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lolicraft replied to your post:[[MOR] Minority here: but I actually don’t like…

Besides DONT HATE ON MILES He’s a good guy

I’m literally not? I love Miles. I love Jaune. I just don’t like the kid. I don’t see a point in them, I don’t like the theories that they’re the Spring Maiden (especially since EVERYONE is still calling them a boy despite it), and I don’t like that my entire dash and inbox is just “FARMER BOY”.

Look, I love literally everything else about the episode. I just don’t like the kid.

Samwell St. - Small Business AU

You can thank @ericbittlle for the tags on this post by @pieandpucks for this piece.  Because you can’t just put amazing prompts on my dash and not expect me to rise to the bait.

No apologies for basing this off of Portland.

Pimbits because passive aggressive Bitty and utterly oblivious Kent are my jam and make Jack want to facepalm.


The video rental store run by Jenny and Mandy closed down a year ago and the building it occupied has been vacant ever since.  It’s been a bit of an eyesore this whole time, so Jack’s glad to see when the signs advertising business space for rent come down and a fresh coat of paint goes up.  It means good things for the economy of the city if someone can afford to rent the place – especially since, judging by the lack of garish advertisements, it’s not a big chain.  Samwell Street has become a stronghold in the community for small, local businesses and Jack definitely wants it to stay that way.

It was one of the reasons he had chosen this street, and the building he now resides in, when he decided to open a flower shop here two years ago.  John Johnson, the commercial real estate agent had said it was the perfect spot for him and Jack now agreed.  It helped there weren’t any other florists in about a mile (which was a fair distance for a city as heavy in foot-traffic as this one), so he had limited competition except for the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday mornings two blocks down.

The owner of the bakery next door had only helped confirm to Jack he had chosen the right place when the man showed up with a box of treats to welcome him to the block, introduce himself (Eric Bittle, proprietor and head baker of Bitty’s Bites, “Call me Bitty, please.  Everyone does around here”), and offer Jack a “customary discount lunch or breakfast.  We all try to help each other out.”

When his shop was finally up and running, he returned the favor with discounted flower arrangements for the nearby businesses and was amazed to see how much custom it brought in by sheer word of mouth (especially from Bitty’s Bites – “That delphinium arrangement from last week was just so amazing I had to ask where it came from and Bitty gave me your card.  My mother’s birthday is coming up this weekend and her favorite flowers are dahlias.  Do you think you could do something for a Saturday pick-up?”).  And whenever he mentioned that yet another of Bitty’s customers had found their way into Jack’s shop, Bitty just seemed so honestly happy for him.  He’d offer him a congratulatory piece of pie for desert with his lunch.

Basically, Bitty was an angel and that wasn’t even getting into how attractive he was.  It was really no wonder that Jack fell for him so hard.

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I normally don’t involve myself in petty company squabbles, but since I got involved in the initially-cute post about a disneyfied-HTTYD (still hilarious) and saw the other nasty half of the post… some of the comments had me wondering what sort of hallucinogenic asses these kids had their heads up.  I had to make a quick correction for anyone confused about what goes on in this DWA fandom.

Things Dreamworks fans openly and honestly discuss all the time:

  • The lack of POC in the HTTYD-verse
  • The villain in HTTYD2 and mind-boggling lack of reason for… so much about him (yes, Dean’s spoken about his regrets, but we still called them out)
  • How the romance screwed over Astrid’s character
  • Body-types in the main females
  • like all the fucking time what

Things anti-Dreamworks assholes claim fans of the movie consciously ignore:

  • See list above
  • ?????

Like, there’s honestly few things worse than trying to trash-talk something you’re clearly not involved in, especially if it’s in rebuttal to having design/plot flaws called out in a movie full of them.

This fandom is pretty good about talking about all the issues and plot-holes and design flaws and all-things-we’d-totally-like-to-see improved.  What’s even better is that we’re listened to (recalling the freckle-debacle and the weight-stats in particular).  Calling shit out is cool.  Do it.

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I’ve been asked about my watercolor box so here is micro tutorial. it’s mostly about organizing stuff.

But first:

Box is handmade by me but I added awesome stickers by Gazdówna [Etsy store] because cute!

But back to main topic aka what are those colorful rectangles on lid of my box.

They are simply samples of color of corresponding watercolor cube. I have them covered in foil so paper wint get dirty from damp watercolors.

That is super useful because it’s impossible to remember which color is which especially when it comes to darker colors. As you can see 6 colors I marked with dashed rectangle as cubes are simply black. Sampling them each time to see what color I’m about to use is annoying. Especially since they are quite different colors (marked in matching rectangle on paper).

Also little thing noted with little exclamation point. I numbered each rectangle with appropriate number. I’m using White Nights and they (as all companies) besides giving their colors fancy names also number them. By noting this number down I’ll be able to easily buy it again when it’ll run out.

Important thing is that I carved appropriate number on each watercolor cube too. It’s very troublesome that’s not done by default. This way when those cubes will fall out of box and get mixed up I can still be sure which color is which exactly.

I don’t even know what to say anymore, tbh. You guys blow my mind with this, I can’t believe how many friends I made so far, so I guess you deserve a BIAS List! Especially since my ass was too lazy when I hit 1k800. This goes to my best friends to people I enjoy seeing on my dash. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, tho! So before I start one more question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP!?


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So just be assured that I am seeing every happy birthday wish in my inbox and activity feed! And I appreciate it!

Also fuk u Mous, i’m not small! I’m like 6 feet fucking tall!

jacquelineshyde  asked:

❤️ :)

NINA!!! you are one of the nicest people i’ve come to know on this site and honestly i am so glad that we started talking ever since first talking about the martian, and i feel very fortunate that we have remained friends ever since <3 you are a very passionate person who is proud of her work and i really admire that! your edits always make my dash a better place , i especially love the more recent string of the text post edits for that 70s show! and then there’s your writing!!! i believe that i read some of your fics a while back and i remember they’re really good!

also can i just say?? your poetry???? is amazing. tbh. like, the only word that i think can do it justice is ‘amazing.’ i look forward to seeing your poetry on my dash, it’s a real treat to read because your prose is so beautiful and emotional, and also very original! i love it so much!

tbh ily Nina & i hope you had a good day <333

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