IS distressing. Some people feel better knowing they’re not alone in their distress and that things can be done to resist, but it can become too much sometimes. It’s okay to unplug for a little while. 

Do what you need to do to keep yourself psychologically safe through this administration. The fight will be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back. Take the time to recharge in whatever way works best for you.  

Above all: remember to take care of yourself. 

Samwell St. - Small Business AU

You can thank @ericbittlle for the tags on this post by @pieandpucks for this piece.  Because you can’t just put amazing prompts on my dash and not expect me to rise to the bait.

No apologies for basing this off of Portland.

Pimbits because passive aggressive Bitty and utterly oblivious Kent are my jam and make Jack want to facepalm.


The video rental store run by Jenny and Mandy closed down a year ago and the building it occupied has been vacant ever since.  It’s been a bit of an eyesore this whole time, so Jack’s glad to see when the signs advertising business space for rent come down and a fresh coat of paint goes up.  It means good things for the economy of the city if someone can afford to rent the place – especially since, judging by the lack of garish advertisements, it’s not a big chain.  Samwell Street has become a stronghold in the community for small, local businesses and Jack definitely wants it to stay that way.

It was one of the reasons he had chosen this street, and the building he now resides in, when he decided to open a flower shop here two years ago.  John Johnson, the commercial real estate agent had said it was the perfect spot for him and Jack now agreed.  It helped there weren’t any other florists in about a mile (which was a fair distance for a city as heavy in foot-traffic as this one), so he had limited competition except for the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday mornings two blocks down.

The owner of the bakery next door had only helped confirm to Jack he had chosen the right place when the man showed up with a box of treats to welcome him to the block, introduce himself (Eric Bittle, proprietor and head baker of Bitty’s Bites, “Call me Bitty, please.  Everyone does around here”), and offer Jack a “customary discount lunch or breakfast.  We all try to help each other out.”

When his shop was finally up and running, he returned the favor with discounted flower arrangements for the nearby businesses and was amazed to see how much custom it brought in by sheer word of mouth (especially from Bitty’s Bites – “That delphinium arrangement from last week was just so amazing I had to ask where it came from and Bitty gave me your card.  My mother’s birthday is coming up this weekend and her favorite flowers are dahlias.  Do you think you could do something for a Saturday pick-up?”).  And whenever he mentioned that yet another of Bitty’s customers had found their way into Jack’s shop, Bitty just seemed so honestly happy for him.  He’d offer him a congratulatory piece of pie for desert with his lunch.

Basically, Bitty was an angel and that wasn’t even getting into how attractive he was.  It was really no wonder that Jack fell for him so hard.

(more below the cut)

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As of today, not only do I not have over 6,300 followers, not only does today mark 3 years since I made this as my second Tumblr account, this marks as my 100,000th post on this blog! I appreciate coming on here and seeing this blessed site where I have met people I didn’t regret meeting, as well as my followers also giving me a good time on here! I always tend to feel calm and collected when blogging, especially when seeing some cool blogs on my dash! And for now, I will mention the people in this follow forever! If I forgot or didn’t mention anyone, don’t take this to offense since it doesn’t really mean I don’t enjoy seeing you or your content!


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I don’t even know what to say anymore, tbh. You guys blow my mind with this, I can’t believe how many friends I made so far, so I guess you deserve a BIAS List! Especially since my ass was too lazy when I hit 1k800. This goes to my best friends to people I enjoy seeing on my dash. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, tho! So before I start one more question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!?


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Alright, my dash is really dead, since my account is new, so please reblog or like this if you post any of these:

  • Dragon Age 2 (and are on the mages’ side)
  • Star Wars
  • Outer space and cool technological things in general
  • RWBY (especially Penny!)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Pokemon or ACNL
  • Splatoon
  • Birds and other cute animals

I’ll check out your blog and there’s a good chance I’ll follow you if you seem like a good and kind person. If I already follow you, feel free to boost this so more people can see it, thank you!

Soo this happened XD Happy (early) Halloween from Herald!

The idea to make this popped out of nowhere last month literally on the day of the super blood moon.
I’d seen THIS post pop up on my dash again the week or so before and when the idea popped up I couldn’t ignore it XD I thought it was too hilarious not to! (My way of doing a sort of fanart since I don’t draw much anymore)

I finished him within a week too, probably the fastest I’ve ever completed something for the fun of it. It worked out perfectly though since you know Halloween and all :p
I really want to redo the kigurumi though, I ran out of free time to work on it.

@spaggel thank you for making that ridiculously hilarious post (and creating Herald!) because it makes me laugh way too much every time I see it XD and without it, I never would have come up with this ridiculous plushie!

I have a feeling Halloween would be Heralds favorite holiday and I can only image how terrifying it would be (or rather how terrified everyone would be of It)

I normally don’t involve myself in petty company squabbles, but since I got involved in the initially-cute post about a disneyfied-HTTYD (still hilarious) and saw the other nasty half of the post… some of the comments had me wondering what sort of hallucinogenic asses these kids had their heads up.  I had to make a quick correction for anyone confused about what goes on in this DWA fandom.

Things Dreamworks fans openly and honestly discuss all the time:

  • The lack of POC in the HTTYD-verse
  • The villain in HTTYD2 and mind-boggling lack of reason for… so much about him (yes, Dean’s spoken about his regrets, but we still called them out)
  • How the romance screwed over Astrid’s character
  • Body-types in the main females
  • like all the fucking time what

Things anti-Dreamworks assholes claim fans of the movie consciously ignore:

  • See list above
  • ?????

Like, there’s honestly few things worse than trying to trash-talk something you’re clearly not involved in, especially if it’s in rebuttal to having design/plot flaws called out in a movie full of them.

This fandom is pretty good about talking about all the issues and plot-holes and design flaws and all-things-we’d-totally-like-to-see improved.  What’s even better is that we’re listened to (recalling the freckle-debacle and the weight-stats in particular).  Calling shit out is cool.  Do it.

Hey guys! Please reblog if...

My dash has been getting pretty boring since I practically see the same stuff over and over again. And I need more variety. So please please please REBLOG (reblog only, I won’t check likes) if you post about any of the following:

• Doctor Who

• Harry Potter

• Game of Thrones

• How To Train Your Dragon

• Marvel (comics and/or movies)

• Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

• Supernatural (I’m a Megstiel shipper – sorry, Destiel fans.)

• Sherlock (especially if you love John and Mary!)

• Felicia Day (or her character Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural)

• Martin Freeman

• James McAvoy

• David Tennant

• Keira Knightley

• Pride and Prejudice (or Jane Austen’s work in general) (including books and screen adaptations)

• books (preferably fantasy, fiction, or literature)

• FX’s Fargo

• or anything about classic art, nature photography, or beautiful libraries. I’m a sucker for beautiful libraries.

Please please please REBLOG (reblog ONLY – I won’t check likes) if you post about any of these and I will check you out! Or if you know anyone that you think I might be interested in following, let me know. Ask box is open! Help a girl out, please. :)