especially since i see it on my dash as i post this

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Can I start bombarding you guys with asks and headcanons? I miss our chatty mods, and I know you guys are busy but I miss seeing your asks on my dash :(

Oh, absolutely! We may answer a bit slowly, especially since I like to confer with Nugget before answering asks, but we will get to them eventually. And you guys have been awful quiet too! We haven’t had as much of an influx of asks as we normally do. Maybe tumblr is eating asks again. Feel free to yell at us anytime. Or you can also bug us on our personals if you just wanna stop by and say “hey losers”.

FYI we love headcanons and questions about JR and SIH, and we will answer those ones post haste. Thanks guys! And thanks for bearing with us while we struggle to keep posting things.

~Mod B

hey hey!! i don’t know what to say in these things like 99% of the time other than one big thank you!! especially since i’m pretty sure this blog is like, 16% actual ic posts and the rest is just me crying about something, so definitely thanks for choosing to stick with me ;’) anyway!! here’s a list of some rad people i admire, love seeing on my dash, etc. i’ll def have forgotten some people and im very sorry i’m a potato, but know that i still love you :’0

@warefie @sapphiiiirus @aestui @quartzrebellium @roughedaround @tecnigem @aeqvoreal @vitiatcs @marelapis @fusedinto @byanger @saltygempearl @freetoexistasme @ofrealstrength @pearlesc @cordiforms @gemblacksmith @gemtechnician @astrollogus @tigerborn @stormrot @stevenuniverrse @oceanweaver @kidgem @iitsforyourowngood

As of today, not only do I not have over 6,300 followers, not only does today mark 3 years since I made this as my second Tumblr account, this marks as my 100,000th post on this blog! I appreciate coming on here and seeing this blessed site where I have met people I didn’t regret meeting, as well as my followers also giving me a good time on here! I always tend to feel calm and collected when blogging, especially when seeing some cool blogs on my dash! And for now, I will mention the people in this follow forever! If I forgot or didn’t mention anyone, don’t take this to offense since it doesn’t really mean I don’t enjoy seeing you or your content!


@1one1ypeach,  @abbyarcanine, @acetrainerghirahim @addict-with-a-ren, @aipoms, @anxiousenpai, @aorodactyl, @arcadiah, @ashpharos, @autobottesla, @axew, @badasspokemonblog, @bakrua, @berryjar, @bibarelroll, @billuun, @blazikingdom, @brewehkazune, @bunbun-buneary, @castaform, @ceruleancaves, @chaseketchum, @cherabby, @chrawrizards, @clarityinscarlet, @clauncher, @cloud9altaria, @cloudbf, @commanderpigg, @darmanitan, @de-dennes, @ducksouls, @durararas, @dustyhyena, @east-sea-gastrodon, @egberts, @espeons, @evanjellicent, @fiskko, @flaaffys, @flowershield, @fraxuring, @froakie, @fruit-of-the-breloom, @fuck-yeahpokemon, @galickgvn, @garekiz, @gebbeh, @gekslupis, @glaceons, @glaycia, @goldkobra, @gooeydra, @goomdra, @greenmariosmansion, @hidekiblog, @hodzukiakane, @honrupi, @hungry-snorlax, @hydreigon, @hylianthrone


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Re the Why did you follow me post: Winner. But also I love blogs that don't just post current news, who dig up old things and laugh at them again. So that's another reason. I also look for people who are funny in their tags. To sum up, I just love seeing you in my dash, especially since so many other Winner blogs went on hiatus. I feel like I have company in the middle of the desert or something. xD

Awww thats so sweet, thank you :3 

I know a lot of blogs have deactivated and a lot of fans have left too, and to be honest I can’t really blame anyone for doing so cause you know, we are all hiatus squad. But there are still winner blogs who are active here. As long as we all band together we’ll survive the desert lol

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okay so tbh I'm so tired of the Voltron fandom and I wanna leave like 80% of the time what with just some of the mean people I've met and the ship discourse and the blog policing and how toxic it's become in only three months or so but anyway lmao I just wanted to let you know that you're one of the reasons I still love this fandom I love your blog and seeing your posts on my dash and I love your art and the videos you make especially ur sheith art and idk tysm you make me so happy omg 💖💖💖

asdfgfdsdfs;;;; THANK YOU ANON!!!  💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

ngl ever since the discourse happened i almost wanted to leave too (i feel u) but ya know what that didnt stop me (bc honestly fuck the discourse) and i just kept drawing sheith bc sHEITH!!! anyways im glad that you love my blog, my videos, my fanart, and just aaaaa;;; everything qvq im happy that it makes you smile 

stay strong!! 

//Things I need to do:

- Make the aesthetics I owe from the request post (and also reblog the post a few more times)
- Edit my 2700 icons of my muses (which includes the remaining icons of Annalise, Aiden and Nathan as well as the muses’ child and adult faceclaims)

So I guess that replies will be very slow since I really want to focus on doing these things, and especially the icons since I have a horrible habit of procrastinating that and in the end have a lack of icons for threads. So yeah, I’ll first make the Aesthetics and post them up, then I’ll be focusing on the icons. I will be lurking around here still to see what peeps are up to on my dash, but replies will have to wait till I finished off my icons. And once all that is done, I may post out a starter call for the older!verses and the younger!verses bc I would love to try some threads with the muses at different ages

Why do I torture myself like this? I sweat I’ll be dead by the time I’m done with all those icons ;-; Freaking 2700 icons, I can’t even

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sends this to you from fifty fandoms away: i love seeing you on my dash tbh. i'm not that invested in bleach but I FOR SOME REASON JUST LOVE YOUR GRIMMJOW SO MUCH?? like seeing your posts is always a pleasant thing for me no matter what fuckery that guy is up to honestly

aaaaAAAAAAAA!!! –yells so loud u can hear it from fifty fandoms away pffT. no but omg thanks so much for sending this in friendo!! i’m super flattered really–especially since you’re not even that invested in bleach?? which i honestly can’t blame u tbqh but liKE?? juST?? ah gEE Z—thanks a bunch and stay amazing!! (ง ´͈౪`͈)ว

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I love all the bi positive stuff that you've been reblogging today. I love seeing those types of post on my dash bc I've newly realized that I was bi and accepted it so really thanks

ANON THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. my dash is so full of bi positivity today and it’s making me immensely happy, especially since a lot of people around me are prone to judge bisexuality quickly and negatively. know that i love you lil’ cutie. you are wonderful, xx

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Pretty sure that whole post was sarcastic ( op even said it was) It's about queer people saying who can and cannot identify as queer. That ace and intersex people should be accepted into the Queer community...

They said there was sarcasm but I felt more like it was hyperbole. Before I reblogged that post I looked at the OP blog and couldn’t find anything to suggest that post was outright the opposite of what they believe about ace people being LGBT. But I just went back and scrolled wayyyyy down to find some stuff and it looks like you were right, it’s totally fake. I’ve since deleted my post and unblocked. Thanks so much for letting me know! I just get so tired of seeing so much acephobic shit on my dash ESPECIALLY from bi people. Like get it together.

I know I’ve been gone, and I’m so sorry. It’s been months of dead silence, especially during the time of summer when I said I was most excited to return. I’ve just been so busy with all the changes in my life that time has really slipped out from underneath me.

But coming back on my dash and seeing who’s still here makes me smile. I missed so many of you and I appreciate all the comments on the new story I posted he other day. It makes me really miss you lovely people.

I currently don’t have wi-fi for a couple of days (I haven’t had it since Thursday and as it is currently Sunday it’s been aggravating), so when I get on, I plan on being at least somewhat more active than I was before. And I’m definitely going to try writing again.

I missed you all. It’s good to be back.

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can you please tag your nsfw posts? I love your blog but I really don't want to see that stuff on my dash :/ thanks!

I don’t mean this in a mean way, so please don’t take it harshly, but this is my blog. I’m flattered you enjoy it, but ultimately my opinion is more important to me than yours. I made this blog for me, not you or anyone else. So what is comfortable and convenient for ME is priority.

Since you asked nicely, I will try to remember for the future, but I’m not making any promises, especially since much of what you see on here is queued, and I’m not going to go through my entire queue searching for stuff to tag .But I will try to do so in the future.